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Video: Starmer refuses to say no real-terms pay cuts for teachers and NHS workers

Starmer courageously hides behind his wife when challenged to say NHS and education workers should get an above-inflation pay-rise but dodges the question

Keir Starmer this morning refused to say that NHS workers and teachers shouldn’t receive a real-terms pay cut, instead opting to rhetorically hide behind his wife being an NHS worker (‘in occupational health’, but the NHS has refused to answer Freedom of Information requests about whether she actually works on the front line) – and waffling in general terms about the need for a Labour government:

Hat-tip to writer Saul Staniforth for the spot

Starmer and his health drone Wes Streeting are on record saying they will increase private provision in the NHS, which of course means more taken out in profits and less for patients and those who treat them. He also infamously opposed teachers and their unions on classroom safety during the pandemic.

Never trust a Tory with the NHS, even when s/he wears a red tie or rosette.

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  1. I’m not surprised, with their pathetic pledge to restore the NHS with £2billion, does he think he is Fkn Jesus Christ with the breads and the fishes!?

    1. Indeed. Just like his rail project. At least McDonnell/Corbyn had their proposals costed and cost/benefit analysis done.

      1. Yep, but millions will vote for those charlatans and their unrealistic sweet words and promises. In a way i hope it is BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen that get into Nr10, come next GE. It will be all jovial for a very shortlived period and then reality will kick in!
        Assange will be sent to the Terrorists, Palestine, Yemen and Ukraine will be gone. Britain will have not a green patch in a crack of a pavement, if it is found it will be spray painted dark utilities grey. The “bring out yer dead” truck will do the rounds after clearing the homeless and the streets will be ablaze with riots.
        Okay, maybe not quite as bad, but it is going to be bad, The PEOPLE are desperate for CHANGE and when the see no change but only sweet words, hell is going to be unleashed.
        Which in a twisted way will speed up the birth of a Party FOR The PEOPLE by The PEOPLE.
        As Rumi said “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”.

  2. Meanwhile conference votes for a big cash boost for the arms industry.
    Full support for NATO’s proxy war and NATO accession for Sweden and Finland whilst crying tears for the cost of living crisis facing workers.
    By the way the Westminister leader of the English Royalist Party in Scotland appeared on BBC this morning as “Sir” Ian Blackford.
    It seems he has been quietly knighted.
    Well deserved for services to NATO and the Deep State.

    1. And the fanboys think the “The West” are helping Ukraine, Ukraine will be lucky to keep Kiev when an actual war kicks off and without the South East choosing to re-join Russia.
      All this is the clear danger of information overload, people have learnt absolutely nothing from The Middle East, Palestine, Yemen, Africa, etc absolutely nothing all they do is ‘open wide for the aewoplane’!

    2. Nellyskelly, that Lumi bloke has clearly never been batonned by the boys in blue. Nothing noble about drinking your own snot and blood with tear filled eyes.

  3. Starmer is a hard right Blairite.
    We should not forget that Blair introduced privatisation to the NHS with his Private Finance Initiative whereby NHS hospitals were re-mortgaged or upgraded by private companies who then leased them back to the NHS over a 25 year period. As far as I recall a number of new hospitals were also provided with the NHS entering into a form of rental agreement with the builders. This “initiative” has cost the NHS billions and created massive profits for the companies concerned.
    Therefore the fact that a Blairite multi millionaire wants to extend privatisation and refuses to say that he will not cut pay in real terms for NHS workers and teachers should surprise nobody. If it walks like a duck…… etc

    1. Good post. The poor bloody NHS has seen more bad days than good. All thanks to filth columnists plotting against it since its formation.

      1. Wasn’t it health minister Andy Burnham who gave them the keys to the NHS?

  4. My late dad was an ambulance control officer, he had a life long love for it ….. they helped him when he fell through a knackered floor in a Steel works where they had promised they would fix it, he went up there after their promise, they didn’t, he ended up with his lower spine shattered so he spent weeks and more having surgery for months and spent the rest of his life in and out of hospitals he ended up as an Ambulance Control Officer creating hell for private doctors who put their patients into NHS beds without putting the money they had been given by patients into the NHS.

  5. But mummy was a nurse….And daddy was a toolmaker…And when keef was DPP…😴

  6. SHOCK!! But of course he refuses to say…… blah, blah, blah.

    The poor man thinks he has to come across as a die-in-the-wool Conservative in order for people to trust him. Isn’t that sad?

    Now, we know that he’s a reprobate and that anything he says is only true for as long as it takes him to say it. 10 Pledges. PR. Mandatory Vaccinations.

    The electorate hasn’t got the cut of him yet.

  7. My educated guess is that Victoria Starmer isn’t a front line NHS worker based on the fact that she trained and was working as a lawyer when she met Starmer.
    As she works in Occupational Health most likely she is part of the NHS’s management and getting well paid.
    Pathetic that he is using the line “my wife works for the NHS” but refuse to guaranty NHS front line workers a pay deal that would protect their salaries. Somehow, I believe Victoria Starmer will get a pay raise in line with inflaction.

      1. One would need the conclusions of a focus group to find out what one of those jobs entails. Aspirins after illegal piss ups?

      1. Zinoviev letter? Even if you’re really as gullible as it seems, it’d be foolish to believe anything it read in the Daily Mail steveh. Anything.

      2. qwertboi – Says the f’wit who proselytises anti-vax propaganda.

        You can believe it or not, the choice is yours, who cares.

      3. SteveH, interesting because the Standard reports that she was a lawyer when she met Starmer, the article states:
        ,”The couple met several years previously, sometime in the early 2000s, in the course of their work as lawyers”. See link below.,
        Hence, somebody isn’t telling the truth, isn’t it?
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Sir Keir tells journalist different version as to what was the job of his future wife when he first met her. Whatever suits best at a particular moment.

      4. Maria – I’m aware of the other reports. I have no idea but maybe she had changed professions and the papers in question had either been prepared sometime earlier or perhaps she was also working part time as a solicitor. Whatever the truth of the matter I doubt that many people will care. Why would they?

  8. Economic unrest is growing.
    I have just found out that there have been farmers’ protests in the Netherlands for most of the past 3 months and that police have been firing on the protests, sometimes with live rounds. [Jaques Baud, Swiss, Commentator, former adviser with NATO].

  9. After the Zinoviev letter the Labour vote went up. But it had the effect of frightening Liberals
    into the hands of the Tories.

  10. And for all those that care, Streeting like Starmer is funded by Hedge Funding Private Health Care Investors….So take no notice what anybody else says on this blog. Those two corrupt, bought for racists are going to sell the NHS down the river.

    1. Another Starmerism on Times Radio yesterday morning.
      Flunkey claims that Keir is not at all boring when you know him.
      Did you know he is quite a good musician? In fact he played in the same band.
      Reality, Starmer and FB Slim went to the same school, they had the same violin teacher.

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