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Skwawkbox continues to expose the news the ‘mainstream’ media doesn’t want to tell you

Skwawkbox continues to rely on its readers to be able to bring them the news that the so-called ‘mainstream’ media won’t, especially in exposing the actions and plans of the cossetted Labour right, who are evidently enjoying the protection and collusion of the media to cover up the ceaseless abuses, hypocrisies and racism of the Starmer regime.

And Skwawkbox also shines a light on the actions of union leaders whose conduct does not match their rhetoric and who abuse, or allegedly abuse, those working for them and cover up the misdeeds of their favourites.

Below are just a few examples of Skwawkbox’s recent exclusives that have held the powerful and the arrogant to account, and other stories that have been ignored by the ‘MSM’:

In all these and more, Skwawkbox continues to serve its readers and UK democracy – and continues to both receive and reject requests to carry advertising, to ensure that the information is as clear and accessible as possible, despite some inevitable attrition among supporters as the corporate-greed-driven ‘cost of living emergency’ bites.

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  1. Meanwhile, that woman from Bristol might put it this way “Another one!”

    I am referring to an article in today’s Guardian:

    “Labour scraps universal free childcare plan in favour of means testing”

    Yes, another one. Another betrayal hot on the heels of the last one.
    With 4 by elections coming up, it will be interesting to see how many people will actually turn up to campaign for Labour.

      1. The sort of “fiscal credibility” skewered in articles such as this…

        …among others.

        Meanwhile, you could not get a stronger signal of what Herr Starmer would like to do with power than his unstinting support for the draconian anti-protest bill which he knows will be required to keep the plebs down in the same way he has done with Party Members, local Councillors and other representatives, for the sake of such self-defined tautologies as “Fiscal Responsibility.”

        ie: The interests of the minority oligarchy.

        It ought to be clear by now that Keir Starmer and his clique, like his blue Tory counterparts such as Johnson, Rees Mogg and other fellow oligarchs whose interest he serves, has the morals of an alley cat. As do those who support him.

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