Starmer goes to Murdoch’s PR firm – to launch ‘trust barometer’!

Labour ‘leader’ who’s broken string of leadership campaign pledges goes to Murdoch image-massagers. You couldn’t make it up – and should never have to

Keir Starmer has added to the many insults and injuries he has heaped on the people of Liverpool and the vulnerable of the nation generally this morning, by choosing to speak at the ironically-named ‘Trust Barometer’ launch by the PR firm used by Rupert Murdoch to rehabilitate his image after the phone-hacking scandal.

Edelman was on hand to rescue Murdoch after revelations that his papers had hacked the phones of people from celebrities to the murdered child Millie Dowler – including deleting messages that could have been evidence in the pursuit of her killer – and the paper has a long history of demonising the vulnerable to support Tory policies. So naturally, Keir Starmer would want to speak about ‘trust’ at their event.

Left-winger @olliek74 was less than impressed:

Keir Starmer’s toxic tenure as Labour leader has been marked by numerous cosyings with the Murdoch empire – including, unforgivably, both writing for the hated S*n and then responding to the justified horror and outrage of people in Liverpool and around the country by saying he’d do it again. That rag, of course, is despised for the long campaign of lies and smears it told about the victims and survivors of the Hillsborough disaster and their families as the Establishment scrambled to cover up police guilt for the deaths, injuries and grief inflicted.

Starmer’s front bench has also got in on the act, with the likes of Wes Streeting also happily appearing in the pages of what Merseysiders often refer to as The Scum.

And the idea of Starmer speaking at a ‘Trust Barometer’ launch is a rich one, after he got his hands on the leadership by making a series of pledges on policy and conduct – and then going on to break them all, from his promise to build unity to his pledge to put energy and other strategic resources such as energy and the NHS back into public hands.

Starmer, of course, promptly declared factional war on the Labour left and embarrassingly claimed ‘public ownership’ didn’t mean renationalisation when he was challenged on the BBC’s Marr show over saying he disagreed with renationalising the energy firms currently gouging the public – and his latest health muppet Streeting has talked glowingly about more private provision in the NHS instead of less.

Of course, Edelman has its office in the same building as Labour HQ. So it could just be laziness. But probably not.

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    1. When there was a shipbuilding industry in Sunderland, they used to launch the ships sideways because the river is narrow. It was a spectacular sight, and I don’t recall any launch going wrong.
      Starmer is the antithesis of that. His (re)launches either go spectacularly wrong or, more frequently, the ship fails to leave the slipway.
      What could be the reason? Could it be that the ship is actually in the breaker’s yard?

    2. Remember when keef was complaining that he wasn’t able to tour the country to spread his tripe around and supposedly increase his popularity?

      There’s been no travel restrictions for a while now…And still, the few people- who actually know who he is and what he’s about – don’t like him.

      Wonder why…

  1. I know both Starmer and Evans are lying because their lips are moving. Trust, on them? Are they joking?
    I trust the Tories to be Tories as for Starmer and Evans I trust them to behave like fascists.

  2. I am pretty sure that at the back end of last year Edelman signed a huge contract to represent the interests of Saudi Arabia.

  3. I just read this report and almost shit myself laughing LMAO !!! Oh I do hope this gets worse, fingers crossed, labour is getting exactly what it deserves. After all the labour movement allowed this to happen and we warned you.

  4. A former Director of Public Prosecutions who:

    o sought to prosecute #Assange for doing journalism
    o sought to protect child #Savile for raping children
    o received a knighthood for sucking on the teat of the criminal al UK Establishment…

    …endorses criminal phone hacking.

    That’s my take on it.

    1. I think Starmer did some extremely disreputable things –
      – but letting Savile off was not one of them and Saviles
      victims demanded Johnson should withdraw the allegation.

      Starmer – as DPP apologised for mistakes in the CPS
      but that is quite different from the allegation that he
      “sort to protect Savile” – which is right wing fake news.
      Granted the distinction was not recognised for Corbyn
      – but that does not make it right.

      1. Holby….You are ridiculous. Starmer failed to prosecute Savile, that allowed Savile to continue his abuse with kids. Over five hundred victims came forward when there was an appeal for them to do so. How many of those victims had their lives ruined by that blonde monster because Starmer was either protecting the Establishment nonces or failing to do his job properly?

        Funny that he spared no effort in prosecuting abuse cases involving members of the general public, and benefit fraud, or prosecuting Assange for just doing his job.

        Starmer will go to hell because of that.

      2. Holby, it’s very naive to suggest that as head of the CPS Starmer did not discuss what action to take with the lead in the Saville case. It was a high profile case and as head of the CPS, one he should have been on top of. As Craig Murray suggests, are we to belive his role was to order the paperclips?

        During the leadership election, he used his position as DPP to illustrate how he always took responsibility for the CPS achievements (or otherwise), so he cannot now try to deny his responsibility. The video of this presentation by Starmer is excrutiating, if you want to find it. That he set up of the inquiry into the failings, which in a surprise to nobody, cleared him of any wrongdoing is a tactic used by the establishment to cover their tracks (shades of the Forde Report) here, but perhaps Martin Forde is a better man than he is and why we are still waiting publication. We’ll see.

        Craig Murray’s take is worth a read.

  5. Same Old/Schmame Old:

    He knows he has a “Trust” issue – people don’t trust him. So what does he do? He ‘outsources’) to Edelman Trust Management Ltd, very expensive (even their Trilateral Commission ‘mates’ rates), renowned experts in managing the public’s perception of “Ability”,”Dependability”, “Purpose”and “Integrity” for media, business, NGOs and government bodies.

    Thing is:

    i) Trust is a belief which the ‘holder’ (a person) has in the reliability, truth or ability of a subject (starmer’sLabour)

    ii) When it doesn’t exist, ‘Trust’ cannot be created, or a Edelman would say ‘managed’

    Knowing how Edelman earns his money, it is clear that Sir Keir really believes Edelman can create the perception of Trust where his own and his party’s behaviour causes it to be impossible.

    If possible, it’s going to be mega-expensive. He’s taking us for idiot again.Same Old/Schmame Old

    1. qwertboi, it has come to a point that I can be persuaded to vote Tory in order to deprive Starmer’s Labour of a victory.
      In my book rather a right winger than a fascist.
      Thus, I will only vote Labour if I trust the candidate to be a socialist, no amount of persuasion by Edelman is going to be persuasive enough to change my mind about Starmer.
      Moreover, for years I have persuaded my neighbours, work colleagues etc to vote Labour to stop the Tories. This time at the next round of Local and General Elections my mantra is going to be rather to vote right wingers than fascists, democrats cannot vote Labour.
      You are right, when trust no longer exist it cannot be created. Let’s us see who ordinary people are going to believe: Edelman or a person they have known for many years that previously encouraged them to vote Labour and now tell them no to vote for Labour and rather vote Tory? Because I am sure I am not the only one that is going to take this approach.
      You are right too that is going to be very expensive, more money through down the drain. I wonder how many presently members that are critical of Starmer are going to leave at the way that their levies are been mismanaged.

      1. Maria

        “it has come to a point that I can be persuaded to vote Tory in order to deprive Starmer’s Labour of a victory.
        In my book rather a right winger than a fascist”.

        I’m amazed to find myself saying this, but I’m with you! Politics is a funny old game, eh?

      2. Never vote Tory!
        If there isn’t a Socialist to vote for, vote Green.

      1. Yes, of course George. I’d forgotten about that.
        At least, if Starmer’s image doesn’t get a makeover, certain bank balances will.

  6. Breaking News – ‘Barometer To Repackage A Neo-Liberal Lump of Wood!’
    Wonder if they’ll be working on £600m worth Fishy Rishi (as he takes the piss over help re energy bills) next?
    There going up £700 and he offers a £150 council tax rebate for 80% of homes in lower Council Tax bands plus £200 for all which must be paid back at £40 a year for 5 years!
    On Dear Tory Political Lightweight, Socialists can do much better:
    1.Cut VAT (gives everyone £200).
    2. An immediate £500 Winter Fuel Payment For All (and annual).
    3. Take the energy companies into democratic public ownership with communities having a say, we could have elected energy users councils around the country.
    4. End the industries cruel practice of overcharging for pre-payment meters.
    5. Large scale investment in retro fitting schemes to cut energy usage.
    And to pay for it we should have a 20% Wealth Tax (brings in £69b) and a Financial Transaction Tax (brings in £250b).
    Right Wing Labour would run a mile from most of this whilst Left Wing Democratic Socialists would build a new barometer!

  7. Wouldn’t have surprised me if mandelson’d been on the phone (on keef’s behalf) to the nonce max clifford if he’d still been alive

  8. 4. End the industries cruel practice of overcharging for pre-payment meters.

    And the forced installation of pre-payment meters – Especially ratbastard utility companies lying about health & safety issues to get court orders to do so.

  9. Energy companies make money by………….selling energy, not encouraging the public nor industry to save it. High users pay less per Kwh than low users, why not reverse this & adjust tariffs to encourage low use?

  10. BBC News & Current Affairs programmes very often feature or refer to interviews made by ‘Sky’ journalists rather than in-house BBC. It is no coincidence that Stasi Starmer is becoming cosy with Murdoch & his associates as any journalist with even slight Socialist tendencies has become marginalised or ‘no platformed.’. I wonder who the panelists will be on BBC ‘Question Time’ tonight or Friday’s Any Questions? Whatever happened to the 4th Estate?

  11. Great minds …… well, maybe not great but at least yours and mine.
    Well said.

  12. There is another issue looming – the mess that is
    Brexit vis a vis Northern Ireland .

    My view – the only solution is for the rest of the UK
    to join with Northern Ireland in the Single market.

    Its the only way the problem about the border could be
    resolved. You cant argue with topography

    Ive not heard anything from Starmer with any solution

    1. Holby dont be fooled the DUP are cynically manipulating the system to survive and have walked away to save themselves from the May elections that would have delivered a N.Ireland first minister held by Sinn Fein.and a power sharing executive commited to a United Ireland.A selfish act by the DUP with a veiw to survival of sectarian bigotry rolled up in a party unfit to govern and a mandate to destroy the Good Friday agreement on their terms or “else” .

      1. Well you might be right about the DUP ..
        I must say that Sinn Fein has been
        far more conciliatory towards them – than
        they have towards Sinn Fein

        However the DUP are right to be concerned
        that NI is now inside the the Single Market
        and the rest of the UK is outside it. It is totally
        ridiculous – but typical of Johnson who really
        pulled the wool over everyones eyes with
        his so-called “Oven Ready” solution. The Tory
        MPs actually admitted they had not understood
        the deal they signed off when we finally left the
        EU in early 2020!

        (Now here’s an idea – why doesnt the rest of UK
        join the Single Market along with NI?)

        The shenanigans over leaving the EU was
        engineered by (I suspect) Cummings with
        the ERG lot cheerfully pursuing their own
        “NO deal” agenda plus May’s red lines.
        Those of us who were concerned about the
        Northern Ireland border during the Campaign
        were completely ignored.

        I for one along with many in the Labour Party
        were deeply concerned about the Belfast
        Agreement and at the 2018 Labour Conference the
        “second referendum” policy was voted through
        AS A LAST RESORT. However Starmer et al
        somehow engineered it along with using their pointy
        elbows so it became central. Many including myself
        certainly did NOT want a second referendum and
        thought it a vote loser – and we were right.

    2. ………& when Scotland goes independent we can have another EU border. Should have listened to Jeremy Corbyn.

  13. I always wondered if we could have traded free (companies that is) with the EC but Govt stumped up a collective £10b per annum for this right (to be negotiated)?
    The EC could also send us their Good practice ideas which we don’t have to adhere to but if they are sensible like on the Environment we could carry out too?
    The Lazy Tories had 2 years to sort this out but it seems the Tories & Johnson don’t do detail but a Corbyn Govt would have done.
    Though I came to support Brexit against the Neo-Liberal captured EC (Maastrict) what we have had is Boris’s Botched Brexit!

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