Labour Islamophobia: VICTIM of this recorded anti-Muslim abuse revealed by leaked report has been suspended for 3 years this week while perpetrator protected

Syed Siddiqi still suspended after 3 years, despite revelations of ‘Labour leaks’

Syed Siddiqi, front

Last month, Keir Starmer and acting general secretary David Evans committed to implementing, in full, the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) report on Islamophobia, even though it highlighted the shocking extent of anti-Muslim racism in the party. However, no action has yet been taken against the numerous party figures associated with anti-Palestinian statements either on their own part or made by groups such as Labour Friends of Israel, which notoriously blamed Palestinians for their own murder by Israeli troops.

But the Labour right’s abuse of Muslims goes back a long way – and the horrific case of the treatment of Syed Siddiqi was revealed by the leaked Labour report on the conduct of the right-dominated party HQ.

In 2017, Siddiqi received a torrent of Islamophobic abuse from a well-connected right-wing Labour member in his borough – and recorded it:

The full recording is almost four minutes long. Some of the most repetitive parts were edited out for brevity..

Siddiqi reported the abuse to the party – which suspended him as well as the perpetrator.

And, as the leaked Labour report makes clear, the party’s right-wing machine then went into action to protect the abuser and persecute the victim:

Although the audio recording proved that X had engaged in aggressive Islamophobic abuse of Siddiqi, the recording did not evidence the claim that Siddiqi made a threat on the call, and the counter-complaints X submitted were mostly refuted by the Whatsapp evidence he himself supplied, [party official A] and [party official B] then lifted the suspension of X, and placed both him and Siddiqi “under investigation”.

All investigative attention was now turned on Siddiqi, however, with B proactively collecting and investigating even minor complaints, for example about CLP meetings being organised without enough notice, that were normally in the purview of Internal Governance, not Disputes. B even personally insisted to Siddiqi that X’s status as a local voting delegate to the CLP be accepted, but when Siddiqi was selected as a council candidate, B tried to get the Local Campaign Forum to re-interview him on the basis of information he provided…

…on 6 December 2017 GLU suspended Siddiqi, and he became the focus of all investigative efforts.
B worked to collect a range of complaints against Siddiqi, most of which were very minor. Although further complaints about X’s conduct at a CLP meeting were received in February 2018, however, alleging bullying and intimidation, no further action against him was taken.

Siddiqi’s suspension meant that, with an upcoming CLP AGM in February 2018, Siddiqi was no longer CLP Secretary and would not be able to stand again, and he could no longer be a council candidate. At the February 2018 AGM, X was then elected CLP Secretary in his place. B did not raise that there had been complaints about X, including an audio recording in which he used abusive and Islamophobic language, ahead of the election at the AGM, even though he had proposing submitting evidence on Siddiqi to the Local Campaign Forum and argued that he should be re-interviewed after he was selected as a council candidate.

Emails show that B instead worked with the regional office to ensure that the disciplinary case against X was not raised at the AGM. When complaints followed about X’s conduct at the meeting, B promised action but took none

The report then outlines coordinated action among local MPs, councillors and their representatives against Siddiqi and the contortions used by HQ staff to excuse taking action against him but not against his abuser, before noting that the case against Siddiqi was referred to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), which has the power to expel him. A and B, who had also allegedly ignored complaints of antisemitism received from Jewish councillors in the same area, then quit their positions with the party, with no update on the case left for those who remained.

Three years later, despite the promise of Syed Siddiqi remains suspended and no action has been taken against those who rallied behind his abuser, despite the leadership’s promise to enact the LMN report in full. His ongoing suspension continues to be used by the Labour right to target him and others associated with him, such as Sam Tarry – who beat right-wing favourites to selection as Ilford South’s parliamentary candidate and now serves as its MP.

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  1. I guess Labour got the overflow from the Tories when their racist quota (MAX 98%) was full and Blair opened the door to their rejects.
    Not sure Labour even deserves a decent burial.

    1. SH – as u know, “previous administration” was paralysed by Starmer. As u know, Starmer collaborated with a cabal funded by foreign interests who still, as they boasted on the MSM, they “wake up everyday thinking of new ways to undermine” Jeremy⚠️

  2. What did the previous administration do about this, particularly from Apr18 onwards to May20?

    1. SteveH, the “previous administration” were kept tied by your “Mandy”, as u recently affectionately called Mandelson. Mandson boasted, they “worked night and day to bring Jeremy down.” As u know, “from Apr18 onwards to May20” Starmer, did “everything” with collaborators to make Labour lose and Tories get our win. Blair endorsed Tories over Labour. Campbell endorsed Lib Dems over Labour. Starmer’s lot, your lot, as u know, called their operation ”STOP CORBYN!”⚠️

      1. lundiel, well said!!! SH knows all above but we must knock his masters’ deceptions back to them. For the sake of growing readers, expose and crush their Right Wing deceptions‼️

      2. So davidh, Did the Israeli diplomat Shai Masot organise funding for the “STOP CORBYN!” operation? Did Maria Strizzolo assist Masot? Did funding run into £millions❔❔❔

  3. Well as members like me suspected the Broad church brigade have been in charge of the Labour party from day one of the socialist revival.Sly and cruel do the work for them but we all guessed that Corbyn was in charge,but never in Control.Steve h is a nuisance,but dutifully fulfils his contract with the Scum knight,but I have a feeling that he’s not completely happy with the direction this knight is taking which can only lead to the destruction of the Labour party.Racism xenophobia and no doubt a party at war with itself is not a recipe for electability and he and his misfits know it.

      1. Have we another T Dan Smith,or just another broad church brigade corrupt councillor.T Dan was a brilliant leader ,amusing and a smart operator that single handed re built Newcastle.on his ability to get things done.Unfortunately this working class lad ex building trade,forgot he was no longer on a building site and went to prison.for corruption.Somehow I don’t see his modern equivalent being in the same class in any way.

      2. Quick! Look over there!!!

        Who gives a flying one about some potato-headed nonce protecting (Yes – ANOTHER one) careerist phoney.

        You asked what the Corbyn admin had done and were given the answer. You can’t defend it, so you use your usual obfuscation, evasion and irrelevant posting about irrelevant matters tactic.

        And again, it’s not gonna work. So, let’s hear you defend stammer on this one. After all, he’s been leader long enough to have dealt with it. He dealt with corbyn, rl-b and whittome swiftly enough, so WHY hasn’t he done so here, one (barely) wonders?

        I’ll bet if his name was simeon sachs instead of syed siddiqui; or the aggressor had been left instead of right-wing, it’d have been dealt with, pdq, eh?

      3. Toffee – More to the point is anyone listening to you.
        Your silly attempts to gloss over incompetence put a completely new slant on ABC.

      4. SteveH i’m listening to Toffee. And i agree with everything he said above. His questions to u r worth asking again, incl. “ He dealt with corbyn, rl-b and whittome swiftly enough, so WHY hasn’t he done so here, one (barely) wonders? “
        What’s your answer davidh❓❓❓

      5. windchime – If you can’t work that out for yourself there is little point in continuing this conversation.

      6. ps and your Starmer does not have the super FOREIGN funded plot against him as Jeremy did and still has. A plot that by year end, will have caused 77,000+ excess deaths (as i projected many months ago here on Ask White Flag Man to share his posts log with u. Then i will double check. Don’t have staff to do that as u all have😂😂😂

      7. windchime – Unfortunately they’ve had the mess that Jeremy left to sort out.

      8. SteveH – “they’ve had the mess that” your “Mandy” boasted – “working night and day to undermine Jeremy”🔴
        Your “Mandy” as u lovingly called it, boasted – “woke everyday thinking of NEW ways to undermine him” so making the monstrous mess “left to sort out.”🔴
        Your lot are murderers by enabling and endorsing Tories. Your Right Wing lot’s stinking sabotage means, while thousands die, the insatiable 1% get gorge on more wealth🔴 GREED and WICKEDNESS🔴
        That is all.

      9. windchime – That would be all fine and dandy if I hadn’t voted for Jeremy in both his leadership battles and spoken out strongly against the plotters and in general supported him throughout his tenure.
        You are welcome to try and prove otherwise.
        I don’t know about you but I joined a political party not a religious cult that worships some imagined deity. Jeremy is never coming back to front-line politics, it is time to move on.

      10. SH – “to move on”, the “Left” needs to drive out demons from the party. “No one can serve two masters…”. i’m therefore unconvinced by your claim of ever supporting Jeremy.
        No Starmer collaborator understands correct from wrong, good from bad, Left from Right, Labour from Tory. Equality of opportunity for all, not just for some.

        SIR Starmer is for the few, the one percent. Your SIR Starmer has always been, and save for a miracle, will always be incompatible with justice. Incompatible with honesty. Incompatible with Socialism. Incompatible with the well being of the many. Incompatible with truth. Starmer is the concentrated essence of lies. YOUR Keith is therefore incompatible with Labour🌹🌹🌹

      11. windchime – The vast majority of the Labour Party’s members disagree with you, including Jeremy’s own CLP.

    1. Immediately Jeremy succeeded in getting enough nominations, a lobby group misleadingly named “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” – “CAA” sent a dossier against Jeremy to Right Wing organisers infesting the party⚠️

    2. b4 u throw another distraction, SH – As u also know, Mark Regev the “Israeli ambassador” to the UK, apologised and recalled Masot. Any idea why the British govt closed investigations into Shai Masot’s serious ILLEGAL activity which CORRUPTS British politics via the Tory Party and the parasitisation of Labour to make it Tory reserves❔❔❔

      1. windchime – Why don’t you write a guest article and submit it to SB.

      2. other things to do. already triple tasking. none on the “Left” have limit less funds as eg available to Shai Masot🔴

      3. SH it is Truths, truths nothing but truths🔴

      4. windchime – As they would say in my other home “For true, for true? 🤔

    3. I forgot to mention that Derek Hatton was also arrested on suspicion of the same offences.

  4. Do try and do your own homework son rather than sitting there in the dark handling yourself with a sense of entitlement by expecting other people to do it for you.

    Publicly available documentation shows during that period there was (a) a significant turnover of staff with previous incumbents, having performed their true role of deliberately undermining a democratic election in 2017 and failing to deal with both genuine and spurious AS complaints, replaced by less experienced staff at a time when (b) the then new “administration” of the relevant Unit had made a rational decision to clean up the mess of these saboteurs by focusing extremely limited staff time and resources dealing entirely with the deliberately engineered backlog of that particular type of complaint.

    Of course, being a free Country, the option is always available to you to publicly identify as one of those delusional managerialist numpties who think that it’s possible to (a) recruit people from the bus stop to immediately get up to speed with a task with minimal training, if any, because the only task in the world which requires experience, knowledge and expertise is that of a manager and (b) that it possible to do everything with nothing.

    Moreover, on the off chance that the reference to “administration” in this comment means the LOTO office you have some serious catching up to do via a vis the criticism of such “interference”, even to make the process more effective and efficient, contained in the EHRC Report.

    But if I were you lad I wouldn’t go there. It might be interpreted as a public refutation of the EHRC Report by a Party Member – ie you – which could result in disciplinary action, suspension and even expulsion.

    In fact I’d go further if I were you son by pleading with the site administrator to take that post down as I can easily envisage a substantial queue of readers/posters on this site filing a complaint on those grounds, you being so popular and all.

    -10/10. Make an effort to keep up.

  5. Dave Hansell – Am I supposed to be impressed by that drivel. I simply asked why JF didn’t do anything about the above in the 2yrs she was in office.

  6. As I explained above, it was probably because his name is siimeon sachs and the perp is a right winger.

    WHY hasn’t stamner dealt with it? He’s had 8momths and in that time has done fuck all about anything other than satisfy his zionist controller’s demands.

    If that ISN’T the case, then you’d be best off telling us what IS, wouldn’t you?

    Except you’re a shithouse who’ll just run away from any scrutiny or interrogation, again.

    1. Not even a response complaining about my vernacular…nevermind a post to enlighten us as to the stammerist POV.

      That’s because stammerists don’t have their own points of view. Chairman stammer decides for them.

      …Keith knows best – isn’t that right, wee fella?

      1. I’m guessing that made sense to you when it randomly popped into you head but unfortunately something got lost in translation.

  7. Because, Einstein, as already explained, the practicalities of polishing the complete turd those such as Hogan, Robinson et al left with an almost total replacent limited number of staff who needed to get up to speed with the internal systems with which they would be unfamiliar meant total focus on the growing number and backlog of AS complaints, both relevant and not relevant to the detriment of everything else.

    Including the complaints I was involved with – which the saboteurs who criminally misused members data on Panorama conveniently lost not one but twice and which took some twenty months to be incompetently investigated – over that period.

    Anyone with even the most basic and rudimentary comprehension of practical reality understands that it is not possible to get a quart out of a pint pot – ie it is only possible to deal with X amount of work within the limits of the staff resources available, of which the level of experience, knowledge and experience is also a limiting factor.

    Either you are incapable of understanding such basic practical realities, in which case I would wait until at least you have finished kindergarden before trying to engage with the grown ups, or you consciously and deliberately don’t want to understand that reality.

    Which is it son?

  8. You know full well it was nothing more than a rhetorical question, SteveH, which you have a habit of doing, so don’t try to pretend otherwise by coming over all innocent with ‘I simply asked’. However, having said that, I’ll bite.

    It’s now common knowledge that there was a large backlog of complaints and suspensions going back to McNicols time as Gen Sec, much of it in order to damage Corbyn’s tenure as leader.

    When Formby took over the role she set about addressing that backlog and which, I’m guessing, could only be done fairly on a first come first served basis. As Siddiqi’s case was from December 2017, just a few months before she became Gen Sec, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume it hadn’t yet been dealt with by the time Evans took over her role.

    Moreover, perhaps you could tell us how many other cases are still to be dealt with from that backlog? I’m sure Siddiqi’s is not the only one but then why should that matter to you when you can use it to ask such pointless questions.

    Furthermore, while I would certainly never denigrate Formby’s hard work in trying to address the issues she had to confront, she was nevertheless undergoing treatment for a very serious health condition at the time, so could be afforded some leeway in maybe having not dealt with all the issues as you might have liked.

    Now, if you have information that offers a different scenario, then perhaps instead of your usual trite comments when others do respond to your nonsense, you could enlighten us all with your profound insights.

    1. PW – Of course I acknowledge that Jennie was ill, but if it was effecting her ability to carry out her duties then she should have stepped down and let someone else take the reigns until she had completed her treatment and felt well enough to take up her duties again.
      We also shouldn’t loose sight of the fact that the disciplinary system that she put in place has been completely discredited by the EHRC.

      1. SteveH, as you well know, Jennie was very ill. However even a well person could not deal with the sudden flood of nonstop THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of vexatious allegations. Thousands each from three or four individuals. NB, the flood dried up as suddenly as it began. Funny that.

        The handful of convictions were mainly Right Wingers possibly Tories. Tories are known for all manner of bigotry, racism and other prejudice. Two convicts who may have described themselves as not Tories were NOT Labour members. The 0.000?% may be mainly agent provocateurs, hence the minuscule number in a party of over half a million because of the way Jeremy inspired the public and attracted people to join and make it the largest in Europe.

        The 0.000?% was still surprisingly large, as racist, bigots, anti-Semites always congregate in the Tory Party. As you know, the Tories attract every heartless moral degenerate. Furthermore, as the “Spy Cops” case confirmed, the establishment has no depraved depths to which they will not sink. The establishment is and is inspired by Toryism and vice- versa. Hence Mandelson’s Blair. Note the insatiable craving for and worship of money and the super rich.

        I believe outrages as above should be publicised robustly and not sat on hoping the outrages will vanish. The suffering of real people, always of the many, should direct our responses and lead to ACTION. Dynamic action… SUSTAINED action. The “Left” all need to copy your work rate, despite detesting that for which and those for whom you “work night and day” SH

      2. You are clearly a very callous individual Steve H of the Tom Watson school of thought. If you ever have the misfortune to suffer a life threatening illness I hope people show you more kindness than you have shown Jennie.

      3. Smartboy – What have I said that is any way callous, you’re the one advocating that she was right to work through her illness when she should have been looking after herself.

      4. Reply to Steve H
        What Jennie did was a matter for her and it was up to the party to support her and enable her to continue to work during her illness if that was what she wanted to do. Not only is this the right thing to do but it is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act.
        Tom Watson’s attacks on Jennie at that awful time in her life marked the beginning of the end for him in my opinion because decent people were disgusted by his callous behaviour. In behaving in a similar way you have let yourself down badly.

  9. The way Syed has been treated amounts to Islamophobia by the individual who phoned him and institutional Islamophobia by the party which failed to take action against his abuser and then compounded the abuse by suspending him, the victim. I suggest Syed crowd funds a legal action against the party as this is the only way he is likely to be treated equally with non Muslims.
    The message coming from the party in the case of Syed and so many other BAME people is BAME and MUSLIM LIVES DON’T MATTER.

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