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NEC disciplinary chair Josan backs JLM attack on Naomi WI – but welcomed back racist ‘bully’

Stanger’s case disappeared from complaints docket after Labour First right-winger Josan became chair of disciplinary committee – and now Josan shares and affirms right-wing group’s attack on left-wing Jewish woman newly elected to Labour’s national executive

When Jewish left-winger Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi was elected to Labour’s national executive (NEC) last week, the party delayed the announcement of the results. Many believed this was to allow hostile right-wing press, groups and activists to prepare their statements attacking her.

Whether planned or not, within minutes of the announcement an array of right-wing pro-Israel hardliners had put out comments and articles attacking Wimborne-Idrissi. The same attention and comment was not directed at other left-wingers also elected to the NEC.

The ‘Jewish Labour Movement’, the group revived to fight Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party, tweeted essentially demanding that Ms Wimborne-Idrissi be allowed nowhere near Labour’s disciplinary processes, which under Keir Starmer have been reorganised in line with the ‘hierarchy of racism’ identified by the Forde Report – and from which left-wing Jews have always been excluded, despite condemnation by Forde.

And now Labour First right-winger Gurinder Singh Josan, chair of the NEC’s ‘disputes’ panel – the group’s main disciplinary body – has tweeted backing the JLM’s ‘sentiments’ and implying that Wimborne-Idrissi will indeed be allowed to play no part:

Josan has only been chair of ‘Disputes’ since January. Sometime very shortly after, the longstanding disciplinary case against fellow right-winger Luke Stanger simply vanished from the disciplinary docket, according to party insiders. And in February, Josan tweeted how ‘fantastic’ it was to see Stanger back out campaigning as a Labour member:

Stanger had been suspended by the party after complaints of:

  • racism toward Gypsy-Roma people
  • bullying
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • intimidation

Before Stanger’s case disappeared from Labour’s process, it had been referred to the NCC – Labour’s National Constitutional Committee, the party’s ultimate disciplinary body with the power to expel and bar from re-applying for membership. Neither Josan nor Stanger responded to Skwawkbox’s requests for comment.

Skwawkbox view:

The Labour right’s treatment of Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi is fundamentally antisemitic – because the Jewish woman elected (and indeed the only Jewish elected NEC member) was the only one targeted for it. Other newly- or re-elected left-wing members were not treated in the same way.

But that is entirely in line with the right’s appalling, protracted and entirely unpunished – even after complaints from leading Jewish memberswar on left-wing Jewish Voice for Labour members like her.

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