Nandy pulls out – or is removed – from Wigan #EnoughIsEnough event

Wigan Unite event amended – reasons for withdrawal not known but union insiders say backlash at invite was significant

Labour front-bencher Lisa Nandy has disappeared from an #EnoughIsEnough-themed panel in her constituency after outrage at her inclusion.

The event, organised by a Wigan branch of the Unite union, originally featured Nandy alongside MPs Barry Gardiner and John McDonnell, Baker’s union president Ian Hodson, the RMT’s Steve Shaw and Unite general secretary Sharon Graham. But the latest version now featured only five panellists:

Interestingly, the ‘Enough is Enough’ slogan is also missing from the new version. Unite has so far not formally come on board with the burgeoning #EnoughIsEnough movement that started in the industrial action of the RMT, which is not affiliated to the Labour party.

No reasons have been publicised for Nandy’s withdrawal – or removal – but union insiders told Skwawkbox that there was a huge backlash at the inclusion of a Starmer front-bencher when the Labour regime has persistently refused to back the strikes spreading across the country as workers fight for their pay, terms and conditions.

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    1. Not as powerless as they thought. Longer memories than they thought, as well.

      Just, wait until the next GE. 🙂 😉

      1. One has to wonder why they have chosen to disassociate themselves from the Enough is Enough’ campaign.

      2. SteveH 07/09/2022 at 11:08 pm :

        Zarah Sultana won her third district endorsement, last night. She must be as well thought of in that district, as she is in the first two.

        Lee Harpin seems to have gone into hiding.

      3. George – It looks like the process is working then. Thanks for the info but why are you specifically drawing it to my attention?

  1. The Headmaster must take action when one of the children has been naughty…?Supporting a working class movement does not impress the establishment labour party.
    CThey will be asking for civil rights next….Could be a serios mistake for Nandy either way of who chopped her.Wigan likes the labour party and this is very confusing for the pie eaters lass 👧

    1. Well, it is organised by UnitetheUnion.

      As far as PCS go, I have every respect for Mark Serwotka. Very good to see him restored to good health.

      1. Serwotka?

        Allows his dwp/jcp members to cut off people’s money for THE most frivolous reasons so they can get a paltry fookin £25 m&s voucher?

        He can kiss my arse. And so can the pcs.

      2. Mark Serwotka – expelled from The Labour Party for 25 years, by The Welsh Windbag.

        Rejoined in 2015, because of JC, supporting him through thick and thin.

        In my book, he’s paid his dues – and more.

      3. This is what the Welsh wanker serwotka and his pcs are about, George…

        But Andrew Lloyd, Midlands Regional Secretary for the PCS, said: “Mr Duncan Smith avoided being confronted by protesters.

        “Staff at Smethwick had been told that Mr Duncan Smith was visiting to thank them for being a high-performing office because of the number of benefit claimants it gets off benefits

        Mr Lloyd said Jobcentre workers had threatened to tear up £25 Marks and Spencer vouchers received for getting claimants off benefits as part of a DWP ‘carrot and stick’ approach.

        He said: “The carrot is a small one and a number of PCS members from Smethwick were considering tearing up their vouchers in front of IDS to show their feelings over the matter.”

        Tha’ts the Midlands region PCS secretary.
        Who thinks a £25 m&s voucher is a; small carrot for forcing the disabled into work they most likely can’t do as well as stopping people’s dole because they were three minutes late for a signing, or didn’t even get an appointment letter until three weeks after the supposed interview – plus a myriad of other spurious reasons, the scabby bastards.

        What DO they want? A fucking gold brick?

        And how many of those pcs members actually tore up their vouchers, as opposed to considered?

        Where was serwotka’s solidarity with those poor bastards – of which I could introduce you to at least a dozen meself?

        Where was serwotka telling his members: enough is enough and they should tell the government to fuck right off, then??

        That union has NEVER shown solidarity with others but has always asked for solidarity and sympathy for them when push has come to shove.

        Fuck serwotka and fuck his union of shithouses – in shit jobs like JCP capos, bailiffs and traffic wardens – snide jobs that cause misery for millions…But especially the DWP section that gleefully do the toerags shithouse bidding with relish

        Fuck him and fuck them.

      4. The Toffee 07/09/2022 at 7:31 pm :

        Perhaps, Mark Serwotka was on sick leave, after his heart transplant, or that all happened during his illness, before the transplant.

        Everyone knows, there’s as much solidarity in most Unions as there is on a Skwawkbox thread. The slightest hiccup, and there’s always some chump will step in to take advantage.

        We shall never know, now. Solidarity, comrade.

      5. Perhaps, Mark Serwotka was on sick leave, after his heart transplant, or that all happened during his illness, before the transplant.

        serwotka’s heart transplant wasn’t til 2015/16. The protest (against boot being given enough for putting people into abject penury) was in 2013.

        And if he was I’ll then his deputy should’ve directed the members to tell the DWP to get bent instead of allowing one of the regional directors to complain they weren’t getting enough for forcing people off benefits.

        Ffs they were even carrying out toerag vindictive shithousery for Easter eggs and gold sheriff badges.

        Just as well serwotka was kept in situ innit? Otherwise one of his members might have found him fit for work

      6. In 2013, he was fitted with a battery-powered ventricular assist device after picking up a viral infection from the family dog.

        He was readmitted to hospital on 30 August 2016, when the ventricular assist device developed a clot and his doctors then placed him on the urgent transplant list. In December 2016 he had a heart transplant at Papworth Hospital.

  2. Yes, Enough is Enough far too radical for the likes of Barry Gardiner, a “Friend” of Israel, whilst no one with eyes to see and ears to hear would entertain John McDonnel would mistake him as someone who is going to take on the Establishment

    1. HEAR! HEAR!
      You beat me to that one! They are a stain on that flyer and a stain on ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
      Not Happy with that at all, some people can forgive not me!
      Never FORGIVE!
      Never FORGET!

    2. John Bernard, I agree with your comment.
      However, when it comes to Barry Gardiner we know where he stand (no necessarily liking it) When it comes to John McDonnel who knows? McDonnel is a master at doing “U” turns, forever placating his enemies and throwing his friends under the bus.

      1. McDonnell, Lewis & Co’s 2019 daggers, were of the sharpest to fly into Corbyn’s back.
        When they went on that BLiar, Mande, CBell Millions 2nd Referendum March!
        They knew FULL WELL for more than a year Confirmatory Vote was written into Labour’s Plan and still they joined into the BLiar, Mande, CBells SpinPorn. Why didn’t they instead use that platform to defend and clarify the Confirmatory Vote. Which really should have been written into the referendum, from the start. That way we wouldn’t have seen the fuck up of an ongoing BoJoke Brexit.
        Blair, Mande, CBell knew this, that is why the hysteria, when they already had what they were screaming about.
        If it was a UK Labour Party Brexit with a Confirmatory vote on the table and 2.5 years of observing the Neoliberal EU it would have been an overwhelming leave on the Confirmatory Vote. They knew full well what they were doing, especially McDonnell, the guilt was oozing from him.
        Those stabs were of the deepest, just before GE19! Bastards!

    3. Sad to see that Toffee is in touch with his feminine side. He should have really ripped into the faux socialist blacklegs.

  3. ….bbbut BlueKeef, can’t you see that is how we fool the people into believing we are their friends, that and our sweet word policies.
    *slams outstanding leftists to hunt down ledger shut on the desk and stands up*
    Lisa, you are not going and that is FINAL!

  4. “…or is removed…”

    If the party leader doesn’t allow or encourage PLP members to be present at picket lines, he won’t sanction participation on a panel with Barry Gardiner MP, John McDonnel MP., Baker’s union president Ian Hodson, the RMT’s Steve Shaw and Unite’s Sharon Graham.

    It almost doesn’t matter whether Lisa Nandy was instructed or chose not to participate. The effect is the same. The Labour party and Lisa Nandy are showing their colours.

    1. Qwertboi, a pity that Nandy isn’t attending. It would have been by far better to allow Nandy to attend, record her speech and replies to questions; so that either:
      1- we know how truly disconnected she is from the Wigan’s electorate and on the way to lose her seat at the next General Elections.
      2- Keir would be forced to demote her from the front bench once Nady started speaking against Labour’s official policy.
      By her not attending we have enable Nandy to politically survive another day.

      1. Very, good point, Maria.

        That was me using short-term thinking. A Tory trait(very worrying), when I should have seen the longer-term advantage.

  5. The absence if the ‘Enough is Enough’ seems the most signjficant change.

  6. Chris Williamson would fill the gap. You can tell the ‘sealed tomb’ strategy of the Blairites is working when you look at the self abusers on that panel.

    1. That mugshot is full of snakes and Nandys easy to spot but the rest excluding 1or two have been found “Wanting” .I always had a soft spot for John and then like many on the PLP he came down with the establishment labour virus.Give em all one of those Boosters injections …that will sort them out…enough enough and they cant be trusted….Friends of Israel “friends of the establishment that have walked away with big fat pensions for enabling murder of thousands of elderly vulnerable people.Enough comrades …these Labour mps are part of the problem not the solution.

      1. I think that it is them Bill Gates Death Jabs that has turned the world from a crazy place to a place so out of control dangerous and surreal that very little is surprising or believable and everything evil and wicked is normalized. They are turning people into lemmings & statistics! At least, in the Winter of my Life I shouldn’t have to worry too much about finding myself alone with THEM, the Pure Evil Ones!

  7. Joseph – “Labour mps are part of the problem not the solution.”

    …….and the alternative that you are offering is

    1. The total destruction of The Parasite TORY Party, The Neo-Labour Party, the other half of Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globaliist Neoliberal One Party State!
      The only thing on offer is ending The One Party State!
      ONE TORY Party is more than enough! Just as you killed The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) with 4y3m 24/7 Sabotage, Propaganda, Smear, SpinPorn Lies and VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn, just so will we destroy your Parasite TORY Party, only we will do it without your nastiness! We need your Parasite TORY Party gone so that The PEOPLE can start from the ashes, and rebuild!
      Any case you may just be “pleasantly” surprised by the number of candidates ready to remove one half of you TORIES,
      by taking your seats!

      1. Well, I guess you could imagine that, as you do everything else. It will be to your shock and surprise though. I am not alone and you would not be here whining and bold texting if you thought otherwise. ;););)

      2. <I]Or to put it more succinctly you’re going to do SFA

        You’re forgetting the power of Nelly’s vote.


        It was exactly that hubristic shithousery from you & smarmerism that gave the toerags their eighty seat majority.

        But apparently you don’t want another toerag government…

      3. Toffee – That was clearly down to the f’wit exLabour voters who were gullible/stupid enough to Tory. What on earth were they thinking when they made a conscious decision to vote for a known charlatan like Boris instead of Jeremy.

      4. Interesting, the LP/RWall Brexiteers have become the f’wit exLabour Voters!

        The PEOPLE had a CHOICE!
        NOW WE FACE A NON-CHOICE of either one ofnthe two Thatcher/Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State:
        Neo-Labour TORIES
        Conservative TORIES,

        NO CHOICE, You did that, now you must suffer the Consequences!

      5. nellyskelly – Were you one of the stupid f’wits who contributed to Jeremy’s devastating defeat by not voting for Labour at the 19GE

      6. Not I Petal, but YOU &YOURS! The VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn had nothing to do with the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), but EVERYTHING to do with The Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES!
        If you’re looking for a stupid f’wit go and look in the mirror! And on your FBPE 2nd Ref/PV Bandwagon they’re all over Social Media Crying Rivers of Crocodile Tears!

      7. You were repeatedly warned what would happen.

        But still you blame everybody but yourself.

      8. Can’t even get a guiltvtrip right NVLA.

        twas hom shat on democracy and allowed keef to rigvtje 2nd ref policy.

        Which led to the toerags being given their majority.

        And led to the ersatz toerag keef being elected leader of the subsequent ersatz toerag smarmerist party

        Which gives people NO choice between comservatism and smarmerist conservatism.

        So if you don’t vote ersatz toerag – you get toerag.

        And it’ll all be YOUR fault.

        Jesus wept.

      9. I really don’t think that the minority of people from the LP/RWall Brexiteers could swing the GE into a TORY win.
        It’s a Propagandist, SpinPorn, BlameFramed job. BLiar, Mande, Campbell on the Remoaner Bandwagon they made such a racket about something they already had. Why would they do that!? They needed to freak out the LP/RWall Brexiteers, remember the most significant moment where the LP/RWallers started making an equal amount of noise, threatening they’d vote Conservative TORY to stop Remoan, 2nd Ref/PV? It was that X Million Petition followed by the ‘celebrity type’ packed millions march. That was all they needed the Frame Victims took the Bait!
        Isn’t it interesting how it all died a death straight after the GE!? WHY!?
        They wanted to destroy Corbyn and they wanted a 2nd Referendum, they managed to Kill the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) and stop Corbyn, but why stop the fight for a 2nd Referendum!? Especially when The Confirmatory Vote is no longer an option, podt Corbyn and BoJoke revealed calamity after calamity why fight the guy who has already given you a 2nd Ref but stop Fighting the guy who pisses all over your batteries and says fuck you, to you everyday for the rest of your life?
        WHY!? Because it was all SpinPorn to destroy Corbyn and Frame someone else for the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign!
        THEY DID IT!
        NOT US!
        However the entry Level Middle Class & Up are panicked, because the poverty line is ankle deep for them in their “mighty” mini towers, and they don’t like it one bit!
        So they lash out and it is still our fault the “UNDESERVING POOR”, but the UNDESERVING POOR know that The Neo-Labour TORIES are doing it to themselves, not only do they insult us daily, but they DEMAND our help. They are deluded, because the help they are asking for is a far worse disaster than even the latest addition of Western Clownery!

      10. Yes agree – it’s a silly argument and one often advanced by Kief supporters. It’s a bit of a waiting game at the moment ahead of an election isn’t it? Corbyn has not had the whip restored and the zionist nazi tendency around Kief are busily getting anyone with a whiff of a socialist tendency deselected by underhand means as Skwawkbox has illustrated on numerous occasions. It remains to be seen what they are going to do about people like Abbot, Sultana, Trickett etc, who are either the wrong colour or on the wrong point of the political spectrum. It has been pointed out that they could quite possibly hold the balance of power in a minority Labour government – awkward scenario for Kief that. Personally I’d like to see Corbyn raise his head above the parapet of P&J and with Enough is Enough declare a new party – that would finish Keif and his abhorrent Zionist shitlord chums.

    2. “…….and the alternative that you are offering is❓”

      Not voting for them would be a start – an unused vote is always better than a wasted vote.

      1. Not if it means subjecting the UK, its people and institutions to another Conservative Party term in office.

      2. YOU AND YOUR Neo-Labour TORY Party took that CHOICE from The People when YOU KILLED The UK Labour Party RIP (13 Dec’19)!
        There is nothing BUT Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State to vote for!
        Why would we vote for the bastards who KILLED The UK Labour Party! The bastards who KILLED HOPE! The bastards who KILLED CHOICE!?

      3. He says so confidently, lets be clear, it was YOU and YOUR Sabotaging FBPE Remoaner Bandwagon, YOUR 4y3m of screeching that you would never vote Corbyn, YOUR 4y3m 24/7 Sabotage, Lies, Smear, SpinPorn, AND YOUR VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign who are the MOST LIKELY Candidates to have VotedTORYtoStopCorbyn, not the miniscule, in comparison, handful of LP/RWall Brexiteers, not ANYONE ELSE. You know that as a matter of fact and I believe that without a shadow of a doudt, that you and yours did!

      4. nellyskelly – I have always voted for Labour in both local and national elections, have you?
        What I do know for certain is that you don’t have any evidence to support your lies. I have never advocated that anyone should not vote for Corbyn.

      5. You have never said anything in favour of Jeremy Corbyn or The UK Labour Party Revived 15 September 2015 Murdered & DIED 13 December 2019!
        Plenty to say About your Neo-Labour Party TORIES, who are the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign architects!

      6. Because voting keef isn’t doing exactly that, is it?

        Ten pledges – all based on the Corbynist manifestos. All abandoned within lees than six months of getting his ticket.

        And don’t even entertain the idea of replying with your green paper bullshit.

        The reasons keef’s offered or abandoning his pledges range from covid to the ukraine (which weren’t even issues at the time but keefs’ agreed with every toerag government policy brought out about those two) to ‘times/circumstances changing’…well fooking duh!!

        Nope. The SNP have provided more opposition and more of an alternative to toerag austerity ideology than smarmerism ever will.

        Keef won’t even allow his MPs to call the toerags what they are. Such is the measure of the coward’s supineness.

      7. …Not if it means subjecting the UK, its people and institutions to another Conservative Party term in office…

        Something you and your mates could have asked themselves in 2017. Think of all the lives lost because of the shenanigans your Tory tribute team caused, never mind the millions made to suffer.

        You and your ilk subjected the UK, its people and institutions to another Conservative Party term in office.

        Get in the sea with your guilt trip.

      8. NVLA – I voted Labour in both 2017 and 2019 (did you?) and I will be voting Labour at the next GE

      9. Yes, yes, blah, blah, blah!
        You don’t even have to pretend here, you’ve poured your little heart out and if you asked anyone here did BlueSteveH Vote UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) or did BlueSteveH Vote for his fellow TORIES as part of the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign, what do you think they will say?

      10. nellyskelly – Why would I GAF what you think, did you vote Labour in 2019.

        ps Why do you keep prattling on about 4y3m, what does this period of time relate to?

      11. Well what do think someone who battled for 4y3m + to date against The Sabotaging Neo-Labour Party TORY, BLiar, Mande, Cbell SpinPorn Remoan, LP/RWall Brexiteer, Zionist and other Toxic Bandwaggons, all making Corbyn inaudible, with their empty tin can clanging and constant screeching, trying to get people to forget about Remaon or Brexit, as EVIDENTLY NOW, Brexit was not what GE2019 was all about, unless you were Boris Johnson!
        GE2019 was about our last possible chance in many decades to come, of having a Socialist Government AND THEN anything ie Remoan, Brexit could be sorted out with a Government who would’ve LISTENED to The PEOPLE! Sadly none of the Bandwagons listened to those of us, not on any, trying desperately to get them to stop racketeering and to Support a UK Labour Party win, then as you know there was your “corban” the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Dagger!
        Believe it or not makes no difference to me, because
        a. It is in your nature to insult regardless, lucky I have an extremely thick skin and a deaf ear.
        b. That is no longer my mission, my Mission is to destroy that Corrupt, Racist, Misogynist Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES wriggling and squirming inside the Propped up Remains of what once was The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19)

      12. nellyskelly – I have never advocated that anyone should vote Tory, have you?

      13. You have never said anything in favour of Jeremy Corbyn or The UK Labour Party Revived 15 September 2015 Murdered & DIED 13 December 2019!
        Plenty to say About your Neo-Labour Party TORIES, who are the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign architects!

        The UK Labour Party = Democratiic Socialism = NOT TORY!


        The Conservative Party = Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberalism = TORY!

        NO CHOICE

        The Neo-Labour Parasite Party = Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberalism = TORY!

        You are a TORY, you were part of the death of the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), you encourage people to VOTE TORY every day.
        I encourage people NOT to vote for either TORY Party, but MOST SPECIALLY NOT FOR The Neo-Labour Party TORIES who Killed the UK Labour Party! They must be crushed so that The PEOPLE can start all over again!

      14. nellyskelly – You’re a joke. Come back and tell everyone about it when you and your cohorts actually have something credible to offer apart from a Liz Truss government.

      15. Well, There you go repeating the same overused tripe, you either have severe deficiencies or you are just plain stupid or could it be profound ignorance?
        Several people told you already, we don’t need “something credible to offer” in order to pulverise the Neo-Labour Party TORIES. I know your TOTY Party HATE The PEOPLE, but don’t let your dismissive arrogance blind you to The POWER and WILL of The PEOPLE!
        Do you really think that your TORY Party and BlueKeef would be anywhere near as “popular” if it wasn’t for our hard work making it so!
        If it wasn’t for our hard work, you’d be Miles Ahead in your Unverified Billionaire Pollster Polls!
        Even if CheesyTruss gets the MSM Corbyn treatment, you and yours will lag behind, because we will be tinkering away at STOPPING Establishment blue eyed boy BlueKeef from getting into Nr10!
        And, no, we don’t want a TORY Government but only one of the two TORY Parties poked their fingers into our eyes, robbed The PEOPLE of CHOICE, now look down on us like we’re dirt and killed The UK Labour Party, that would be The Neo-Labour Party TORIES The Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal Parasite Party!
        We UNDESERVING POOR have PLENTY to be pissed off about and one fuck off score to settle, wouldn’t you say?

        PS Where is that poverty line just above the old Middle-Class ankles, or perhaps still a few feet below? It’s rising fast ain’t it? We UNDESERVING POOR willl make a special fuss when it gets you too! It’s coming, you ensured that at GE2019!

      16. nellyskelly – You sound like a malfunctioning Tory bot. Thanks for confirming that all you have to offer is another Truss government.

      17. Aww bless, did someone call Truss a Torybot in The SUN in lambskin?

        That’s okay, hopefully you are beginning to realise the scale of your actions 12 September 2015 to 12 December 2019!
        If you want to blame anyone for another 5 years of Conservative TORY, go and look in the mirror, you are exactly the people whom The PEOPLE will vote against, THE FAR WORST TORIES OF THE TWO TORY PARTIES THAT FORM THE ONE PARTY STATE! The VERY people who KILLED The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19)!
        You thought in your poxy little Middle Class “might” that you have the power to control by forceful change, who leads the Nation as representative of the UK Labour Party, well you won on 13 December 2019, but I guarantee you that your actions tested The PEOPLE, banishing Socialism and The “UNDESERVING POOR” from what once was The Party of The PEOPLE tested The WILL of The PEOPLE, now you will feel The POWER of The PEOPLE!
        You can’t seem to get this one simple FACT through your bonehead, of the TWO TORY Parties you The Neo-Labour Party TORIES are by far the Worst and most Dangerous. You’ve literally banished the “UNDESRVING POOR” that is Classism in its highest order!
        Who does Deborah Mattinson Director Of Strategies for BlueKeef’s Office (working for FREE!), considder as the “UNDESERVING POOR” this is what Tony Benn said after one Neo-Labour Party TORY work group meeting:

        Tony Benn was particularly alarmed by the meeting:
        ‘Labour was associated with the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants,
        minorities and the unions, and this was deeply worrying’. Benn was further troubled by what he saw as the
        proposed remedy of Thatcher style leadership:

        “I came out feeling physically sick; I’m not kidding I felt unwell,
        because if this is what the Labour Party is about I’ve got nothing whatever in common with it’. Signficantly
        alternative understandings or contradictory findings from the research data were invariably ‘filtered’ out of

        Not even the wrath vile old rattle bones in a box Thatcher did anything as despicable as DESTROY the one last opportunity for The PEOPLE to end 43 Years of TORY HELL with a Socialist Government that would have changed the course of Socialism in Europe for good, like South Americ’s Socialist Revolution! If anyone including the miners have difficulty with that then you are wealthy enough not to have hunger, cold and loneliness knock on your door every day! And the miners are included in what The Neo-Labour Party TORIES did to The PEOPLE 13 Dec’19! The desolation of their lovely Communities and Towns are down to The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, ESPECIALLY their VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign, and the fact that we now have NO CHOICE!
        THAT TORY HELL (as brought to you by The Bastard Neo-Labour Party TORIES, who’s hands are still dripping wet with the blood of KILLING The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 DEC’19).


      18. nellyskelly – “hopefully you are beginning to realise the scale of your actions 12 September 2015 to 12 December 2019!”

        What actions would they be?
        I supported Corbyn and the Labour Party throughout this period

      19. nellyskelly – You are welcome to try and prove me wrong.

      20. You are even more welcome to try and prove yourself right!
        Fucking TORY TWAT!
        If you supported Corbyn as many times as your TORY Party stood up and fought for The PEOPLE, which is ZILCH, that would be oberwhemling!

      21. The citation related to the above, the expulsion of The UNDESERVING POOR and The PEOPLE from the now Middle-Class and Up Neo-Labour Party TORIES took of propper when BLiar gnawed his way into Parliament via the sewers of Westminster and created New-Labour Party TORIES in the image of Clinton’s successful installation of Thatcher Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, as seen in USA, CA, UK, EU, IL, AUS, NZ aka the West! Even the UN is in on the CHOICE REMOVAL MACHINE, FFS! What is next!? The One Mega-Party Western Bloc!? 🤮

      1. Doug – You could try setting up a new socialist party that represents the views of you and your comrades. What’s holding you back?

  8. Don’t know about Shaw or Hodson, but the other three are useless and no hope whatsoever.

    1. All of the names proudly displaying their contempt for the party they represent were initially interviewed and then accepted as members of a pro working class party. They were then elected/selected all the way to the Palace of perverts. They were given funds from member, trade unionists pockets. Members of all stripes went on the knock and answered phones etc. How did this fifth column organise so effectively. It began with Limehouse and before. The left are supposed to be the masters of infiltration. The truth is that amateurs were openly outwitted by professional self indulgent grifters and their friends who were masters of very dark arts. I also believed that there was an opportunity for change but as things developed I saw the inevitable. I posted, sadly on many sites including this one that the state would never allow the left, Corby to win. Unfortunately things are worse than I ever thought possible. Well some unions are stirring, some local organisations are organising. We are living in New times and the left must adjust and think differently. Those we once considered enemies are feeling the bite of the lash. I won’t see it, but I see young people all over starting to ask the right questions. Once the country has resumed normality, when the mourning stops, the bills will come. One flag will drop completely and a new one will fly. Let’s make it scarlet and not blue with yellow stars. Max enjoy it while you can, it will be short and sour. Dore for 24.

  9. I agree with Maria and said so on another thread.
    I hope that Nandy was not disinvited – I would have
    liked to have heard what she had to say – good or bad.

    1. Gardiner is not “alright” – he’s a member of Labour Friends of Israel – that’ll be the country that’s committing genocide against the Palestinians. The Bakers Union and the RMT have had the good sense to disafilliate from Labour. Half the problem with Labour are right wing unions led by arseholes who have been elected by well under 15% of the member. A good example would by Dave Prentis ( Unison leader until last year) who offered Emilie Oldknow and John Stolliday (both identified in the leaked report as instrumental in undermining the Corbyn leadership in addition to voicing unsavoury comments about Labour colleagues) cushy “safe haven” jobs after they were outed. Last time I looked neither the Bakers Union or the RMT have been guilty of that kind of cronyism.

      1. There are far far worse LFI’s about, and plenty of them with politics way to the right (as well as being virulently anti-palestinian) of Gardiner.

        Can’t say I’ve heard him sticking his oar in about (overexaggerated) antisemitism claims either way, neither.

      2. Can’t be LFI and not have Palestinian blood dripping from your fingers, cant be just a little bit guilty of supporting the evil that is Israel. Can’t be a Zionist without treading all over the dead bodies of Palestinian Babies, Children, Women and Men since the late 1800s!
        As I said above “Millions and Millions loved Obama, because he was such a “nice man”.”

  10. When I post a comment, with links, and I don’t find out until I’ve clicked on ‘Post Comment’, that my comment has gone to – ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ – who Moderates?

    Skwawkbox or WordPress?

    1. George – If you post more than one link in a comment it automatically goes to moderation.

    2. It has gone loopy indeed, I posted Russian flag emoji 3 times before it went through, my likes are not sticky.
      With links I find you need a couple of lines of text and one link per post only, to get it through.
      You’re lucky to be notified:):)

  11. I might not be a fan of the superciliousness of Gardiner (though the SNP’s Ian Blackford is without peer in that regard) but getting hung up on the persona of a politician (whether Major’s greyness, the robotic May or Corbyn’s testiness under provocation) leaves the door open for those like Johnson who coat their poison in mannered and manufactured charisma. I was surprised when Sqwawkbox gave him a free pass on the coverage of the Chinese agent he employed – – suggesting that those who gave the matter a close reading would realise that there was no suggestion of wrongdoing, yet such a close reading failed to even mention that £500,000 had been trousered by Gardiner from this source.

    1. This is what his Gardiner’s wiki states:

      ” The Times said Gardiner generally took a pro-Beijing position in his shadow portfolio dealings, but the donations were disclosed and there was no suggestion of impropriety on Gardiner’s part.[] Gardiner wrote a letter saying the amounts he received were used to fund researchers and Lee had no influence in the appointment or management of these individuals.[]”


  12. Well now we know why “Enough is Enough” ..
    was deleted – its the “Not invented Here”
    syndrome affecting Sharon Graham this time.

    So we have another Ego and this time on
    the Left – something we can Do Without.

    Get Real Comrades – “EiE” was a brilliant
    slogan no matter where it came from.

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