Spectator mag recycles year-old fake news to attack Labour/Momentum

The Spectator magazine is a well-known right-wing publication. In December it warned the government in emphatic terms about the “danger of fake news”:

spec fake warn.png

The following month, it published fake news in order to attack Labour.

Recycled, year-old fake news.

A Spectator article on 27 January (2018!) bore the headline:

spec women fake.png

liddle 270118.png

The article is an attempt to exploit an argument between trans rights supporters and some women who disagree with them to attack the Labour Party, which descends rapidly into a caricature of itself with the usual references to Stalin, to ‘bullying’ and, of course, to ‘hounding – along with phrases like,

Dig a little deeper and a pit of hell opens up before you

Being attacked by the right is, of course, the cost of doing business when you swim against the Establishment current.

But it seems that the author felt his article needed a big finale, so he concludes by pointing out that Momentum had just put together a huge, all-male shortlist for ‘regional chair’ positions:

spec mom fake

Boom – case closed.

Except there are some problems with the claim. The first is that it’s simply not true – Momentum did not publish a shortlist of candidates for ‘regional chairs’ in January.

The Spectator appears to have picked up this article by right-wing trash site Guido Fawkes and used its claim as fact:

fawkes fake momentum.png

But the author appears to have missed something:

fawkes fake momentum date

Last year, not ‘last week’. But that’s not the end of the problems with the recycled, year-old article.

It was fake when it was first published.

Momentum doesn’t have ‘regional chairs’. The election was for Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG) – which is made up of representatives from the regions.

Three regions, each with three representatives. Twelve in total – but no ‘regional chairs’.

And there’s more. Not only were the candidates not all men, more than half – seven of the twelve – are women.

And there’s still more: every single regional group has at least fifty percent female members:

mom mids e w.png

The NCG also has representatives from the trade unions affiliated to it – three out of five are female. It has four ‘Labour public office holders’ – two are women.

“Resolutely male“? Hardly.

A Momentum spokesperson confirmed all the above, adding:

Yep, it’s fake news. The original Guido article was about last year’s NCG elections and it was completely inaccurate. Details of our NCG, which obviously is very well balanced re women and BAME representation, can be found at www.peoplesmomentum.com/ncg

The SKWAWKBOX called The Spectator’s office to ask for comment and was asked to email the request to online news editor Lara Prendergast. In spite of several calls today to prompt for a response, none was received by the time of publication. The original article has been archived at Wayback Machine.

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  1. Rod Liddell doesn’t seem to get it.

    He is destroying his own credibility with this type of false reporting.

    It looks increasingly likely that Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister of Great Britain.

    When that happens, Rod Liddell and the other “journalists” who have written this type of baseless propaganda will have ended up with no credibility or access and all for nothing.

    Rod is literally destroying his own reputation and turning himself into a laughing stock writing this garbage.

  2. When I saw that the writer of the piece was Rod Liddle, I thought no! surely no one is desperate enough to employ Liddle, one of the thickest of all ‘journalists’ and to think, he was once editor of the BBC’s ‘News Night’. He must have some good dirt on the right people.

  3. It’s stupid enough anyone believing fatty fawkes, but for rod liddle – yes, THAT rod liddle – to rehash the same tired old bullshit…

    As Krusty the clown would say: “Oy, Gevalt!”

    How noble of him to be concerned about equal women’s rights. The woefully hypocritical, and monumentally boring old knobhead.

  4. You can see the pattern here, even when the claims are factually inaccurate.

    Too many perceived white men and the complaint is that another demographic, in this case women, or minority demographics are not represented. Yet when those same minorities are represented or given space the same people throw a tutrum in the direction of the ECHR that older white men are being discriminated against.

  5. Sqwawkbox

    How many people that read The Spectator, also read your good selves ?

    How do you truly get the NLW news across to the right wing
    public ? Surely people reading Sqwawkbox are already on your side !

    Are you not just preaching to the converted ? !


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