Video: US mercenary colonel fighting for Ukraine claims video describing ‘sick’ murders is ‘deepfake’

Milburn’s ‘Mozart Group’ said to have disbanded shortly after interview that discussed Ukrainian war crimes

Retired US Marine Colonel Andy Milburn has reportedly claimed that a video in which he chatted about the ‘sick’, ‘fucked up’ acts he had seen in Ukraine while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces, including the murder of prisoners of war.

Milburn’s ‘Mozart Group’, formed as a mirror of the Russian ‘Wager Group’ of mercenaries, then ceased operations, according to the New York Times.

A video by independent media outlet The Grayzone (GZ) shows the clip and discusses Milburn’s apparent accusation that journalist Max Blumenthal has created the video as an AI ‘deepfake’. Judge for yourself:

The UK and US media have routinely ignored the nazification of Ukraine and atrocities committed by Ukrainian forces, while reporting ‘war crimes’ by Russia that turned out not to have taken place, without correction.

Skwawkbox comment:

Neither side in the Ukraine war are worth supporting – Zelenskyy has shut down political opposition and news outlets and was filmed calling for a pre-emptive nuclear strike that would kill millions and almost certainly trigger all-out nuclear war. The western media have shamefully whitewashed one while demonising the other, while the Ukraine government’s claims have been so outlandish that even NATO was forced to tell them to stop lying after a Ukrainian missile killed two Polish civilians in a Polish field.

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  1. You explain why the NATO-Ukraine position deserves no support.
    But what you don’t tell us is why the Russian effort to prevent the genocide of Russian speaking people is not worthy of our support. It is. This is a very simple case: a fascist government refuses to allow a large population in the country’s major industrial region to speak its own language, elect its own representatives or join Trade Unions and political parties of its own choosing.
    Since 2014 when a brutal coup, financed by the US government, drove the elected President from office, a few weeks before elections were planned to take place, the people of the Don Basin have been attacked by Ukrainian forces, mostly fascist hooligan militias. At this time last year an army of a quarter million was massed to conquer the region. Russia, after years of efforts to solve the problem peacefully had to choose between allowing hundreds of thousands to die at the hands of fascists who regarded them as inferior beings to be wiped out or to intervene to protect the people.
    That is what happened. And that is why the Donbas deserves the support that an earlier, braver, generation of socialists gave to the Spanish Republic.

    1. Quite.

      As with so many other issues in this post structuralist/post modern dystopia any evidenced based realism is rejected on the basis of something is so because whoever is saying it says it is so.

      It is incumbent upon those arguing a plague on both houses to at least be consistent in the application of both stated on the tin values and principles rather than doing a Gell-Mann Amnesia act when it suits.

      A reasonable start would be to explain, in the face of the available evidence of:

      – Murderous attacks on Russian speaking areas of Lughansk and Donetsk over a period of eight years in which the OSCE recorded tens of thousands of civilian deaths from Ukrainian forces.

      – The war crime of depriving civilians in the Crimea who had overwhelmingly voted to quit this dysfunctional State of water.

      – The massing of Ukrainian troops on the borders of the Donbass readying for an invasion at a time when most of the Russian forces were located in Belarus. (Perhaps it was the works weeks in Ukraine at the time and the Ukrainian forces were gathering at a transit point for their two weeks annual holiday on the Black Sea?)

      – All while the Minsk Agreements were supposed to be in force. Agreements in which it has now been publicly stated by Western politicians were simply a ruse to buy time for…….

      – …….The application of the objective laid out in the RAND Report for the US Government which seeks to dismember the Russian Federation in the same way, using the same playbook process, we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and dozens of other countries.

      ……that what was taking place was another colour revolution with the aim of conquering and occupying the Eurasian Heartland and stealing the resources of its peoples.

      The bottom line is, for those picking and choosing where and when to apply the values and principles on the tin to suit their convenience, is what other options were available to the people of the Russian Federation and the Government they had elected?

      Were they supposed to sit and do nothing whilst they were taken apart like all those other countries? To be murdered and pauperised to feed the insatiable greed of the crazies in Washington, London and Brussels?

      – Especially after having spent years in good faith sticking to the principles of the Minsk agreement and refusing point blank to recognise the pleas of the peoples of the Donbass, who were being slaughtered daily by Ukrainian forces at the behest of the rabid dogs running the West who had no intention of applying those Minsk agreements, to become part of the Russian Federation.

      – After, again in good faith, proposing a win-win for all concerned Europe wide security structure in December 2021 which was arrogantly rejected by the oligarchy running the West.

      Come up with a realistic alternative in the face of the available evidence (assuming of course that objective evidence is recognised as valid by the post structuralist and post modernist bottom feeders).

      Shall we hold our breath?

      1. Dave Hansell, that was a well-crafted post. You laid out the post structural ist, neotrot double think for all to see. It, along with Eurocommunist trash, is deeply racist predominantly anti-Russian, regardless of the shelving of Stalinism. Its ideas are echoed by the neocons and extreme liberals of the Democratic Party together with all sorts of Europeans, Labour greens, SDP, etc. Warmongers to the core. I support Putin and have done so since he began to make the great country of Russia strong enough to stand against the cowboys and the City. EU is a joke. The economic powerhouse of Europe is a wretch, sitting on its haunches, sniveling in a corner capable only of waiting for the next order to follow. They’re good at following orders.

      2. The reality is that if the US/Nato had addressed Russia’s security concerns, none of this would be happening. And the reason they DIDN’T is because they WANTED it to happen, so that they could then engage Russia in a proxy war and try to destroy Russia militarily, AND economically (with all their sanctions).

        ALL the death and destruction and devastation is solely down to the US/Nato, and their propaganda machine of course which, from the outset, has been churning out the false narrative of the war-mongering psychopaths and turning everything on its head.
        AND deceiving and duping hundreds of millions of people, including the vast majority of Ukrainians.

        And Zelensky knows it and, as such, has conspired in it all!

      3. Breaking News….. Just came across THIS, which appears to be all over much of the alternative media:

        West ‘blocked’ Russia-Ukraine peace process – former Israeli PM.

        Both Moscow and Kiev appeared to have been ready for a ceasefire, Naftali Bennett says.

        Peace might’ve been agreed between Russia and Ukraine shortly after the start of the conflict, but Kiev’s Western backers blocked the negotiations between the two neighbors, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who mediated those contacts, has said.

        Bennet, who gave an almost five-hour-long video interview to Israel’s Channel 12 on Saturday, claimed that his efforts as a middleman came close to succeeding as both Moscow and Kiev appeared to be ready to make concessions and agree to a truce.

        It didn’t happen because “I think there was a legitimate decision by the West to keep striking [Russian President Vladimir] Putin… I mean the more aggressive approach,” he said.

        When asked by the host if the US and its allies “blocked” the peace process between Moscow and Kiev, the former PM replied: “Basically, yes. They blocked it.”

        “I claim there was a good chance of reaching a ceasefire. But I’m not claiming it was the right thing,” he clarified.

        Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reacted to the revelations by the Israeli politician on Telegram, saying that they were “yet another confession” that the West wasn’t interested in peace in Ukraine.

        According to Bennett, his mediation “was coordinated down to the last detail with the US, France and Germany.” After the conflict broke out last February, there was no unified approach on how to deal with it among Western leaders as “[British PM] Boris Johnson adopted the aggressive line; [German Chancellor Olaf] Scholz and [French President Emmanuel] Macron were more pragmatic, and [US President Joe] Biden was both,” he said.

        Some 17 or 18 drafts of the peace deal between Moscow and Kiev had been prepared with his involvement, the former PM said. Bennet claimed that, among other things, he managed to secure a pledge from Putin that he was “not going to kill [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky,” who feared for his life. The Russian leader was also ready to retract his demand for the demilitarization of Ukraine, while Zelensky promised to give up on his aspirations to join NATO, he added.

        All discussion about peace ended on April 1, 2022 when the Ukrainian authorities accused the Russian military of killing civilians in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, Bennet pointed out.

        The claim by Kiev – which Moscow rejected and described as being fabricated – came shortly after the two sides held a high-profile meeting in Istanbul and appeared to have been making progress towards an agreement.

        Russian and Ukrainian representatives haven’t met at the negotiating table since then. Moscow maintains that it’s ready to resolve the crisis through diplomatic means but says that the peace proposals being voiced by Kiev and its Western backers have so far been unacceptable.

  2. Much of this information has been out there for a long time.
    THE MSM won’t touch it.
    They have their orders – To be cheer-leaders for NATO and Ukraine.
    The public have been deceived big-time.
    As usual the Labour leadership is bought and paid for, and is happy to shadow the Toe Rag government.
    Well done Skwawkbox.

  3. Grayzone is a great way to get a different view on things along with Redacted /Jimmy Dore/Jackson Hinkle /and Top Cat GG this video was shown a couple of weeks ago main stream media just like the Labour Files totally ignored it

  4. It sure highlights the need for an altewrnative media.
    The main-stream media (MSM) is owned by and is paid to lie and deceive on behalf of the imperialist class they serve

  5. Well the Human Rights group who are documenting war crimes
    will help us decide what is real and what is false. The stupid claim
    about the gold teeth plainly belongs to the false . The more
    reasonable sections of the MSM agree that there are war crimes
    on both sides ..

    However the so called “fact” about Ukrainians not being allowed to
    speak Russian is plainly untrue – as evidenced by the Ukrainian
    writer who routinely wrote books in Russian and featured in “Hard
    Talk”: Andrey Kurkov Of course that was in the early days of the War ..
    . His opinion is as follows (taken from wiki:)

    ” .. in a 2022 interview Kurkov speculated that Russia’s war on Ukraine,
    rather than suppress Ukrainian culture and identity, would potentially
    have the opposite effect, encouraging Ukrainian writers, especially
    those whose native language is Russian, to publish increasingly,
    or even exclusively, in Ukrainian.”

    AS for the so-called 2014 “coup” – recall the Northern Ireland Human
    Rights groups who marched in the 1960s and were routinely beaten up by
    the Police? Were they “fascists”? There were several changes of Govt after
    in NI after this happened .. – a coup? The marchers in Ukraine wanted a crack-down
    on corruption and a disengagement with Russia just as the Nationalists in NI
    wanted a fairer society and disengagement with the UK. Sectarianism in NI was
    reflected by Sectarianism in North West Elngland in the 1940s and1950s. In
    parts of Liverpool being “Tory” was more or less the same as being Unionist
    and being “Labour” the same as being “Nationalist/Catholic” . One of the leaders of
    the Unionists was a certain Alderman Longbottom who tried to restrict
    the money which went RC schools . Of course Ukraine was supposedly
    independent of Russia whereas Northern Ireland was attached to the mainland
    via its Government and the UK did not try to take over part of Eire .. but otherwise
    I see great similarities in the two places ..

    As for it being “fascist” the fascist parties did very badly in the Elections
    which followed the 2014 Maidan Square. For those in Russia who want
    Ukraine to be part of “Greater Russia” the “mother country” has hardly
    ingratiated itself with the region have they? (God help you if you
    are gay in Russia) ..Ukraine wanted Independence after the Russian Empire
    broke up but lost the war of independence. Then there was the great hunger
    imposed by Stalin in the 1930s – and the Soviet invasion of Poland in collusion
    with the Nazis in 1939 with subsequent brutalities and inconvenient members
    of the population being carted off to Siberia .. some things dont change ..
    (Some relatives of mine were among those who were taken there in1940 and
    some died.)

    Then there were the thousands of Polish Officers murdered and buried in Katyn
    – bit inconvenient when the Nazis turned on the Soviets .. After WW2 ended Soviet Russia
    managed to hang on to part of Poland which became integrated into”The Ukraine” area
    of Russia, Woe betide any inhabitant of that area whose relative fled to the west who were
    punished – murdered in some cases. As soon as the Soviet Unit broke up and Ukraine
    gained its independence – the pointy elbows in the latter country who were previously
    officials in the Communist Party snaffled the county’s resources – just as they did in Russia
    and the Ukrainian oligarchs made loadsamoney . in the London Markets just as the Russian
    oligarchs did. Inevitably some of the dirty money seeped into the Tory coffers – a fact which
    the MSM seemed to have conveniently forgotten. Sunak has a cool cheek accusing Corbyn of
    being on the Russian side – when it was Corbyn who demanded the introduction of the Magnitsky
    Act long before Sunak saw it through the HoC.

    As to who is worth saving – well most of the ordinary people of Ukraine including those who like
    myself and my family and my husband and his family who were bombed in WW2 – in my case
    my mother was bombed in the process of giving birth to me .. I feel great sympathy with those being murdered in Ukraine which is being bombed to dust and rubble – just as Chechnya was and which
    Corbyn roundly condemned just as Blair was schmoozing Putin .. The Palestinians sympathise with Ukraine – for they recognise the terror – just as does anyone who has been subject to it.

    There are some Nazis in Ukraine just as there are in most or all Warsaw Pact Countries –
    it seems to be a hangover from having been attached to the Soviet bloc .. Many
    of the Nazis in Ukraine are Russians who joined in the take-over of Eastern Ukraine in 2014 and who were not allowed back into Russia. Not sure why posters here are surprised by restrictions in Ukraine for they plainly do not remember restrictions in the UK during WW2 and we were not overrun by troops of Nazi Germany .. nor was the country trying to rid itself of corruption – which was and still is endemic in Ukraine just as it is in Russia. .. (As an example of what happened in the UK – if you were deemed to be running your farm inefficiently it was taken from you.) I gather Zelensky is trying to rid himself of corrupt officials which he vas elected to do – but which was extremely difficult in his early days – and which was remarked on by the MSM here.

    The Christian Churches, Synagogues and Mosques in Ukraine appear united in their
    opposition to the War and a Russian takeover – but they are apparently “Nazis” ..?

    1. Its on Record Boris Johnson was sent early doors to tell Zelensky to reject any notion of a Peace Deal FROM Russia
      Now all Ukrainian forces will be destroyed, militarily and politically
      The never ending Warmongers have in reality, moved from one inglorious defeat to another, but care not a jot, as its all about the balance sheet, huge profits and share buybacks
      We also forget Trump was going to pull out of NATO
      Labour Brexiteers want the EU to act as honest broker between USA and China/Russia
      Whilst maintaining our own military and independence

    2. Presumably we are talking about the Human Rights groups and organisations responsible for the atrocities committed in this documentary:

      Which includes graphic scenes of real genuine Human Rights Groups being chased into the Odessa Trade Union building in 2014 – by the same armed thugs and Nazis involved in the Maidan coup who now seem to have been rehabilitated as ‘Human Rights Groups’.

      Who subsequently set fire to the building and proceeded to kick and beat the broken bodies of genuine Human Rights groups – who had the temerity to both be speakers of Russian and disagree with these so called ‘Human Rights Groups’ being lionised here- as soon as they hit the ground after jumping out of upper floor windows to escape the flames.

      Seems steveH has some serious competition.

      What I’m struggling to figure out right now is to why it is this is now the third attempt made to submit this post following two previous attempts at around 09:30 and 11:35 GMT today. Why is it not appearing, whereas a reply to Bevin’s post above at around 10:15 GMT had no problems?

      1. @Dave Hansell

        Filters here are strange. Two links are a guaranteed disappearance. I gave up trying to link things here quite a while ago due to posts vanishing.

      2. Have to concede it took a while to suss out the two links issue.

        On this occasion after two failed attempts using only a single link I tried a different link to the same or similar documentary which appears to have worked.

        On the available evidence it would seem reasonable to hypothesise that this site has filters which deny anything which includes a link to bitchute.

  6. PS: Have just watched the video of Zelenski talking of nuclear weapons
    It is a pity this is not quoted in context

    However Putin has – several times -threatened the use of nuclear weapons

    Noone could agree with either of them in their point of view ..

    However it was not Ukraine who started this – and they did not even believe it
    would happen ..

      1. Obama was President in 2014 at the time of the coup.
        Bush the Elder was President when Gorbachev was told that NATO would not deploy forces one inch further east if Gorbachev would sanction the reunification of Germany (according to Jack Matlock, US Ambassador in Moscow at the time, and who was there at the meeting).
        It’s debatable which of them all started it.
        P.S. Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan. Check him out.

      2. P.P.S. Coup – unconstitutional transfer of power.
        Elections scheduled for October 2014.
        People out on the streets.
        EU brokers elections to be brought forward to March 2014 – Yanukovych agrees.
        People still out on the streets and the government overthrown. They could have waited for a few weeks and voted him out, but no. I wonder why.
        To my mind that is an unconstitutional transfer of power and, therefore, a coup.

    1. HolbyFanMw
      It’s only Russia that maintains a ‘No First Strike’ policy
      Your life and that of the planet is in the hands of a few NeoCons in Washington, the same fuckers who under Obama in 2008 brought down a democratically elected President in Ukraine
      Russia sent in 190,000 troops last February, about enough to keep the East end of Newcastle under control, they then offered s peace deal based on Minsk agreements
      Like Two Cheeks you are on the wrong side when you are apologising for Nazis and NeoCons

  7. The Grayzone are extremely diligent, I trust their reporting. They covered the years Corbyn was leader and were spot on with what happened within the party. Max and Aaron are honest, which is why the establishment wants to try and shut down ‘alternative’ = honest media. Watch Jimmy Dore for an legit take as well, Redacted, Hinkle and our own Russell Brand tells you all you need to know. And for other news, follow Dr John Campbell, he has very vaguely touched on Ukraine, his awakening has been a revelation.

  8. “However Putin has – several times -threatened the use of nuclear weapons” – not so.
    Our media and politicians have repeatedly claimed this but have always said things along the lines of “Putin has said that …..” without quoting the text of his statement.
    If HFM has evidence to support the claim then it would be useful for the transcript of Putin’s statements to be linked for us to read – the Kremlin website publishes the text of all his statements and provides an English translation within 24 to 48 hours.
    Incidentally, recently Johnson made a ridiculous statement to the effect that, in a telephone conversation with Putin when he was PM, he had been threatened with being hit by a missile strike. Since t/cs made by PMs have been routinely recorded and stored for many years, it would have been easy for Johnson to have released the bit of the conversation where this was said. Didn’t happen. I wonder why.

    1. goldbach
      Apart from the fact Johnson is a pathological liar, he is also writing his memoirs

  9. Well now – German investigators of the Nordstream attacks saying that there is no evidence that Russia was responsible and that they suspect the attack was carried out by a western nation – both the Times and Garton-Ash in the Grauniad writing articles that are virulently critical of Germany and Scholtz – Mmmm, I wonder.

  10. The German government know damn-well who blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline.
    The USA or UK (on behalf of the USA).
    If Russia had done it – You can be sure that it would have been trumpeted from the roof-tops.
    Who benefits ? ….. USA.
    Who loses ? ….. Germany ….. Its industrial success has been built for years on a cheap supply of Russian gas.
    Perhaps that explains the reluctance of Scholz to dance to USA’s tune.
    [He still caved in after weeks of bullying]

    1. Qui bono (Who benefits)? As always, “follow the money”. It’s funny how all roads lead to corporate America!

      The fact that many people bought the “Russia Did It” line just shows how well the war on critical thinking is going for the MSM. Why would Russia blow up their own pipeline when they could just turn it off at their end!

    2. I have been given a tip from the GRU. Putin was going to turn the tap off but a washer broke. He was left with no alternative. Mini nuclear subs and marines were ordered to blow the pipe and hang the expense and political fallout. I hope that clears things up once and for all. Washers!

  11. I’ve been banned from LinkedIn for life for posting up some Russian government statements released around March 2021. I’ve concluded that the sharing of relevant material inside 21st Century democracies has negative consequences for the free speech of anyone seeking openness / transparency and the dissemination of information.

    1. It would seem reasonable to observe that the likely cause of such a ban is based on the model set out in this Washington Post article (link found via Moon of Alabama):

      Which unwittingly details the sophistry which forms the basis of the model. Setting up a straw man definition of ‘objectivity’ in which truth is reduced to little more than individual opinion thus:

      ” increasingly, reporters, editors and media critics argue that the concept of journalistic objectivity is a distortion of reality. They point out that the standard was dictated over decades by male editors in predominantly White newsrooms and reinforced their own view of the world. They believe that pursuing objectivity can lead to false balance or misleading “bothsidesism” in covering stories about race, the treatment of women, LGBTQ+ rights, income inequality, climate change and many other subjects. And, in today’s diversifying newsrooms, they feel it negates many of their own identities, life experiences and cultural contexts, keeping them from pursuing truth in their work.”

      The bottom line being that your posting something representing a different point of view is not valid on the basis of it representing ‘bothsidesism;.

      A Scottish blogger by the name of Robin McCalpine recently skewered this approach in a recent three part argument. However, I cannot provuide the links as I’ve already used the one external internet link allowed on this site in this post.

      1. Dave – ” I cannot provuide the links as I’ve already used the one external internet link allowed on this site in this post.”

        I’m a little surprised that you haven’t worked out that there’s nothing to stop you from posting your link in a separate attached link

      2. It obviously goes without saying that Dave is unaware that if there is more than one link in a post it has to be moderated, which can be hours, or even days. But SH, being SH (and obviously knowing that Dave is unaware of this) just HAS to stick his SUPERIOR oar in and, as such, patronise Dave.

        He’s incapable of just posting a civil response to Dave pointing this out!

      3. Allan – You wrote “It obviously goes without saying that Dave is unaware that if there is more than one link in a post it has to be moderated,”

        On the contrary Dave clearly stated – ” However, I cannot [provide] the links as I’ve already used the one external internet link allowed on this site in this post.”
        Which part of this did you have difficulty understanding?🤔

      4. Oh fuck off for fucks sake. Jeeze, yur so fucking twisted it’s not even a joke!

      5. steveH, as you are the only individual on this site who has actually rejected links posted as evidence by myself in the manner you describe its seems more than reasonable to conclude you are having another of your ‘senior moments’.

        Go and have a lie down lad.

      6. Dave – Have I really, can you supply an example of me doing this?

  12. This is a long read. I attach the link specifically for HFW, however anyone is welcome to read it, even SH. [Wikileaks did us many great services and this is based on one of them. A series of diplomatic cables which it released.]
    Most of it relates to Ukraine, but there are related leaks too.
    Here’s one brief quote:
    “A cable from after the end of the five-day war between Russia and Georgia—which an EU-commissioned report would later blame the Georgian government for starting—stated that “even the most pro-Western political experts” were “pointing the finger at the U.S.”.”

  13. Has anyone ever tried to describe the conflict in Ukraine on a BBC ‘phone-in as the US/NATO war and then allowed a platform to speak? I also tried it on that self proclaimed champion of freedom of speech GB News, same result.

    1. Steve10174. I have tried and failed on many occasions. Once I wanted to know whether the Skripals, as leading members of the resistance, would be allowed to tell us their views of the war. Click. Another time during a debate about polls in Russia ,I merely wanted to find out the strength of the Navalny opposition. Same response. Never mind the fight for freedom and democracy continues. About the Skripals….

  14. Looks like the information a got a little while ago that Reznikov was about to succumb to the purge was correct. The BBC refers to him today as the “outgoing Ukrainian Defence Minister”.
    My latest information is that he is to be replaced by Budanov, the current Head of Military Intelligence. He is, how can I put this, a fervent and extreme nationalist.

    1. EXPLAINED: Why Ukraine’s Defense Minster Might be Replaced?
      Oleksiy Reznikov will be appointed Minister for Strategic Industries and Kyrylo Budanov might reportedly replace him after days of rumors about his political future.”

      1. “Explained”? Well, not exactly. This is the usual bland statement we get in such situations.
        No indication of what his other job is to be. I hear that he has been offered a couple of other jobs and turned them down.
        Along with those who have already been purged, and those killed in the helicopter incident, Reznikov has been a close ally of Zelensky. Budanov appears to have a close relationship with the neocons in the US.
        There are suggestions that Zelensky could be shuffled out by the summer and replaced by Budanov – a Ukrainian equivalent of Guaido? – If so, he is likely to be as successful.

      2. goldbach – The article that I have linked to is far more informative than your laughable attempts to give the impression that you are somehow ‘in the know’.

      3. The article that you linked to is bland twaddle.
        Come back and tell me when Budanov fails to become Minister of Defence.
        Come back again when Zelensky “retires”.
        Quite a lot of information comes out via Ukrainian Telegram channels. It’s not always accurate but it frequently is.

      4. goldbach – Really, I suppose that depends on how you define frequent ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

        Should the occasion arise you are more than welcome to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’

      1. alexanderscottish – Did you actually bother to read the article that I linked to before commenting?

  15. I wonder just what ” two mansionszelensky”has on the biden family’s and the restof the NATO warmongers.
    Blackmails a dirty business and I am sure that it will all come out in the wash….bio labs …chemicalweapons and all the rest of the filthy warmakers.Who are bleading Europe dry….including Britain who are depleted in just about everything. including morality…,

    1. Well alexanderscottish……two mansion zelenskys into London today holding the begging bowl whilst looking for anther mansion at a knock down prices in property’s slump in London ….Kensington is looking good for a bolt hole,or maybe our very own Carrabean bolt hole fanatic could advise ?

    1. Mystery solved
      I have just been informed that Jeremy is speaking in the benefits debate tonight and this obviously takes precedence.

  16. On a different tack but, via geopolitics, linked:
    Jan Egeland, Norwegian Diplomat, was appointed to the three‑person Independent Senior Advisory Panel on Syria in 2019, alongside Erika Feller and Radhouane Noucier. The panel was to provide Guterres (UNSG) with advice on how to strengthen the deconfliction mechanism operated by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the country. In this capacity, he has stated that all international aid should be sent to Syria via “international groups” and not through “political actors in Syria in either government controlled or opposition controlled territory”.
    So geuss what HMG have announce?
    They will send more money to “The White Helmets”.
    I wish that I could say that I find this unbelievable.

    1. goldbach – Why do you feel this way, what is your problem with the international community funding the aid efforts throughout the region?

  17. No problem at all. I agree completely with Egeland.
    Ergo, nothing for the “White Helmets”, given their close association with what the Americans call “bad actors”.

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