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JVL on EHRC whitewash of Starmer: Jews like us are not safe in his party

Starmer regime has conducted an unchecked purge of Jews who support Palestinian rights – to silence and active collusion of ‘mainstream’ media

Leading JVL activist and Starmer purge target Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, as she was thrown out of Labour conference last September

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has ludicrously given Keir Starmer’s Labour a clean bill of health today, despite Starmer’s purge from the party of Jews who support Palestinian human rights – and his equally brazen and frequent disregard for the EHRC’s ‘prescription’ for Labour banning. for example, political interference in disciplinary processes.

Ironically this whitewash – the culmination of the Establishment stitch-up that began when Corbyn was still leader, comes the same day that Starmer finally declared formally (surprising no one) that Corbyn will not be allowed to stand for Labour at the next general election. Starmer withdrew the whip from Corbyn after he had been exonerated and readmitted to the party by Labour’s ruling elected executive (NEC) – the very definition of the ‘political interference’ the EHRC banned – over comments that the EHRC report said Corbyn had a legally-protected right to make.

The exposure of this scam of sick farce and scandal should, of course, be rolling news for weeks – it certainly would have been had Corbyn been leader treating a right-winger in the same way. Instead, the ‘mainstream’ media either remain silent to the regime’s constant abuses and racism, or else actively collude in excusing and covering it up.

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), whose members have been frequent victims of Labour’s cowardly ‘Starmlinism’ and which made frequent submissions to the EHRC about the antisemitism they faced daily from the Labour right, has issued a statement about the EHRC whitewash, stating flatly that ‘Jews like us do not feel safe in Keir Starmer’s Labour’ – and the horrific reasons why:

We understand that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) considers that the Labour Party’s Action Plan on antisemitism has been satisfactorily delivered.

This news is alarming. Jews like us do not feel safe in Keir Starmer’s Labour Party

Since mid-2021, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) has repeatedly alerted the EHRC to the disproportionate targeting of Jewish members of the Labour Party for disciplinary action over allegations of antisemitism.

Ironically, this targeting of Jews seems to be reinforcing the claim for the success of the action plan in the name of combating antisemitism.

We received responses from the EHRC but no indication that our reports made any difference to Labour’s implementation or EHRC monitoring of the Action Plan.

Our most recent letter of 8 February 2023 referred the EHRC to the latest statistics on Jews targeted under Labour’s disciplinary procedures.

JVL is currently aware of fully 60 Jewish Labour Party members targeted.

We estimate that:

  • A full, Jewish member of JVL is at least 37 times more likely to be investigated for antisemitism than an average Labour Party member.
  • A full, Jewish member of JVL is 54 times more likely to be expelled than an average Labour Party member.
  • A full, Jewish member of JVL is 63 times more likely to be auto-excluded (i.e., expelled for supporting a proscribed group) than an average Labour Party member.
  • A JVL Executive Committee member is 462 times more likely to be auto-excluded (i.e., expelled for supporting a proscribed group) than an average Labour Party member.

The campaign against JVL has been relentless. Notably, in 2022, during the Jewish festival of Chanukah, three prominent Jewish members of JVL were expelled from the Party.

These were Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, a JVL Executive Officer, who was thereby prevented from taking up her elected post as the only Jewish member on Labour’s National Executive Committee. Stephen Marks, who had been a prominent voice on Labour’s National Constitution Committee. And Heather Mendick, who worked in Labour’s leadership office in 2019.

More broadly, Jewish members investigated or sanctioned over antisemitism find the experience profoundly oppressive. Indeed, it feels much like antisemitism itself; we feel hated.

Jewish members have been accused on two main counts. First, for challenging the way the Party interprets and purports to eradicate ‘antisemitism’. Second, for criticising the political ideology of Zionism or the State of Israel. But Jews have long disagreed with each other on these points.

It is abhorrent for the Labour Party to effectively designate progressive or socialist Jewish political traditions as antisemitic, with the EHRC’s apparent stamp of approval.

In some Labour Party constituencies, the situation has deteriorated to the point where Jews who do not support Israel or who continue to support former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have become too frightened to attend Party meetings for fear of intimidation and abuse.

Worse, they believe that such intimidation and abuse will go unchallenged. What’s worse still, this belief is justified. JVL has reported to the EHRC that not a single Jewish JVL member who has complained of antisemitism directed against them has had their complaint upheld.

In JVL’s most recent letter to the EHRC, our lawyers wrote (added bold):

“Our client does not consider that it has received an adequate response in relation to the claims of bullying made on behalf of Mrs Neslen or the letter sent on 23 December 2022 in relation to the Party’s treatment of Stephen Marks. Our client’s experience is that the Party has not provided an adequate channel for members to express their dissatisfaction even in cases of serious distress. Our client therefore seeks confirmation that the EHRC is taking these members’ mistreatment by the Party into consideration as part of its monitoring processes.”

Already in 2020, a dozen Jewish Labour members subject to disciplinary proceeding over antisemitism decried Labour’s ‘discrimination against Jewish socialists’. In its May 2021 analysis of the EHRC Report, JVL warned of its ‘pernicious implications for freedom of expression’ in the Labour Party and predicted it would embolden those set on stifling dissent. It is deeply regrettable that these concerns have been borne out.”

Emphases added by JVL

Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, a leading figure in JVL who was expelled by the regime in a transparently anti-democratic move to remove her after members elected her to the NEC, told Skwawkbox:

As one of 3 Jews expelled in just one week leading up to Chanukah last December, being told the party’s been given a “clean bill of heath” is pretty shocking.

Keir Starmer’s Labour is a force for bigotry, racism, apartheid, contempt for the poor, dishonesty, the destruction of democracy and the shredding of human rights. He has turned it from a force for real change for the better into a force for ‘business as usual’ at best and almost certainly worse – with the help of organisations whose notional purpose, at least, should lead them to fight him.

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  1. In today’s Guardian, George Monbiot does actually mention the Labour Files.
    I am not sure what’s going on there.

    1. The right wing stitch up is all but complete. It’s now safe to allow a dissenting comment or two for “balance”.

      1. Spot on. You can tell whether or not the elites think they have got everything sewn up. It’s when the Grauniad allows the odd liberal (with a small L) voice.

      2. “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” (Noam Chomsky)

    2. Tony
      Not long after the Labour Files was broadcast I did read Monbiot had watched the series and was shocked about what went on within the party.

    3. George Monbiot may have mentioned the #LabourFiles, but did he, actually, watch them?

      He’s mentioned them before on Twitter, and appeared to have doubts about, admitting he hadn’t watched them ‘yet’, saying he’d get round to it. He never did get back, giving his opinion.

      I got the impression they had become banned viewing material, for Guardian journalists.

  2. Meanwhile the beeb are still at it. I heard the liar ellman, given a platform on a news bulletin on radio murkeyside…The usual shite about how great keef is because he’s allegedly ‘made the party safe again’. I didn’t even bother to tit and roll me eyes. I just said ‘meh’.

    Apologies if already posted, but just read BBC Teletext and apparently keefs’ said jermely won’t be a labour candidate in the next election.

    Quelle surprise. There’s a labour seat lost for the first time in God knows how long if Corbyn decides he gonna run independently.

    I hope he does. Bollocks to any misguided sense of loyalty Deny the rodents what they took from you, Corbyn, lad. 👍

  3. I note Starmers statement yesterday – that if you disagree with him
    then “The Labour Party is not for you!’ So I assume this includes
    the Charedi (Orthodox) Jewish community interviewed by
    Michael Crick?

    If that is not antisemitic what is?

    1. Slipped, not fell, to be fair. Where I worked as a cleaner a few years back, someone had even written Stevie G under the “slipping man” figure on the Wet Floor sign!

  4. The Labour Right couldn’t beat the Corbyn Left on IDEAS (they are devoid of them) so perfected (with the collusion of others) what some call the ‘“AS Scam”’(?) and one Right Wing member gave the game away begging another RW member not to leave saying: “This AS stuff has traction.”
    James Stern-Weiner it could be argued skewered Right Wing Labour in his ‘Anti-Semitism and The Labour Party (a free e book, 2019).
    From thorough research in 2019 he found 296 AS complaints out of 500,000 members (0.0000592%).
    Also in agreeing with 5 AS statements he found: Left 2.5%, Centrist 4%, Right 4.4%, and Far Right 13%.
    Think we need 620 Jeremy Corbyn Independents at the next GE but not standing against the few Labour Lefties.

  5. So brave Sir Keef made the party safe from a mythical nonexistent threat created by Keef, the PLP and his media friends?

    We’re being told that having Tory supporting donor friend of Johnson as Chairman the BBC, Richard Sharp, risks undermining the BBC’s integrity and independence and impartiality.

    And yet.. guess who was the Chair of the EHRC at the time it took the strange decision to investigate Labour : A big Tory supporter and donor.

    Well, Polly Toynbee, guardian et al? impartiality, indepemndence? Going to show any consistency?

  6. It’s a fucking joke party it’s getting to be like the raving loony party why the fuck would anyone stay in a party that doesn’t represent them anymore fuck labour

    1. Unfortunately it is The Left’s parliamentary candidates that have far more in common with the Monster Raving Loony candidates – They all consistently lose their deposits.

      1. Whereas keef loses party funding through membership**. And what monies he hasn’t lost through declivity in membership, he spunked /spunks on legal balls-ups bills, because he apparently KNOWS the law.

        **Don’t bother. He hasn’t tripled membership numbers in his nigh-on three years, nor is he ever likely to in three millennia.

      2. Toffee – Have you forgotten that 1 in 5 of the membership deserted Corbyn during the latter 2yrs of his tenure.

      3. Two Cheeks
        5 million deserted New Labour, double that for Poundshop War Criminal
        Do you polls tell you how many votes he will get, try south of 10 million

    2. There’s a lot of lies posted by Trolls about the relative success of neoliberal entryists vs Corbyn traditionalists. It is always worth remembering that New Labour lost 5 million of the Party’s votes, destroyed its stronghold in Scotland and had trade unions disaffiliating – like the heroes of the Fire Brigade union, before leaving saying
      ‘never mind New Labour, what about real Labour’.
      In GE’s after 97 New Labour actually started destroying the 1992 11mill voter base that existed under Kinnock.

      Labour traditionalist Corbyn got the largest Labour vote turnout this century in 2017. And even in what in 2019, was spun as Labour’s supposed worst ever loss, beat the last turnouts of Milliband, Brown and Blair by some distance.
      In his first 2 years Starmer lost the Party 8 councils.

    3. There hase been social media testimony from Black Labour members that they tried to make complaints to the EHRC that the Party had one criteria for dealing with white anti-semitism complaints and a lesser one for dealing with Black issues of racism,
      The EHRC refused to entertain these saying they were only pursuing the anti-Semitism complaints.

  7. It is not possible to criticize Israel in the Labour party, how long before Starmer supports the arrest of Palestinian supporters as happened in Berlin last year.
    A Jewish person is going to court in Germany this week to challenge a conviction for illegally attending a demonstration in support of Palestinian rights on last year’s Nakba Day.
    “The event marks a serious escalation in the Berlin government’s attempts to punish and criminalize solidarity with Palestine. It is also reflective of a wider assault on the basic democratic rights of assembly and free speech,” organizers of the fightback say.

  8. Just watched Ruth Smeeth on the video clip
    in which she airs her opinion of JVL and it
    being a “tiny minority”.

    She really gives herself away – doesn’t she in
    her reasoning – they can be ignored BECAUSE
    their Committee have all been thrown out of or
    disciplined by the Labour Party ..

  9. Concerning Ruth Smeeth – what she is saying it is
    OK to persecute a group of people if they are a minority ..

    And their being persecuted means it is OK to continue.
    persecuting them – as in the case of the JVL Committee

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