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Stanger blocks Skwawkbox for asking about latest revelation of ‘racist’ comment

Right-winger who features heavily in Al Jazeera’s documentary reacts to media enquiry with block

Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger, the right-winger who features heavily in Al Jazeera’s new investigative series ‘The Labour Files’, where he is accused of racism, intimidation and more, blocked Skwawkbox on Twitter after being asked for comment on new revelations of an apparently racist comment.

Skwawbox asked Mr Stanger, who has demonstrated considerable bitterness at the revelations of the series and has previously been derided as a ‘cry bully’ by critics, to comment on a 2020 Facebook post in which he describes a van selling ethnic minority food as the ‘new local Momentum HQ’ – a comment that was posted to Twitter by lawyer Tasnime Akunjee, who commented on the level of protection Stanger has received from the Labour right:

Stanger has previously been eager enough to engage in discussion on Twitter, especially if he felt he had the opportunity to crow about the ascendancy – of course obtained by deceit – of the Labour right:

However, shortly after the request for comment, which is standard journalistic practice, he blocked Skwawkbox:

However, as this article was being prepared, he briefly unblocked in order to be able to send the following, far from atypical, perhaps revealing responses that appeared to evidence a disinclination to take responsibility for his situation:

Corbyn supporters liking falafel is ‘renowned’, apparently

Luke Stanger previously made a racist comment about Gypsy Travellers and has been accused of stalking, bullying, harassment and abuse.

Stanger’s racist tweet targeting Gypsy Travellers. Anti-Gypsy racism is common on the pro-Israel Labour right, despite the fact that Gypsies also suffered horrifically in the Holocaust

Al Jazeera revealed that his appeal letter after his suspension by Labour under Corbyn was written by Luke Akehurst, a pro-Israel activist and member of Labour’s national executive (NEC).

After his disciplinary case disappeared without trace or explanation from Labour’s disciplinary system early this year, Stanger was welcomed back to the party by Gurinder Singh Josan, a right-wing NEC and Labour First colleague of Akekurst who chairs the NEC’s disputes panel that oversees disciplinary processes and who said it was ‘fantastic’ to have him back in the party.

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  1. What I find absolutely appalling is Luke Stanger’s accusation that Skwawie is an ” antisemite”. By casting this type of vile accusation falsely and without any evidence whatsoever Stanger cheapens the word antisemitism and what it means – hatred of Jews because they are Jews.
    He also undermines genuine antisemitism complaints thereby playing into the hands of real anti Jewish haters/racists. Additionally he proves once and for all that (as I have posted on numerous occasions) ” antisemitism” is the catch all accusation of the right who want to silence and delegitimise their critics.
    Shame on him and all those who seek to use antisemitism to deflect attention from their own bad behaviour or to further their own narrow political ends.

    1. The thing is Smartboy that Stanger doesn’t give a flying fuck about actual REAL anti-semitism!

      His ilk had no problem whatsoever weaponising A/S and causing concern and consternation amongst the Jewish population in their quest to bring Jeremy down, AND subvert democracy. And HOW evil is THAT!

      1. Reply to Allan H
        I agree with you about the weaponisation of Anti Semitism and the concern the wild stories about Jeremy being an existential threat to British Jews probably caused some people.
        I also think that if they genuinely cared about the welfare of Jewish people they would be up in arms about Starmers Labour’s vile treatment of socialist Jews and Anti Zionist Jews. Instead their silence is deafening- clearly they couldn’t give two hoots about the hurt and reputational damage these decent Jewish people have had to endure at the hands of Keir Starmer, hard right Zionist

  2. How old is this man? No one over 30 should call themselves Johnny. Lukey for heavens sake, clear evidence of low IQ and extravagantly high self regard. Jeez, Lukey. How embarrassing though I doubt that he realises it. Dear oh dear, he’s besties with the other one. Lukey, I have one of those for disabled toilets. I had better stop there.

  3. Speaking as a Spurs fan, I’d just like to point out this monobrow fuck IN NO WAY represents North London’s finest (claim to be decided on Saturday). The boys at the Lane have your mug clocked & logged. Keep an eye over your shoulder, heh heh!

  4. Falafels are just deep-fried hummus balls. Give me the hummus anyday! Sure, they’ve both got much-needed tryptophan (from chickpeas), but the raw garlic (allicin) in hummus is worth its weight in gold for the health of most people!

    Lukey Stanger? Coys, oy veh (or similar idiom). Stay clear!

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