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Labour waging ‘vicious and misogynistic campaign’ to remove Apsana Begum

Allies of ex-husband – and alleged abuser – allowed to run ‘trigger’ campaign to decide Poplar MP’s future

Apsana Begum: surrounded by Labour vultures

Last summer, Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum defeated a ‘vexatious’ attempt to convict her of housing fraud in a prosecution ‘driven by malicious intent’ that sent right-wing Labour staff scuttling disappointed from the courthouse after she was rightly acquitted in a case that should never have reached trial. A relative of her ex-husband, whom she has accused of abuse, is believed to have been behind the original accusation – and her ex was the council’s cabinet member for housing.

But the party leadership, which never offered her any support or even congratulated her on her acquittal, is determined to oust the popular left-wing MP and now allies of her ex-husband are being allowed to control the ‘trigger’ process that will decide whether Begum stands as a Labour candidate at the next general election – and a local’s social media thread claims that a ‘vicious and misogynistic campaign’ is being waged against her, including abuse and intimidation of women – and a flat refusal by the party to reschedule the process to allow Begum to represent herself, even though she was forced to attend A&E because of ill health:

Just as during the original and farcical prosecution, the Labour party has offered no help or support – even though its safeguarding team was contacted about the issues.

Begum’s treatment is horrific and disgusting – and it forms part of a pattern around the country as the party rigs processes and manipulates or ignores the rules to oust left MPs while protecting right-wingers. Democracy is a sick joke in Starmer’s party and the right will stoop to any level to achieve its ends while its friends in the media cover for the perpetrators.

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  1. Disgraceful behaviour from the right wing of the party. Of course they’ll go along with this. Let’s not forget how disappointed the party was when Apsana was acquitted. Did they not have someone attending the last week of the court case just to announce she was going to be expelled, a by-election, or try to force Apsana into doing so.
    Starmer (or is it Mandelson) BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and others. Where are you now? This should be headline news. If it isn’t I wonder why🤔

  2. I am not sure but, isn’t Poplar and Limehouse CLP in the London borough of Tower Hamlets?
    I don’t know how feasible this is but perhaps, if Apsana loses the trigger ballot, would Aspire consider offering Apsana to run as its candidate? Or does the ex-husband has its tentacles in Aspire too?
    I am not going to be surprised if Apsana loses the trigger ballot but, I would like to encourage her to seek other alternatives and to stand for re-election under another banner if she gets triggered
    If my memory doesn’t fail me George Galloway won a parliamentary seat in one of the Constituencies in Tower Hamlets on the General Election of 2005. Hence, it could be done.
    Solidarity Apsana!!.

  3. Apsana is a BAME female Socialist, a Muslim and therefore is unwelcome in Starmer’s Labour. To date she has been treated like dirt by them and I fully expect her to have the whip withdrawn for alleged “antisemitism” in the near future s that she is disbarred from standing as a PPC in her constituency. selection.
    I hope the electorate bear Apsana’s despicable treatment in mind when they are casting their votes in next week’s by-elections and show Starmers Labour what they think of them

    1. What’s the problem? If she is ‘triggered’ there will be a OMOV ballot of members in her constituency. It’s called democracy.

      1. So behaving like a bunch of Nazis is “democracy” labour style is it in your warped ideology sunshine is it mr Steve H Hall?
        You condemn yourselves God help you if youve sunk to that level of depravity in your failed quest for power.You lot impress no one with a grain of morality.or a sense of decency.This witchunt has gone way beyond politics.

      2. Joseph – FFS get a sense of proportion, you’re ranting again.
        All we know at the moment is that she might be subject to the Trigger Ballot process that was introduced by Jeremy Corbyn.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        Anyone like you who supports Starmer does not know the meaning of the word democracy.

      4. The same ‘trigger ballot’ process that was introduced by Jeremy Corbyn.

        And the same process you have repeatedly been mightily disparaging of, especially about McCluskey’s involvement IIRC.

        Strange how it’s democratic enough when it’s a left-leaning, non-white woman that MAY be subject to it, isn’t it, wee thinly-veiled racist hypocrite? 😙🎶

      5. Toffee – Of course I have been disparaging about ‘trigger ballots’ it is not what the members wanted. However we are where we are thanks to the underhand actions of Corbyn and we have to deal with the rules as they are. As I’ve said elsewhere, one would hope that Corbyn and his team were competent enough to put the necessary safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the process that they foisted on us.

      6. Make you mind up steveH, you have already argued that this is what you consider ‘democratic’.

        Too late to wheedle out of it now. Or are you saying its democratic when its the gang you supoort?

        You really are all over the place and making yourself look even more of a hypocrite.

        You should take the advice of Mark Twain:

        ‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt’

      7. Dave – I’ve made my position quite clear, now be a good little boy and go back down your 🐰🕳️ to play with yourself.

      8. That’s only your interpretation steveH. Everybody else sees you shouting about democracy one minute and then when the gerrymandering of the authoritarians you support is called out you go all whataboutary.

        Its not possible to follow the ‘advice’ you have offered as all the available space is already fully occupied by self regarding infantile little wazzocks like yourself.

        Seeing as how you are a self-confessed supporter of authoritarian nazis here is something for you to drool over and use up a few of your toilet roll supplies. Doubtless you are proud of what those you are cheerleading for have done here:

        If i were you I’d crawl back into your slimy hole along with the rest of your fascist mates as you are clearly not, and never will be, fit to join grown up civilised society.

      9. steveH, there is not enough space on the internet to list your problems. If i were you I’d focus on sorting your self out rather than continually pontificating like the emptiest of the vessels and showing yourself up.

      10. Dave – ….and yet here you are again with your own little pontification. 🤔

  4. If the allies of her ex-husband are capable of
    manipulating a trigger they are also capable of
    manipulating an OMOV vote,

    Remember that membership details are now
    difficult to access and it will be easy to “lose”
    a few or put in extra requirements for members
    to take part in a vote. It has been done before,

    I think Begum should go to the police – for her
    ex-husband was allegedly responsible for
    circulating lies about Begum – ie that she
    WAS guilty of housing transgressions and in
    addition giving out her name and address.

    1. HolbyFanMw…Spot on. As an ex Labour member who belonged to a corrupt CLP I know how some OMOV are run. And it’s bullshit to suggest it is democracy by having one. Labour is a goddamn racist corrupt party, thanks to Starmer and his bunch of misfits. What they’re doing to Apsana is criminal, and it should be referred to the police.

      1. baz2001 – One would hope that the Corbyn and his administration (the ones who dreamt up and introduced this ‘trigger ballot’ process) put the necessary safeguard in place to protect the integrity of the process Surely this is the very least that the members had a right to expect.

      2. Oops a bit of bad editing One would hope that the Corbyn and his administration…………..

    2. HFM – Don’t forget that the ‘trigger ballot’ process was effectively imposed by Corbyn against the wishes of the membership. It was JC’s and his team that dreamt up the rules and procedures surrounding the administration and integrity of the process. There were some changes made by Starmer at last years conference which upped the threshold for the trigger by a significant margin. These changes actually made it harder for a trigger ballot to be successful and thus offered sitting MPs like Apsana Begum a greater degree of protection.
      I think that your accusations of electoral fraud in this process are unfounded and more than a little Trumpian.

  5. Maybe. Bagum
    should approach the ECHR about her human rights because I think we all know that the police are not interested in the finer points of terrorising a woman by the labour party.The human rights court was set up for dealing with Nazis and the abuse of power after the second world war and involve themselves in many types of abuse,torture family related abuse and fascists doing what fascists do.They can move very quickly when needed and have contacts across the world.including Britain.IF a case is taken on the power of the human rights court is impressive with funding for Lawyers and QCs at the top of the profession extraordinary.Lets see the labour party deal with a real Opposition to cruelty and depravity.

      1. Steve H you obviously know little about the European human rights court,it being of minor interest to those on a witchunt.The treatment of people like Begum is part of their work in human rights and is as they say “right up their alley” .Most of the cases are not high profile and are their bread and butter as I am sure the knight will be aware lawyers and Barristers and Qcs are retained by the organisation.Evan family laws are handled by the ECHR and this case would definitely be one they could get their teeth into.being as it covers much that they specialise in.Very few of their cases involve last minute stopping aircraft on the runway and deportation flights with a government.The Human rights commission should be the first port of call for a victimised and abused woman by the labour party.

    1. I think approaching the Police would be
      quicker – and simpler for they ought to
      be concerned about harassment of and
      potential danger for a woman MP ..

      The only problem for Apsana is if
      she is feeling unwell she will not feel
      like approaching anyone.

      I just hope she has some friends
      who will provide support and help
      for her and who know the ropes as
      to the approach to relevant
      legal authorities.

      1. At least she’ll be able to rely on the support of her fellow SCG members/

      2. Steve H……..Your sarcasm on “at least she will be able to rely on the support from her fellow SCG members “.as been noted and I must say its usually “toffee that gives me a chuckle first thing when describing your antics.not you..You must be improving its amazing when laying off the sauce can improve the wit of a person.ITs a shame your knight doesnt follow your abstinence comrade.

      3. HolbyFanMw, approaching the Police? are you forgetting that Apsana is:
        1- a BAME ?
        2- a woman ?
        3- a socialist ?
        The treatment of Claudia Webbe at the hands of the Police comes to mind. No Apsana is better off by going directly to the ECHR while the UK still under its jurisdiction.

      4. Reply to Holby and Maria V
        Apsana should do both because in my opinion there are two elements to her case – the personal and the political
        She is clearly being subjected to harassment by her ex husbands cronies because of the break up of her marriage and this is a police matter. While I take Maria’s point about the way Claudia Webbe was treated it would be unwise in my opinion for Apsana not to involve the police as the situation could well escalate into violence.
        I THINK (I am not sure) that she will have to exhaust the court and appeals process in this country before she can bring a case to the European Court of Human Rights. She is the subject of political discrimination and Islamophobia by these same cronies who are exploiting Starmer’s Labours anti Left and anti Muslim in order to get her out of her job. She should also report it to the Equality and Human Right Comm though I have very little faith in them either as they have failed to investigate numerous incidents of Islamophobia in Starmers Labour
        Finally she should get legal advice about the possibility of taking private court action against the ringleaders of the disgusting campaign against her. Most of us would be happy to crowd fund such an action.

    2. I’m sorry Joseph, you are expecting a nazi supporter like steveH to support this line of argument?

      1. Now there’s a novelty.

        Someone in a glass house throwing stones.

  6. Not sure if it was Jeremy Corbyn who
    introduced trigger but that is beside the
    point !

    The MSM made a song and dance
    about trigger when used against right wing
    individuals – but will they print any complaints
    when used against the left wing?

    🐷 … flying ..

    1. reply to Holby
      Holby according to SteveH EVERYTHING that is happens is Jeremy’s fault! If there were floods within 100 miles of Islington he’d say it was because Jeremy did a rain dance. lol!

      1. Smartboy – Not everything but that doesn’t mean that his failings shouldn’t be acknowledged, we don’t want to make the same mistakes again. I really don’t see what is to be gained by treating Jeremy like some sort of infallible deity when he self evidently isn’t, I’m a member of a political party not a religious cult.

  7. Here’s a quite interesting post on the subject of mandatory reselection and Unite’s involvement trigger ballots…

    SteveH08/08/2018 AT 3:23 PM
    The risk of dissident MPs sabotaging a Labour majority must be removed. They have repeatedly betrayed our trust.

    Hmmm: dissident MPs sabotaging a labour majority???

    🤔 Make of THAT what you will. Bear in mind that Corbyn was the leader when he made that statement 😙🎶

    I might even look for a few more examples of crass, craven ambiguity from the pondlife, during the Corbyn tenure.

    1. Wow. I clicked on your link, Toffee, and sure enough it was there. A Stalinist statement if I ever saw one. Now I see what has happened. How often have we seen authoritarians, who perceive themselves to be on the left, mutate into conservatives or fascists. That explains SH. Thank you.

      1. SteveH didn’t mutate into anything goldbach. He was ALWAYS a fascist – ie a full-time paid shill pretending to be a left-wing JC supporter. Up until the 2019 GE and Jeremy then resigning, that is. So PRIOR to then he called out those who were smearing Jeremy and trying to sabotage and undermine him, but SINCE Jeremy stood down as leader, he has endlessly blamed Jeremy himself for the 2019 GE result.

        Put it this way: If Russia had invaded Ukraine three or four years ago when SH was posing as a left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporter, I have no doubt that he would be playing along with the consensus view on the left that the US and Nato forced Putin’s hand by refusing to address Russia’s security concerns about the eastward expansion of Nato, whereas NOW he just regularly churns out the ‘Putin supporter’ line etc in response to anyone who states the reality of the situation – ie that the conflict – and all the death and destruction and carnage – could have been prevented if the West had addressed Russia’s security concerns. And it soon became MORE than evident why they didn’t – ie because the WESTERN fascist elite want to rule the world.

        And the joke of it is that he fraudulently denounces posters ‘for supporting corrupt and authoritarian dictatorships’
        whilst fully supporting a totally corrupt and authoritarian and dictatorial leader of the LP!

      2. Allan – You depend far too much on what you think people have said or what you presume to think that they ‘really meant’ instead of what they have actually said.
        You’re the sad sack who has to make stuff up to support your weird lies, not me.
        Please feel free to fruitlessly trawl through my many comments and link to any that express support for Putin and his ilk. Have fun.

      3. Reply to Goldbach
        Steve H is not the only one but the others are harder to spot

      4. goldbach – Given that I was referring to Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents in the PLP at the time perhaps you may wish to revise you Stalinist nonsense. Or was this just another passing bandwagon that you jumped onto without any critical thought.

      5. Whether you just fail to understand, or whether you deliberately misunderstand is irrelevant.
        The desire to have a system in place in order to get rid of political opponents is Stalinist.
        The desire to have that same system in place because it is the democratic way to do things is not.
        Nice try, but failed again.

      6. goldbach – You numpty. Didn’t it occur to you that the two aren’t mutually exclusive

      7. Oh dear! That’s a new one on me, that it’s possible to be Stalinist and democratic at the same time. Maybe it is for you, but each to their own. Add to that the resort to infantile name-calling, and we get the picture – David Gower Syndrome.

    2. Toffee – You’ve been having fun trawling through old posts, haven’t you.

      I had completely forgotten about this article and my comment so thanks for highlighting it to everyone. I am however a little puzzled by the tone of what you’ve said. Why are you objecting to my fulsome support for mandatory reselection and the removal of those who had attempted to use underhand methods to oust JC.
      Given the strength of my feelings on the subject that were expressed in the comment that you were kind enough to link to it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I and others felt betrayed by Corbyn and his team.When read in conjunction with Len McCluskey’s own words following the 2018 conference vote the article you have linked to illustrates the level of betrayal and deceit by Jeremy against the membership.
      Where is the ambiguity in my comment from nearly 4yrs ago?

      1. Not really.

        I’d prefer to discuss the articles on question rather than prove you to be the squirming, obnoxious and obsequious little twat that you are.

        So with that on mind. Who and in what context was the ‘labour majority’ you were referring to?

        Howard has your number rather succinctly in his earlier post.

        And I’ll add to it that you rely on people not being arsed enough to search for your chronic demands for proof.

        But when oth myself and Howard provide it, you’re off on a tangent, that’s when your not cryarsing about how ‘sad we are for both taking you up on your invitation and doing it off our own bats.

        You’ve been rumbled for the fuckteenth time. Instead of squealing and wriggling, be man enough to admit you’re worse than fucking shite.

        And fuck off. Forever.

  8. Anybody can make accusations of abuse without fear of consequences. Guilt by accusation is a dangerous road as I have found to my cost. Never any police charges nor prosecutions for false & malicious accusations.

    1. Steve R – I take your point. However I was not
      thinking of her particularly naming someone for
      spreading false news about her – only expressing
      fear in the way it was done. It is reasonable for her
      to then say she is suspicious of her ex – for that
      is what the police will ask in response.

      Given the current islamophobia it is entirely
      possible that the situation could worsen with
      maybe threats from a third party and for her
      own safety this is a wise course of action

    1. The links with the Israeli Police are certainly a concern.
      It’s necessary, though, to point out that they were patrolling Stamford Hill. It is an area heavily populated by Orthodox Jews and acts as an eruv area, though I don’t think that it’s “officially” recognised as such by some.

    1. The evil priti patel has approved Assange’s extradition…

      With the FULL BACKING of WHOM, exactly?? 😙🎶

      CLUE: I’m NOT referring to anyone from ‘murrica, nor British intelligence (The gobshite I refer to is devoid of those ravages)

      …Oh, and there’s NO ‘But Corbyn… cop-out here, so that’s you fucked innit?

      1. Too much of a shithouse to bring yourself even answer that.

        To you, keef truly is infallible, isn’t he? Beyond any and all reproach.

        And you wonder why you’re universally ridiculed and despised.

      2. Toffee – Your self imposed ignorance on the function of the CPS in extradition cases is your problem. You can lead a horse to water but ….




    2. Who said anything about the CPS?

      I’m not talking about the slimy prick in his terrorist prosecuting capacity…Something else he was shite at.

      And I”M the one ‘showing MY ignorance’?????

      You just can’t help yourself. What a completely irredeemable moron you are. The gift that just keeps giving.

      1. Toffee – Well thanks for taking the time to let us know what you were not asking. Unfortunately you forgot to clarify what you were asking. or are you still trying to work that one out.

      2. A fucking stillborn puppy could understand what I was asking.

        You fully understand, but being the odious little shithouse you are, you pathetically feign ignorance, and try to make out Im the one confusing the issue.

        So here it is in unmistakeable terms.

        Smarmer’s shithoisery has contributed to the rags and court’s decision on assange.

        You full support smarmer. Therefore you’re complicit too.

        Ok, prick. That easy enough for ya?

      3. Toffee – Was there actually a question hiding in there somewhere or was it just another pointless rant?

        Perhaps it would help if you actually understood the duties and purpose of the CPS with regard to extradition proceedings instead of repeating untruths.

        The CPS do not get to choose which extradition cases they take on and they also don’t get to decide their outcome. To claim otherwise is just a silly and unhelpful distraction.
        In extradition proceedings the CPS performs a quite different role from its normal function as a prosecuting authority. It effectively acts as the agent of the country requesting an extradition, it’s a bit like the client solicitor relationship.
        Read the following, you will find it informative.

    Unison backs PR – Another step forward to PR becoming Labour policy
    Today, the UK’s largest trade union voted to campaign for Proportional Representation.

      1. Crivvens? TWO irrelevant posts?! 😲

        Burger me! Are getting double time, or are you just desperately and pathetically attempting to distract from being collared bang to rights for the squintillionth time this month?

      2. The PR one isn’t totally irrelevant.
        Under PR, they wouldn’t need to deselect socialists. They would simply not have them on the list, which wouls be decided by Southfork.

      3. goldbach – Or alternatively they could stand on there own socialist platform, probably get about 15 seats in the House of Commons and build support from that base. Who knows your new socialist party might even hold the balance of power.
        PR would make a socialist party viable.

      4. I don’t recall advocating setting up a “new socialist party” although, in the extremely unlikely event that the UK were to use PR, I’m sure one would emerge. There are, however, much more pressing issues than PR (or otherwise). The targeting of Apsana is one of them.

      5. Crivvens? TWO irrelevant posts?! 😲….”

        It’ll probably get worse Toffee. He doesn’t realise that the RWLabour cabal that he supports has crossed a rubicon and shat in it, and that now he is seen not just as right-wing and a bit neoliberal who is less democratically-aware than his lefter citizens, but as pro-authoritarian and positively neo-fascist.

        ‘Moderates’ as proto-fascists, that George Orwell was onto something. Politics and the English Language

      6. qwertboi – Wow!
        ………. and yet you’re the joker who is acting as an apologist for a corrupt and authoritarian dictator whilst bragging about how “democratically-aware” you think you are.
        Was your link to the Orwell article intended to be ironic or are you for a change exhibiting a remarkable degree of self awareness.

      7. I’m democratically aware enough to know that Putin is a corrupt product of an un-democratic neoliberal system (which he played a large part in creating) on steroids.

        I don’t defend him – or his actions, but I do understand why they occur and it shames me that NATO can be the agent of harm as it is in this fiasco. (and as for the EU – thank heavens we are out!).

  10. I must have missed Yvette Cooper’s statement condemning Patel for agreeing to the extradition of Julian Assange.
    Can anyone provide the link?

  11. PR does end up with the extreme parties holding the country to ransom
    It also makes it simple to sack MP’s on the spot for Gross Misconduct
    Go listen to Dr John Campbell and Professor Robert Clancy on YouTube
    Interesting observations

      1. qwertboi
        There’s another interview only about a 2 days old, Clancy is in UK for this one
        Apologies for not being able to give you the link
        It’s worth searching for as they have both become a lot more hostile to the powers that be

  12. Apropos my comment that this would not have
    been ignored in Corbyns time. I remember the
    nasty smears and lies about LP meetings shortly
    after he became leader. Obviously they were
    ready for him.

    However when I went to my first meeting I found it
    rather dull and more like a church meeting with a
    raffle! The agenda was mainly about rules .. and
    no-one was nasty to anyone either! Now obviously
    rules ARE important – however I decided then
    that my suspicions that the MSM had it in for the
    left were once again shown to be justified.

      1. Doug – Have you just caught sight of yourself in the mirror?

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