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Video: Reeves, MP, mayor challenged why Starmer won’t support workers but will support the S*n

Starmer creeps in round the back to avoid Scouse ‘welcome’

Liverpool MPs, the regional mayor and Rachel Reeves were challenged this morning, as they arrived in the city centre to see Keir Starmer give his (no longer) secret speech to business owners and media, on why Starmer refuses to support workers fighting for their jobs and for fair pay and conditions, but will support the hated Murdoch S*n – and Reeves on her own lack of support for struggling people:

Video compiled from clips by Terry Clarke

Starmer appears to have crept into the ironically-named ‘Spine Building‘ through a back entrance to avoid the Scouse ‘welcome’ but is likely to receive a torrid time when he appears for a live phone-in on this evening’s BBC Radio Merseyside ‘drive-time’ programme.

The Establishment-loving Labour ‘leader’ has outraged Merseysiders by writing unrepentantly for the rag known in Liverpool as ‘the Scum’ and for waging war on the area’s party members and their democracy and freedom of speech. The numerous betrayals have seen Labour’s vote in the city fall sharply.

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  1. That’s got to be one of the most vacuous leader’s speeches, I’ve, ever, listened to.

    The tedium broken by the stalwart trying to get some applause going. They didn’t give up, despite continuing failure. One or two joined in, the majority sat on their hands. Hilarious!

    When did it become ‘my party’? The party belongs to the Members. Keir Starmer is supposed to be the party leader – not president. He should resign!

    I’ve, now, listened to a young woman give a report/speech on Racism in Scottish Cricket. She was one hundred times better, more interesting, than Starmer.

    Give her a job.

    1. …When did it become ‘my party’?…

      The day keef decided to join labour

      1. He wants to lower taxes, be fiscally conservative; no borrowing, cut govt spending and go for economic growth above all else.

        What the hell is Starmer doing in the Labour party with these priorities? Why doesn’t he cross the floor?

        And ‘cosplay’ (costume play) is a Generation Z term – from gaming conventions, as is ‘rebooting,’ who is writing his speeches?

        If anyone is cross-dressing as Margaret Thatcher, it’s him.

      2. The grey man makes a “Ass” of himself on a grey day in Liverpool !
        Certainly no beauty contest of the clip weve just watched of some of the mutants crawling in..No guts and no manners all very amateur from the labour party loosers performance.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        Starmers Speech was embarrassing- genuinely. He has even less charisma than Margaret Hodge and that’s saying something!

  2. Fuck’s sake, where were the protesters? Where was the blockade of the building and coppers clearing a path through an angry mob to the front (revolving) door for the besieged attendees? Just Skwawk and a couple of others. No wonder there was no need for a police presence!

    If this can happen, even in Liverpool, I ‘m afraid it’s game over in this country for socialism and we might as well pack up and go home!

    1. There’d have been tons of plod there had berger made herself present, Tim.

      By the way, the buses are on strike around here. Might’ve been a factor. Maybe more will show up at radio merseyside offices later.

    2. Protests are only useful if there is a genuine alternative on offer. What would protesting achieve with this PLP?

      It’s why we need that new Corbyn-fronted party. Its rapidly increasing membership, draining away Labour’s support would be more powerful than any protest.

      1. Andy – “Protests are only useful if there is a genuine alternative on offer. “

        A point I’ve made many, many times on these pages.

    3. There were 2 protesters @ Radio Merseyside yesterday, just Jack T & myself. The word ‘disappointing’ doesn’t say enough as we were interviewed by the police in the Quaker Garden of Peace (alongside Radio Merseyside studios) & even they seemed ‘disappointed’. Jack T managed to challenge LOTO as he sneaked out of the back door after his appalling half hour interview, accusing him of being a racist hypocrite B4 minders ushered him into a big black car which sped away. It seems that Audrey White had better luck earlier as she gave him a reminder of what Socialism is all about. There is a video on ‘What’s App’ & I’ll try to post a copy.

    1. I can’t believe anyone sane would fund this shitshow of a labour party… style no charisma and Ugly wiv it mate “….amateur performance not worthy of a new parish councillor.I wonder if strummer cut his teeth in the hotbed of socialism Oxted on the green Surrey or at the private boys school in Reigate?Funny we never heard of him in my Surrey constituency.or his working class family?.I don’t think the people of Liverpool can be fooled by another comedian in the home of comedy.

    2. So protesting serves no point. What are we supposed to do. Just lie back and take it?

      1. Would you mind terribly? Thanks awfully! Just think of England while you’re at it, there’s a good chap!
        PS Please supply your own lube. We appear to have run out…

  3. George I have to hand it to you if you managed to get through that entire speech. I honestly tried but his delivery is so flat you miss out on the mindless platitudes and inanities. Still we can add “ back door Keith “ to his nicknames.

    1. Oh, it was on in the background as I got on with my household chores. In truth, I kept it on, specifically, to see if the applause would increase. It didn’t. 🙂

      I have, not yet, found anything positive to say about Keir Starmer. I don’t expect to – ever.

      ‘Backdoor Keith’. 🙂 Aye, he was looking for The Spine Clinic. Seems he’d heard he could get one there. Wrong again.

  4. Why don’t the unions and members call a halt to this misery, and force this dreadful pair of Starmer and Reeves out?

    Neither offer anything worth voting for.

    This is just stale, rehashed late New Labour Blairite leftovers, served up as if it’s something new.

    No repeal of anti-union laws, no re-nationalisations. We know from history that Reeves believes in the Peter Lilley ‘skivers vs strivers’ narrative about the real causes of deprivation. Forget UBI, she’ll likely want to introduce ‘workfare’, i.e. skivvy unpaid labour for the ‘undeserving poor’ – ask Reeve’s office staff about this headline: “Labour shadow chancellor accused of ‘utter hypocrisy’ for not paying a full salary, having previously demanded a ban on unpaid internships.”

    Starmer claims only he can “reboot the ‘brittle'(?) UK economy and magically get “growth, growth, growth,”… it’s insulting meaningless waffle. Starmer claims Labour would pursue growth like they used to pursue redistribution – implying the redistribution battle is somehow over and we’ve arrived at perfection? And all this growth, how exactly?

    Are they are going to push for growth by forcing unsuitable(very old people doing heavy lifting in warehouses) and unwell individuals into jobs they hate with the threat of sanctions again, just so they can claim they’ve increased the UK workforce? This is pure uncaring, arrogant Reeves-ism. This pair are a blight on the Labour party and will be a nightmare if they make it into govt. They care not a jot about inequality, they only believe in free markets and the extremely wealthy, those like themselves.

    1. “Why don’t the unions and members call a halt to this misery, and force this dreadful pair of Starmer and Reeves out?..”
      Because the Labour Party is not a democracy. there is no way of getting rid of this pair and, even worse, others surrounding them because they are MPs. And MPs dominate the party. It has never been worse than it is now because MPs are no longer responsible to the CLPs: the mechanism for submitting them to the simple process of refreshing their mandates is now so complex and the central control over CLPs and the nomination procedure so complete that there is no longer any hope of using Labour to elect Socialists.
      As Mandelson and Blair said it would be the PLP is now a sealed tomb for socialists. It is no longer possible for a socialist to get shortlisted, let alone nominated and approved by the NEC.
      The Labour Party is now just a vessel for providing employment to whores who can’t cut it in brothels. It is the last outpost of the Empire which always had jobs for the younger sons of the ‘squire and the parson.

  5. One thing for sure is that the Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES treat any of The PEOPLE they ever come accross, asking questions, as lower than vermin ‘Class’!
    Even the bastard Conservative TORIES will at least be courtious enough to acknowledge our existence, even if that could be with an up yours, on the odd occasion!
    Any of The PEOPLE who vote for that Filth, deserves the suffering that will be prolonged by tenfold!
    Sure, vote for the remaining 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs, but if you vote for ANY of the ~180 Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES you are a sickening excuse for our existence!
    I will personally give my vote to a Conservative TORY before I give it to ANY of those Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORY magots!

    1. The Nasty TORY Party want ALL The PEOPLE to give them their votes. Will the Nasty TORY Party offer The PEOPLE ANYTHING different from The Conservative TORY Party? Will the Nasty TORY Party offer The PEOPLE a Moment’s Respite from 43 years if nonstop TORY HELL!? NO! It will be an extension of TORY HELL and a prolonging of TORY HELL!

  6. Interesting.

    Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Louise Haigh MP is now openly contradicting Starmer/Reeves, by tweeting a few minutes ago they are still fully committed to public ownership of rail.

    This after Rebecca Long-Bailey spoke out. Are the PLP finally waking up?

    Reeves appears to be making policy on the hoof, without reference to colleagues, without union consultation, or votes at conference.

    Who the hell does Reeves think she is, acting in such a high-handed anti-democratic manner?

  7. I’ve just seen the clip above. There was a heck of a lot of wind.
    I guess that Starmer had already started speaking.

  8. Warmed up Blairism will be about as attractive to the electorate as warmed up sick, which is appropriate as only those who believe in Dog eat Dogsick economics could stomach it

    1. Starmer entered politics in his 50s, to join a Labour party then led by the centre-leftish Ed Miliband.

      Genuinely baffled as to what attracted him, because it certainly wasn’t any of the prevailing left-wing positions the party was taking.

      He’s clearly a Tory by inclination, so what made him want to become a Labour MP under MIliband, then serve in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet?

      We now know all he was longing to do was implement Toryism.

      His whole involvement with the Labour party looks sketchy, as if one big lie from the start?

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