US blames Ukraine govt for Nordstream explosions after US diving boot found – UK media ignore

Destroyed pipelines cost UK and European citizens huge amounts in extortionate energy bills; now ‘allies’ blame each other for explosion after discovery of US navy diver’s boot at explosion site – yet UK ‘mainstream’ media studiously ignore

Last week in the US, news followers would have seen two separate and competing revelations about the attack on the two Nordstream gas pipelines from Russia to Germany via Scandinavia waters, whose destruction sent gas prices soaring and further impoverished millions of poor people in the UK who were already struggling with corporate-greed-driven cost of living increases. But not in the UK.

Initial press reports at the time of the explosions parroted government claims that the pipelines had been destroyed by Russia, despite the illogicality of the claim, but USA complicity had already been exposed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, with US government spin attempting to discredit Hersh and blame an unspecified ‘pro-Ukrainian group’. These developments were shamefully but unsurprisingly ignored by the UK’s so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

But last week, an independent investigation reportedly found further evidence of US involvement, in the form of a US navy diving boot at the scene of one of the explosions – and, coincidentally or otherwise, the next day the Washington Post published an article showing US government communications saying that there had been plans by the Ukrainian government and military, not a supposedly independent ‘pro-Ukrainian group’ to attack the pipelines:

What’s more, the Post claimed that the UK and EU knew about the plans almost a year ago:

The discovery of the US diver’s boot was broken by The Grayzone. Grayzone journalist Anya Parampil noted the timing of the Post piece, appearing to imply that it was in response to the Grayzone exclusive and an attempt to divert attention away from US involvement.

Whatever the details, evidence last week emerged that one or both of two ‘allies’ of the UK, both of which continue to demand ever greater support for the Ukrainian military effort, were involved in what amounts to a financial and material attack on European countries, including the UK, and millions of their struggling people.

And while both pieces of news were covered by international media, the response from the UK media and politicians appears to have been absolute silence on US involvement and near-silence on Ukraine’s, except a couple of short pieces parroting Ukrainian president Zelenskiy’s denial that his government had made such plans.

A proper and honest media estate is essential to a functioning democracy, as well as having a genuine political opposition that would be loudly demanding answers over two such massive allegations. It’s clear the UK is no longer a functioning democracy – and its people are being fed a diet of propaganda by politicians and their media allies in which no item that disturbs the propaganda narrative is allowed to intrude onto the screens and pages the establishment media show them.

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