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Exclusive: Kensington Labour members threatened with ‘mass suspensions’ if they hosted black activist to talk about anti-black racism

Labour machine’s threat aborts meeting to address racism

Kensington constituency Labour party (CLP) in London has been forced to abandon plans to host a black activist Kerry-Anne Mendoza as guest speaker for a discussion of anti-black racism, after the Labour Party threatened members with ‘mass suspensions’ if the visit went ahead.

Ms Mendoza, editor-at-large of the Canary, told the SKWAWKBOX that she believed the threat was part of a ‘coordinated campaign’ because of her solidarity with the Palestinian people:

This is clearly a coordinated campaign to suppress free speech. They are seeking to shut down any and all discussion of racism and its insidious impacts, be that the ongoing oppression of Palestinians, the anti-Black racism I was due to discuss in this report, or the rampant Islamophobia reported just weeks ago. It’s completely transparent and cannot any longer be enabled by anyone with a functioning conscience.

Emma Dent Coad, the borough’s former Labour MP, confirmed the events and said:

In the place that saw the UK’s first racist murder and the deaths of so many in Grenfell Tower, Labour members are being forbidden to hold a discussion of anti-black racism with a black woman.

This is not the party’s first suppression, since the publication of the recent EHRC report, of voices speaking out about other forms of racism and oppression. The party has been ‘investigating’ a newly-elected NEC member of Arab heritage for speaking out in solidarity with Palestinians against the illegal occupation of their land, even though Keir Starmer and general secretary David Evans committed to implementing the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) report on Islamophobia in full, which confirms that denying Muslim populations their right to self-determination is racism.

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  1. Th rt wing would close the whole LP down if they can’t get their own way. They only like the word democracy when they’re in control. We should remember the leaked racist tweets/emails from LP HQ personnel, who curiously received a big pay off I believe.
    Officers and un-elected officials now tell us what and what we can and can’t discuss. They make up the rules as they go along and issue dictats. They don’t believe in democracy and they won’t attack racism. Mmmmm. I bet the public would like to know what, if anything, the LP do believe in these days because the rule book and constitution aren’t worth a blast on a rag-mans trumpet and everyone knows it.

    1. potatoclock, From reading in general and here in particular AND my experience in my CLP, Right Wing breaking all the rules and excluding the “Left” is as old as the hills. We chose Jeremy as leader. Previous to that, the Bliar warmongering gang never even had him as a bag carrier. They break every rule still and the “Left” are incredibly utterly DESPERATE to get them to play together with creatures proud of being nasty. eg KNIFE Jeremy in the FRONT Jessica Phillips MP – the anti bullying champion on Any Questions.

      “We did EVERYTHING they asked”. And all signs suggest that every single new demand will be done. Hopefully i’m wrong. But won’t hold my breadth 🥀🥀🥀

    2. The big question is: On what grounds did they do this? Did whoever it was that made the threat to suspend them explain WHY?! Surely there are no legitimate grounds for doing so.

      PS And talking of The Canary, it’s been almost a year since John Mann made his threat the day after the GE to go after The Canary (and ‘other far-left websites’), and yet nothing whatsoever has happened!

  2. The BBC & Sky Murdoch TV promoting ‘bend the knee’ in support of Palestine? Really? What about ‘bend the knee’ in support of banning arms sales to Saudi? Time Lewis Hamilton & all his affluent chums really stood up to be counted.

    1. Sorry I need clarification…are you saying Sky are encouraging viewers to bend the knee in support of Palestine?

      1. NO, but taking Ms Mendoza’s application of BLM to its logical conclusion…….IMAGINE? Or is it just another MSM event to promote career opportunities for the chosen ones? BLM in Yemen & Palestine?

  3. You only do daft things like this in a blind panic. The LP is rotten to its core and its beginning to crumble. You couldn’t turn it round without a very radical alteration which is very unlikely to happen; so thoughts have to turn to an alternative Party. You won’t get a spark out of the dust pile that was Labour.

  4. I feel to very angry having read this article. It sends out the message loud and clear from our party hierarchy to our Black brothers and sisters that Black Lives Don’t matter and that the only form of racism that is unacceptable to the Labour leadership is antisemitism. Solidarity with Kerry Anne , our Kensington members and the BAME community.

    1. Smartboy, any thing I posted would be, word for word, the same as your comment regarding this.

      I am proud that all my life I have fought against ALL forms of discrimination, I no longer see the labour party as an ally in that fight!

      1. Like you I have always opposed any form of discrimination and I am totally sicken by this what I can only call attack on our BAME members. It makes me sick

    2. Very true smart boy. Left wingers will soon have no more reasons to stay in this repulsive organisation. Regards ☮️

      1. If the Left does leave as a bloc, it will need to decide which Left party it backs in the local elections and unify everyone as much as possible behind ONE choice. If the votes are divided several ways in May, all that will happen is that the left will look as if it has vanished. Nothing good can come of that impression being created.

        If support for a single left party can’t be agreed, than a tactical voting model for every contest, including the London Assembly, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Senedd needs to be created.

        I beg everyone reading this to make sure the moment is not lost.

    3. Smartboy, I would like to offer a small correction with your statement of fact.
      I fear the Labour leadership doesn´t give a hoof against antisemitism either. Otherwise, Jewish members wouldn’t be the ones bearing the brunt of expulsions from the Party. Officially for bringing the Party into disrepute. Unofficially we all know that the reason is their defense for the rights of the Palestinians and they are anti-Zionist.
      Hence, what the leadership is protecting is Zionism.rather than actively fighting antisemitism, a substantial difference since many Zionist aren’t Jews and actually they could be antisemites.

  5. So the Labour Party does not give a shit about: the rule of law, party rules, democracy, free speech, BAME people, Muslims, human rights, bullying, ordinary party members, transsexuals, Palestinians, teachers, Iraqis, left wing Jews, hungry school kids…

    Sir Stalin hasn’t even been in power a year!

    They do care however about the self-styled “Jewish Community”, the police, the military, the security services, big business, rich people and PR.

    Is it just me or is the emerging picture deeply disturbing? Countervailing power for ordinary people? Hope for the 99%? Fat chance.

    Unlike Blair they can’t even claim to run the country better than the crooked Conservatives since they agree with them on pretty much everything while fucking up their own party management.

    In answer to the question What is the Labour Party for? we get New Leadership. It is only out for itself.

    1. Loto is terrifying. When the opposition is more undemocratic than the government it’s time to count the spoons. Sad.

  6. You can see why Dent Coad is not an MP. What is her evidence for saying the constituency was the scene of the UK’s first racist murder? Stupid exaggeration devalues the rest of her message.
    The only way to stop this current episode of Stalinist suppression is to use the law to undermine ‘Stalin’ Starmers constant twisting of the rule book and breaches of individual rights of natural justice. The bad press and exposure as a hypocrite will shatter his regime especially if unions turn off the financial support.

    1. Kelso’s murder was part of the Notting Hill race riots. The old Blairite Jonson (the Postie) deals with it in one of his many autobiographies (or all of them?) making it clear it was a significant event in W10 and 11 (Notting Hill).He grew up in the area. It seems unlikely it was the “first’ racist murder but it’s obvious what she means, the first one to attract attention as a racist murder as opposed to a death where the victim happened to be black. (I was a local). He’s still remembered in the black community.

  7. Plain Citizen, I seriously doubt it that you are a local. I am not a local but a quick search on the internet tells me that Kelso Cochrane was muderer in Notting Hill in 1959, well before others better known racist murders. Hence, Emma Dent-Coad isn’t exagerating.

  8. A new organisation to provide working people with a political voice is needed. I’m still a member of the LP. CLP zoom meetings are a great opportunity to expose the individuals who think they have a right to be in charge, but not many of the public know, understand or even care what we discuss.
    I agree, it’s always been like this. Though I don’t ever remember it being as full of fascist types as it is now. Racists allowed to continue in their positions, victimisation and continued bullying of disabled people just some of the ‘attributes’ of these disgusting specimens. They hate the Left and democracy as much as they want personal power and prestige.
    However, events are overtaking us. While the LP leadership is intent on making the LP absolutely safe for capital, known fascists are now among the lock-down protesters, and gaining an ear. They’re talking to the public, especially the youth.
    While we sit around attempting polite, meaningful discussion with individuals who I don’t normally like sharing the same air, the fascists are building. Campaigning and talking politics to the public is more important than flattering the ego’s of the careerists in the LP who despise democracy. There’s plenty to campaign on, with the Tories and career Lib/Lab politicians intending to ratchet down all our hard won freedoms and rights. The LP is, and always will be a friend of capital and refuses, despite clp agreement, to campaign on anything other than dog pooh and litter patrols. However, if anyone has another twenty or thirty years of attempting to democratise an authoritarian organisation, then good luck. I’m not leaving btw, I’ll wait for them to throw me out again 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll continue being politically active with like minded people, both inside the LP, and outside of the LP.

  9. …and for those who still think we live in a democratic country, then take a look at the Spycops enquiry. Not only does the State think it perfectly legitimate to spy on trade unionists, ruining many lives in the process, it’s recently passed a where they can do much worse without being subject to scrutiny and charges. I’m sure I heard the leader of the LP, QC, making damning points about this. Only kiddin’ on the last point of course.

  10. To hell with them where are your dam principles? Tell them to go ahead suspend us we will have the meeting anyhow. Thus allowing them to control you is a joke!

    Where is the dam fight from the Socialists? They are cowards that hate people saying NO to them. If they suspend you then stop paying your subs take them to court they are ignoring the rules. FFS stand up and dam fight if not then socialism has become too scared to do anything that might upset this new Labour 2.0 dam cult!

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