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Labour suspends only Jewish NEC member – just before Al Jazeera appearance as party surveillance victim

Jewish left-winger Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi was elected to NEC in recent elections, to the outrage of right-wingers – now as many predicted the party has found a pretext to suspend her

Left-winger Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, the only Jewish ‘CLP’ member of Labour’s national executive (NEC), has been suspended by the Labour party, on the pretext that she spoke at an event involving ‘proscribed’ groups before they were proscribed.

The announcement of her election to the NEC was delayed by several hours, apparently in order to allow right-wing groups and hostile press to prepare statements and articles condemning her election and demanding that she – despite being the only Jewish elected representative on the NEC – be allowed nowhere near the party’s disciplinary processes. The statements and articles were published within moments of the formal public announcement of the election results – and many of her supporters predicted that it wouldn’t be long before the regime engineered her suspension or expulsion to get her off the NEC.

Ms Wimborne-Idrissi, who has frequently been targeted by the regime because of her pro-Palestinian views, tweeted the news in the last hour:

The manoeuvre also removes Wimborne-Idrissi from the usual NEC meetings that take place leading up to Labour’s conference about the items that will be discussed and the proposals delegates will be allowed to vote on at the event, which begins this weekend.

The suspension comes just hours before Al Jazeera’s investigative unit broadcasts the first of a three-part exposé of the Labour right’s sinister abuse of democracy and privacy to ‘crush democracy’ in the party – and just hours after the broadcaster published a trailer for the programme that featured Ms Wimborne-Idrissi, among others:

The appearance led to further predictions that she would be suspended – and so it turned out to be, with the Labour taking steps to negate the democratic decision of party members to elect her.

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    1. Does anybody know which proscribed organisation organised the meeting where she gave a speech in September 2021

      1. The guy has no manners.

        What was so important about that post, that he had to jump into second place on the thread?

      2. It doesn’t matter. It’s.fundamentally unjust to punish people.for speaking to groups that weren’t proscribed when they spoke to them. None of the groups were anti antisemitic and none of them deserve proscription

      3. Ken – Are we to take it that you can’t answer my question either?

      4. Were the groups that Naomi had dealings with, in any way, shape or form, proscribed when she spoke to them in 2021?
        Or indeed if it was not that group the groups of 2018 or 2015 or 2010 or 1968, however far back the Mossad agents of BlueKeef and The Likud Herut UK HQ aka JLM, would need to trawl to find their nuggets of snot to smear!?

      5. nellyskelly – “Were the groups that Naomi had dealings with, in any way, shape or form, proscribed when she spoke to them in 2021?”

        Yes! – Resist were proscribed in July21.

      6. PC – Having done a little research her ‘offence’ appears to relate to her speech at a meeting that was organised by Resist a party that was founded by Chris Williamson and was proscribed several weeks before she gave her speech in Sept21.

      7. George… Don’t you know that when there’s yet more indefensible shithousery the modus is to make it all about the wee fella and his obfuscation?

        The sad part is, wee fella thinks keefs’ on his side.

        The reality is, keef gives as much of a shite about the wee helmet as he does me, you Assange and even hungry/sexually abused schoolchildren up & down the land.

        In fact, if keef was ever to find out about wee imbecile bestowing papal infallibility upon him, he’d probably cringe himself into some circus contortionist pose.

      8. Why should I answer your question. You’re someone I’d rather not interact with in any way, at all.

        Learn some etiquette, and I might review that, but, for now, I can get by without your brand of conversation.

      9. George – Thanks for taking the time to tell me that you are not going to answer my question which I posted my own answer to 50 minutes ago.

      10. Of course this goes to a lot issues with the Führer Starmer’s anti-democratic entryism. He welched on Leadership manifesto oaths. He subsequent rigged of party rules to make leadership challenges against him as difficult as possible. He’s ending of free speech. And once again as this example demonstrates HIS ENDING OF basic FREE ASSOCIATION with other socialists.
        In terms of how alien this is to Labour – always worth remembering that Labour Chancellor Denis Healey and Shadow Cabinet member Eric Heffer came to Labour from the Communist Party. As did veteran Jewish actor and activist Harry Landis.

        How much of what went on in Fascist Germany of the 30s was justified by a similar facetious invocations of rules?
        The entire basis of the post-war drama Judgement at Nuremburg (1961) was illustrating that Nazi crimes were facilitated by the similar capture and manipulation of judicial-type rules.

    2. George, she was suspended for speaking at an event a year ago for an organisation that wasn’t banned until 4 months later !

      1. baz2001 – ….and now she has been suspended for giving a speech at a Resist meeting two months after the organisation had been proscribed. 🤔

      2. Mr Turd Polisher, speak when you are spoken to. Otherwise go play with the traffic OK? I was speaking to George not you. Fuck off.

      3. The Starmerites must have been scratching their heads for some time thinking up a reason to screw with Naomi. This happened a year ago they could have given her the Ann Rothery treatment and tried banning her from standing for election. Finally they hit on this.

        It’s a bit like the Audrey White example – they wanted to get her so they just had to root around for an apparent retrospective justification and apply it.

      4. Bernie – As I have already pointed out this is not retrospective.

      5. Just to be clear it took them a year to come up with this!

    3. Thank God Skwawkbox published the info that at the time Naomi spoke at the event the Führer and his cabal had not yet Nazi-like abolished free association with the campaign group. This of course makes the identity of the particular campaign group irrelevant, and something of a red-herring.

      No doubt the Führer will be banning people from reading the wrong sort of books soon and some neoliberal propagndist idiot will ask ‘yes but which books’?

    4. Just to be clear the very first sentence of Skwawkbox’s article here makes clear Naomi had NOT talked at a proscribed meeting. If somebody is covertly accusing Steve of being a liar about this, then perhaps they’re not engaging with this site in good faith?

      “Left-winger Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, the only Jewish ‘CLP’ member of Labour’s national executive (NEC), has been suspended by the Labour party, on the pretext that she spoke at an event involving ‘proscribed’ groups before they were proscribed.”

      1. Bernie – She has been suspended for giving a speech in Sept21 at a Resist event, an organisation that was proscribed 2 months earlier in July21.

    5. Interesting that you can be a Tory and get into the Führer’s fascist version of the Labour Party – even as an MP or councillor. But heaven help you if you’ve spoken to other socialists.

      1. Bernie – I suppose that all depends on whether or not you have decided to give a speech at an event that was organised by an organisation that you are aware had been proscribed by the Labour party.

    6. As last nights Al Jazeera doc demonstrated you can’t trust the Starmerites when it comes to fair and equal application of rules – look at the let-off for Ellla Rose’s threat of racist violence to Jackie Walker, among many examples.

    7. Not sure which is the most repellent, the fact that Starmerite entryists think they have the right to tell citizens who they can talk to; or that we actually have apologists for this fascism even arguing about dates to justify it.

      As Peter Oborne said last night on Al Jazeera,
      ‘if they are like this in opposition, what might they be like in government’.

    1. Well she did give a speech at a meeting that had been organised by a group that she was knew had been proscribed by the Labour Party. What did she expect to happen.

      1. And of course YOU knew it’d been proscribed back then.

        Why didn’t the expulsion take place a lot sooner?

        Don’t tell me…They’re THAT busy trawling through people’s diaries and social media accounts that they only just got around to Naomi.

        Just like they only just got around to telling Audrey White she’d been expelled after she showed the greasy slimebag up for exactly what he is.

        Oh, and after continuing to take Audrey’s subscription…

        …What was it you were saying about people who pay in are the ones who have their say?


      2. Toffee – Well yes, I did know about it at the time, as did you
        Have you forgotten that you commented on an article on Resist being proscribed in July21

      3. Reply to Steve H
        I cannot understand how any political party operating in a democracy would want to or could justify “proscribing” a completely legal organisation.

      4. Smartboy – On the contrary it is quite legitimate to proscribe a party or organisation that is actively working against the party’s interests. Have you forgotten that Resist was founded by Chris Williamson who had been expelled from the party (by Corbyn/Formby) and stood against the Labour candidate in an election.

      5. Basic Human Rights Law says:

        Article 10 of the Human Rights Act: Freedom of expression

        1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

        2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

        Article 11: Freedom of assembly and association

        1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

        2. No restrictions shall be placed on the exercise of these rights other than such as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This article shall not prevent the imposition of lawful restrictions on the exercise of these rights by members of the armed forces, of the police or of the administration of the state.

        Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

        Article 19
        Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

        Article 20
        Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
        No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

        But you think this all belongs on the bonfire so that a sectarian group of hard right cockwombles in Labour can harass, bully and expel any person who won’t sign up to the Starmer cult of neo liberal fuckwittery? A fascist says what?

      6. BVD – …but not everyone has the right to be a member of the Labour party

  1. I hope we never forget what has been done to Jewish Socialists
    The sound of silence from Unions will be deafening
    What about a mass resignation from party and NEC
    No fuck8ng chance
    When its this corrupt, what do you expect people to do

    1. ALL of the Careerist Twats, who call themselves Socialists or even Democratic Socialists, and that doesn’t include the ~190 Neo-Labour Party TORIES and BlueKeef.
      Probably too busy pampering the Royal family in their time of need!

      1. Fuck off Nelly you piece of fascist shit….. working in tandem with your fellow shill ‘doug’ again I see!

        Or are Nelly and doug TWO personas of the same piece of shill-shit!

        I think I’ll get on to Al Jazeera about making ANOTHER documentary about a leftwing Jeremy Corbyn supporting blog that’s teeming with fucking shills posing as leftwingers who are forever putting down the left every-which-way they can think of and endlessly repeating them.

  2. To the JC fanboys on here, what’s he got to lose
    Either resign and stand as an independent or declare a new party
    Just dae something

    1. Agreed , Doug.

      Just HOW low does the greasy prick have to plummet to before the penny drops with people?

    2. Absolutely! Kind, Nice, Sweet is not going to cut the mustard anymore and to be honest I am totally disillusioned by his and all the other so called Socialists/Democratic Socialists, what fight has socialism put up since GE2019? Sweet Fuck All! I mean a propper fight one that stood up for the Minimum Wage Workers not the middle class bracket ie train drivers, etc (with whom I am not grappling with, I agree and supported their fight, but it’s time to see and hear it for the poor, disabled, struggling people, middle class bracket is not exactly that!)
      Fuck Kinder, Gentler politics! Roll up them sleeves and get in the gutter, where the filth that did this👆to ALL Socialists, live!

      1. Who stood up for workers after GE19 – well at least one
        Labour MP raised the problem of the lack of PPE for health
        workers. I didn’t even know what PPE was then – it was
        early on in the Pandemic ..

        I remember Corbyn saying “No man is an Island”
        relating to a cleaner on minimum wage with a
        billionaire employer relying on her ..

        Of course I didn’t know what Starmer was like
        then – or what a turncoat Angela Rayner turned
        out to be .. or Lisa Nandy. In fact I agreed with
        the latter over her opposition to REf2.

    3. I like Corbyn. Because what you see is what you get. But he wasn’t the man for the hour.

      I try to remember that speech by Roosevelt about not mattering if you fail or win.

      Would you want to be in his shoes? To go through what he endured? Want a second helping that _will_ be more than the last?

      He’s looking at his twin, Trump (you know, like the film). They just busted his son whilst ignoring Hunter Biden…

      Neither are wanted near politics.

      1. Which Roosevelt? Daddy Theodore said something that is apposite.

        “The most uncomfortable truth is a safer companion than the pleasantest falsehood”.

  3. This, frankly, is outrageous, but not surprising.
    It is clear proof that the administration of the Labour Party is effectively brain dead.
    How much longer will this expensive charade be allowed to continue.
    It is also rather worrying at a time when the Tories are effectively putting laws on the statute book that would not be out of place in authoritarian banana republics, without a peep from Labour spokespeople.

  4. Solidarity, with Naomi!

    So much for democracy.

    Had a chuckle to myself, earlier today, when I heard Jo Coburn call Starmer ‘a socialist’.

    Perhaps the BBC have ‘changed’ the parameters of socialism, but forgot to tell the rest of us.

  5. What?will Starmer, JLM, and LFI say about Truss raising the issue of moving the UK embassy to Jerusalem? And if it is moved, and if a Starmer Labour government is subsequently elected, what then? The two-state solution is now an illusion.

    Note that Biden has not removed the US embassy from Jerusalem as decided by Trump.

    1. The two-state solution is as dead as a dodo. The only solution is a unitary state based on one-citizen-one-vote for all residents of the country. For some that is unacceptable, but for the rest of us it is democracy and the path to justice.

      1. Including all exiled and displaced citizens, of the one state. The sooner Zionism is condemned for the Terrorist Junta that it is and banned from ‘the Holy Land’, the sooner will peace and beauty return to that land.

  6. So glad I left the Labour Party last year. It is turning to be a fascist Party before our very eyes. Right now the left isn’t able to make an impact in the NEC or the NPF having lost the majority on both and Starmer and Evans are continuing the witch hunt against the left in earnest.
    Hence, why to stay? Better to leave and deprive Labour of our levies will at the same time freeing ourselves to campaign against both Labour and the Tories.

  7. Wonder if this latest act of *ahem* bravery (for want of a more apt description) will be added on to the al Jazeera documentary this evening?

    Hope someone from their production set-up is reading this…

  8. Starmer was once was a human rights lawyer? Then what a strange man he is…

    ECHR – Article 7 of the Convention – No punishment without law. See the European Court of Human Rights and the Principle of non-retroactivity. The same principle applies here.

    1. Andy – Only in this case Article 7 obviously wouldn’t apply because she spoke at a meeting organised by a group that she knew had already been proscribed by the Labour Party.

      1. It’s a vindictive step and an abuse of power, not even allowing a right of reply/defence.

      2. Andy – I’m struggling to think of a credible excuse that she could offer in her defence, can you think of one?

      3. You don’t know that – unless you’ve spoken to someone in Southside.

        If you haven’t, stop spreading false information.

      4. George – Really? 😏
        Are you denying that Resist was proscribed in July21 and that Naomi gave a speech at a Resist meeting in Sept21

      5. Rule 2.I.5.B.v which is the one being used against her (and me as well) was passed at Conference 21 and did not enter into force until 29/09/2021. The meeting was on 27/09/2021 so that particular rule is wrongly being applied retrospectively. Both in contract law and contrary to the ECHR. This is one of the points of Art 7 and Art 6. You can’t be prosecuted for an offence that did not exist at the time of the alleged conduct. Looks like this obvious legal principle is still being ignored by NEC NKVD. The ECHR does not generally apply to private organisations but the Court is bound to interpret in line with the ECHR.

        By the way you do have a right to join the Labour Party under s.101 of the Equality Act 2010 if the refusal is based on a protected characteristic. s.10 includes religion and belief, which means any philosophical or political belief. It has already been held by the Courts that Socialism is a protected characteristic under s.10. So excluding from membership or refusing membership to a person would amount to direct discrimination under s.13(1) of the Equality Act 2010.

        Do Labour First/Progress run education classes on fascism or is a self taught thing?

      6. BVD – Rule 2.I.5.B.v which is the one being used against her (and me as well) was passed at Conference 21 and did not enter into force until 29/09/2021.
        Conveniently ignoring the fact the proscribing of these organisations took place at July’s NEC meeting

        “By the way you do have a right to join the Labour Party under s.101 of the Equality Act 2010 if the refusal is based on a protected characteristic.
        ….and that is relevant in this instance because?

        Do Labour First/Progress run education classes on fascism or is a self taught thing?
        To be honest I expected better from you. 😞

  9. Why was the organisation proscribed?

    Must say Ive never even heard of it ..

    Possibly Naomi didn’t know about the
    proscription ..?

    But that is beside the point ..

    I wonder how much it cost them in terms of
    hours of work to trawl through her life to find
    THAT out ..?

    .. and how many others attended that meeting
    and were NOT suspended ..

    This is beyond irony – the Al-Jazeera program
    accuses the Labour Party of Spying and they prove it!!

    1. HFM – Resist is an organisation/party that was founded by Chris Williamson who stood in a general election against the official Labour party candidate. Hence the proscription.

      1. Again utter drivel. Chris Williamson ran in the 2019 General election in Derby North as an Independent not under ‘Resist’. Resist is not a Registered Party with the Electoral Commission and has not even applied to become registered, consequently by law no one can run under the banner of ‘Resist’. No candidates from the ‘Resist’ organisation have ever run as candidates or against Labour candidates.

        The proscription were purportedly done under the rule existing at 20/07/2021 which was 2.I.4.B in Rule Book 2020 in force until 28/09/2021, (there was no Rule Book 2021 because there was no Conference in 2020 due to Covid):

        Labour Rule Book 2020 -2021 Chapter 2.I.4.B:

        B. A member of the Party who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party, or supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate, or publicly declares their intent to stand against a Labour candidate, shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member, subject to the provisions of Chapter 6.I.2 below of the disciplinary rules.

        This rule in my opinion does not provide for any NEC blanket proscription of organisations. In my view the proscriptions in July 2021 were ultra vires and invalid. They also breach the terms of the Equality Act 2010, s.101(2) and s.10.

        Regardless, assuming for the sake of argument that the proscriptions were valid, if a charge is put against a member per conduct up until 29/09/2021 then 2.I.4.B from the 2020 Rule book would be the proper rule to apply. Instead the NEC have charged me and it seems Naomi under the 2022 Rule Book rule 2.I.5.B.v. This rule was an amendment passed at Conference 21 and did not enter in to force until 29/09/2021. It is therefore being applied retrospectively. This is not permitted in contract.

        The relevance of anyone joining Labour is that you raised it as your only response to my first post. I answered your point.

        Labour 1st and Progress are a disgusting hot bed of fascistic scum. They are mostly selfish, self important, self interested, careerist filth. They also seem very comfortable with expressing authoritarian and fascistic views. Having a political preference doesn’t excuse bending the knee at the fascist altar. Human rights are for everyone not just the people you like and agree with.

      2. BVD – Should I be impressed?
        I suggest you reread my comment I did not say what you are claiming.
        I guess that time will tell whether your opinion prevails or not.
        Please don’t forget to keep us all informed.

    2. Sadly, they could accuse them of cannibalism providing evidence of ritual slaughter at their Southside HQ and the UK press wouldn’t touch it.

      Whereas, If Corbyn so much as broke wind near certain MPs, it led the TV news all day. Remember stupid womangate?

      Weird country. Truss, Starmer, the grovelling to royals and now fracking – is this a vision of hell or something?

      1. Andy, No a vision of the future unless the public decide they don’t want it.

  10. Starmer’s Labour’s treatment of Naomi is antisemitism in action. Where is the outrage from Chief Rabbi Mirvis and Maria Van Der Zil of the BOD? It seems that as Naomi is not a Zionist like them ( and Starmer) they are willing to turn a blind eye to her mistreatment. Shame on Starmers Labour and shame on them.

  11. All the discussions around which group(s) Naomi spoke to/with etc. or when or where are completely irrelevant. She’s a target because she has a perspective that doesn’t fit with the prescribed views of Big Brother, and so she is to become a non-person.
    Interesting how a group of nonentities make us non-persons.

    1. goldbach – I beg to differ, they are at the heart of this. She naively gave them the ammunition they needed.

      1. ‘She naively gave them the ammunition they needed.’

        What do you mean by ‘ammunition’, publicity maybe, because it’s not Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi that’s giving Resist publicity today. That would be Keir Rodney and his right-leaning davos clique.

        And let me tell you – everyone knows exactly what they’re doing: contorting themselves to appear reasonable and justified in shutting down a conversations they’d rather not hear.

        Once again, is Keir Starmer so daft he cannot see how bad this looks to the voting public?

      2. qwertboi – I strongly suspect that this a way off the radar of the average voter.

    2. Goldbach, And yet they provide membership to the likes of Akehurst, Stanger and other people who have threatened to hang, gang rape and beat up Jewish Labour members. Yeah, we’re talking about a Democratic Socialist Political Party led by a ‘human rights lawyer’. Straight out of the Pinochet Playbook.

      1. Were you missed….

        Perhaps not (yet)

        Although they missed my vote and millions of others in 2019 after keefs’ second ref shithousery.

        And with the drastic and continuing loss of membership – added to the ongoing legal cases they’re contesting (because they’re run like a fooking chomps tea party), the belt’s so tight the eyeballs will be popping out if it’s tightened any further.

      2. Not my turn yet, still in the queue.

        But my brothers and sister in Bolton had their turn.

        How did that pan out?

  12. Two Cheeks
    Is the Tory party proscribed
    Time for your man and every Red Tory to be kicked out of the Labour party

    1. Doug – Of course it is, as are all political parties (apart from the Cooperative Party). I’m surprised you didn’t know that, the rule book is quite clear about this.

    2. At the moment, Doug, the Rule Book is simply a bureaucratic tool that is being wielded totally for the convenience of the PLP and those other scions of the Labour right, from the party machine down.
      We can forget all notions of reasonableness, proportionality and natural justice if if means that the right cannot continue on their blind path to Pasokification of Labour.
      Dishonesty, duplicity, and dishonour are their watchwords.

  13. Watching the hatchet job on Al Jazeera
    When it’s so blatant you know immediately your at war with these people
    Off the top of my head can anyone think of a single case of any of these fuckers being dealt with
    Why weren’t we clearing them out, closing them down, starting at the top, with the War Criminal

    1. Why weren’t we clearing them out, closing them down, starting at the top, with the War Criminal

      As I keep saying: the parasite has taken over the host, which is now an almost empty husk.

      It’s time for the soul to depart and find a parasite-free new home.

      And so to bed. Night all. Might get a few hours uninterrupted tonight, hopefully.

    2. Doug “Watching the hatchet job on Al Jazeera”

      That is a very apt description

      1. Ah, you must mean the bit where one of the ‘Lukes’ – immaterial which one it was – threatened to ‘chop off the heads’ of someone’s entire family?

        Yeah, I thought that was pretty unhinged, as well.

  14. Nowt About brickgate (thus far)

    But think I just saw me mate fishing on new Brighton beach 😋

    1. Doug – You’re so predictable. You habitually fall back on childish playground taunts when you don’t have an argument.

      1. Two Cheeks
        Baron Von Duncs has your number
        Has someone thought of complaining to the Law Society
        PWC is leading a ‘Lawless Organisation ‘
        Bent as a nine Bob note

  15. Guys, why do you engage with the Village Idiot and Chief Turd Polisher on here?

    You just make his day by getting wound up, please just ignore the paid for Starmer Shill, your lives are worth more.

    1. Baz….Do you honestly believe smarmer pays for the utter shite that the wee moron spouts?

      I appreciate keefs’ as dim a gobshite as his adversaries in the proper toerag party, but… Oh, hang on…the clique is missing £13m+…🤔

      …And so to bed. Night all. Hope I can get more than few uninterrupted hours of kipperooney th’ neet…Been a looooong day for me

      1. Toffee, Yeah I do believe the saddo known as The Chief Turd Polisher is a paid for shill and troll. He jumps over anything remotely anti Starmer and tries to deflect the topic to something else. It’s what they do…..This happens at any time of the day not just Caribbean time. It is a troll, fol di rol.

      2. baz2001 – That just goes to show how stupid you are. What have I said on this page that is either inaccurate or off subject?

  16. On the contrary it is quite legitimate to proscribe a party or organisation that is actively working against the party’s interests

    Evidently NOT certain party members, though, as this evening’s documentary evidences.

  17. After watching #The Labour Files, on Al Jazeera, this evening – in my opinion – today’s Labour Party is a criminal enterprise.

    Anyone who votes for them, is a mug.

    They will not get my vote.

    1. George, There’s some more interesting snippets coming tomorrow…..In Part 2.

      Superb journalism from Al Jazeera. They have somehow obtained the biggest tranche of leaked documents from any political party in recent times.

      1. baz2001 – Really, I’ve yet to see much evidence of this. Maybe tomorrow’s revelations will have a little more substance.

      2. Yes, on Saturday, we may have further revelations on, who is the real Luke Stanger – or should that be Luke Akehurst. I’ll admit I became a bit confused at that point.

        Remind me again, who threatened to ‘behead someone’s whole family’?

        After that disgusting snippet, we can only wait to see who consults their lawyers, and who doesn’t. Then draw our own conclusions.

    2. George, how much more evidence do people need to prove that is the case now? I see that Truss is now more popular than Starmer in the latest poll. That takes some doing doesn’t it?

      1. Yes, very strange situation. Labour ahead – barely – in the ‘Westminster’ polls, but Starmer, just, can’t seem to get it going in the ‘PM’ poll.

        Headed by Liz Truss, who has only been in the job a couple of weeks. How embarrassing that must be, for him.

      2. George

        You shouldn’t need to ask which Luke it was. The pictures of Stanger speak for themselves. I’ve lost track of the number of ISIS monobrow fucks who have the same deranged, evil shark eyes.

        Makes me ashamed to be a Spurs fan.

  18. Am sure they will have significance for strangers to this
    chicanery – the program is intended for an international
    audience after all.

    A lot of hard evidence is presented – so where people
    had suspected underhand deals – it can now be seen
    precisely what happened.

      1. That only has validity, if the proscription was warranted, in the first place. It wasn’t.

        Or was it, merely, a malicious and spiteful act of someone who doesn’t know their – a*se from their elbow – when it comes to a democratic socialist party?

  19. I see that the program is essentially advertised
    on Labour List – along with the suspension of

    Otherwise it does not appear on the MSM.

  20. The war in Ukraine is a result of NATO ever expanding eastwards. That statement alone would be enough to get me banned from the Labour Party that I recently left. No debates, no arguments, just do as you’re told. It is a pov that will never be given a platform on MSM & If you disagree with the Labour Party’s Leader you will be expelled.That is Fascism.
    I’ve always considered myself to be a Marxist; but I didn’t realise how profound Groucho was.

    1. Well said Steve. Don’t get sucked into arguing with the racist Anti-Semite commonly known as The Chief Turd Polisher. Let him boil in his own hatred.

  21. I have just counted 30 posts on this thread from the person who delights in defending the undefensible. Bloody shame on him/her for defending Starmer’s vile behaviour to this fine and honourable woman. I am all for freedom of speech and learning from opposing views but in this case there is nothing to learn and certainly nothing to defend. Why do you all rise to the bait?

    1. Well said Julia. He’s just as big a racist anti-semite as his employer Starmer is. Just ignore him/her/them.

      1. baz2001 – Perhaps you could give me some examples of the racism that you accuse me of. Or is this just your way of admitting you’ve run out of arguments.

    2. Should we let his shite pass, Julia/Baz?

      Should al Jazeera NOT have investigated – like the state broadcaster or the independent television channels, as well as journalists everywhere?

      When pricks like him are allowed an ignored/unfettered voice then the narrative becomes the normal.

      This is why this country’s media output – and subsequently it’s political choice – is bollocksed.

      The gobshite isn’t gonna go away**, ignored or not.

      **Bar some (eagerly anticipated) misfortune.

      1. Toffee, perfectly put. The reason the “Gobshite” isn’t going away is because he’s paid to do it. It’s his job. I hope he gets paid well to do his job of polishing the Labour turd, because as we’ve seen it is one festering corrupt turd that needs polishing.

        Getting paid to protect this lot and lie at the same time must eat into his soul somewhat.

        Take care Toffee.

    3. Julia – I’m not defending anyone, I’ve simply pointed out the facts. If that happens to undermine other people’s arguments then that is their problem, not mine.

      1. SteveH, you want facts? what about these:
        -The Labour Party is been run by fascists
        -The Labour Party is a criminal enterprise
        Hence, anyone that vote for a Labour candidate that isn’t a socialist is voting for:
        -a criminal enterprise

  22. SteveH22/09/2022 AT 11:24 PM
    Doug “Watching the hatchet job on Al Jazeera”

    That is a very apt description

    Care to elaborate? 😏

      1. What a sanctimonious prick. But only to be expected.

        Bookmarked. I suggest the rest of you do, too.

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