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Met Police arrested protesters despite approving their protest – and locked up Night Safety Team

“I believe they had every intention of arresting us… simply because there was nothing that we did do that could possibly justify even being detained, never mind being arrested & held”

Police arrest protesters during the coronation weekend

The Met Police’s outrageous conduct during the coronation has been further exposed with revelations that the force arrested protesters whose protest they had been notified of and said they had no problem with – and even brutally arrested City of Westminster’s official volunteer Night Safety Team while it did its job of protecting women, holding both groups in custody for extended periods.

Graham Smith, CEO of the ‘Republic’ group, told Radio 4 this morning that he believes police deceived him when they said they had no problem with the demonstration and fully intended to arrest them all anyway:

Meanwhile, police held Westminster’s Night Safety for some fourteen hours after arresting them – for possessing rape alarms, which they hand out to women out at night to help keep them safe:

Riz Choudhry, one of those arrested, accused the force of racially targeting him and of brutality toward the volunteers:

The Establishment’s contempt for the human rights of UK citizens has never really been in doubt, given the assault on rights of protest and at work, but are a national disgrace nonetheless. This country slides ever further into rogue state status.

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  1. “This country slides ever further into rogue state status.”

    Rogue state or just slightly disguised Fascist.
    G*d save the King…

    1. @metpoliceUK, of all people. Already recognised bigots, homophobes, misogynists, racists and, now, fascist bully boys.

      Reading the accounts, and watching the videos, it was so obvious they had an agenda, without a play-book. They were confused as to what they were doing, themselves, so, made it up as they went along.

      The arrest of a journalist would have been hilarious, if it didn’t make me feel so angry.

      …and the arrogance! They knew they could get away with what they were doing.

      1. With all the restrictions on protests coupled with the pre-emptive arrest and their unwarranted detention it’s getting more and more like Putin’s Russia

      2. The more apt comparison would be with ‘elensky’s’ regime in Ukraine:

        When Western elites and their establishment lackey’s have run out of Ukrainians and Poles as human shields to maintain their empire by carving up Eurasia for its resources – as per Makinder’s ‘Great Game’ and the Rand Report – no doubt the TSG and their like will be switched to press ganging kids, sixty year olds and the homeless off the UK streets to feed into the meat grinder.

        They should start in the Caribbean. Or should that be Berkshire? It would do wonders for getting the mind right of those stuck in an office in a barracks all day typing Official Narrative drivel. The shite would be coming out of the other end when they have to send the numpties to the sharp end of the front line.

        I hear Next do a good line in brown trousers.

        [cue predictable, unimaginative and boring one liner with no substance……..’wait for it’……

      3. So predictable.

        Nothing of substance because you’ve got no counter arguments.

        Still, that’s what you get when you employ people on piece rate.

      4. Dave – “Nothing of substance because you’ve got no counter arguments.

        Why would I waste my time when anyone with more than a few brain cells to rub together has already recognised you and your Putin propaganda for what it is. The only thing left for them to decide is whether you are really so stupid and gullible or you are just another of Putin’s malevolent useless idiots.
        Either way it is obvious to all that you have nothing credible to offer the electorate. You are welcome to try and disprove this.

        Please also feel free to ‘impress us’ all (yourself included of course) with yet another cut and paste essay from Putin’s crib sheet.
        Whilst you are at it why don’t you really impress us all and detail why you as a self proclaimed democratic socialist admire your wannabe imperialist hero Putin and his corrupt authoritarian regime so much. A regime who maintain themselves in power by fear through the intimidation, imprisonment, torture and murder of their political opponents.
        Have fun.😏

      5. steveH

        No one is impressed with your desperate and pathetic attempts to portray verified with reams of evidence facts which you find inconvenient – much of it provided from credible Western sources from the Jerusalem Post to the NYT; the OSCE to the United Nations; Amnesty International to Human rights Watch and beyond – as “Putin Propaganda.”

        Fell free to provide objective evidence which refutes that Western sourced evidence which you have already been provided with. It will be most entertaining to watch you attempt to portray all these Western Corporate sources as “Putin propagandists”.

        Failure to do so will simply publicly prove to everyone with a working brain cell that you are a paid Nazi troll. A shill for Fascism and Western elite criminals.

        A shill who not only denies the Western Corporate documented war crimes of neo-nazis in Ukraine against Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens in Eastern Ukraine but also denies their them their right to self-defence. A Poundworld Goebbels projecting his own gullibility and second rate propaganda onto others to hide his complicity in supporting such crimes.

        Put up or shut up.

  2. I guess the great “human rights lawyer” will be riding in to stand up for human rights.
    But – Don’t hold your breath.
    God Save the King !!!

    1. I guess the great “human rights lawyer” will be riding in to stand up for human rights.

      George Clooney’s missus?

      1. I think you’ll find that Keir has given up his certificate to practise as a barrister.

      2. ‘Practice’ being the operative word in Keith’s case.

      3. And the point of you posting a self portrait is what, steveH?

      4. Dave The emoji is a succinct expression of the response that I thought your inane comment warranted. It obviously served its purpose.
        What is it the credible alternative that you and your fellow Putin bots are offering the UK’s electorate?

  3. We will eventually prevail because they cannot arrest us all. Hereditary public office is wrong and we have a right, or did have to protest against it.

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