Jewish ex-Labour councillor Bird’s Greens almost triple vote share

Labour targeted Bromborough ward to try to oust left-winger, with general secretary David Evans even making an appearance, but went backwards while Bird smashed previous best vote share

Previously-Labour councillor Jo Bird, hounded out of the party for being a Jewish left-winger, hammered her former party in last week’s local elections, despite Labour targeting the seat for a heavy campaign, including door-knocking by party general secretary David Evans.

As the popular Bird noted in a thread thanking local residents, she increased her vote compared to the best received as a Labour candidate, while the total vote share for the Greens in the ward almost tripled:

The result came as the Greens more than doubled their number of councillors in the wards that were contested last week and now hold a record 770 seats across the country. Despite this, the media have almost entirely ignored the party’s performance while presenting Labour’s performance – managing only to standstill in overall vote share under Keir Starmer and performing appallingly in places like Bromborough and Leicester while the Tories collapsed – as some kind of triumph.

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  1. And we were continually told they’d get nowhere without the red (blue)q rosette.

    Best off out of that shitshow that represents themselves only.

    Well played, Jo!! 👍😉

    1. Congratulations Jo Bird!!! You didn’t walk away from Labour, Labour walked away from you & from all who want a better world.

      The institutional antisemitism which Zionist Starmer’s Labour has brought down on left wing Jews like you is nothing short of abominable, for which Starmer’s Labour is paying the price.

      Hatta al-Nasr! Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Yours Until Victory Always!
      Solidarity Jo Bird and all who are with you!!!

  2. Did Evans, actually, make an appearance on The Wirral, or was that just more blow-hard bollocks, from Blackfriars Labour?

    Any photographs? Surely, they must have taken a few PR piccies?

    1. George, Evans probably canvassed in the ward and in the proccess did a favour to the Greens. Can you imagine anyone remotedly socialist democratic, left alone anyone marxist voting Labour after Evans knocking on their door?
      Well done Jo!!

  3. Jo Bird needs to stand as Parliamentary candidate
    It looks like a seat that could be cherry picked to add one more to the balance of power

    1. Reply to Doug
      I agree. Jo Bird is a decent woman who is still standing after a barrage of insults and abuse by the vicious pro Israel lobby. Ordinary voters recognise this and have voted accordingly.
      The current MP is Alison McGovern who is anti -Socialist and a Friend of Israel. I think Jo could unseat her without much trouble.

      1. Smartboy, that would be wonderful!!
        Fingers crossed Unite disafiliate from the Labour Party and in the process gains the ability to support candidates that stand with the best interest of the workers, regardless of the Party they represent.
        As a member of Unite, I will be in favour of Unite financially supporting Jo Bird as MP anytime before McGovern

      2. Reply to Maria
        I think a lot of members – just ordinary decent people with no political axe to grind – feel the same.
        Most people cannot understand how any of our law makers (Tory or Labour) can openly declare themselves to be a friend of a foreign country , Israel , which routinely engages in human rights abuses. Not only do many of our MPs condone these human rights abuses but they also engage in or actively support the nasty hatefilled campaigns waged against Jo and so many others who have spoken out about the plight of the Palestinian people.
        In the crazy world the Pro Israeli fanatics have created (and which the Labour party has bought into big time) anyone who defends the human rights of Palestinians is a racist while those who applaud their subjudication by Israel is not.
        These awful people then set out to destroy the lives and/or careers of those they denounce as “racist” or “antisemitic” as an example to others. They have done this successfully so many times that now many people are too scared to speak out in case they are next.
        Jo isn’t afraid and I’d love to see her sitting in parliament alongside Jeremy Corbyn Diane Abbott and all the other good decent “antisemites” targeted by the Israeli Lobby and hounded out of the Labour Party for believing Palestinians are human beings with the same human rights ( including the right to life) as the rest of us.

      3. Smartboy
        On ‘Not the Andrew Marr’ show Jo Bird talked about Greens being acceptable for disaffected Labour and Tory voters
        We need a Devils Trifecta
        Salt of the Earth candidate, Unprincipled Tory torag and The Younguns to pound the streets

    2. Been thinking that meself, Doug.

      If she stood in Wallasey I’d deffo be offering my meagre services.

      1. You’d have to get in the queue Toffee. Half of Wallasey would probably be there before you!

      2. Toffee
        Got family i could stay with in Liverpool
        Me mothers buried in Thornton cemetery and I’m in bother for not visiting
        Two Birds one stone

  4. One hopes that the local campaign group @DefendOurNHS had a marginal effect.

    They wrote (twice) pre-election to every sitting councillor asking them to pledge to oppose Cheshire & Merseyside’s American corporate so-called integrated care system (ICS), forty-two of which have replaced a national health service in England.

    Sixty-six councillors.

    Three responses:

    1) The then Labour health chair replied attempting (and failing) to demolish campaigners’ arguments against the ICS, which she (now) supports (‘now’ – another story). Labour then proceeded to deselect her (not out of principle – with honourable exceptions they have been the motor of the local corporate colonisation of health) – but out of what appears to be disablist prejudice.

    2) The then Lib Dem leader answered but was non-committal on the central issue (principled opposition to the ICS).

    3) A collective response on behalf of the Green Party candidates saying, inter alia, “The Green Party opposed the introduction of the Integrated Care System and remains opposed to its use.”

    Campaigners will now be holding Green councillors to their pledge. The others are a lost cause.

    Congratulations to Jo and other Green Party members who have long been supporters of Wirral’s fight for the NHS.

    Relevant further information, documents, arguments, background etc can be found at

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