Video: Starmer ‘telling Thatcherites they’re safe to come home to Labour’

Blairite admits – no, boasts – that Starmer has turned Labour into the ‘home’ of the hard right

Keir Thatcher

Former Blair adviser John McTernan boasted to BBC Newsnight this week that Keir Starmer used his speech to tell Thatcherites that they are ‘safe to come home to the Labour party’:

Margaret Thatcher destroyed industries, lied about police violence and its victims, leaving the UK at the mercy of other countries, massively increased inequality, impoverished millions and condemned whole communities to decades in a desert. Starmer no-platformed the campaign for justice for miners, said he will leave industries in the hands of billionaires and hedge funds, refused to rule out pay-cuts for frontline workers, waved through laws to give immunity to criminal police and spies, employed Rupert Murdoch’s firm for his PR, shown contempt for the people of Liverpool and will even extend privatisation of the NHS while he and his front-benchers take money from donors with private health investments.

And Margaret Thatcher reportedly said that Tony Blair was her biggest achievement and his acolytes are now boasting that Starmer has dragged the party right – in every sense – back to those bad old days of corporate handouts and tinkering at the thinnest possible edge of the fundamental inequalities of the UK’s diseased society.

McTernan also – of course – blethered about a nonsensical ‘radical centre’ and claimed that Starmer had ‘uprooted antisemitism’, completely and unsurprisingly ignoring Al Jazeera’s documentary series and the conclusions of Starmer’s own Forde Inquiry that ‘left antisemitism’ was a weaponised scam while anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Gypsy and every other form of racism – including antisemitism – runs rampant among the Labour right. Equally unsurprisingly, the Newsnight presenter said not a word to challenge or scrutinise him.

John McTernan infamously said that the Tories should ‘crush’ unions and the country would thank them. He was welcomed this week at Labour’s conference while left-wing Jews and delegates who dare to speak facts about Starmer’s warmongering are thrown out.

A haven for Thatcherites indeed, but not even a resemblance to a party of real change for the millions who need it.

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