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Starmer deletes all YouTube reference to day conference voted to support sanctions against ‘apartheid’ Israel

Labour right’s attempt to erase history compounds contempt shown by Starmer, Nandy and others for democratic wishes of Labour members and unions

A mass show of solidarity with Palestinians at the preceding Labour conference

The Labour party has surreptitiously deleted all reference to day three of its 2021 annual conference from its YouTube channel – the day on which a ‘historic’ motion calling for sanctions against ‘apartheid’ Israel was overwhelmingly passed by Labour members and affiliated unions.

The party had already cut off its YouTube stream for the duration of the debate and vote, but had broadcast other parts of the day. However, it seems the right-wing regime is determined to erase it from history completely, as the ‘day 3’ recording is now missing from the party’s YouTube archive:

The streams without days in the title are of day one and of Keir Starmer’s conference speech on the final day of the five-day event. A Labour source described the move as ‘cowardly and outrageous’.

On the day after the conference, Starmer and then-Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy rejected the motion and the regime has ignored it since, despite confererence’s standing in Labour’s rules as the party’s ultimate authority – later using the ridiculous excuse that conference is only sovereign while it’s actually taking place.

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  1. What he/they can’t erase, is apartheid Israel, and their support for it.

    Scrub away Starmer, scrub away Evans, scrub away Nandy – when you’ve finished, apartheid Israel will still be there.

    1. if Boris Becker faces 7 years jail for hiding assets, why is 45 minutes WMD Blair STILL crawling about free❓
      Why r Sunak, Murty, frauds not prosecuted❓
      Why has SIR Keith Starmer failed to prosecute WMD Blair & Jimmy Saville & other Tories, nor say that if he was Dip P P stick now, he would prosecute Murty and all the Covid-19 BILLIONS re non-tendered and unscrutinised contracts❓

      One rule 4 us, another 4 SIR Keith and his fellow Tories, their pets and creature Weapons of Mass Destruction 45 minutes BLAIR

      1. There was an effort to prosecute Blair – but it failed
        so far as I can remember .. Clever lawyer I think?

    2. ⚠️🧮🧽⚠️🧮🧽⚠️🧮🧽
      Murty is now attempting to wash the stain of GREED, selfishness, HEARTLESSNESS, ruthless ambition, FAUX NAIVETY etc

      Anyway SKWAWKBOX.ORG is scrutinised by agents of “the few”. I would like to think POSTING about SUNAK & MURTY’s dealings BELOW suspicion has helped her to decide to PROMISE to pay with IMMEDIATE effect, TAXES on ALL income ( as she would have been required to by USA LAW ).

      1️⃣ – I hope taxes will be backdated on ALL her global income.

      2️⃣ – I also hope the Indian and USA authorities launch a detailed investigation re wether the Sunaks have been observing USA GREEN CARD tax requirements.

      3️⃣ – I hope the Indian authorities and PEOPLE will investigate wether Murty has paid taxes which match her claims of PRIDE in being Indian and her as good as airy fairy noise that India will be her final resting place.

      I am fair, so well done to Murty for her PROMPT statement and PROMISE. All that remains is PROMPT implementation.

  2. When I search the internet for the Labour Party Manifesto all I can find is a reference ‘see George Orwell’.

      1. fao George Peel:- I know, my wife is a Labour councillor, but George Orwell’s influence in Starmer’s New Labour is self evident. which makes for interesting tea-time dialogue.

      2. Thanks GP. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin filled my body and my brain as I clicked your link back to GE19.

        An earlier Labour party working ‘For the Many, Not the Few’ offering A Green Industrial Revolution, Rebuilding our Public Services, Tackleing Poverty and Inequality, A Final Say on Brexit and a New Internationalism… What were we thinking of?

        Despair, despondency and desolation. Thank you Sir Keir Rodney Starmer. We’re on the right page now.

    1. 😲😲😲 Sunak AND his wife are PERMANENT USA RESIDENTS for tax purposes. They have been USA GREEN CARD holders from b4 he stood to be an MP to date.

      So the UK Chancellor is obliged to pay USA taxes on ALL income WORLDWIDE.
      His wife claims she pays India taxes. THEREFORE the occupants of 11 Downing Street, who sets taxes for the rest of us are happy to pay taxes to a foreign entity on ALL income, yet spout the most LAUGHABLE excuses for dodging contributions to this country
      U really could not make it up.

      1. … including ONE who SETS taxes… ( excuse other typos)💐💐💐

      2. p.s. i assume they are STILL USA permanent residents, because SUNAK refuses to say if he and his wife have rescinded their USA status.

        ALSO – A MURTY receives some or all of her nearly £12 MILLION per year dividends from her stake in her daddy’s £BILLION + operation, via MAURITIUS … a tax haven. So what taxes r Murty paying to India, which she says is her final resting place⁉️

        PLUS – As far as i know, her India is my FINAL RESTING PLACE canard would have been met with short shrift by USA authorities. So come on Murty, what EXACTLY was the USA response, IF you dared present such a joke to them⁉️

        MOREOVER – Why deprive your final resting place India of much needed funds while paying taxes to the USA and funnelling MILLIONS of funds via MAURITIOUS⁉️

      3. Signpost A extremely good point and I wonder what the security implication is with the second in command having effectively given his money and loyalty to the USA….I have no bias regarding the American people but they are extremely sensetive regarding foreign residents with tax and residency changing on a regular basis…and that is why Sunak can never be considered for PM when he clearly has a foot firmly planted in the USA by choice not birth.My son still has a greencard and my daughter and grandchildren are US citizen’s by choice.I sold up my property in St Augustine \Jacksonville and no longer have any tax liabilities to the US.Maybe such a high profile politician should do the same or resign.?

      4. joseph, thanks💐💐💐
        it gets worse. Sunak’s wife MURTY set up a gym company, i think, claimed SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND in furlough… furlough arranged by SUNAK. i knew of the snout in the furlough trough, but have only now heard the business went bust and creditors r owed over £six million, while murty’s YEARLY dividends from daddy alone is approx £TWELVE MILLION via the tax haven Mauritius❕❕❕ While we well meaning people on “The Left” read lots of history, quote well written stuff galore, prioritise punctuation over essential OBVIOUS meaning,… oh and “reclaim terms”, the likes of Sunak, Murty, WMD Blair, Mandelson, SIR Starmer (Keith), Reeves, Lammy, Straw, Ashworth, Austin… and many more of the few keep on doing as they’ve ALWAYS done OPENLY enough for ALL who have eyes to read and ears to listen and perfect enough brains to think, if the other lot r so “stupid” and the public so “uneducated”, then how cone the “stupid” rule the world, r able deceive “the uneducated”, while we r out in the cold, on the sidelines despite amassing the largest number of any party in Europe⁉️⁉️⁉️

        If nothing can be done, then why complain??? Why not do something else??? … pottery ? yoghurt making ? ?
        get an allotment and stay there ? ? ?

        The oh so clever private enterprise operater’s gym
        wen bust owing creditors six point one MILLION GBP‼️‼️‼️

        FACT – Conflict of interest.
        FACT – ZERO care for true business acumen but FOCUS on pure BANDITRY / exploitation / shameless selfish greed.

      5. P.s. travelled through Jacksonville, after San Antonio Texas, Arizona desert etc etc etc

  3. We have to be very clear where all this is leading to: the creation of a fascist state with the help of Keef. Recent actions by him and his posse are like the bookburning by the nazis. Sorry if some people might find this offensive, but growing up in Germany, we started to ask questions, wondering why 12 years of our history did officially not exist in our history books. Our questions were met with silence or denials. So we had to find the facts ourselves. It was not an easy journey, but it was necessary to learn those hard lessons. Never again for people my age actually means never again.

    1. Absolutely Sabine, only difference is that Hitler’s Elite backers stopped funding him publicly, whereas now the Elites are not at all concerned about publicly supporting Nazi Fascism, that is extremely worrying! Look at Ukraine, the Western Elite can’t throw weapons and funds at the Ukrainian Nazis quick enough, the MSM are peddling debunked and blatantly set up scenes as facts, when anyone can see the truth in the Ukrainian Nazi’s own photos from which the Western MSM reports from practically Film Sets of staged bodies and years of rusted tanks and posh houses in the background with linens on the line, just sends chills, especially if you have ever been on film/TV sets, there is an image of bodies in open zipped body bags, a taped off area around them and journos taking pictures, like a Circus freak show, I wonder if the Nazis had booths selling tickets, candy floss and pop corn! Look at this journo’s body language, I think she’s BBC! Peddling government propaganda is one thing, but not calling out the obvious or at least questioning why those bodies were staged, why those bodies were dumped like trash from a white van man, how those tanks rusted to bits overnight, how come did people with white armbands go for walks down that one street in Bucha with hands bound behind their backs etc, etc, that the bbc reporter knowingly peddle this shit is very concerning for all of us!

      1. Not just the elites funding fascism is it Nellyskelly.?…..The labour party all of them are a disgrace to democratic socialism and are complicit in the witchunt and the reality of what the labour party have…!ps do you remember “Drop the dead donkey” and Damien with his staged film sets its reminds me of The Ukrainian actor \comedian especially when the BBC do amateur photographer and journalists on the scene from?..?

      2. Wah hah hah! The Coke Head, “Comedian/Actor”, “Not a Nazi-Apologist” $elensky is as BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen just sock puppets for the Elites. If you look at leaders in the West over the past 20 years they are either TV celebrity types, All extremely good liars, none with much to them especially in the upstairs department, or they are People who can easily mislead the Public, Actors for the Elites, They are also frighteningly Dangerous given the slightest bit of power. I dread the thought of BlueKeef and the Elites in Nr10, I seriously dread BlueKeef and the Starmerstruppen far more than I dread the Despicable Inbred Ogre and the Conservative Party! We all know that the Cons are Twunts, most people don’t know that BlueKeef and the truppen are Uber-Twunts. All those supposed left leaders who are actually more right than the actual right Clinton, Obama, Blair, Starmer, Macron, her in
        NZ they play such a sneaky game, and they rip the carpet from under the people and take the silver without The PEOPLE even knowing it happened, the Conservatives/Right just have no idea about playing games, they do but much more directly and in your face, they come expectedly like a bull in a china shop, no less painful but a whole lot less surprising.

    2. When viewed through Mussolini’s definition, we already are one, and have been for some time.

      1. Nvla. You are right but with modern technology, they are creatures with a far, greater reach and they can mobilise at a speed that the black shirts could only dream of in their futuristic dreams.

      2. With the Mecca of Nazism being poured with Funds and Ammunition and Far Right Nazi talk, for some time, to mobilise it is quite the frightening thing! I wonder how many of those weapons and ammunitions are stashed in bunkers, why else would they use out of service, for quite some time, missiles to “Accidentally” hit the station full of Ukrainians ‘waiting for their evacuation train’, rather than the snazzy American and British accurate high-tech weaponry? Who knows, perhaps Ukraine has become the Nazi weapon stashing Bank of the Western Nazi Elites.
        The EU delegates arrived to see the side show in Bucha, you know there are still bodies in the street, I bet the two EU delegates will be horrified by “what Russia did” rather than question where did these fresh bodies, bound and gagged, come from! I doubt very much that those dear dead people, will have a Forensic investigation and at least be laid down with dignity and respect, instead of being dumped by a White Van Man like trash at the Tip!

    3. Sabine And now in Britain we are looking at another National socialist party firmly embeded within the crumbling system to grab power in a coming period of poverty and hyper inflation which was last seen before the National socialist party grabbed power in Germany before the second world war..There is a similarly difficult period for Britain although I .doubt the country will, have to pay reparations for the previous war when Germany was bled dry with carpetbaggers,land grabs,cash reparations in gold and diamonds along with great chunks of the the axis moneygrabers.No worries there but the working class will be ordered to carry the load of the elites and a certain fascists leader will soon take advantage of this with a New Labour party and god help us all when he or one of his tutured fascists grab power in a economic meltdown across the whole of the western world.The Swastika flys again in europe and its not confined to the Balkans but deeply embedded in the mindset of the New world order….Hitlers dream?

  4. What are the Red Lines for Unions
    Take a wild guess, seriously at what stage do they pull the plug
    I have no clue

    1. And neither, it seems, has Sharon Graham. She’d better shit quick or get off the pot!

  5. The rewriting of history does not change what happened nor is this case can it be ‘reinterpreted’. The reality of apartheid in Israel cannot be erased or wished away.

    1. quertboi….The writing of history is down to the winners “.A wonderful example is the English reformation were books,arts even buildings were obliterated with a thousand years of history disappeared on bonfires.along with the seats of learning,buildings abbys cathederals and the people that worshiped there.We might be smug 😏 thinking that you can’t disappear reality…ask Jeremy Corbyn just how the truth can be used and twisted and former loyal friends spit on your leadership.

      1. Indeed! Written history means little compared with living people’s memories. In 100 years time, the written stuff and utube vids will be all that’s left, but until then our experience and knowledge convinces us that Starmer’s Establishment control freakery is false and desperate.

        Jeremy Corbyn, the Nakba, the pseudo-‘pan’demic and the Russia-Ukraine War, the Elite’s attempt to misreport history is desperate and always counter-productive. We are the right-side of history, official narratives rarely are.

      2. As Churchill said (and I paraphrase) “History will treat me well, for I shall write it.”

    2. We need all Orgs, Comms, Watchdogs etc to be run by 3/4 independent Unaffiliated Groups so that Ofcom, ICO, EHRC, Electorate Commission, Hansard etc, etc, etc can all work for The PEOPLE and not open to Corruption from Corrupted Politician Sock Puppets and their Criminal Corrupt Elite Masters/ nor History be deleted!

  6. “Winston Smith works in the Records Department, “rectifying” historical records to accord with Big Brother’s current pronouncements so that everything the Party says appears to be true.”

  7. As a Jew, I find that deeply dishonest. Israel IS an apartheid state…..nothing you can do about that Starmer.
    You can whitewash or lie as much as you like. It is corrupt to suggest otherwise.

  8. I’m a socialist and a humanitarian.
    It becomes clearer each day that the Labour Party has been colonised by a fascist lying cabal which has no regard for democracy or truth.
    The Party has no shame in leaving the working class behind in its desire to suck up to the rich, the powerful and the militarists of NATO.

    1. 2 Polar Opposite Parties
      1 Host=The UK Labour Party=Democratic Socialism=FOR The PEOPLE!
      1 Parasite=The Neo-Labour Party=Thatcherite Neoliberal TORYISM=FOR Themselves/The Criminal Elites!
      When Blair gnawed his hay into Parliament, via the sewers of Westminster, he dragged Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Neoliberalism with its dollop of Neoconservatism in behind him. And the occupation and onslaught of the UK Labour Party began, I know there has always been the Right wing element, but this Thatcher/Reagan Flavour of Neoliberalism has now done what it intended, two equally TORY Parties, just like The USA, there is only one difference, the Once Left-hand side are much better actors and liar with many more layers of masks than the Right-hand side, but Politically they are Contemporaries!

  9. SW “the right-wing regime is determined to erase it from history completely, as the ‘day 3’ recording is now missing from the party’s YouTube archive”

    Google-owned youtube is at the forefront of information censorship*, and possibly suggested Keir Starmer’s removal of the ‘day 3’ clip. Either way, it serves Sir Keir’s goal and as an Establishment-enabler, he’d have willingly complied.

  10. To claim “conference is only sovereign while it’s in session” is the same as “pledges are only sincere promises while they’re being made”. So at least they’re consistent.

  11. Starmer and many Labour MPs are Zionists either by conviction or because they have been bought and paid for. There is no way Labours Zionists will allow the truth to be told- that Israel is an Apartheid state – so it is unsurprising that all Conference youtube references to this have been deleted.

    1. I fear that half of them don’t actually know what Zionism is, but simply chant a mantra.

    2. Given the current PC climate, shouldn’t that be ionists?

  12. To think Lisa Nandy was the Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine not so long ago, then sniffing a little power and prestige stabbed the Palestinians in the back, what a disgusting creature.

    1. What we never know is who has been bought out at every level of society
      It’s basic Mafia stuff but we never get to fins our until they shit on us from a great height

  13. Around the end of 19th century in Russia there were the first stirrings of revolution from amongst the peasants and in response the Tsarist regime made anti-semitism official state policy putting the blame on all of societies ills on the poor Jewish peasants.
    And tragically the divide and rule tactics worked resulting in pogroms and many Jewish people fled. (G.D.Smith).
    In response, mainly from the East of Europe some Jewish thinkers came up with the ideology of Zionism – the nationalist idea of a Jewish state in Palestine (though a minority considered other countries but they were defeated at the international World Zionist Congress).
    The 1919 Balfour Declaration by the Tory British Govt. helped facilitate the notion of a Jewish home in Palestine (but not a state) but Britain was following its own imperial interests (access to the Suez Canal to rush troops to put down potential mutiny in India and protecting oil fields in Iraq and they used surrogate setters to achieve their own ends, as the first British Mandate Governor said “We will have a little Jewish Ulster surrounded by a sea of Arab antagonism.” (Bernard Regan, The Balfour Declaration).
    And now Jeremy Corbyn would have been an honest broker in the Near East which is why from the perspective of the rich and powerful he had to go.
    Big Biden is anything but an honest broker prioritising US Imperial interests in the region- oil, arms sales, inward and outward capitalist investment over peace.
    Perhaps the only hope for Peace in Palestine is One Democratic State which respects all religions with a right to return for all Palestinian refugees.
    To paraphrase an old saying perhaps:
    “Zionism is the Zionism of Fools.”

  14. Very informative Goldbach.
    “An invitation to the reader to become a member of the colonisation of Israel.”
    Perhaps it’s roots.
    Some perhaps understandably want in the face of oppression to free one group at whatever the cost to other groups of human beings when socialists want to free ALL diverse working people.

    1. Sunak himself is a beneficiary of tax haven doings in British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands. While he squeezes the British public dry!!!
      nasty, Nasty, NASTY fishy Richi

      1. With the news that the Sunaks are US citizens, I find myself wondering how embedded they are with the US security state?

        Ruth Smeeth’s husband is in with the British American Project (BAP).

        It’s obviously been Sunak pouring grief on Johnson. With who, and why?

  15. On a general note. When the party leadership implements unusual measures of the type Steve Walker is alerting us to here, why is there never ant comment from a member of the NEC?

    Sure, un-named ‘party source’ might be an NEC member who is commenting anonymously a-la whistleblower. But why is this necessary?

    Whatever the usual practice was before the party had a leader who appeared to be intentionally de-naturing and destroying it, is the situation now not desperate enough that NEC members should be able to speak publicly, or has Starmer already reduced Labour, its culture and organs, to a obsequious compliance to his dictatorial ‘new management’?

    1. quertboi….you said it obsequious compliance to his dictatorial New management compliance “….or in plain English fascist enablers of the lowest order.Nobody can offer the excuse anymore” We didn’t know “as they did when they voted for him.

  16. Keith could airbrush all the promises he made during the leadership contest when he pledges to maintain the popular parts of the Corbyn agenda.

  17. Interesting short article by Christopher Massey which gives context to the issue by comparing the 1986 ‘walkout’ with the situation in 2020.

    Yet more evidence of Labour’s destruction by the ‘new management’?

  18. The Human Rights Lawyer Against the Law by Ben Jamal

    Keir Starmer’s refusal to recognise Amnesty International’s findings about Israeli apartheid isn’t just a betrayal of Palestinians – it shows that his appreciation for human rights extends only as far as it benefits his career…

    From the moment he stood as leader, Starmer has made clear that he regards the charge of antisemitism against Labour to be a significant barrier to the election of a Labour government. Predictably he has been pushed by pro-Israel voices inside and outside of the party to accept the conflation of antisemitism with legitimate critique of Israel’s system of oppression, even if it means throwing Palestinians under the bus…

    The costs of the path Starmer has chosen are immense. It undermines international law by suggesting that one can pick and choose which breaches of law and rights one condemns, and which one is happy to be complicit with. It undermines a consistent anti-racism by supposing that stated opposition to racism can sit comfortably alongside complicit support for the most egregious form of institutionalised racism, apartheid. It undermines the core principles of solidarity which ought to be at the heart of the labour movement and all progressive movements, to stand always with the oppressed, and never with the oppressor…

    Starmer’s calculations are that none of these things matter if the line he pursues will aid a Labour victory. In making this judgment, he is demonstrating a very low opinion of the British public, by assuming that respect for truth, rights, and international law do not matter to them—or only matter when the rights being breached are those of white Europeans.

    If he continues on this trajectory, his place in history will be alongside those who in the 1980s went through similar contortions to justify continued support for South African apartheid. He must not be allowed to drag the Labour Party to this place.

    1. Fantastic article, PW. Much appreciated:

      A political agent who only respects human rightsif/when it suits his career and as much on the wrong side of history as pro-apartheid politicians in the 1980s (Mrs. Thatcher). Ben Jamal’s an incisive journalist.

      Anyone with that profile who becomes lerader of Labour after JC is probably an entryist and almost certainly has CIA/MI5/synchronised-MSM support.

      Thanks PW.

  19. A Twitter post from Alex Nunns shows a recent clip of Starmer rejecting Amnesty International’s designation of Israel as an ‘apartheid state,” Starmer saying, that’s not a view shared by the Labour party.

    A poster pointed out below that Starmer only became a member shortly before the 2015 election and yet he’s constantly talking about it being *his* party.

    Corbyn never made out his own personal views were those of the party, as if a party is the leader’s personal property. eg. on Trident …Just shows how Starmer is an arrogant c*nt , who lacks basic democratic values.

    1. I agree with you Andy,It is now necessary to put Lisa Nandy on the spot with the same question, watch her squirm.

  20. ‘An arrogant c*nt’ who MUST have CIA/MI5 and synchronised-MSM (billionaires) backing Andy. I used to think views like that were paranoid and irrational. Starmer convinces me they’re not! (It’s ‘his’ party because the CIA gifted it to him and hew knows it) – of course he needs ‘the left’ out of his party, if they stayed they’d constrain him and his Master’s Voice/Narrative)!

    1. quertboi IN reality are there any Left “in the labour party?I thought that they wish to work constructively to preserve their place at the trough with a few irritating oldy allowed to leave with dignity no doubt with a place in the Lords” to to debase everything they believed in before being infected by the labour party…Some of us who had a sniff at the trough chose not to kneel down and vomited the hogwash the elites and establishment.gave us.
      Regards and good morning to the few comrades left in the struggle “

  21. Timfom on the 6th of the 4…brought up the subject of a New EU decree regarding mandatory jab certificates and the reality of the digital identity control system which involves the hacking of human beings and could very easily lead to the creation of a enslaved western population.Steve H in his usual tactics on awkward subjects such as freedom and liberty managed to earn his pay and diverted the attention of posters on a Subject that is far more important and dangerous for humanity itself.Hopefully timfrom and others who are far more efficient than a old man like me could enlighten us more please?

    1. Sorry, hit the post comment button accidentally. Was going to say I don’t have any more information, but it might dovetail with this quote:

      Professor Vighi summed up the link between the freefalling real economy and measures like Central Bank Digital Currencies:

      “The only way in which this crazy situation can be sustained is by making sure that, whilst the real economy free falls, there are ways of controlling that free fall…it’s a kind of controlled demolition of the real economy. That’s the way I define it. So, some kind of state control…to make sure that either people don’t realise it or, when they realise it, their reaction is somewhat contained by some form of authoritarianism. We should be quite honest here. We are moving towards a kind of authoritarian type of capitalism, more and more explicit, which I think whose purpose is precisely to try and make sure that the controlled demolition of the real economy takes place in the way they want it to take place. I think central bank digital currencies, insofar as they would enable some kind of monetary slavery, are precisely a step in that direction, although we don’t know yet when or even if it will actually happen. But certainly, they are thinking about eliminating physical cash and replacing it with digital currencies which would allow them to control the monetary flow from top to bottom.”


      1. Thought provoking stuff, how can people not see how all the dots are connected. Authoritarian capitalism can even jail us and we still don’t suspect its motives and actions.

        Me, I love physical cash that doesn’t need obedience to my ‘betters’ in order to have any value/buying power.

        Wake Up comrades!!

      2. @qwertboi

        …Me, I love physical cash…

        I prefer food. Cash is only useful as long as the reader has faith in that currency.

        Makes you think about the now gold backed ruble, no?

        …New World Order – you’re not a citizen in a democracy, you’re a node in a rules-based (authoritarian capitalist) power system…

        Only if you’re a slave to your smart phone. They need us to have them. Return to the Nokia 3310 and it’s become a lot harder for them

      3. Exactly. DITCH YOUR SMARTPHONES NOW! They are your manacles. Throwing them off is within YOUR power. Why make it so easy for them? My vintage Nokia really does need a new screen, though!

  22. Thankyou timfrom you explained much better than I ever could about somthing terrifying about total control over life itself.My internet signal has been a little bit hit and miss but considering we are sorounded by mountains and jungle I can’t complain about the signals.
    I will attempt to research this week.I have already had my wings clipped by the covid passport and healthcare security and its now looking like I am lucky to be in the middle of nowhere even if I have to aceppt that the banks may clip my money 💰supply soon….lucky again we have prepared for it in three different readys.Looks like we are all in for a rocky patch.Digital control and mandatory jab for all travel yet nobody seems to understand especially in s.east asia were TB the biggest most infectious disease here is ignored with the number of deaths with the virus here is 3000in two years.and a massive rise in poverty and TB,dengue and malaria.seems not to be a worry.especially has TB kills far more than any flu virus including the covid.

    1. a fwiw as an aside Joseph. TB is not caused by a virus, malaria too (both caused by bacteria). Dengue fever is contentious. It might be viral, but it might just as likely might not be. Why do I mention this? Two reasons – and both central to the way the billionaires have set up their ‘New World Order’ and intend to deploy it.

      i) Viruses necessitate vaccines (says allopathic/mainstream medicine), vaccines are usually developed by capital-intensive processes (except formerly in China and even still in Cuba, a pharmaceutical power-house), and are therefore usually provided by global capitalist corps which have a vested interest in lowering vaccine skepticism/resistance and in mandating their use and which – therefore – need to ascribe as many ilnesses as possible to viral agents.

      ii) ‘Vaccines’ (arguably many other simple ‘medicines’ too) necessarily have a neurotic effect on patients/consumers. The central nervous system and brain-chemistry are always affected by pharmaceutical compounds (so too can many simple ‘elements’ like bromine, chlorine and fluorine), which – if their use becomes mandated – can be used as a chemical ‘control’ of people and society.

      The NWO (new world order) being deployed by the WEF and PTB (powers that be) need (at least) 2 things to apply:

      Financial Control.

      Social Control.

      So – to take 2 current issues from the ‘news’, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Emergency Use ‘vaccines’ which have not been tested or are even certain to offer vaccine-like protection to users.

      Nothing major happens in the neoliberal world without the billionaires and governemts aggreing to make or let it ‘happen’. (even a ‘pandemic’ with a 0.02% fatality rate – you’re nearly as likely to be a billionaire as you are to die from covid (unless you have a very well-understood set of comorbidites or conditions).

      New World Order – you’re not a citizen in a democracy, you’re a node in a rules-based (authoritarian capitalist) power system.

      I’ll shut up now.

      1. quertboi….I just deleted a long rambling reply that would have explained that we were given the option to treatment in a European hospital with a babys life at stake if we aceppted the jab or turned away despite being covered by a private healthcare insurance unless we complied to the policy for admittance of the hospital….A blood transfusion was refused and treatment at 3am in the middle of the night and we drove away.not having taken the “choice of the jab despite the European doctor admitting that theres far more infectious killer deseases out there than the covid flu.and she was embarrassed to have to turn us away in a emergency situation.but the “policy of the hospital was mandatory..I offered thousands in cash but I was just pissing in the wind..hypocratic oath” dammned when the computer says “NO”

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