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UK media claim gold teeth show Russian war crime. Germans show dentist: ‘They’re mine’

Level of UK ‘mainstream’ propaganda exposed again as ‘mini-Auschwitz’ claim falls apart

The UK media have been showing pictures of a bucket of gold teeth, claiming that they were pulled from Ukrainian victims, evidence of war crimes by Russian troops at a ‘torture chamber’:

The German media, which by comparison with their UK counterparts have been relatively if reluctantly honest, interviewed a Ukrainian dentist – who said the teeth were his:

Headline reads: ‘Do these gold teeth really come from torture victims? Bild met the village dentist – he says no.’

The Bild article shown above says that in a ‘gruesome’ tweet, shared many thousands of times, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence claimed:

A torture chamber in Pisky-Radkivski. 2 photos. A gas mask placed on the head of a victim who was covered with a smoldering rag and buried alive. And a box of golden dental crowns. A mini-Auschwitz.

But it reports that the lurid claim doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The paper spoke to 60yo local dentist Sergey, who showed reporters his collection of teeth and says the others almost certainly came from his looted house:

Asked whether the teeth shown by the Ukrainian defence ministry could have come from torture victims, Sergey told Bild‘s reporters:

Oh my God, no! They come from people I’ve treated all these years. I took those teeth out because they were bad.

The physician told BILD: “In 30 years I have removed tens of thousands of teeth, this is only a fraction of them. Sometimes I pull five to eight teeth a day, and that in 33 years of my practice.

I’m the only dentist here, so if they were found here, they must be mine.

The paper did, however, go on to report that people were tortured in the village, based on reports from some of the villagers of hearing ‘cries for help’.

But if reporting in Germany is more honest and diligent than that of the UK ‘mainstream’ media, it is still not a healthy environment for journalism. The German government is reported prosecuting one of its own journalists for reporting news from Ukraine that does not fit the official narrative, as the target of the prosecution, Alina Lipp, told the US GrayZone YouTube channel in July:

In turn, GrayZone journalists appeared on the now-infamous chart compiled by supposedly left journalist Paul Mason as part of his apparent cooperation with UK security services in shutting down inconvenient news sources and were particularly targeted by Mason and his intelligence services correspondent in emails leaked to Gray Zone by hackers. Mason has claimed that the emails ‘may be’ fake.

In this country, the Establishment media’s attempts to misinform UK citizens has even seen the BBC u-turn on its own reporting of the rise of nazism in Ukraine to then tell viewers that reports of nazis in Ukraine were exaggerated and even mere Russian propaganda. Acts by Ukrainian president Zelenskiy to shut down journalism and workers’ rights in Ukraine have been almost entirely ignored by the UK media – and the supposed ‘opposition’ leadership, which is as committed to war in Ukraine and suspends members who dare point out inconvenient facts.

The saying that ‘truth is the first casualty of war’ is applicable on both sides of this conflict, but veteran journalist John Pilger – who has seen more wars that most – said recently that he had never seen state and media propaganda and disinformation, at the expense of real journalism, in the UK on the scale that it now exists. Everything claimed by either side should be taken with an entire box of salt.

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