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Zelenskiy signs law stripping workers of employment rights. UK ‘MSM’ and Labour silent

Ukrainian president ratifies law 5371 – to deafening silence of UK’s so-called ‘mainstream’ media

Zelenskiy’s Order 5371 has swept away employment rights for the vast majority of Ukrainians

Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenskiy has exploited the country’s martial law to sign a bill that sweeps away employment protections for Ukrainians working in small and medium-sized businesses – the majority of the population.

Zelenskiy has ratified Bill 5371, despite pleas from the country’s unions, the UN and international organisations. According to OpenDemocracy, the bill has ‘wrecked’ workers’ rights. The Ukrainian government consulted with the Tories on the ‘reforms’ despite the opposition of a majority of Ukrainian citizens.

Ukrainian analyst Nataliia Lomonosova said that the new law strips working people of their bargaining power and leaves unions helpless:

People right now have no bargaining power, and trade unions cannot protect them

Appallingly but unsurprisingly, the UK ‘mainstream’ media – which long whitewashed Ukraine’s rampant neo-nazism, misreported war crimes and downplayed Zelenskiy’s war on political opposition, has ignored the latest assault on human and employment rights. Skwawkbox was unable to find a single mention of it among mainstream press and broadcasters.

And equally unsurprisingly but to his shame, Keir Starmer has not mentioned it either – presumably too busy ignoring workers’ fight for their rights and pay in this country to get round to it, though he did of course find time to tweet support for the Ukrainian military and to claim that ‘our thoughts are with all Ukrainians on your national day‘.

Just not while they’re at work or being exploited by unscrupulous employers, seemingly.

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