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Video: Labour suspends delegate for pointing out Ukraine has fascists and attacks workers’ rights

Angelo Sanchez abused at conference and now suspended by Starmer-Evans for pointing out facts

Leicester South conference delegate Angelo Sanchez has been suspended by the party for pointing out facts in a conference debate about the party’s decision to commit to supporting war in Ukraine.

In an impassioned speech, Sanchez pointed out, perfectly correctly, that the Ukrainian government includes neo-nazis and has exploited the crisis to wage war on the rights of workers and on the country’s democracy and media freedom:

Eye-witnesses have told Skwawkbox that Mr Sanchez was subjected to considerable abuse, including vile swearing and name-calling for voicing facts and his view of their significance. Now the party has suspended his membership as Starmer’s own war on democracy and freedom of speech continues.

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  1. How typical – a member expresses a legitimate opinion in a DEBATE. Those that disagree with him don’t put forward their opposing point of you in a civilised and democratic fashion as part of the debate. Instead they turn on him cursing and swearing , abusing him and calling him names and totally unsurprisingly in Starmers Labour HE is suspended – you couldn’t make it up.

  2. Charming so a veiw on the Ukrainian Nazis The computer says no “take him down.He probably didnt know the words to the Royals anthem either…..Guilty as charged… about those subs in arrears comrades?

  3. Al Jazeera’s The Labour Files 1,2, 3 clearly indicate that truth honesty and integrity are also victims in the Labour Party. Mr Sanchez joins an elite club, and leaves behind a huge swathe of right wing fantasists who believe that they will be able to get into government based upon nothing but fantasy and lies.

    1. PS. I wonder if his strong ‘foreign’ accent also offended them and played a part in the NEO-White-Labour flag shaging TORY Party’s decission making process!
      You could not get that party any closer to The BNP, if you tried extremely hard!

    2. If the Soviet Union had attacked Fascist Germany first and Starmer had been around then, he’d have sided with Hitler’s Nazis.

      (no one cares to remember that establishment business figures like William Randolph Hurst and Joe Kennedy were big fans of Hitler – quite common before the war)

      1. Churchill was quite partial at the beginning of the war too. I am sure Nancy Astor said something about that in one of her letters to Kennedy.

  4. He did not mention the neo-nazis, actually, more’s the pity. Great speech otherwise. The hecklers represent the fascist scum of our party.

  5. I don’t know Angelo Sanchez’s ancestry but his name suggests that he has either Spanish or Latin American origins. Hence, it is likely his parents have direct experience of fascism, he is now the victim of fascism within the Labour Party.
    Solidarity Angelo!!

  6. Can anyone imagine how this bunch of mardy arsed five year olds masquerading as adults would treat the average Kings Subject for disagreeing with The Official Narrative (whether it’s GC reality based analysis, Western backed Nazis running a proxy war, Zionism, or any critique viewed as passing wind in the presence of the mighty) if they ever got into Government?

    No due process. No evidence based inquiry. Allegation equal to automatic guilt. ‘Trial’ by mob rule. The true Fascists letting the mask slip.

    The point of the Demos, of voting, is to have meaningful alternatives to choose from. When everything on offer is the same unfit for purpose paradigm there is no Demos.

    You can have any brand of Cola you want but water is strictly forbidden.

    Even the majority of delegates in the hall are not fit for purpose when they cannot bring themselves to face facts and instead turn against anyone from the reality based community.

    This bunch of wassocks couldn’t be trusted to watch a kettle boil never mind run a Country or a Council. Shame on the pretend grown ups who have suspended this delegate and shame on the sorry excuses for human beings delegates who not only failed to defend the Demos but also attacked the application of the Demos because they are not mature enough to cope with reality.

  7. Indeed, Maria – I was thinking along the same lines meself.

    But nevermind his background and ancestry he really ought to know his place…

    And of course, it just had to be the godawful angela illeagle in the chair, telling him his place.

    Wallasey want YOU to wind up Illeagle, you contemptible fraud.

  8. Sir Keir’s party is frightened of the truth?

    The ‘considerable abuse’ that Angelo Sanchez endured for preferring a well-reasoned argument is more worrying than the fact that Composite 13 might succeed.

    1. Suspended from the Labour Party, upset the fascists in their castle, pissed off that thing with the face of a grass ,-eagle. Made someone read through every poll ever written because he doesn’t like opinions or demos. Good work if you can get it. The new Labour Party on view is an ugly exhibit. The hatred for anyone with a different outlook is genuine. Violence is not far from the surface. I can imagine Lukey1 and Lukey2 being in charge of the dungeons. Angelo, are you going to stand next to this lot?

  9. Keef – if ever asked about this – will no doubt say that if Angelo had protested against the monarchy last week he’d have been nicked, so he should be grateful it’s only a suspension.**

    **conveniently omitting that the block-headed one will make it a crime in the (extremely unlikely) event he becomes pm

      1. Toffee – Tomorrow belongs to me
        Wasn’t that what you claimed about the ‘protest’, how did that go?

  10. It was typical of Starmer the Zionist to suspend anyone with an alternative view, unless it was a view supporting racism. In fact it is Starmer who should be suspended for supporting the racist, apartheid State of Israel.

  11. British Democracy

    Head of State. His Majesty King Charles III.

    Leader of His Majesty’s Government
    The Prime Minister. The Right Honorable Liz Truss.
    Appointer. The Crown

    Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Oppositoon. The Right Honorable Sir Keir Starmer.

    Leader of The Scottish National Party in Westminister. The Right Honorable Sir Ian Blackford.

    The Leader of the Liberal Democrats. The Right Honorable Sir Edward Davey.

  12. Sorry there is a spelling mistake there. Should be Loyal oppo spitoon.

  13. The scene was set for the Ukraine with an address by Verkhona Rada MP Lesia Vasylenko. She got a thunderous applause. An MP for the hard right Golos Party.
    One of these phony parties put together before the elections. For the course of the election it was headed by a popular rock star.
    It drew together a hotch-potch of ultra-nationalists groups like Ukranian Galacian Party and the Democratic Axe. All admirers of the wartime Nazi collaborators.
    Vasylenko was invited by Labour fresh from the Ukrainian Parliament passing laws to crush whats left of the Labour movement.

  14. SteveH28/09/2022 AT 11:53 PM
    Toffee – Tomorrow belongs to me
    Wasn’t that what you claimed about the ‘protest’, how did that go?

    Err…what ‘protest’** and what claim?

    **Note the inverted commas you helpfully inserted that I replicated.

  15. An unfortunate truth ….
    Sadly – The delegate spoke the truth.
    Sadly – Starmer & Co didn’t want to hear it.
    NATO is the military arm of American foreign policy in Europe –
    Start from there and it explains much of what is going on.

    1. Johnsco1. You’re right. And the funny thing is the US gets the NATO members to use their own money to do the US dirty work. Quite classy that I reckon.

  16. It’s very clever.
    The European countries are aiding and abetting the wrecking of their own economies.
    Who benefits ?
    Could it be the USA ?

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