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Labour again suspends Islamophobia victim featured in leaked report

Syedi Siddiqi, suspended for years after receiving grossly Islamophobic call from Labour right-winger, targeted again as party continues to operate factional hierarchy of racism identified by Forde Report

Syed Siddiqi (second from left)

Ilford Muslim Syed Siddiqi was infamously suspended by the Labour party after being the victim of an anti-Muslim phone-call from a Labour figure. Siddiqi received the late-night call from the right-winger and had the presence of mind to record it:

In an outrageous response to Siddiqi’s complaint about the racism he suffered, the party suspended the right-winger – and Siddiqi, but the party’s right-dominated machine withheld the recording of the abuse from the National Executive Committee (NEC) ‘disputes panel’.

The right-winger was quickly reinstated so that he could again stand for election as a party member, while Siddiqi remained suspended for years. The case featured extensively in discussions by right-wingers exposed by the leaked Labour report, which notes:

Although the audio recording proved that X had engaged in aggressive Islamophobic abuse of Siddiqi, the recording did not evidence the claim that Siddiqi made a threat on the call, and the counter-complaints X submitted were mostly refuted by the Whatsapp evidence he himself supplied, [party official A] and [party official B] then lifted the suspension of X, and placed both him and Siddiqi “under investigation”.

All investigative attention was now turned on Siddiqi, however, with B proactively collecting and investigating even minor complaints, for example about CLP meetings being organised without enough notice, that were normally in the purview of Internal Governance, not Disputes. B even personally insisted to Siddiqi that X’s status as a local voting delegate to the CLP be accepted, but when Siddiqi was selected as a council candidate, B tried to get the Local Campaign Forum to re-interview him on the basis of information he provided…

…on 6 December 2017 GLU suspended Siddiqi, and he became the focus of all investigative efforts.
B worked to collect a range of complaints against Siddiqi, most of which were very minor. Although further complaints about X’s conduct at a CLP meeting were received in February 2018, however, alleging bullying and intimidation, no further action against him was taken.

Siddiqi’s suspension meant that, with an upcoming CLP AGM in February 2018, Siddiqi was no longer CLP Secretary and would not be able to stand again, and he could no longer be a council candidate. At the February 2018 AGM, X was then elected CLP Secretary in his placeB did not raise that there had been complaints about X, including an audio recording in which he used abusive and Islamophobic language, ahead of the election at the AGM, even though he had proposing submitting evidence on Siddiqi to the Local Campaign Forum and argued that he should be re-interviewed after he was selected as a council candidate.

Emails show that B instead worked with the regional office to ensure that the disciplinary case against X was not raised at the AGM. When complaints followed about X’s conduct at the meeting, B promised action but took none

It went on to describe the coordinated efforts of local right-wingers against Mr Siddiqi and the efforts of right-wing staffers to stitch him up while protecting his abuser.

The Forde Inquiry, long delayed, confirmed earlier this year that the leaked report revealed racism and a hierarchy of racism on the part of party right-wingers, including rampant Islamophobia.

Eventually reinstated, Skwawkbox has learned that Siddiqi was recently suspended again – local party members say over tweets defending the right of Labour members to complain of sexual harassment.

Siddiqi has also resigned his membership of the right-managed Unison union and has tweeted the news with an expression of disgust at the party’s continued promotion of local right-wingers, specifically Redbridge council leader Jas Atwal, who was suspended over ‘serious’ allegations of sexual harassment that were dismissed shortly after Keir Starmer took over the party leadership:

Mr Siddiqi declined to comment.

Skwawkbox view:

The Forde Report, despite efforts to ‘both-sides’ the events it covered, confirmed the Labour right’s ‘hierarchy of racism’ and its unchecked Islamophobia. Those evils are still very much on show and the regime shows no signs of interest in preventing them, let alone action, despite its promises.

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  1. Solidarity Syed!! join Unite we are a better bunch and you would be very welcomed.

  2. This is very sinister stuff. I have listened to it several times. Is the caller an extraordinary example of a new Labour Party member or is this an acceptable way to behave. These are dark and dangerous times for all Socialists and even good party members. The march of Rhom and the Strasserites has begun. This party is not a safe place for antiracists. It is clear to me as a non member that you will have to take steps to protect yourselves. This is urgent, I have seen this before. Leave this disgusting organisation before it’s too late.

    1. It is the new way Wobbly, the forceful removal of alternative oppinions to the Mainstream Narative.
      They are turning People into Bricks in The Wall, MSM Zombies, while those of us on the outside do our damnedest best to wake them up.
      If we are just an unknown commentor like me, they can literally take us out with a drug chage, illegal porn, etc, etc, etc to cut our little fingers off in a cell somewhere.
      If we are a bit more well known, and have large numbers of followers like Blumental, Martin, Brand, Maté, etc you will be hounded down, smeared, gaslighted, to the darkest corners of humanity, labeled as fake news, conspiracy theorists, etc etc, a REAL JOURNALIST, a Fact/Truth Seeker will NEVER, NEVER WORK IN MSM and Ironically every one on the outside of the Mainstream like the above are “known Jew hating” “Antisemites”.
      The Masters of the Mainstream are becoming frantically desperate as they see the end of The Old World Order, their once Imperial Supremacy Disrespected and openly challenged. I keep wondering if the West believe that they have the power or if they are just stupidly and aggressively barking like a pack of Chihuahuas, because it will be us The PEOPLE who will suffer for THEIR STUPIDITY, while they all scuttle down to their bunkers.
      In the meantime the ONLY truth we can get is from “Antisemites” and “Tin Pot Conspiracy Theorists” TBH I would believe David Icke before I believe ANY of the Propagandist, Conspiracy Theorist, Manufactured MSM.

      1. Nellyskelly. Thanks for the reply. I discovered some appalling stuff on an old computer. I took straight down to the law. They were surprisingly helpful and took it off my hands. A short statement was taken. I did ask if it could ever be wiped and was told no. They said it would be destroyed. Thank god it went well. I used to have a habit of letting my nieces borrow it for school, can you imagine what the outcome could have been had I not taken the steps I did. Your reply was frighteningly accurate. I use a vpn, two fire walls and encryption but an I.T comrade told me that they can do whatever they want. Comrades, friends,Skwawkies be alert, it’s serious and the penalties could be severe. Blimey, I am only a pensioned off, old activist for heaven’s sake. Stay safe.

      2. Thank goodness they didn’t try to nail it on you! Snowden was asked about device safety, now that everyone/greatest part of most everyone has atleast 3 ears and eyes in their homes, Smart Fridges, TVs, Alexas, Phones, Laptops, Tablets, PCs, Ai, etc, etc, etc.
        Those are not objects of convenience, they are State Surveillance Equipment, not necessarily your own State either, when used blindly, we can argue vice versa, but possibly never conclude.
        Snowden’s answer was , ‘the only safe device is turned off, unplugged, battery removed, sim removed, and even then there are no guarantees.’ There is still the backup battery and cache memory. These days more and more devices come with no access to the battery, wonder why!? Well there is that, Planned Obsolescence and ‘Phoebus’ Cartel.

  3. The Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES for a One Party State:
    FOR: (minimum entry requirement:) Middle Class & Up, (desired:) White European, Zionist, anti-Socialist, anti-Corbyn, Rasist, anti-Russians and Misogynist.
    NOT FOR: The “UNDESERVING POOR”, Black, Muslim or “fringe” Jewish MPs, Staff or Members, Socialists, Independent Women, anti-Racist, anti-War Activists, anti-Zionist Israel Apartheid Activists, Climate Activists, anti-Ukrainian Nazi, pro-Dondass Independence (as per Minsk Agreement), pro-Palestine, pro-Yemen, anti-Racist Statues, pro-BLM, (Working List)
    We will find you, we will sniff you out, we will hunt you down, crush you and throw you out, this is The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, your sort, listed above are not welcome here! KEEP OUT!

    Muwah hah hah haaah, we can’t, we won’t, we have a score to settle 2 scores to be exact GE17 & GE19, WE’RE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE, MUVA FUCKERS!

  4. In other news. Well done Zarah Sultana!

    Zarah has won her second branch reselection endorsement by 43 votes to 5.

    The vote, obviously, reflects the high level of support that she enjoys amongst members in this Branch.

    Isn’t that right, Steve H?

    Rumour has it, the Oracle, Lee Harpin, is, now, officially, bald, having ripped his remaining hair from his head.

    Neither, Harpin – nor his ‘source’ were available for comment at the time of…

    1. BRAVO! Zhara!
      Restores some faith in humanity, it is obvious that the left where persecuted and has left, when the Neo-Labour Party TORIES killed The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), and movwd into it’s remains. So who are these good people voting so very anti-BlueKeef!? Is it two votes to go? What slimy, slippery, conniving deed will BlueKeef do in Coventry, because Zhara is Prime Target? Of the miniscule ~10ish Socialist MPs clinging on she is the most outspoken and highest risk for BlueKeef’s Project Doom.

    1. So entitled shitheads are a protected species now. Well, well that should suit Max down to the ground. So “no profiles”, is p.c? Who would have thought it? I always thought that tory minorities were fiddlers, kiddies, exes etc. Now it’s non white millionaires. I wonder how the trots will spin this. All blacks, Asians etc vote and think as one don’t they. Wow the Tories are getting more like the shadows and demoncrats each passing day. This is the stuff of dream team coalition, national governments. We should keep a keen eye on these developments. Are they uncertain about their base? Is age become a factor? It would be fun to be a golf club waiter in these uncertain times.

  5. Hmmm….

    I don’t deny the language used (Muslim extremism bullshit, etc) is racist – but for me something doesn’t play right here; given the repeated use of the term ‘bruv’. by the caller.

    1. Maybe. But when numerous cases like the Josan/Stanger story reported yesterday (thanks SW) where Naomi WI and the JVL are treated unfavourably, occur simultaneously with the ‘X v Siddiqi’ situation and it doesn’t even respond to it, then I can only conclude that something is very wrong – very unLabourlike – in Starmer’s Labor party.

      Why is the party not even acknowledging the event and promising a long-grass investigation?

    2. Bruv and Mate are used not necessarily as a friendly term, but also as an insult, if someone cusses and threatens you and calls you bruv/mate clearly that is antagonist rather than friendly.
      Both Mate and Bruv makes my blood boil, I usually ignore it, but I’m sure my ears speak for me 😂

  6. Mrs O’Leary takes on the formidable and forensic knight of the realm..Trussi must be quaking on her feet at the sight of the wooden spoon from well known working class area Oxted on the green Surrey….Dead sheep and being savaged comes to mind?
    I will not be watching as I strongly object to blood sports…!

  7. Dear God! When the Leader of the Opposition loses PMQs on points to Liz fucking Truss, it’s time for him to go!

    1. As predicted by yours truly earlier this week…

      PMQs against that wont just be an open goal for the bequiffed slimy former DPP… Every single one will be a fucking yawning chasm.

      …But he’ll still prove himself unable to hit the proverbial bull’s arse with a banjo.

      Entirely predictable. Expect the smarmerist frontbenchers to be just as utterly shite against their toerag masters counterparts, too.

      What a shitshow.

      1. True enough Toffee. But, but it’s a multicultural shitshow. Nothing to see, move on.

    2. No difference to CheezyTruss, BlueKeef goes, which one of the ~180 Thatcher Reaganite flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State Neo-Labour Party TORIES would make the slightest bit of improvement?
      The only way we can possibly see future improvement is to Crush/Anihilate/Liquidate/Pulverize/etc one half of the One Party State, my preference, of the two tory parties, would have to be The Neo-Labour Party TORIES for 2015 to 2020, for GE17 & GE19 and for the murder of The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19).

      GE17 & GE19 we had CHOICE:
      Democratic Socialism
      Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal TORYISM.

      Next GE we have a NON CHOICE:
      Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal TORYISM.
      Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal TORYISM.

      BlueKeef & Co are a far greater threat to The People of the UK than Thatcher, Reagan and Churchill combined.
      All you need to do is reminisce, their actions and inactions to date.

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