Ukraine arrests 11 ‘internet agitators’ for criticism on social media

Ukraine has arrested another eleven people for supposedly being ‘internet agitators’. A bulletin by Ukrainian state security announced that the ‘internet agitators’ had been ‘stopped’ for ‘crimes’ such as ‘justifying’ Russian strikes on Ukrainian cities – Ukraine has bombed Russian civilian infrastructure, taking civilian lives – or ‘denying Russian aggression’. The SSU also served a sinister ‘notice of suspicion’ to the admin of a Telegram group:

Canadian lawyer and journalist Dimitri Lascaris, who in 2020 came close to becoming the leader of the Canadian Greens, has said that he cancelled a planned visit to the Ukrainian city of Odesa last month because of the Ukrainian regime’s actions.

UK media have remained silent on a series of horrors in Ukraine, including President Zelenskiyy’s order stripping workers of employment rights and seizing control of media, the widespread presence of nazis in the Ukrainian military and gory murders, while notoriously claiming that a dentists’ bucket of extracted teeth was evidence of torture by occupying Russian troops. The Ukrainian government also tried to blame Russia for its own missile strike on Polish territory that killed two civilians, despite NATO confirming the missile’s origin was Ukraine. The latest sinister moves by the Ukrainian regime is being similarly ignored.

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      1. Hang on a minute…

        That presenter’s name is Krystal Ball?? 🤨

    1. It’s worrying that arrest for speech and stripping workers of their rights doesn’t worry you, especially when Ukraine is supposedly a ‘fight for democracy’…

      1. SW – Perhaps you should be more concerned by the actions of Putin and his oppressive and corrupt regime. There would have been no necessity to impose Marshal Law if Putin hadn’t illegally invaded Ukraine.

      2. There would have been no need for the Russian Federation to agree to the reasonable request of Russians in Eastern Ukraine for assistance in defending themselves from genocidal racists intent on wiping out all Russians who, after eight years of firing missiles into civilian areas of the Donbass and murdering women and children with sniper fire, were massing for an invasion of both the Donbass and the Ukraine, if the elites in the West – who you clearly work for steveH – had not armed them to the teeth and trained them for such a purpose.

        Or are you going to feed us more Official Narrative bullshit that Merkel and Hollande ‘misspoke’ about the real intent of the West vis a vis the Minsk agreements?

        Aiding the self defence of your kin from a planned genocide is not and never will be an “illegal invasion”. And your problem steveH, as well as that of your paymasters, is that some 80% of the population of the planet don’t buy your bullshit narrative.

        Get used to it because no one but those as equally gullible as yourself are buying this narrative because it does not stand up no matter how much or how many times you parrot it. The majority of the planet, the non “Golden Billion” have rejected it and will go on rejecting it because its bullshit.

        If you are genuine rather than parroting a narrative fed to you, you would volunteering to be on the front line rather than several thousand miles (allegedly) behind them. But you aren’t and never will be. Because that’s not your job is it.

    2. Whoops: Forgot this site does not like Bitchute videos:

      Here’s the first reply to steveH


      1. Yes. Bartlmai covers the Odessa massacre in his film “Ukrainian Agony “, including footage of charred bodies in the TU house after the anti-Maidan people were locked in with the TU house set on fire.

        Those who jumped from the burning building were beaten to death.

        Murder Nazi style.

    3. …..”and”

      From the Jerusalem Post to the Jerusalem Telegraph Agency; the United Nations to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International; the NYT to the Simon Weisenthal Center; and dozens of other sources the record of War Crimes by the widely recognised most corrupt fascist regime in Europe is well documented with reams and reams of available evidence.

      What of any substance in terms of objective empirical evidence have you got steveH, if anything? Other than empty rhetoric and pathetic excuses?

      Are all these organisations and institutions “Putinbots”?

      Come on. Your turn. Give us some beef. Some substance. Some evidence. Right now all you are doing is standing there metaphorically waving a banner with a Nazi symbol on it to excuse them. All you are achieving is showing the world you are a Nazi and Fascist apologist.

  1. ..and that is just one example of how ludicrous it is to claim that Ukraine is a ‘democracy.’

    It is a dictatorship on the Latin American Death Squad model. Such as Uribe’s Colombia so strongly supported by Blair and Bush.
    It celebrates the Nazi roots of the thug militias that rule the country-they were respnsible for the appalling Odessa Massacre as well as much more and worse- and is run by a combination of kleptocratic oligarchs and fascists.

    The first act of the government installed in Kiev by the US and NATO in 2014 was to ban the language spoken by 70% of the population and everyone in the eastern regions. It suppressed all peaceful protests violently, it banned all opposition parties, it has closed all non-government media outlets.
    And as we hear daily it is embarked on a campaign of assassinations, in Russia, of critics of its regime. The killings in Ukraine are far more routine and numerous but never covered in the media there or here.
    It does all of this with complete impunity thanks to the fact that the British, Canadian and other NATO governments are complicit in these crimes and approve of its dictatorial methods.

    Finally it has, over a period of thirty years reduced the living standards of workers, both rural and urban, from the highest in the USSR to levels on a par with those in Guatemala and Paraguay. It has done this by consistently privatising firms, removing workers rights (to attract investment!) and driving its best young peope abroad. The population of Ukraine is approaching half of the forty million who used to live there.
    Does it surprise anyone, apart from neo-liberals like Steve H, that the governments which have been lowering living standards, stealing pensions and breaking Trade Unions in the “West” are cheerleaders for those doing the same in Ukraine?

      1. You wouldn’t recognise a true PHEIC/fake if it bit you on the bum!

        You should have read the article SteveH (and watched Brian’s link, below).

        Starmer’s a conniving, deceitful, duplicitous schemer for the US and the Few.

      2. And precisely what evidence can you offer for this claim steveH?

        Other than it has to be so because someone with a vested interest has simply said it is so.

        How very postmodernist of you.

        Presumably you also subscribe to the fantastical notion that biological men can have babies; that the Zioniev letter was real and not a fake; that WMD’s existed in Iraq; and that nerve gas can remain in pure form for weeks on end without killing anyone.

        When are you ever going to provide substantive evidence for your increasingly desperate and deluded rantings to excuse the crimes of fascists and nazis which you are coming out as openly cheering for?

        What a sorry excuse for a human being you are.

    1. Did they miss this bit of Bennett’s interview?
      In the interview, Bennett himself notes that it was not the US, France, or Germany that put an end to any peace talks. Rather, it was Russia slaughtering hundreds of civilians in a town outside the Ukrainian capital, a war crime discovered just about a month after the full-scale invasion began.
      “The Bucha massacre, once that happened, I said: ‘It’s over,'” Bennett recalled.

  2. Gonzalo Lira a very good journalist who has been exposing these nazi in Ukrain has been detained by the NAZI the last time they arrested him they said they would kill him he has been missing for a week now with no contact to anyone,

    1. For the sake of “balance” the Ukrainian Regime is not alone in silencing and punishing anyone who challenges The Official Western Oligarch Narrative:

    2. ….Again, for “balance”:

      Here’s Perfidious Albion showing the world that anything the Germans and the Ukrainians can do they can do better:

    3. More observations on Lira and other journalists such as Pablo Gonzales – a Spanish journalist languishing this past twelve months in a Polish prison for the same reasons – here:

      Because showing up The Official Narrative (TON) as the propaganda it is is now a criminal act in the eyes of the incompetents producing that narrative and the unfolding shit show.

      This bit from the article is revealing:

      “Visiting the Amnesty International website and typing in “GONZALO LIRA” yields the following futile result: “NO RESULTS FOUND — Sorry, we didn’t find any results for gonzalo lira.” Practically abandoned by his professional peers, ignored by phoney human rights advocates, and thrown under the bus by the governments which should be lodging demarches on his behalf, the only remaining hope Gonzalo Lira has, not just for freedom but for physical survival, is a mobilisation of concerned people world-wide to shame, if possible, the Nazi junta into releasing him from their clutches.”

      An observation which fits with other available evidence. For example:

      The article from ‘The Nation’ of February 22 2019, link posted at 10:22 8/5/23 above, contains numerous links to a lot of these types of ‘Human Rights’ NGO’s which detail the nature and activities of the nazi regime in Kiev. Over the past year some of those links have disappeared and no longer exist.

      Links from the Simon Wiesenthal Center which were accessible a year or so ago are no longer to be found. Ditto for a series of tweets on the matter from the Worlkd Jewish congress. Shoved into the memory incinerator 1984 style.

      And as we have seen in numerous other examples like that of Lira – Assange, Gonzales, Lipp, Bartlett, Phillips and even Hersh – it is not just the reporting of facts which demonstrate the lies of The Official Narratives which get cancelled and silenced in various ways but also those who bring them to light or distribute those inconvenient truths.

  3. The British government’s decision to send depleted uranium weapons to the Ukraine will poison the people of that country. It shows that they do not really care about them at all.

  4. “SteveH08/05/2023 AT 2:02 AM
    It’s called reporting.
    That’s what news media are supposed to do.

    1. “It’s called reporting. That’s what news media are supposed to do.”

      Only if you are either on Putin’s payroll or you are a really, really gullible f’wit. Proselytising Putin’s propaganda is not reporting and is definitely not what the news media is supposed to do.

      Bearing in mind that he is politically about as far away as one can get from any reasonable description of democratic socialism (something that you and your comrades profess to believe in) then what is it about Putin and his regime that you admire so much. A deeply corrupt regime who oppress, imprison and murder their political opponents to maintain themselves in power so that they can continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the Russian people.

      1. Do a bit of research.
        Russia was a basket case under Yeltsin, as it was earlier when the USSR still existed.
        The past 20 years have turned it round.
        Employment has risen dramatically.
        Inflation is low (to the extent that it is a cause for concern that it is well below the interest rate).
        Real wages increase.
        As for Ukraine:
        Bearing in mind that he is politically about as far away as one can get from any reasonable description of democracy (something that you profess to believe in) then what is it about Zerlensky and his regime that you admire so much? A deeply corrupt regime who oppress, imprison and murder their political opponents to maintain themselves in power so that they can continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

      2. goldbach – I note that you have avoided answering my question.

      3. “goldbach – I note that you have avoided answering my question.”

        Did you not know, steveH, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

      4. Indeed, Dave.
        There is more to it than that though.
        Did you notice that he wrote:
        ” “It’s called reporting. That’s what news media are supposed to do.”
        Only if you are either on Putin’s payroll or you are a really, really gullible f’wit.” ”
        He’s saying that the news media are only supposed to report things that have actually happened if they are on “Putin’s payroll” or are “a really, really gullible fwit (?)”
        Maybe he is a little limited and is incapable of seeing that he is advocating censoring any inconvenient truth, or maybe he is actually a neocon and approves of censoring inconvenient truth.
        You don’t suppose that he could really be Tony Blinken do you?

    2. What a very weird person you are.
      Here is a link to the website of the Security Service of Ukraine.
      You will be able to verify that shots shown on Skwawkbox’s report are, indeed, taken from the website.
      Are you accusing the SSU of being on Putin’s payroll?
      Are you accusing the SSU of being fwit (whatever that is)?
      Are you accusing the SSU of “Proselytising Putin’s propaganda”?
      I think not.
      Anyone who agrees with the actions taken by the SSU would read the report and think that all is fine.
      Anyone who regards such actions as being unjustifiable would think the opposite.
      Each would be able to advance her/his reasons for thinking so. It’s called debate.
      To get your underwear tangled about such a matter is infantile.
      But, hey. Nothing new there, is there?

      1. goldbach – “You will be able to verify that shots shown on Skwawkbox’s report are, indeed, taken from the website.”

        Where did I say that they weren’t, what on earth are you prattling on about?

      2. goldbach – Or are you still trying to work that one out?🤔

  5. balance, means you have to remember the enormity of Russia’s war on another people/ nation. By all means criticize Ukraine but if you dont acknowledge the overall you are siding with an aggressor.

    1. Correct in a sense.
      However, that’s not how it works in our “mainstream” media. They churn out stuff about Russia on a daily basis and portray Ukraine as being pure as the driven snow. It’s hardy surprising that the few media outlets that do publish things that expose some of Ukraine’s faults leave it there. There is no portrayal from them of Russia as being pure as the driven snow.
      A few reports in small outlets critical of Ukraine go nowhere near restoring balance.
      It’s like putting an ounce on one side of a set of scales which has ten tons on the other side.

      1. goldbach – Maybe there is just a very limited market for Putin’s propaganda, thankfully there’s not that many out there who are as gullible as you are.

      2. Maybe you didn’t read the information on the SSU website.
        Or maybe you just choose to ignore anything which fails to fit in with your “two legs good, four legs bad” view of the world.
        Or maybe you’re just a very simple person.
        Whichever it is, I hope that you make a full recovery.
        Best wishes.

    2. Come again bedroc56?

      The people of the Donbass requested assistance for self defence after losing thousands of civilians – men, women and children – to eight years of missile and sniper attacks from people who openly described them as akin to vermin.

      People armed to the teeth and trained by NATO to NATO ‘standards’ so that they could invade the Donbass and Crimea. Whilst all the while pretending to support the Minsk Agreements – as admitted by Merkel and Hollande – to buy time for that invasion.

      And this self defence is described as “aggression”.

      Tell us, because we are all ears: with most of the Russian forces far to the North in Belarus what were the bulk of the of the best trained and equipped forces of the Ukraine doing much further south on the Donbass contact line in January and February last year after, as reported and recorded by the OSCE observers at the time, significant increase in missile attacks and shelling of Russian speaking civilians in the Donbass?

      Was it the ‘Works Weeks’ in that part of the world? Were they gathering at the bus station, with buckets and spades, for the annual fortnight’s holidays on the beaches of the Black Sea?

      Or perhaps they were having a mass picnic?

      If there is a line of thought here which considers that certain people are not entitled to assistance in aiding their self-defence it would be useful to make such a line of thought more explicit?

      1. According to international law there are two provisions which may, in certain circumstances, be contradictory. They are:
        The right of countries to have secure borders.
        The right to self-determination.
        This contradiction became apparent when the KLA started it’s military campaign against Yugoslavia(Serbia) and the regional government of Kosovo declared independence.
        Serbia Yugoslavia) took the matter to the International Court of Justice. They argued that “secure borders” meant that Kosovo was not allowed to secede. Kosovo argued that “self-determination” meant that they were. The ICJ identified the contradiction and said that they would have to determine which right took precedence. After a long recess they ruled that self-determination has precedence.
        This means that any region which has regional government under an elected assembly can follow precedent and declare independence.
        Lugansk, Donetsk and Crimea did so in 2014.
        Understandably, Ukraine did not seek a ruling from the ICJ against the republics. Had they done so and been ruled against (almost a certainty) they and their sponsors wouldn’t have been able to spout on about illegality.
        Russia concluded a defence agreement with Donetsk and Lugansk in early 2022.
        Ukraine kept on shelling Donetsk city for a further 48 hours before Russia took action to implement the defence agreement.
        Some may not like it, but it is very likely that Russia has stayed within the parameters of international law. [N.B. Ukraine has never been to the ICJ to ask for a ruling on whether or not that is the case].
        One other provision under international law is that third countries should not provide military assistance to nations which are at war unless they are in a military alliance with one on the combatants. Again, there has been no request to the ICJ regarding this question but it would appear that the UK and many other nations may have been contravening international law.

      2. The thought occurs, goldbach, that its a shame no one in the Corporate media, Westminster, the ‘opposition’ (sic) Labour Party or even Hermitage in Berkshire, contains anyone with sufficient legal expertise to comprehend this reality.

        But, that’s post-modernism for you. Like the much fabled unwritten “British Constitution” and the chap portrayed here….

        …..the numpties running this shit show think they can make up their own reality as they go along to suit (excuse the pun) their convenience.

        Its going to be interesting to see the inevitable results when objective reality catches up with these children.

    1. It tells us a lot not only about Ukraine but also about predatory Western Capitalism/Feudalism and the self-identifying “progressive left” (sic) in the West.

      1. Dave – Could you give us some examples of countries where your political and economic ideologies have been successfully implemented❓
        (I strongly suspect that I’m in for an interminable wait, I won’t be holding my breath)

      2. I’m an engineer steveH and as a result I’m interested in what works. I’m not interested in what does not work.

        Feel free to have a go, if you have the wits and wherewithal, at attempting to twist anything I’ve written as ‘ideological’ rather than practical and, unlike yourself, evidence based.

        It would be equally entertaining as your clownish attempts to portray Western corporate sourced evidence of the crimes of your Ukrainian Nazi friends, compatriots and fellow travellers as “Putin Propaganda”.

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