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Starmer’s ‘secret’ speech location revealed

Go and exercise your right to protest and free speech – peacefully, of course

The Spine Building in Liverpool (image credit: AHR Architects)

Earlier this evening, Skwawkbox reported Keir Starmer’s plan to deliver a ‘secret’ speech in Liverpool, where he is still widely despised for his unrepentant performance as a columnist for the hated Murdoch S*n.

Resourceful Scousers say they have already identified the location that Starmer’s team had tried to keep from the public while Starmer spoke only to tame journalists: The Spine Building, 2 Paddington Village, Liverpool.

If you can get there to peacefully exercise your democratic rights and give Starmer a piece of your mind, make it loud and proud.

Update: a page on a business networking group that had details of an ‘exclusive’ session with Starmer and Rachel Reeves covering the period of the press conference has now been deleted. It’s not clear whether Starmer has now cancelled it or is trying to change the venue, but this was the page before its deletion:

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    1. Pat Meila…..He promised to break some legs in Liverpool in the past. Is he feeling hard?

      1. He couldnt take the skin of a Rice Pudding baz2001.The whole of Liverpool will be ready For Him,Just wish I could be there.

  1. Just for interest’s sake @SteveWalker which so called “left wing” medias were there to cover then event? Wild hunch Owen Jones, Michael Walker, LabourList, Novara?

  2. Fitting that Labour’s ‘spineless’ current leadership – afraid to take action or oppose things when they should – chose this of all available venues.

    Spine Building ? More like a description of what’s needed.

  3. ITs to be hoped that they have been well stocked up on the silver topped beer and the odd snifter as he will drink the place dry given a chance…!Still he should be near comotose on the drive back so long as theres a handy drinks cabinet in the rear seats.One of the few proffessions were drunks and alcohol is acepptable….politics and the Law.and mediocracy is not a problem.

  4. Shame it’s not later on Monday afternoon cos. at the royal (hospital) with me dad and that’s only round the corner…

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