Starmer’s conference speechwriter among those involved in ‘new centrist party’ disaffected with ‘plank’ Starmer

New ‘cross-party’ group tainted with Islamophobia and united by disdain for ‘uninspiring’ Starmer

According to the Times, Tony Blair and others are forming ‘Britain Project’ – a new group that many think will turn into a ‘new new centrist party’ – and the group’s founders are said to be united in their disdain for and disaffection with Keir Starmer – whom Blair supporters in the party consider a ‘wooden plank’.

The ‘others’ include Phil Collins – who wrote Starmer’s speech for last year’s party conference – and Trevor Phillips, who had only just been readmitted to the Labour party after being suspended for Islamophobic comments, with no consultation of Labour’s national executive.

The drive toward a new party not only demonstrates the fundamental inadequacy of Keir Starmer even to the Labour right, but it reeks of anti-Muslim prejudice. Phillips claimed that Muslims are ‘not like us’ because ‘they see the world differently from the rest of us’ – and Starmer’s decision to use Collins as his speechwriter provoked outrage among Labour’s Muslims, who condemned it as ‘beyond divisive’ in the light of ‘rife’ Islamophobia in the party. Collins had written for the Times about ‘the Muslim question’ and dismissed the equally rife anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory party:

the Muslim question will not greatly occupy the thoughts of the average Tory member. Very few of them will have a developed theory about how the madrassas are cultivating a religious cavalry to man the global caliphate. It’s just not a big deal to them. It is a small deal on which some of them hold stereotypically bigoted views.

And of course, many consider that Tony Blair should face international justice for his part in illegal wars that caused the deaths of many Muslims.

Writer Solomon Hughes summed up the assessment of many that this new venture represents a new party to provide a haven for right-wingers who find Starmer a dud even though he’s one of them:

But Starmer’s critics on the left, including more than 200,000 former members who have already left the party in disgust, will find considerable amusement and karma in the thought that the speechwriter Starmer took on to the outrage of Muslims and anti-racists is part of a group and potentially a new party thought to be ‘borne out of disaffection’ with the ‘wooden plank’ they always thought he was.

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    1. Whilst the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ continue to do what they do best, procrastinate and dither.

      1. Oh dear, his masters are splitting and the self-appointed guardian of “centrism” aka Thatcherite Neoliberal TORYISM cries about “the Left”!
        Why? Do you want to vote for “the Left” after screeching against them, from your bandwagon, for another 5 years like you did in 2017 and 2019?
        Mmmm! What a Very “Clever” Boy!

      2. nellyskelly – Wow 😲, and you managed to extrapolate all that from just a few simple words. I thought that I was just stating the obvious.

      3. Awww bless, awe you angwy? Your TORY empire is collapsing all around you, on the bright side you won’t have only Two TORY Parties to choose from, you will have Three! You should be filled with gratitude, all those TORY Parties just for you.

      4. nellyskelly – What on earth gave you the impression that I am angry.

      5. nellyskelly – Bully for you, but why would I care much either way what you think.

      6. Steve H
        and while the paid trolls on this site try to deflect attention from this article by posting off topic- so predictable and so boring

      7. Smartboy – Is it really off topic to mention that in contrast to the Blairites ‘the left’ is still struggling to get their act together. I note that you haven’t contested what I’ve said.

      8. I will ask you again: Why? Do you want to vote for “the Left” after screeching against them, from your bandwagon, for another 5 years like you did in 2017 and 2019?

      9. nellyskelly – You’ve been on these pages long enough to know that the premise of your question is baseless.
        I have always voted Labour, how about you?

      10. So the QUESTION part above was: Why? Do you want to vote for “the Left”!? As you seem so concerned about the delay of the left setting up a Party.
        Are you publicly saying that you supported Jeremy Corbyn, both 2017 and 2019
        Manifestos and Campaigned as such, from September 2015 to December 2019?
        I have always voted UK Labour Party, I have never voted Neo/New Labour Party Parasite TORIES!
        So have you an answer, who you voted for is irrelevant, I’m not asking you what you voted, you’ve crowed that enough on here!

      11. nellyskelly – I happily voted for Corbyn and his policies in the 17GE but by the time it came around to the 19GE I did so with far less enthusiasm.

      12. You did not answer the question, not interested in what you voted! How did you CAMPAIGN, September 2015 to December 2019!? Is that simple enough!? Do you need a story book with pictures?

      13. Reply to Steve H
        If the cap fits Steve H……. but in this instance my comments weren’t solely directed at you

      14. Smartboy – Really? 😕.
        You were the one that addressed your comment directly to me by starting your comment with “SteveH”

      15. Steve H centrist….Now now stevie boy 👦the knights being jettisoned by “Our tony” in a sort of coup you lot are experienced in.Maybe jeremy can offer advice on how it feels to be abandoned by your friends.You may have backed the wrong horse stevie.prepare for redundancy and about the teaching job???…any hope?

      16. Two Cheeks
        Tell us how it’s going to be different this time

    2. Absolutely Joseph! Absolutely!
      I have a shitty feeling though, and this would be very telling, that despite all this and even if BlueKeef was the only one left of “The Labour Party” he’d still be the PM the Tri/Omnilateral Commissioners have spoken! If so, it probably would be the last time the Tri/Omnilateral Commissioners have spoken!

    3. Thanks to nellykskelly & joseph okeefe for articulating the outrage just about all of us who come to this site and are ocasionally pejoratively referred to as ‘the Left.’ But we all should be wary of responding to a certain neoliberal troll who only visits this site to subvert debate and leftist activism here.

      The real issue demonstrated by this story is just how entryist the neoliberal racist right of the Labour Party is, and how little genuine loyalty this cabal have to the Party and its values. Now like traditional entryists having just about destroyed Labour they want to go onto pastures new.

      Just why did the Blairites and their defenders infiltrate the Party if they don’t believe in the mass social housing provision of Clement Attlee, the welfare and free grant supported educational provision of Harold Wilson, or the trade unionism of Jim Callaghan?
      We now actually have the abomination of entryists trying to expel those who share pacifist stop-the-war sentiments of the Party’s founder Kier Hardie.

      1. Miranda and the boys are always on the lookout for arsetures new.

    4. It’s worth recalling that in the days when – now Rupert Murdoch’s friends and free market fundamentalists – Blair and Brown infiltrated the Labour Party they often could be found citing Karl Marx.

      1. Yeah, the beginner’s guide to version, or the books written by bourgeoise historian who wrote from books written by and on and on. Each reading leads away from the source. Once heard the Strawman give a talk in the Lake District. I genuinely slept throughout his address. I was not alone. It was Kendal LP, early 80’s. Anybody else attends. If there are any attendees could they please tell me what the fuck he was rabbitting about? Jesus I am ready for the knackers yard.

      2. Don’t you go anywhere, Wobbly mate! You bring a much-needed surrealist humour to the debate with many a true word in there if you look. I would say that all the best people are, as the great Peter Cook described himself, “at a slight angle to the universe”…

    5. ALL who want change, take note.
      Dr Philip Proudfoot’s VICTORY against Oberman, is yet MORE proof that we CAN stand up to liars and WIN🎉🎉🎉We can win against slanders / liars.
      Failing to act, creates “MORAL HAZARD”.
      Failing to act = OPEN INVITATION for WMD Mandelson 45 minute Blair Tom Watson creatures to lie, lie and lie again.

      Those who venomously and vigorously argue otherwise are agents of the status quo‼️‼️‼️ The status quo and its guards like Sir Keith Starmer could NEVER have as easy a ride without their EXTREMELY effective
      🏳️🚾🏳️🚾🏳️🚾WHITE FLAG WAVERS like Malcolm Coleman’s (aka Allan Howard). It is incredible how easily that gang has convinced those who have the correct policies, to appease parasites over and over. And, spread the pernicious lies that nothing can be done.

    6. Tip for our Trev, the celebrity and media jobs and wealth will not get you a seat in the chamber of horrors. What have you done to fight racism? Hating Palestinians and Russians doesn’t count. Try the funny hurts and Tingers. They too put their tongues where socialists fear to venture.

  1. Sir Keir Patsy Starmer KCB QC, Special Envoy of the Trilateral Commission: RIP.

    He didn’t pick his friends (or his Data Management suppliers) carefully – but wooden planks that bankrupt political parties seldom do.

    Even before 6th May, he’s being lined-up for blame.

  2. Strange how I woke up this morning to British press estatic at the election of a new World order President in France and yet no reports in the British or European press about 2shot dead in the centre of paris by police manning the celebration of macrons election.No mention of vote rigging or the voters given pencils to vote with?….Still better than the dominion election machines that are made in Britain and swung elections around the world.Alls well and dont forget to get your cash out of the bank soon and probably around the june \july when the economic reset kicks off….The pounds down to 1.27to the doller and failing from 1.38only a few weeks ago…Thats eleven cents less on your and my pound and whos going to deal with the hyper inflation in Britain?The knight of the realm the numpty members of the labour party voted for?God help us…not the queen 👑

    1. ……….& now that RT has been prevented from broadcasting we don’t have Max Keiser to give us an alternative 2 the BBC when the up & coming economic meltdown we are about to experience arrives in the summer of discontent & soon to be followed by a cold cold winter. Ah but wait, it’s all Putin’s fault because he started a war in Ukraine. case closed.. Sharpen the pitchforks & oil the wheels of the tumbrils.

      1. Max & Stacey’s last Keiser Report was 24 Feb, when Russia’s Special Operation started. None since.

        Similarly, in the UK, Renegade Inc, Going Underground & George Galloway’s Sputnik, which all made a brief comeback after finding new studios, have been dormant since early April. Perhaps MI5 warned them off in no uncertain terms…

    2. Although it’s tempting to jump to conclusions, according to Agence France-Presse the police were manning a checkpoint a mile or so from the celebrations when a car tried to ram it. The passenger was shot fleeing the scene. The driver was presumably shot at the wheel. Will be interesting to see if this story has legs…

    3. And they tell us our votes count, our votes only count as they go through the industrial shredder or incinerator. I wonder how much longer The PEOPLE will go along with This Clown or That Clown!?

      1. nellyskelly – I see you are getting your Trumpian excuses in early.

      2. ……but if voting could change anything they would make it illegal. Yet another cliche but true!

      3. Exactly Steve. I think that they have proven since 2015, to a phenomenal degree, that the Tri/Omnilateral Commissions are the decision makers, The PEOPLE have no say in anything whatsoever. Trump vs Clinton, to me, was the biggest WTF, even if you tried you wouldn’t find two crazier people in the USA! Out of however many million Americans, that is the best they could do, that was who they voted into lead!?
        The winning WTF will be BlueKeef vs The Inbred Ogre!
        Anyone who believes that Corbyn vs The Inbred Ogre was a true result is fucking insane.
        We are just numbers, waiting for our player to lose his hand at the War Game. Again anyone who believes that war won’t come to them…., watch Russia, this war has little to do with Ukraine but everything to do with Russia! If Russia was a man, he’d be Jeremy Corbyn, not for his politics or ethics, but for the singled out human hunt down. Using much the same pattern as with Corbyn, much the same attackers, similar reasons, just on a much larger scale, next attempts will be China and Iran! If Russia wants to remain in one piece, they better start producing some hard evidence that Ukraine are responsible for the War Crimes.

      4. nellyskelly – Your gullibility is your problem, not mine.

      5. @Nellykskelly

        It’s been going since before that. It’s just getting more and more obvious.

        Best UK example of electoral shenanigans is Indy ref held in Scotland. Day before vote, they were going…

        There are many different types of evidence to show the tampering that went on. Even official police statements taken. What happened?

        Change is coming, but it won’t be here in the UK. Marx said the only revolution in Britain will be in gardening…

      6. Wah hah hah, yeah he was never wrong! It was even before that, wherever there is a loophole or a fine tooth comb they will suck the life out of it!
        I was just looking at Canary, an article about 400K of us on ESA to be shifted on to UC, and the tears are rolling! Interesting on the DWP website from 2019 *Red Alert* Clams rose from 1.9% to 3.9% that is a massive 2% it doesn’t look like much but if you go and look at the figures it is phenomenal i.e. 2% of the UK Population = 1 370 536 more claimants than there was pre-2019, which was a relatively constant 1.9%! I don’t know how many people I warned about this happen, Other Activists warned about this, Jeremy Corbyn warned about this happening, but nobody heard him for all the screeching from the various Bandwagons. Here it is, Britain is down and out, 0 hour contracts, sacked by text, no reasons, because now we have almost no workers rights, etc.
        What I would love to know is where were the Unions when 1 370 536 people, of which a large population would be unionists, when these people found themselves on a downward spiral!? We need to hear from these Unions, WTF they are doing! FFS!
        Coffey’s 400K claimants are mostly vulnerable Adults and on the edge as it is, those brown envelopes will kill many of us, who can not face another moment of going through the DWP Mangle System. And losing Moneys from the meagre amounts that we’re struggling to get by with as it is! How many will make mistakes, intentional or unintentional for a couple of pounds, they will then face BlueKeef’s beloved 10 Years for Benefit Fraud! Then the “Opposition” Promised to be much tougher on benefit claimants! Deaths linked to the DWP are running up to 180K, HOW THE FUCK can it become much fucking tougher!
        No matter how people vote, the people who need support the most will suffer. Neo-Labour TORIES or Conservative TORIES, two Evils and no Best Of!
        I hope people remember that it was The Upper Middle Class Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORY Toffs who Sabotaged, Smeared and Lied a UK Labour Party victory out of The People’s hands! This is a Class War and The Upper Middle Class Neo-Labour TORIES are sniggering down at us “the Undeserving Poor”, from their Ivory Towers, but looking at the rate of claimants increased, a good indication of how fast the poverty line is speeding up, and soon it will get them by the toe and all! Perhaps Labour will send Claimants to some Central African Country without a Passport or pot to piss in! That could be…..”Fun”!

  3. Aye, I caught up with the film – ‘Official Secrets’ – on BBCiplayer, over the weekend.

    The perfect illustration of why Blair, Campbell et al. should never have been allowed near our politics, in the first place, and should never be allowed any political influence in our politics, ever, again.

  4. There’s a pattern emerging here.

    In 2018 Blair was bleating on about a new party and was rumoured to be involved with Project One Movement UK Ltd along with his son Euan. Now, he’s rumoured to be involved with this initiative to build a new party. His ego knows no bounds, he’s like a cracked record stuck in the politcs of the late 1990’s early 2000s.

    He had his chance and what he did in government laid the foundations for Cameron’s austerity and further privatisation of our services. It’s now time for progressive change, something he with his blinkered neoliberal ideology is unable to deliver. But still he keeps intervening with his many “infrequent interventions”, a program of nothingness designed to keep everything centrist (code for Tory) and provent any meaningful progress for the many.

    His intervention in 2018, (working with the Tories), calling for a peoples vote was a deliberate strategy to undermine Corbyn’s leadership and move British politics back to the centre. That delivered this government and a hard Brexit. Somebody should tell him to do one.

    1. Thanks for pulling that Solomon Hughes /MS article out Nemtona. It professes to be a ‘how’ article and it doesn’t shy away from the why’s, well, the single ‘why’ that Blair, Starmer, Mamdelson etc. committed themselves to achieving: the electoral destruction of Corbyn and his politics. Ta muchly.

      1. Tony Blair has an ego the size of a house and appears to be delusional – he seems to think he can one day make a comeback to mainstream politics. That is one of the reasons why he set out to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and why he did the same to his former buddy Gordon Brown and why he is now having a go at Starmer. He does not seem to realise just how detested he is by most normal people who cannot forgive or forget Iraq and the hundreds of thousands ( if not a million) deaths, the rise of ISIS and the terror attacks on British soil which resulted.
        Tony would be a lot happier if instead of interfering in politics he accepted his reputation is in the gutter, forever tainted by Iraq. He should content himself and spend his time with his money grubbing wife counting their and their children’s millions, the accumulation of which was his aim from the moment he walked into Downing St. The mans a disgrace.

      2. Blair should be on trial in The Hague.
        Forget their “Extreme Centre” (Tariq Ali) and Project Britain we need Project Hague.
        And perhaps the Tory Cabinet should be prosecuted too for their treatment of Care Homes during Covid?

    2. That is exactly what Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Neoliberalism with that massive dollop of Neoconservatism set out to achieve. Firstly, to facilitate confusion among the lay electorate with words like “liberals”, “centrists”, etc, with which they could infest and colonise the main Opposition Parties with Conservativism, and gradually with MSM Propaganda, drag the left from centre left to deep right. We can see this already in the USA, Canada, UK, France, for ie.

  5. I am all for disbanding party politics which has brought us to the mess we are in now. The House of Commons it is not. Filled with sirs dames and multi-millionaires who are so far removed from reality it makes one want to burn down The Houses of Parliament. Seasoned professionals in each government department, with accountants in each, protecting the country’s wealth, instead of The Treasury being regarded by The Chumocray as their own private bank. Independent members of Parliament to be brought together in a new building at the geographical centre of Britain and big Houses to be given over to the tourist industry. Oh yeah, a Civil Litigation Action versus The Pandemic Cabinet (past & present) and the cessation of lobbying, especially by The Knesset and The Nuclear Power Association.

    1. Add to that, the lifting of Charitable Status for ‘public schools’, that’s given us nothing but twats like Johnson and Mogg, to rule over us.

      n.b. Not strictly true. Humphrey Lyttelton was an old Etonian, and a more anarchic toff would be hard to find.

  6. About your views on the HoC barriereid ..

    Up to a point Lord Copper .. up to a point .. [*]

    I would be satisfied if there were more scientists
    in the HoC and less lawyers.

    It seems none of them have a clue of how
    science works and its principles ..

    [*] “Scoop” by Evelyn Waugh

    1. Science is the very antithesis of how politics is normally done in this country.
      The scientist gathers data, analyses it and comes up with what seems to be the best explanation – a theory.
      The next step is to try to disprove that theory, and gather data which will lead to a better theory.
      Most politicians prefer to live their lives in a kind of Oxbridge debating club where they develop a theory out of thin air and then seek only the information that can be used to support it. Anything else is disregarded or, where that is not possible, those who highlight conflicting information are demonised.
      It’s been happening on this site too.
      Anyone hoping for our politicians to use scientific method any time soon would be well advised not to hold their breath.

      1. Not impressed with Scientists at the moment
        Not surprised they can be bought, gobsmacked how cheap they are

      2. The following contains warnings which went unheeded during the Covid Scamdemic (points 2 & 3 especially), warnings that will echo ever louder unless Scientism is killed in the cradle (copy/pasted from t’Internet) :

        C S Lewis was not anti-science, but was opposed to ‘Scientism’, which may be defined as the “wrong-headed belief that modern science supplies the only reliable method of knowledge about the world and also … that scientists should be the ones to dictate public policy and even our moral and religious beliefs simply on the basis of their scientific expertise.”

        There was a similar relation between science and culture when Lewis lived to our own. Then as now, there were:

        1. claims that science provides a view that refutes the traditional religious view.

        2. claims that someone is anti-science if they are sceptical of certain claims made in the name of science.

        3. claims that public policy should be guided or controlled by an elite class of scientific experts.

        Science has many positive aspects. To many, the abilities of science seems almost magical. In The Abolition of Man, Lewis claimed that serious magical endeavour and serious scientific endeavour are twins. Although this seems strange, there are some key similarities (as well as differences).

        Science and magic both have the ability to function as an alternative to religion. Eg. H.G. Wells’ cosmic evolutionism.

        Science ultimately encourages a lack of scepticism. There is a difference in trust between scientific and historical knowledge. Many would say that we can know more about pre-historic man, because science provides that information, than we can know from historians about historic man, such as Julius Caesar or Napoleon. Scientism fuelled gullibility is illustrated by Freud’ materialistic reductionism and also by Evolutionism. Lewis did not object to the evolutionary process in itself, but had little patience with the view that it was a blind unguided process. He lamented that “the modern mind accepts as a formula for the universe the principle ‘almost nothing’ may be expected to turn into ‘almost everything’ without noticing that the parts of the universe under our direct observation tell quite a different story.”

        Lewis noted evolutionism’s fatal self-contradiction on human mind: “If my own mind is a product of the irrational, if what seem my clearest reasonings are only the way in which a creature conditioned as I am is bound to feel, how shall I trust my mind when it tells me about evolution?” Darwin had similar doubts, expressed in his Autobiography, which Lewis had read.

        Lewis also commented on the blind acceptance of eugenics and other later-debunked ‘scientific’ views by many scientists. If even scientists show such credulity, then as the general public increasingly defer to science, they are even more susceptible to unquestioning acceptance of what is presented as ‘science’.

        Science as power is the most dangerous aspect of science’s similarity to magic, which threatens the future of civilisation itself. The critical difference between science and magic is that science ‘works’.

        In discussing the tendency of science towards reductionism, Lewis noted that: “As soon as we take the final step of reducing our own species to the level of mere nature, the whole process is stultified…. By treating human beings as the products of blind non-rational forces, scientific reductionism eliminates man as a rational moral agent. Man’s final conquest has proved to be the abolition of man.” Reductionism opens the door to the manipulation of human beings, with no effective limit on such manipulation because scientism undermines the authority of the ethical principles needed to justify those limits. Lewis demonstrates this in his science fiction trilogy. It is interesting to note that during World War 2, Lewis wrote not about the dangers of fascism or communism but about the danger of scientism.

        Lewis’ view on the generally held opinion: “I take a very low of view of climates of opinion. Every man knows that all discoveries are made and all errors corrected by those who ignore the climate of opinion.”

        Lewis hoped that the challenge to scientism could take place on the basis of science itself. His desire was that from science herself, the cure might come.

      3. @Doug. I’m not surprised you say that. It’s something the entire scientific community has been grapling with for years (most of my adult life). One of the best “explanations” I’m aware of is a theme that often surfaces here. (read this, or at least the first three headings-worth)

        Something to do with how “applied neoliberalism” openly reducing scientific conundrums (and the scientific method, itself) to commercial opportunities and barriers. Non-medics are often surprised to realise how mainstream medicine is always overtly commercial and thus political Anyway, hope it’s useful to you.

        From the Abstract:

        How can we create a radical health pedagogy – one that draws the links between several pandemics raging across the planet: capitalist collapse, climate disruption, Covid-19, racism, and an emergent neoliberal fascism – to enable doctors, health professionals and citizens to see them as all of one piece? Medical educators must employ critical pedagogy to create legions of “constructive troublemakers” who challenge the social-structural obstacles that are driving millions to premature death. We have reached the “end times.” A new “planet medicine” is finally emerging…….”

      4. “Most politicians prefer to live their lives in a kind of Oxbridge debating club where they develop a theory out of thin air and then seek only the information that can be used to support it. Anything else is disregarded or, where that is not possible, those who highlight conflicting information are demonised.”

        goldbach, A gallant and worthy first attempt at a definition of steveH.

        Keep up the good work.

      5. That’s the question everyone on this site is asking about you stevie boy.

      6. Theres a lot of slush money around at the moment and Scientists and politicians have took advantage of the feeding frenzy with the creation of a World living on the “eve of destruction” .How many of us didnt realise that this was coming and just how flippant and dangerous our very own backyard politicians have evolved into with the lies and deceit of back them up.
        Whats wrong with us that we never vote for ordinary working class people who know the value of a good job and the value of their own people..No I wouldn’t want a House of commons full of Scientists…just ordinary people who realise that nearly one hundred thousand pounds,a pension scheme that ensures a good life and expenses so called beyond belief is somthing to be grateful for especially as the working class who have provided for them.a amazingly. “Good life”

      7. qwertboi
        Thanks for that, challenge for all the things we debate on here is what can be done
        International Criminal Court
        The default position on the planet should be everyone is covered by it, what disappears when kleptocracy control everything is ‘Moral Hazard’ the chances of anything happening to the fuckers is close to zero
        So as my grandad used to say
        You can do anything you like as long as you are prepared to pay the price
        Would be easier to educate the bairns, basically anyone who tries to get out of being covered by the ICC is a &#$%, so dont vote for them
        No country or person is an island, they want the benefits of a free world then pay the membership fee

      8. Timfrom an extremely enlightened post regarding “Scientism” and the opinions of CS Lewis.Thanks for that we of the lesser educated learn a lot from the postings here and that one was a gem 💎.And has for Steve H..annoying obsessed but a persistent little soul who is a glutton for punishment and in a slightly twisted way can be applauded for effort “but marked down for “content”

      9. You’re welcome, Joseph. Yes, I thought it was a gem, too. Glad you found it illuminating.

  7. Sickening to think this guy was the country’s top prosecutor as DPP.

    The lack of consistency in suspensions/readmissions, unclear rules/processes, and lack of natural justice – right to be heard – for those accused of something and been summarily expelled.

    It’s Mugabe-esque. ZANU-Labour in action. Does every case he was involved in need reviewing?

  8. Okay, what are they playing at?
    A: They want to win the next GE, but they realised Starmer is not cutting it with the public and the current lead is solely down to Johnson’s incompetence. They are getting impatient and fear another Tory leader will trounce Starmer.
    B: The whole point of the Blairites is to maintain the current status quo both economically and internationally, therefore ensuring Labour doesn’t get elected while looking like they’re trying. Unfortunately, Johnson is so inept that despite Starmer’s best efforts, Labour is ahead. Solution? Plot another Chicken Coup.

    I’m inclined to believe B

  9. Forde report:-
    On 22nd March, Martin Forde wrote, in response to an enquiry, that the report would be published in “the next few weeks” and that, once it had been published, he would be happy to be interviewed about the reasons for the delays in publication.

  10. The entity still referring to itself as the Labour Party is not the only thing falling apart at the seams.

    The sorry state of what passes for a political opposition merely mirrors that of what considers itself as the natural Party of Government and the Governing political class in the UK of which all party’s are an integral part.

    Indeed, Britain has a government and governing class which resembles a third world failed state — it, whether government or opposition, can’t provide its people basics like energy, medicine, a place to live.

    What do you do when people become hostage to their own ruin? Sorry, Grandma, I know you’re freezing every night, but hey, guess what, I’m still voting for these incompetents.

    And in turn the malaise of incompetence infests the entire 15%-20% of the planets population centers which self identifies as THE Free World/THE International Community. From the clueless politicians, media and managerial professional classes with useless impractical law and humanities degrees without a single iota of real world experience or gumption between them all the way down to those who complain about the shit they are in for continuing to vote for these numpties.

    A problematic issue given that the entire Western populace is kept in the dark and fed on shit. How can it be possible to make informed choices when the quality of information is so poor?

    Take this current example in this piece from Belgium:

    “Another item in Russian news yesterday and today has been the screening several times a day of videos taken in the United States during Joe Biden’s latest trips across the country to sell his narrative on the economic travails America is now experiencing. Two separate speeches end in Biden’s turning from the lectern and seeking to the shake someone’s hand when there is in fact no one around him. Biden then looks lost and makes a sad retreat from the stage.

    Nikonov remarked that these videos have not been aired on major U.S. television, have not been reported on in mainstream print media. My friend in Washington confirms that this is so. Meanwhile, the fact of Biden’s blatant disorientation was denounced by Donald Trump a day ago – so at least he has seen the videos which the Russians take as indicative of the mental degeneration of the U.S. President and a token of the degeneration of the entire U.S. political class. Trump commented that Biden’s disorientation is something the country has never seen before and that the Biden administration has put the U.S. on a path to hell.

    Where will all this end? It is not headed in a good direction”

    You don’t have to be a fan of numpties like Trump to be seriously concerned about the quality and calibre of those minding the shop and their ability to make sensible decisions.

    Unfortunately, as many will attest, this has been the systemic normal for decades across the West at all levels. Surveying the landscape it is becoming increasingly difficult to fond any functioning oasis of sane rational decision making in a desert of fantasy narratives.

    Supply chains are all but collapsed. Energy prices and lack of planned reserves from self inflicted nonsense policies were forcing British growers to abandon production back in January – before the RF SMO of late February. There seems every probability of decades of the ponzi scheme of fiat money printing will start to unravel very quickly over the coming few months. With food and energy shortages.

    Meanwhile, “THE Leader of THE Free World” is busy trying to shake hands with thin air and the fourth Estate, including its SM shills like steveH, is tripping over itself trying desperately to convince everyone that the idea that the emperor has no clothes is a conspiracy theory (Copyright the CIA).

    It does not seem a credible proposition to conclude I am alone in knowing a number of people who have already spoiled their voting papers, or plan to, in the coming local authority elections. Given the paucity of choices this presents itself as the only rational response to a collective leadership, management and self styled professional leadership class, spanning the entire spectrum, which is so far up its own arse it doesn’t know its backside from a hole in the ground and is steering us all to ruin in its self inflicted hubris based on fantasy narratives not anchored in the real world.

      1. The credible alternative is “anything other than the statos quo or establishment” thats just a example of how bad it is when the voters are driven to the edge by misfits and pathological parasites that infest the House of commons,the media and most certainly the scientific community of “Big pharma” What a world you have created with your friends mr H Hall centrist dad.

      2. – Operating on the basis of objective reality rather than self identifying fantasies.

        – Applying principles consistently rather than exceptionally to suit convenience.

        – Doing what it says on the tin.

        Would be a start.

        Sitting there shouting inanities into the dark down in the stalls – which is the only you know how to do steveH – is just another form of self abuse. You’ll be clapping yourself before long.

        So come on son, tell us what YOU have got – if anything.

      3. Doug – I very much doubt that Jeremy Corbyn will stand at the next General Election, why would he take the risk?

      4. “Doug – I very much doubt that Jeremy Corbyn will stand at the next General Election, why would he take the risk?”

        Is it people of priciple or principle itself that you have trouble undetrstanding? He’ll stand – and his tremendous majority will probably not reduce. It might even increase!

      5. qwertboi – I’m struggling to see why whether he stands or not has anything to do with principles. As to whether he decides to stand or not and whether he will manage to hang onto his if he does, time will tell.

    1. IF wood is not treated and stored properly it becomes twisted and breaks apart and even becomes infested somtimes with parasites that destroy itself from within.A good Carpenter would know how to stack the wood,maybe we are missing more skilled workers in parliament or the “son of a carpenter”
      I despair for the world of my grandchildren.

  11. I liked the post about C.S. Lewis – sorry cannot remember
    who posted it .. duh .. or who posted the nice summary of
    how science works .. duh again ..

    Believe me I do not believe Science has all the answers
    – it has its limitations but that politicians do not even
    understand these is – I think – my point.

    Science creates a *model* of reality which is not
    reality of course but its object is to improve that model.

    The model needs to be challenged which is where
    negative data comes in and this is what Corbyn
    knows and the scientific ignoramuses dont** and he
    gets shouted at for being a “traitor” ..

    Negative data does not necessarily negate the model
    but sometimes extends to clarify it ..

    ** alternatively they DO know but prefer to muddle
    the debate
    Sorry about the lecture!

  12. Confirmation bias
    Where you only have eyes for information that supports your opinion
    As a gambler the worst thing that can happen is when you win a decent amount of money, for two reasons
    You should walk away and never gamble again, protect your hard earned good fortune
    You become delusional, you actually think you have cracked it
    The likes of the War Criminal believe they are the chosen ones, they are immensely wealthy because they above the rest of us and they can afford to do whatever they want
    Setting up political parties or launching TV channels feeds their ego
    Fortunately we all know how hubris ends

  13. Science provides a theoretical point of reference and is essentially neutral.
    The appliance of science by engineers can be used for good or evil.
    It’s interesting to see that Mariupal, a place I’ve never heard of, has appeared on our screens.
    It has a huge steel works …. Something that we don’t bother doing very much of in our dysfunctionmal economy.
    Oh no – We lost our engineering to Germany, Eastern Europe and the Far East.
    In return we got the consolation prize – DELIVEROO.
    Thanks politicians.
    Thanks E.U.

    1. Well I wouldn’t blame the EU for our loss of Engineering!
      I think that aspect of our National Psyche has been going
      on for 100s of years. This model of the psyche is a form
      of “snobbery pyramid” which has the Classics as the
      apogee and going down is – roughly – languages (and
      literature), mathematics and the pure sciences (**), the
      humanities .. with Engineering at the bottom.

      Dickens knew this and made a point of featuring an
      Engineer as one of the main characters in one of his
      novels to try to help the situation.

      (**) this is more in theory than in fact – the understanding
      of basic Mathematics in the country is appalling.

      The situation has got worse and there is an Excellent book
      about this called
      “What We have Lost” by James Hamilton-Patterson

      (though I do not think he deals with snobbery ..? )

      1. Talking of Engineers, if you haven’t already read it, Sir John Glubb, a Royal Engineers Officer, offers some interesting observations in The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival (available to download as a single pdf file from several sites).

        From the introduction:

        The experiences of the human race have been recorded, in more or less detail, for some four thousand years. If we attempt to study such a period of time in as many countries as possible, we seem to discover the same patterns constantly repeated under widely differing conditions of climate, culture and religion. Surely, we ask ourselves, if we studied calmly and impartially the history of human institutions and development over these four thousand years, should we not reach conclusions which would assist to solve our problems today? For everything that is occurring around us has happened again and again before…

        [T]he thesis which I wish to propound is that priceless lessons could be learned if the history of the past four thousand years could be thoroughly and impartially studied. In these two articles,
        which first appeared in
        Blackwood’s Magazine, I have attempted briefly to sketch some of the kinds of lessons which I believe we could learn. My plea is that history should be the history of the human race, not of one small country or period.

      2. “there is an Excellent book about this called “What We have Lost” by James Hamilton-Patterson…”

        Thanks! Even (especially?) when I don’t see it straight-off, your posts are usually thought-provoking.

    2. I would argue that the consolation prize was actually money laundering, with the City of London and its satellites in the IoM, Jersey, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar etc. etc. at its centre.

  14. For those unfamiliar with Phil Collins, his political views are akin to those of John McTernan and Tom Harris. I’d say Collins is possibly even to the right of Blair.

    The fact Starmer is associating with these people and they are writing his speeches, illustrates just how deceitful his ‘continuity Corbynism’ leadership pitch was. Remember Starmer denouncing other leadrship candidates claiming “we don’t need to veer off to the right” ?

    1. Andy – I have Starmers “10 promises” which he
      expensively had printed out in a place of (dis)
      honour on my mantle shelf whenever I hear anyone
      praising him.

      1. Dr Philip Proudfoot’s VICTORY against Oberman, is PROOF once again that ACTIONS CAN be SUCCESSFUL against slanders / liars📌📌📌

        Those who venomously and vigorously argue otherwise are agents of the status quo‼️‼️‼️ The status quo quo could and its guards like Sir Keith Starmer could NEVER have as easy a ride without their EXTREMELY effective
        🏳️🟦🏳️🟦🏳️WHITE FLAG WAVERS gang.

      2. The level of deception was and remains a democratic outrage.

        Some say, oh stop going on and let’s move on. But it’s impossible when he only got the leadership because he dispelled leftists doubts by making certain promises. Since winning he’s gutted Labour from the inside.

        Owen Jones has been outspoken about the sheer deceit involved. Don’t agree with OJ on everything but he’s right about this.

  15. ‘Scuse the off-topic, but…

    Oberman – mwahahahahaha!!

    If there’s any justice it’ll go tits up for riley next in Mike Sivier’s case, and then hopefully, HOPEFULLY, a (few) journalist(s) with some modicum of integrity will start questioning the premise of keefs’ witch-hunt with a bit of purpose.

    In the meantime – unlucky, tray (again) *sniggers*.🖕😏🖕

      1. As if you’re arsed.

        Still to hear you condemn keef for his witch hunt, and the real reasons behind it.

        Still, when he’s getting rid of those self appointed guardians of the left, eh? 🤔

        (But it’s all Corbyn & Formby’s fault, because…😴)

        So please do keep up the facade that you give a shite. We’re all taken in like Ukrainian refugees…

      2. Nah.

        And I’d already read the voxpolitical article.

        Anywhooo…About smarmer’s purge? Still Corbyn’s/Formby’s/Those self-appointed guardians of the left’s fault, is It? 🤔

  16. Panzers are arriving from Germany into Ukraine once again, Unfinished business from WW2.

    1. Well, well. Just happened upon some revealing information. Zelensky’s TV career and his subsequent campaign for the presidency were funded by the oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky. This isn’t new. information. What is new, at least to me, is that Kolomoisky also funded the creation of the Azov Battalion. Bad news fo Zelensky. He has no way out.

      1. goldbach – Perhaps things aren’t quite as clear cut as you imply, this was published in the Financial Times in March 2021.

        The US has imposed sanctions on Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky over corruption allegations in an attempt to help Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky root out the influence of powerful business clans in the war-stricken country.

      2. WOW! Thanks goldbach…

        Seems we should be adding Ihor Kolomoyskyi AND Zelensky (AND the Likud movement) to the special class of Kapo elite .

        Thanks. Thanks. Thanks goldbach

      3. Yes, Zelensky’s hands are as dirty as the Nazis who committed the murder of all those Russian-Speaking Ukrainians in Kiev and dragged their bodies to their Bucha side show! My philosophy is if you know about them, you know who and what they are, and then you are either for them and one of them or against them, and at war with them there are no in betweens.
        Off subject, I had to laugh, headline: ‘Russia is committing Gas Blackmail against EU’ next headline ‘EU is boosting imports from countries willing to pay in Rubles’! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! They are still buying Russian gas and still paying in Ruble at point of origin, only at a premium double import rate, for the sake of not directly buying in Rubles! WTAFF!!! Is it any wonder that majority wanted out of the EU and many more like me who voted remain would have most certainly changed our votes to leave, for a UK Labour Party Leave Plan, after seeing the Neoliberal EU for what it is under a microscope for 5 years!

    2. Steve 101704. Many will not think of your comments on Germany with any alarm.They may live to regret that.
      I once visited a House in Waterkloof Pretoria of a former German SS General in the early 1980s for a evening of entertainment with the locals .A Brievleiss and good .S Afrikaans wine 🍷.I was astounded that the home was little more than a temple to the SS and Adolf Hitler.and the general was obsessed with the war and unfinished business in Russia.Needless to say the evening was mainly a recruitment drive for the Afrikaans resistence movment who led by Eugene tere blanch was little more than a fascist murder gang .The final push came only a few months later in the unrest in mamelodi \Aterridgville Pretoria.and the Massacre of the white fascists Afrikaans resistance group in Bophutotswana apparthied pretend home for the native s.Afrikans.I still think of that General and the feeling of being in the presence of real evil on a warm night in Pretoria and the part that fascism and Nazis played in the Boar State of S,Afrika..The Nazis never went away and German tanks are again rolling through europe heading for the borders of Russia.A timly reminder by Steve 101704..

      1. Germany had close ties with both Croatia & Ukraine during WW2 & is responsible for pouring money & arms into both countries,to break up Yugoslavia & foster Neo-Liberal Capitalist ideologies in Ukraine, leading to its joining EEC & NATO?. The economic destruction of Greece is a further reminder that WW2 is far from finished.

      2. Thanks, Joseph, this is when Skwaky columnists are good and the posts and links are amazing in their thinking. Original, well thought out, pithy but above all Socialist.

  17. Unfinished business only in the sense
    that at the end of WW2 Europe was carved
    up by Churchill, Attlee, Stalin and Truman.
    This involved moving round chunks of countries
    to form other countries .. and not always
    to the advantage of those affected ..

    Germany have only just decided to act-
    in contrast to Poland who are also supplying
    tanks .. Poland is one of those countries who
    lost land after WW2 – to what is now Ukraine.
    After Stalin had made a pact with Hitler the
    Soviets invaded Poland and annexed part
    of it and this – pretty much – comprises a
    region of what is now Ukraine.

    Putin decided to invade Ukraine
    – ostensibly for fear of NATO. However he
    has acted against his own interests for
    NATO is now stronger – with Countries
    very eager to join. Not only that but areas like
    Mariupol which were Russian speaking have
    been smashed to bits In other areas -with
    strong links to Russia – people are no longer
    speaking to their Russian relatives who will not
    believe what is happening in Ukraine.

    I only hope the UN manage to organise
    a humanitarian corridor at Mariupol and
    makes a start at some sort of peace deal.

    1. “people are no longer speaking to their Russian relatives who will not believe what is happening in Ukraine.”
      Where did you get that from?
      “I only hope the UN manage to organise a humanitarian corridor at Mariupol and makes a start at some sort of peace deal.” – No need. DPR and, to some extent, Russia are doing just that. getting aid in. The only bit of Mariupol where that isn’t happening is the Azovstal works, where the last of Azov Battalion is holed up. And, as for a peace deal, the ultra-nationalists in Ukraine won’t accept one. Sad to say that it will likely go on for a number of weeks yet. I’m a pacifist but, realistically, I can’t see peace breaking out for a while yet.

      1. goldbach – There are non so blind as those that refuse to see. There is nothing to stop Putin from taking his invasion force home.

      2. Just as there’s nothing stopping Zelensky from implementing the Minsk accords (apart from the ultra-nationalists who have threatened to kill him if he does), which Putin has said would be an acceptable condition for withdrawing his forces from Ukraine.

      3. Your second sentence is a statement of fact.
        Your first sentence shows a bit of introspection at last.

  18. So….The cost of living crisis the worst in seventy years a statement in the so called independent.They consistently miss the point along with the politicians and its deliberate like the fall in the pound now at 1.25on the Asian market this morning.Theres a Living crisis in Britain “and its a manufactured give even more power to the world order.ITs noticeable that Britain is falling behind even Europe and the US and its deliberate to force a change,of the UK …Last week it was the Chinese that caused it with worrys over a lockdown of Chinese manufacturing due to….erm Cvt19 flu?.This week its nucluer war in the Ukraine despite stocks now rising and oil over one hundred dollers a barrel.Virtually every other currency including the ruble are steadying or like the US and European currency rising.We are heading for turn of the twentieth century living and the lack of democracy after years of asset stripping carpetbagging conservative party rule
    .I now think that its odds on for a labour government and I never thought I would ever be worried about that.but fascists in any colour frighten me because I have spent most of my adult life fighting it and I know fascism when I see it even on a Red rosette.or behind a union Jack with the dripping red hand of Ulster…UVF \DUP fascists…a labour victory coinciding with a democratic socialist Sinn Fein government in Belfast will mean fireworks and it looks like the oldest party in Ireland “ourselves alone will be looking for a united Ireland when Sinn Fein also take the government in the republic of the next general election.Short of ballot rigging then Sinn Fein have it.and it will be the mandate of the Irish people….

    1. Thought provoking Joseph. Edward Bernays (the nephew of Freud and ‘father’ of PR) in his 1928 book, Propaganda, accepts and promotoes the idea that corporate entities have to use the same “group” think technicques that constitute applied (nudge, nudge) propoganda. Even if the covid scam and Ukraine-Russia proxy war had not happened, the global-capitalists and their synchronised-MSM would still (thanks to Reagan and Thatcher) be deploying their neo-fascist falangism.

      I only become depressed by this when I realise that ‘the left’ is not sufficiently self-aware to counter this (FFS we’ve got WSWS and other Internationalists acting like ‘lockdown lefties’ and gas-chamber kapos). If anyone is going to lead a fight-back against the globo-capitalist fascists here, it is likely to be the usually right-leaning libertarians and the right. Karl Marx would be horrified.

      1. For anyone interested, Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ can br downloaded and read free from The Forbidden Library. HERE. It really is the neoliberal’s NWO’s “how to” manual.

      2. Add the Morning Star to your WSWS “lockdown lefties” list. They’re strangely silent about the Shanghai lockdown, which is odd cos they’re normally banging that Zero Covid drum every chance they get!

      3. Goldbach I think most of us only ever heard of the mythical kingdom of Moldova in the US tv show with joan Collins and loved the portrait of a Balkans “mexico” with scruffy paramilitary police and corruption endemic.whilst the heros were locked away in dungeons.and tortured.(Anglos)all with the “Big hair” and makeup including the men.Cant remember the name but it gave “Dallas” a run for their money.I wonder were they get all of those actors and actresses in the Balkans?Now has far as the Bombings go our comedian over the border in the Ukraine.Ps I hear hes looking at eight billion a month from Nato for his performance so he says and I am sure hes worth every doller..Somehow I don’t think Israeli spooks will be to pleased with the Jewish comedian actor turned Nazi the promised land is not on the agenda….back to Miami beach or maybe even Hollywood calls.?.

  19. Just hearing that there have been bomb attacks in Transdnistria. This is a small area, wedged between Moldova and Ukraine, that declared independence from Moldova ages ago. Its government is certainly not anti-Russian. So, who has organised these bombings?

  20. The New World Order needs the semblance of democratic choice in the UK.
    The ultra-high level of NATO propaganda from the BBC and MSM is working hard on this aim.
    Starmer and his ilk are detestable fascist bastards who have colonised the Labour Party on behalf of the rich, the powerful and the Zionists.
    Our oponents can see their chance and can sense the urgency if they want to put their pretender Mk 2 champion on the UK throne.
    The left really needs to be able to project its message over that of the MSM and it’s time it got its act together …. Before it is too late.
    Left Unity in the face of this threat must be our priority.

  21. Well – You can go and get fucked.
    We don’t need advice from professional trolls like SteveH, whose sole purpose on this site is to be negative and divisive.
    Newcomers to Skwawkbox should treat his purile contributions with the contempt they deserve.

  22. Puerile and negative – as always – Contibuting nothing positive to the debate.
    I don’t know why other good comrades on this site waste their time interacting with SteveH.
    His contributions are not on-the-level.
    They are the input of a professional paid “spoiler” in order to detract and divert from the discussion.
    Ignore him.
    Don’t feed him.
    He’s only here to spread poison.

  23. There was a post which queried the fact of families
    being split with part in Russia and part in Ukraine and
    where did I get this?

    I got it from Ukrainians talking about how
    they felt. They were from the North and spoke amidst their
    ruined homes. Their relatives in Russia will not believe
    what they say and they have subsequently cut
    themselves off from them.

    There have been numerous pieces of evidence too
    of families being shot by Russian troops as they
    escaped a war area AFTER they were waved off
    by the same Russian troops. The evidence was
    narrative as well as from video. Then there are
    the mass graves which are now being investigated
    by the UN. I think that they are perfectly capable of
    differentiating between Ukrainian civilian bodies
    and those of military personnel who may have
    been “dragged in” to quote someone up-thread .

    The UN investigators have a – sadly- huge amount
    of experience in investigating war crimes from all
    over the globe – including the Middle East and
    Central America.

    There is indeed Nationalism in the previous Warsaw
    pact countries – some of it dangerously right wing and
    this includes Russia. Not all is dangerously right wing
    but a product of the fact of the birth of the Country they
    live in – which has been formed, taken over by the
    SOVIETS then re-formed after the break up of the
    USSR in 1991.

    1. It would be useful to have the links to the reports that you cite. Then we could come to a view as to whether they are evidence or allegations. Of course, if they are allegations, it doesn’t mean that we will never be party to evidence. It simply means that we need to see the evidence.
      Regarding the question as to whether civilians have been killed and buried – In war civilians get killed. What is unlikely to be established is how these fatalities arose.
      UN investigations – It will need impartial investigators. (Scott Ritter was appointed by the UN as chief investigator in the alleged Iraq/chemical weapons allegations. He found that there were no chemical weapons. His report was re-written by the then head of the OPCW. Any investigators should be from impartial countries. Latin America? Africa? Or principled people such as Ritter.
      Here is a report from one journalist who got to the site of one of the alleged mass graves near Mariupol.

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