Starmer whips MPs to ABSTAIN on Tory bill to legalise crimes, including murder, by intelligence operatives

Today the Tories will try to progress the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill through Parliament. It is a bill that analysts say will allow anyone designated as an intelligence source to commit any crime without fear of consequences – including murder:

Not only that, the bill will allow infiltration of unions and protest groups with impunity.

A government that has overseen extensive crimes by its operatives, in Northern Ireland, England and elsewhere wants to give itself the power to do so without fear of law or justice.

Coming as it does just after a bill to give similar immunity for war crimes committed overseas, it is clearly part of a plan to turn the UK even more into a police state.

And just like with that bill, Keith Starmer is again whipping Labour MPs to abstain.

Some have publicly stated they will ignore him:

But Starmer sacked front-benchers who did so last week and there are few now among the drones on his front bench with the spine to do likewise.

He is unfit to be Labour leader.

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    1. Leader of the Stasi party, Starmer and the majority of his MPs
      What can we do to get him and his, nazi officers out of the party and back to socialism.

  1. Starmer likes to tell us about what a great Public Prosecutor he was standing up for victims and fighting against terrorists. Now he enables the state to BE terrorists.

    What a despicable act.

    1. According to the Guardian, “Membership figures leaked to PoliticsHome in July put the total at just under 485,000, including about 35,000 whose subscriptions were in arrears.”
      Personally, I find the leaked figures wildly optimistic.

      1. Just over twelve hours ago in another thread SteveH posted the following:

        Since the 2019 election defeat significantly more people have joined the party than have left.
        In Feb20 the party achieved its highest ever membership. Since then the membership has dropped slightly to 560,000 (I guess this was the much vaunted ‘mass exodus’ of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’).
        This is still very significantly more (100,000+) than the level that the membership had sunk to prior to the 19GE.



  2. Oh well, I suppose it’s only legitimising what they already practice. The spy in the holdall and the Skripals come to mind.

  3. Corbyn scared them shitless – this is part of making sure no dissident can ever again raise a ripple, much less come so close to democratic power.
    Expect to hear “Democracy is Dangerous! Obedience is Freedom!” out of Tory mouths before long.

  4. The very second I cast my NEC vote I will cancel my membership DD and actually feel good about leaving Starmer’s Labour Party.

    He’s an insult to good people and socialists everywhere. An abomination.

    1. Are you considered to be a member even if you’ve stopped your DDs?

  5. For anyone not familiar with ‘Mitting’ – who is referred to in the Unite briefing in the above article – he is conducting the inquiry into spycops who infiltrated numerous groups and organisations over many years. The following article is from March 2018, but it gives you a good idea about the inquiry:


    And contrary to what the PTB have led people to believe, I have no doubt whatsoever that there are still hundreds – and quite possibly THOUSANDS – of spycops who have infiltrated hundreds of groups and who are currently ’embedded’ in them. Yes, we have our very own Stasi, and have done for decades!

  6. If you’re not aware of it, there’s a book entitled In Defense of Julian Assange, published at the end of October last year by Tariq Ali and Margaret Kunstler, with dozens of contributors including Noam Chomsky, Patrick Cockburn, Naomi Colvin, Mark Curtis, Daniel Ellsberg, Teresa Forcades i Vila, Chris Hedges, Caitlin Johnstone (take note Mr McNiven!), Margaret Kimberley, Craig Murray, John Pilger, Michael Ratner, Angela Richter, Geoffrey Robertson and Julian himself (457 pages). I only came across it a few days ago, and bought a copy straight away (the Kindle edition, which is the cheapest option on amazon at the time of writing), and needless to say I highly recommend it:


  7. If Starmer wants my vote, he has another think coming. Since I live in a 21st Century rotten borough which has not changed hands in two lifetimes, it won’t make any difference…

  8. Just this minute came across the following:

    ’19 Labour MPs defy party whip to vote against ‘licence to kill’ bill’

    19 Labour MPs have defied the party whip to vote against the covert human intelligence sources (criminal conduct) bill at second reading in the House of Commons tonight as MPs approved it by a majority of 162 votes.

    Keir Starmer’s Labour set a one-line whip to abstain at this stage of the process. The leadership has declared that it intends to work on a cross-party basis in future stages of the bill to change the proposed legislation.

    19 Labour MPs voted against, including Diane Abbott, Apsana Begum, Richard Burgon, Dawn Butler, Jeremy Corbyn, Kate Osborne, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Nadia Whittome.


  9. Love the caption ,ITs a and shame Charlie..farley couldnt have moved the sword a little lower and stuck it through his neck.But then again that would take a sense of morality which that bunch of parasites never had.Geriatricide killers the whole stinking bloody lot of them including the knight and his misfits….Thanks for the new word for genocide of the elderly squawkbox.

  10. Do British Agents now use Novichok legally? Perhaps James Bond is Starmer’s role model?

    1. There never was “novichok”. The Skripals were sprayed with fentanyl. Dawn Sturgiss died from a drug overdose and Navalny, who commanded around 2% of the vote in Russia certainly wasn’t poisoned with a “new slow acting novichok”.
      When you think about it, novichok is the least successful “weapons grade” nerve agent ever invented.

  11. There can be little doubt that Starmer is the establishment choice to take over from Boris. Starmer has proved his worth to the establishment by dumping every progressive policy the Labour Party had in 2017-19. A human rights QC who doesn’t believe in human rights for the people but fights for his people. The party abstaining on two critical votes that go the heart of our values not only as party but the people fought so hard for is disposable act of treachery.

    Those Labour MP’s voting to abstain should hang their heads in shame, they have none. All they see is privilege and the illusion of power they are given by Parliament. I will be writing to my MP Preet Kaur Gill to express my disdain for her voting in this way. You vote against these bills not abstain.

  12. 19 Labour MPs voted against incl Richard Burgon, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Dawn Butler, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell. This is all that’s left?

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