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Starmer ‘boycotts’ World Cup – by watching it with arms dealers in his private suite

Even worse than ‘boycotting’ by watching matches from sofa, Starmer watched last night from his private Westminster suite – with representatives of weapons manufacturer

Last month, Labour leader Keir Starmer said that he and his party were going to ‘boycott’ the World Cup in Qatar because of the Qatari government’s human rights record. Of course, he didn’t really mean ‘boycott’ – he said he was still going to watch it on TV ‘from the sofa‘.

But it turns out he didn’t just ‘watch from the sofa’. According to reports today, he watched the event last night from his private Westminster suite. And because the ‘boycott’ is all about human rights in the Middle East, he watched it with bosses of at least one company responsible for billions – reportedly £15bn – worth of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia during that country’s assault on Yemen that has caused mass deaths of Yemeni civilians.

His supporters have been ridiculed for trying to suggest he was meeting them to discuss disarmament:

Keir Starmer’s concern for human rights in the Middle East seems to be about as genuine as his commitment to giving more democratic power to local Labour members – or renationalising the NHS and the energy sector.

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    1. After all, Starmer wrote in the Guardian that Labour’s commitment to NATO is “unshakable “

  1. Starmer supports the murder of innocent men women and children in palestine by Israel supports the murder of children in Yemen supports the Nazi in Ukraine supports Austerity supports the Tory’s because he is one supports the abuse given out to Black and Asian members of LP supports the abuse to expell decent LP MPs because they dont fit supported not to prosecute the worst pedo to ever get knighted im sure anyone want to add to this feel free

    1. Well I heard Corbyn was cheering on those Iranians…

      Dressed head to toe in Iranian kit, and a bandana with red arabic writing on, and was heard calling southgate an infidel.

  2. This “boycott “proves what many of us have thought for a very long time -Keir Starmer really is lower than a snakes belly

    1. Wonder who paid for the refreshments?? And keefs’ soiree?

      Oh, they’ll reject the opportunity of a freebie Christmas party sans alcohol

      But when it comes to rejecting their inflation busting payrises, there’s nothing they can do because they don’t set their own wages…😒

  3. What is worse than him actually doing this, is the calculated boasting about it with pictures all over social media. Did he prearrange to have a photo journalist there?

  4. Just the usual islamophobia from this cesspit party. The hypocrite has no problem with a zionist illegal occupation of apartheid

  5. And now we find keef goes to a jolly – courtesy of Murdoch…After telling his CLP he had a meeting to attend.

    Called ‘who cares wins’ apparently.

    Well, you can drop the last word from that title because keef obviously doesn’t give a shite – unless someone else is paying.

    Another lying, freeloading parasite in the bliar/mandelslime mould.

  6. Two Cheeks
    In the most recent poll on your leader, when asked what is his USP, Dont Knows came out on top
    When asked if he can be trusted to keep his pledges, your having a f7cking Giraffe won hands down
    Finished with what does ‘make brexit work’ mean, fuck knows triumphed
    No mention of a 2nd referendum, so things can only get worse

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