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Exclusive: Unite’s Graham ‘tried to have evidence destroyed’ in bullying complaints against her husband

Unite again declines to deny allegations despite repeated requests

Unite has declined to deny reports that Unite’ general secretary’s Sharon Graham tried, before she became the union’s general secretary, to have evidence against her husband destroyed – or to answer questions as to whether the evidence was in fact destroyed after she took up the General Secretary position.

Male and female employees of the union made a string of complaints against Jack Clarke alleging bullying and even threats of violence by him. Despite the complaints, Mr Clarke was promoted to a senior position in Graham’s team after she became general secretary – without following the union’s normal procedures – and Unite has already failed to deny that recordings of incidents were made by alleged victims and that these were transcribed for the record.

Skwawkbox has learned that Sharon Graham tried to have colleagues destroy this evidence – and has received a number of comments from concerned individuals asking if both the recordings and the transcripts were indeed destroyed after she took up her current role running the union.

Sharon Graham’s tweet on International Women’s Day this year promised ‘practical deeds’ to help women

Skwawkbox asked Unite to confirm if Ms Graham had sought to have the recordings and transcripts destroyed before she became General Secretary and whether the recordings and transcripts had in fact been destroyed since she became General Secretary.

Specifically Unite was asked:-

Please confirm:

1 did Ms Graham in 2018 try to have the Head of Human Resources and the then-Chief of Staff destroy recordings and/or transcripts of recordings evidencing her husband bullying staff?

2 did HR and the Chief of Staff refuse (at that time) her attempts to destroy the recordings and/or transcripts?

3 has Ms Graham, since she became General Secretary, given instructions to HR, her Executive Head of Operations or anyone else to destroy the recordings and/or transcripts?

4 Are the recordings and/or transcripts now destroyed?

And because the union has previously sent responses that did not respond to the questions asked, instead sending generic and defamatory smears, Skwawkbox further asked:

And for clarity, please respond directly to each question rather than repeating the generic non-denial.

Unfortunately, the request was again disregarded. The union responded with a generic accusation of peddling lies and claimed that Ms Graham had been threatened. Skwawkbox then asked the union:

Please clarify:

– what ‘lies’ I am ‘peddling’ and whether any of that constitutes a denial of the questions in my email earlier today

– what ‘threats’ you are referring to

so I can consider your response and how to frame it. Remember, specific questions were asked and specific responses requested.

Unite did not respond.

Unite’s failure to provide any details on their claims or a direct response to the questions asked, despite repeated requests, suggests that the matters the union management raised have no relevance to Skwawkbox’s questions about issues surrounding the promotion of her husband or the handling of serious complaints against him.

This apparent evasiveness and bluster renders the responses deeply unsatisfactory. For the sake of the union’s members and the allegedly wronged staff, Unite’s executive needs to immediately and formally investigate these issues and get to the truth of them.

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