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Exclusive: Society of Black Lawyers and retired judge condemn ‘racism’ in ‘miscarriage of justice’ against Claudia Webbe MP

SBL and Judge Peter Herbert say court’s decision to believe word of white woman caught in repeated lies over that of black MP is typical of ‘historic and systemic racism’ in justice system and that the case would never have come to trial if a black woman had been accusing a white woman

The Society of Black Lawyers (SBL) has declared the conviction of Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe to be a serious miscarriage of justice that typifies the historical and systemic racism that affects the justice system in England and Wales.

Ms Webbe had her appeal against conviction for harassment upheld in Southwark Crown Court but had her suspended sentence of imprisonment drastically reduced to 80 hours community service, with the £1,000 compensation originally awarded to the ‘victim’ in a magistrate’s court reduced to £50.

An SBL press release states:

[Webbe] does not now face an automatic deselection but will no longer be able to stand as a Labour MP at the next election in 2024. The Metropolitan Police had failed to disclose some 800 pages of text messages and images that showed the “victim” had lied repeatedly to the police about her relationship to Ms Webbe’s former partner, and to the Chief Magistrate when she claimed that they were simply “good friends” without an intimate relationship. The undisclosed material demonstrated Ms Merritt had a sexual relationship with Ms Webbe’s former partner between 2017 and 2020, throughout the entire period she claimed she was the subject of harassment. She also is likely to have lied to the police, that there was any threat by Ms Webbe to throw acid at her.

She played ”victim” in text messages with her friends, discussed Ms Webbe’s demise as an MP, ridiculed Ms Webbe as being naïve, and criticised Ms Webbe’s character long before the alleged course of harassment commenced.

Despite this obvious lack of credibility, the “victim’s” word was still preferred to that of Ms Webbe, who was meant to have made a series of silent phone calls to Ms Merrit. The main allegation that she threatened to throw acid on the victim was not upheld.

Retired Judge D Peter Herbert O.B.E. commented,

“The test for a case such as this which turns solely on the credibility of the victim is to what extent anything she said could be relied on. The key question is whether the white privilege knowingly enjoyed by this female was applied to ensure the police believed her victim account, and the Crown Prosecution Service and the Chief Magistrate saw her as the wronged woman harassed into a vulnerable wreck by an obsessive and aggressive black female. This is the same systemic racism of stereotypes that results in exponential stop and search rates for black men, the unlawful strip search of Child C, and the disproportionate deaths in custody of black men”.

Herbert further commented,

“One simply has to reverse the ethnicity of the alleged victim to demonstrate that no black female who lied and fabricated evidence to the police about a white female MP, CPS and Chief Magistrate would have her allegations pursued on appeal. Any black female “victim” who lied in this manner would herself have faced charges for perjury, and possibly for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Her credibility would have been undermined and not selectively upheld on appeal.”

The Society of Black Lawyers calls upon the black and progressive community to reject this latest decision that black lives and experiences are less credible than that of a white female. It is a matter of deep concern that Ms Webbe M.P. also faced vile racial abuse on social media throughout these proceedings. SBL urges Ms Webbe not to resign her seat in Parliament, especially given the Prime Minister’s failure to accept the inevitable conclusion of the Sue Gray report as meriting his resignation for lying and misleading Parliament.

The appeal court judge had been explicit in accepting that accuser Michelle Merritt had lied but decided to accept her other evidence anyway:

We found that although Michelle Merritt was an unsatisfactory witness who told lies about the nature of her relationship with Lester Thomas until the downloads from her phone made the nature of the relationship clear, in other respects we accept her evidence.

Skwawkbox view:

The idea that demonstrated lies by an accuser do not at the very least raise ‘reasonable doubt’, the required legal threshold that the prosecution must exceed under UK law, is beyond astonishing. The SBL and Peter Herbert have today made clear that this is a view that is shared by trained legal minds.

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    1. Andrew
      Your comment reminds me of Starmer virtually trying to bully Swedish lawyers/government into not dropping the rape allegations against Assange. Which leads me to believe it’s possible that Starmer’s relationship with some of those in the Judiciary is still very cosy.

    2. Are there any pictures of Michelle Merritt? I gather Merritt is white. It would be useful to have some images of Merritt as there is a possible racist dimension to these events which, of course, the MSM isn’t covering but which may be relevant to verdicts: Would the situation have been the same had Webbe been white & Merritt black?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. However, I doubt very much that the British establishment cares for the opinion of black lawyers and a black retired judge.
    But perhaps Peter Herbert and the Society of Black Lawyers can make enough noise to ensure that Merritt is prosecuted for perjury. What the British establishment cares very much for is keeping up appearances.

  2. It’s beyond me how this judgment came about. Surely there’s grounds for Claudia to take this further.

  3. This case is only one in thousands of such cases they all sicken me the decision given out yesterday would sit perfectly within the Justice Systems of Nazi Germany, South Africa and Netanyahus Israel, In essence the Judge called the accuser A LIAR and in the same breath Found the Defendant Guilty I will never understand this Judgement He found Ms Webb Guilty Guilty of what you Racist piece of work what is this Lady Guilty off Getting out of Bed in the morning, having a coffee before going out, Looking directly into the eyes of a white person of which in instances like this I am ashamed of being A WHITE EYE,THe Dystopian Tory State is behind this outrage Cameron and Osborne began the War by persecuting the Jobless, Homeless, Disabled, Elderly, Students, all the POOR in Britain This Charlatan Government of multiple Leaders has for 13 Years Continuously attacked the POOR, The Conservative and Unionist Party over the last 13 years are the worst most Disgusting Brutal Uncaring Lying Corrupt English Government in History, It has just been reported on ITV News that Johnson has taken a Carving Knife to the Parliamentary Code of Conduct and Done away with MPs or MINISTERS have no need to Resign if they commit any crime as long as the CROOKED CORRUPT BASTARDS SAY SORRY🤔🤮🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😂🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺 WE ARE LEAVING THIS CORRUPT UNION of Rich Barons Lords Sirs Dames and Scum like Rowling,Mone, Davidson, Watson,Hodge,Sugar,Philips, Lippmann, and the entire Tory Benches and their Little Helpers Starmers Cowards the only Political Party in that CORRUPT House is the SNP Saor Alba NICOLA 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺

  4. Normally being accepted by the court to have lied repeatedly is sufficient for the case to fail. “Bizarrely” not THIS case….

  5. Well well …

    Someone on Claudia’s side at last!

    I wonder if it has been reported in the MSM?

    If he had any honesty and humanity at all
    – Starmer would welcome her back into
    the fold

    \\ 🐷 //

    .. I hope that at least some female MPs feel
    some empathy with her but no-one seems
    to have the bottle. They have NO excuse
    not to sympathise now the black lawyers
    have made their statement.

      1. Oh, right,THAT worked when they called for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn, didn’t it! Yes, I’m sure if socialist MPs called for her reinstatement, Keir Starmer would welcome her back with open arms!

  6. In an article yesterday about Claudia Webbe losing her appeal, skwawkbox linked to an article posted in November last year entitled ‘New campaign group asks whether Webbe convicted for being black….’, so I just clicked on it and read it, and then quickly looked through the comments, and at the end of a comment by Maria Vazquez – addressed to SteveH – Maria says the following:

    -Now how likely is it that an intelligent woman in the public light will threat a love rival with an acid attack?
    -Would an intelligent woman risk her career by carrying out an acid attack on a love rival?
    -Who has more to lose, Ms Miller? Ms Webbe?

    And SteveH – who constantly monitors the site – responded to Maria sixteen minutes later with the following:

    Maria – Come back and tell me all about it after her appeal.

    Here’s a link to Maria’s post:

    1. The whole affair looks like one BIG stitch-up to me! Much like Craig Murray, only in HIS case, they were definitely gonna put him inside for a few months.

      Agreed StevesHill?

      1. Allan – I’m struggling to see the point you are trying to make, do you have one?

      2. Simply that you’re a right-wing fascist shill Steve. Yep, SH would have us all believe that he didn’t know from the outset that it was all a big stitch-up! Even though skwawkbox/Steve Walker made if crystal clear that it was at the time.

        Of COURSE he DID, but he continues to play his little fascist shill games!! Always ‘struggling’!

        FO, FFS, you creep!!!

      3. Allan – Oh dear – Just a continuation of your silly obsession then.

    2. Thanks Allan for the reminder. It appears that SteveH knew that the institutional racism within all British institutions including the Judiciary will prevail and not matter what Claudia Webbe was going to find guilty of harassment in order to protect that bastion of equality and anti-racism NOT that is the MET.

      1. Maria – On the basis of the reported evidence that was available at the time I made this comment Claudia didn’t really have much going for her.

        This is what the the Judge hearing Claudia’s appeal case said in her judgement on the case

        Judge Taylor said Ms Merritt had lied during the course of criminal proceedings about her affair with Mr Thomas, but this did not undermine her central allegation of harassment.
        “We find that although Michelle Merritt was an unsatisfactory witness who told lies about the nature of her relationship with Leslie Thomas at each stage of the process until the downloads from her phone made the relationship clear, in other respects we accept her evidence”, she said.
        “We don’t find the description of the relationship as ‘just friends’ as truthful. For most of the time, Michelle Merritt and Leslie Thomas was having a sexual relationship.”
        But Judge Taylor added: “We are sure Claudia Webbe made silent calls to Michelle Merritt prior to October 11, 2018.
        “On Mother’s Day Claudia Webbe called Michelle Merritt and in the court of the call threatened to sent naked pictures of her to her daughter.”
        In her evidence, Ms Merritt said Webbe told her: “Friends don’t send friends pictures of their tits and pussy. You’re a slag and should be acid.”
        Judge Taylor said the phrase “should be acid” is “peculiar” and may have been misheard or misunderstood by Ms Merritt.
        “We are not sure acid was mentioned during the call”, she said. “Claudia Webbe didn’t make a threat to throw acid over her.”
        The court heard Ms Merritt reported Webbe to police but received 17 further phone calls lasting 14 seconds or less from the MP, even though she had been warned to stop.
        Judge Taylor said Webbe’s claim that she had not heard or understood the police instruction, blaming background noise on the call was not credible.
        In one phone call recorded by Ms Merritt on April 25, 2020, Webbe is heard saying: “I have seen all of your naked pictures. Get out of my relationship otherwise I will tell your whole family and show them all of your pictures.”
        Webbe had statements of support about her character from Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, and Diane Abbott.
        Imposing a fresh sentence, Judge Taylor took into account that Webbe had been under stress at the time, exacerbated towards the end of the harassment campaign by concerns that Covid lockdown rules were being broken which could compromise her health and political career.
        She added: “New evidence sheds new light on the nature and extent of your offending”, quashing the suspended prison sentence and replacing it with a 12-month community order with 80 hours of community service.

      2. ……..and this was Claudia’s response to the judgement

        Webbe said she is “saddened, disappointed and shocked” by the outcome of her appeal. “As I said in court and repeat now, I have never threatened violence nor would I,” the Leicester East MP added.
        “The events of the 25th of April are deeply personal. I was, as reported in the court, facing domestic abuse at the time of the call. I was deeply frustrated that my partner and Michelle Merritt had been socialising in the middle of the Covid pandemic, contrary to the rules and all health advice.
        “I was frightened and frustrated by his behaviour. But that fear and frustration could not and should not have been interpreted as harassment. As evidenced in court she had lied to the police and to the court. She wanted to get rid of me from the moment she was aware of me and far from being fearful or frightened of me was actively planning and plotting my downfall and humiliation.”
        The former Labour MP said that her “focus remains with the people of Leicester East” and she promised to continue to be their “voice in Westminster, fighting for the economic and social support Leicester so desperately needs”.

      3. SteveH, judge Taylor is choosing to believe the word of a white woman that lied extensively to the police and in the Magistrate Court, instead of the word of a black woman MP that has lived a lot of years due to her position as Cllr in the public glare. Judge Taylor considers Webbe of good character.
        The threshold of proof on a criminal case is “beyond reasonable doubt”. Once we accept by the words of Judge Taylor, that Merritt lied extensively and Webbe is of good character, how on earth Webbe’s conviction of a criminal offence that is based solidly on Merritt’s testimony is safe?
        It smack of institutional racism and white privilege.

  7. This is a shockingly racist verdict. I will blog on this. If someone lies under oath then their credibility is destroyed. I can’t recall a court accepting that the main witness is a liar then going on to believe her other testimony. This is a perverse verdict and should be appealed

    1. Yes, and any impartial and unbiased and agenda-free media would of course be reporting it in that vein but, needless to say, our so-called ‘free press’ et al did exactly the opposite.

      1. Why shouldn’t she? It seems that like most common and garden racists you are playing the divide and rule card. That’s all people like you know

      2. Tony – I’ll take that as a no then. As for being divisive well you’re the sad individual who is running around calling people racists and Uncle Tom’s.

      3. SteveH being his usual TOTALLY disingenuous self again I see! Since when did a blogger have to ask someone if they can write an article about them – ie Claudia’s appeal case etc in this instance.

        And what on earth would the tweet he linked to have to do with him asking such a ridiculous question. The only thing the tweet that he linked to FURTHER proves is that SteveH is a shill, and more-than-likely has one or two ‘researchers’ working with him. So having found the tweet(s) – from January 2020 – he then works out some way he can use it/them in a post and, as such, comes up with a preposterous question to ask Tony!

      4. Yes I have asked Claudia and yes she does. I reached out to her and she has replied in kind saying her reply was in the context of a tweet that has been deleted.

        So what we have is another example of a racist playing divide and rule.

        I am giving her advice at the moment as to how we overturn this outrageous verdict and defeat the racist narrative that you and others are running with.

        So suck on that you vile individual

      5. Tony – Good, I am glad to see that you took my advice. Will you be keeping us all updated on your progress?
        As for me being divisive, well all the evidence on this page shows that you are in fact the saddo who is running around divisively making false accusations of racism.

      6. ‘Tony – Good, I am glad to see that you took my advice. Will you be keeping us all updated on your progress?’

        Did your mother not tell you to try and tell the truth occasionally Steve? Or maybe that is your handler I shd be referring to. I took no advice from you. I contacted Claudia to find out why she had posted a tweet that made no sense.

        As for keeping you updated by response is simple: Mind your own business

      7. Tony – Then I guess we’ll just have to wait and see before we can judge the impact that your efforts have had on the eventual outcome. Did Claudia tell you what the deleted tweets said?
        As I understand it this phone evidence was not known at the time of the original trial and that it was issues that arose during that trial that prompted the police to investigate further and that when their enquiries unearthed the additional evidence they disclosed this to Claudia’s defence team. Do you have any credible evidence to the contrary?

  8. Given that millions of people have been fed a totally false version of events by just about the whole of the MSM, and no doubt the majority of Claudia’s constituents, it would be great if the SBL – or someone like Tony Greenstein – could produce a leaflet relating what REALLY happened on the one hand, and exposing the mendacious way it was reported by practically all of the MSM on the other – ie a leaflet that left-wing activists living in her constituency and the wider area could copy and paste and print off a few hundred or more each, and put through thousands of doors in Claudia’s constituency. Ideally, they would coordinate with each-other so that the leaflet isn’t getting put through the same doors twice or more. The leaflet would also include the quotes from the SBL and the retired judge (and whoever else), and I would suggest an A4 size leaflet, four sides, spelling it all out as simply and easy-to-follow as possible, held together with a paper-clip, and at the end of the leaflet saying: PLEASE COPY AND/OR SCAN AND CIRCULATE TO FRIENDS AND WORK COLLEAGUES ETC.

    It would of course be brilliant if thousands of left-wingers all over the country did so as well..

    1. Allan – You could compile this leaflet yourself and if it is any good you could then ask SW to publicise it for you or give you a guest contributor spot.

      1. when you have nothing to say it’s a good idea to shut up – no one is listening to your racist rants – is that so difficult to understand?

      2. Tony – …..and yet you are the one ranting about racism again, I don’t recall ever commenting on Claudia’s race, creed or colour. I think that it is really, really sad that you harm the fight against actual racists by resorting to false accusations of racism when you run out of anything sensible to say. It belittles you.
        You are more than welcome to trawl through the entirety of my comments on these pages and to quote anything that I have ever written that defines me as a racist.

  9. Ive just looked and nowhere is this
    statement by the Black Lawyers
    reported by the MSM ..

    Skwawkie is the honourable exception –
    so well done!

    Unusually – I don’t think I’ve seen
    anything about this at all in the Morning
    Star but maybe Ive missed something?

    They are usually at the forefront in
    reporting such cases so am puzzled.

    1. The Morning Star doesn’t appear to have covered the latest episode (not yet anyway), but I came across the following article from last November. Here’s a passage from the article:

      ‘….. I did not make any silent calls or withheld number calls and I did not make a call in 2018 or in March 2019. There is no evidence of any of this,” she said in a statement.

      The chief district judge, Paul Goldspring, made a mention of Webbe’s good character — or what he termed “positive good character” — but said that was not enough to counter his belief that the allegations stood, even in the absence of definitive proof that it was Webbe who actually made several silent calls that came from an undisclosed number.

      That there was no proof that Webbe made those calls was admitted by the crown prosecutor in court on October 13 2021.

      Yet, the judge concluded: “I found Ms Webbe’s evidence to be vague, inconsistent and at times to be illogical.”

      1. I totally believe her about the silent calls, and if it wasn’t Claudia, well, I think we can all put two and two together. It was just ANOTHER falsehood/lie by the so-called victim, invented for the obvious reason, just like the threatened acid attack. I mean it’s the classic scary thing in movies etc, and the person that’s doing it does it precisely so as to unnerve you, and is obviously sinister and a threat. And if you’re fraudulently accused of doing so, you can’t disprove it. And the fraudulent accuser will of course act out like it deeply affected them, and IS deeply affecting them. The JLM and the CAA and LAA and the BoD and the Jewish newspapers and Hodge and Smeeth et al were all acting out in respect of the existential threat that Jeremy Corbyn and his hundreds of thousands of left-wing supporters posed to the Jewish population, but not one single person EVER spelt out what this threat amounted to. Oh, right, apart from re-opening the gates to Auschwitz! And not a single one of them reported Jeremy or Ken or Jackie etc to the police for their antisemitism. I wonder why not!

      2. Allan – The judge who heard the appeal also expressed her doubts about the veracity of some of Claudia’s evidence. Below are a couple of extracts from her narrative verdict

        Judge Taylor added: “We are sure Claudia Webbe made silent calls to Michelle Merritt prior to October 11, 2018.

        The court heard Ms Merritt reported Webbe to police but received 17 further phone calls lasting 14 seconds or less from the MP, even though she had been warned to stop.
        Judge Taylor said Webbe’s claim that she had not heard or understood the police instruction, blaming background noise on the call was not credible.

      3. In a DM article last October it says the following:

        Asked about the subsequent call from police, she claimed she had not been ‘warned off’ further contact.

        It seems HIGHLY unlikely that Claudia would say that if she HAD been warned by the police not to contact Merrit anymore. And if Merrit recorded ONE telephone conversation with CW, then why didn’t she record the OTHER alleged phone calls. I don’t know where this ‘warned off by the police’ emanated from, but if it was Merrit…..

        And if THAT’s the case, then CW should ask the police concerned to confirm to her in writing that they at no point warned her off, and then make it public in so far as she can.

      4. Allan – As I recall it the evidence about the police phone call came from surprise, surprise the police.

        It doesn’t appear that there was any dispute about there being a phone call to Claudia from the police, this is what the appeal court judge had to say about it
        “Judge Taylor said Webbe’s claim that she had not heard or understood the police instruction, blaming background noise on the call was not credible.

  10. Steve H ‘forgets’ that the burden of proof is on the prosecution and if their main witness is a liar, end of case. The fact that the Judge had doubts about the veracity of Claudia Webbe’s testimony is immaterial because it has to be beyond all reasonable doubt

    Is that too difficult for you to get into your thick racist skull?

    1. In fairness, Tony, he’s only following orders.

      Wee fella’s smarmerist, spittle-flecked fanaticism is brought about more by his overt hatred of socialism than race….But in Webbe’s case it’s a ‘bonus’

    2. Tony – …..and yet you are the one that is obsessing about Claudia’s race because you’ve run out of arguments. I don’t recall even mentioning it.

      1. racists often proclaim they are not racist. I haven’t mentioned Claudia’s race because she is the same race as me. Races don’t exist. Racists like you do exist. Comprehend?

        Zionists always claim it is their opponents who are racists or ‘antisemites’. You learn well

      2. Tony – “racists often proclaim they are not racist”
        They come in all sorts of guises and have also been known to run around calling others racist without knowing the first thing about those they falsely accuse, As for you being the same race as Claudia, well so f’ing what. The colour of your skin doesn’t give you a free pass to make completely unfounded accusations of racism.
        It’s high time you got a grip of yourself. As I said elsewhere, I think that it is really, really sad that you harm the fight against actual racists by resorting to making false and completely unfounded accusations of racism because you have run out of anything sensible to say. It belittles you. You are no better than the saddo numpties who run around shouting Nazi at anything and everyone.

        We have made our home in my wife’s home town in the West Indies. We have had a home here for many years now and we are very much a part of the community where we are now permanent residents.
        I may be in a minority of one in the very large and very loving black family that I joined over 25yrs ago but I really couldn’t have hoped for a warmer hearted welcome from both my wife’s family and the wider community here.

    3. Tony – Whether or not he is racist, I don’t know.
      He certainly is prejudiced though.
      If you look at all the comments from previous reports, there is a consistent theme of “what about the poor innocent victim?” and no subsequent acknowledgement that he was unquestioningly supporting a serial liar.
      I wouldn’t find the need to delve into “racism” or otherwise. The abiding hatred of socialists is enough for me to form an opinion.

      1. goldbach – I don’t recall ever supporting either side in this case.

      2. ‘As for you being the same race as Claudia, well so f’ing what.’ Where did I make such a claim? I don’t talk of ‘races’. They don’t exist. There is just one race, the human race. But there are racists and I judge you Steve H by what you say. Your personal circumstances are irrelevant but now you disclose them revealing

        Where have I said I was Black? I’m Jewish and White.

        You chose to disparage a victim of racism and believe a serial liar. You chose to ignore police racism in Britain and the fact that the Police have chosen to prosecute 2 Black MPs, Claudia Webbe and Apsama Begum, both on the left whilst maintaining an indifference to Boris Johnson corruptly obtaining over £100K for his then mistress Jennifer Arcuri at the Greater London Authority. Indeed they should have prosecuted Owen Patterson too.

        The case was brought by a serial liar. THe Police deliberately didn’t hand over relevant evidence. If Steve can’t see the injustice then he sees nothing.

      3. Tony – I really can’t be bothered with your nonsense any longer. F’ off back down your rabbit hole

      4. ‘Tony – I really can’t be bothered with your nonsense any longer. F’ off back down your rabbit hole’

        Excellent – then shut the fuck up. We all know you are a liar. A white racist with tales of a Black backstory. Next lie?

      5. Tony – Prove it, where is your evidence?.

        Meanwhile back in the real world, all the evidence on this page shows that you are in fact the saddo who is running around divisively making false accusations of racism.

      6. I wouldn’t believe a single word about SteveHs background Tony. He’s a paid full-time establishment shill, and shills ALWAYS have a back story. I mean does it sound remotely plausible that someone would move/retire to the Caribbean, and then spend practically his every waking hour posting on skwawkbox, posting several hundred comments a week, week after week, month after month, year after year after year.

      7. Allan – So you keep telling me, how’s the book coming along?
        Do we have a publication date yet?

    1. Lammy is an uncle Tom. A Christian Fundamentalist he supports the Apartheid Israeli state. He supports beating children. He is a detestable character and voted for the ‘hostile environment’ Immigration Act 2014.

      Lammy is Black outside but White inside

      1. What does that even mean coming from a white bloke? oh, and read the book before you use transatlantic accusations. Why do we bow before yanqui institutions that are an arm of the Dixiecrats, who hate working and poor people across the board. BLM a brit grassroots movement? I am posting late because I am following through on the Al Jaz expose. If you follow squawky you will know that I am consistent.

  11. I’m sorry that I disagree with the dominant ‘snowflake’ left ideologies projected yet again. The Society of Black Lawyers? See me see my colour representing lawyers from a priviledged bourgeois occupation & stating that credibilty should be given to the testimony of a black female MP rather than a white woman. Why not establish the Society of Black Doctors who will only treat a patient dependant on the colour of their skin, besides I have problems enough believing anything that any MP says, including David Lammy. It appears that some politicians can gain favour with the elitest bourgeois ‘Guardian’ Left as Ms Webbe column inches has dominated Skawkbox quickly displacing interest in the career of Laura Pidcock .

    1. Why don’t you get back to the Daily Mail comments section where you belong. What pure fucking unadulterated evil pours out of your tiny little fascist brain!

      1. We need a defence campaign to call out this appalling racism. We should ignore trolls like Steve W. Racists like him have nothing to say other than cause confusion

      2. yes really. You have nothing to add. You have supported the State throughout all of this. You have ignored the clear and obvious racism of the Police who suppressed evidence. You lied about me mentioning race but that was because you didn’t understand the difference between race and racism – (one exists and one doesn’t).

        In short you have added nothing to the conversation other than to demonise the victims who is not the White woman (who so clearly lied that it is not worth arguing the point)

      3. Tony – Actually my “Really❓” response was intended to question your strange reference to “Steve W”, the author of this blog?

      4. Says SteveH knowing full well that Tony meant to say ‘SteveH’. And this is a guy who on many occasions has addressed a comment to another poster and put the wrong name, and then realised shortly afterwards that he did so, and then posted again to correct himself. And he’s done that on many more occasions than any other regular posters on this site. But then he’s so busy posting ‘replies’ to other posters every day, it’s not surprising that he gets mixed up about who he’s responding to sometimes!. On one occasion that *I* know of, he actually posted a link to the thread that he was posting in! But when you’re posting in several current threads at the same time! And about two-and-a-half years ago I was doing some research and checking out skwawkbox articles from a year or two before and, as such, responded to several comments that I came across just for the record, and lo and behold, SteveH posted replies to them shortly after I posted them! Oh, right, then in a current thread at the time came out with the typical shill/propagandist shite, that I was ‘hunting them down’!

        Oh, right, but he’s not a shill of course!!

      5. Allan – Oh dear, I see you are on your hobby-horse again

        I was simply drawing attention to what I thought was a mistake his post so that he could correct it if he wished. It would have been presumptuous of me to correct it on his behalf. Who am I to say what his intention was.

        As for me responding to your recent comments on ancient articles.
        Along with everyone else who had subscribed to updates on this article I got an email alert when you posted your comment. You are the one who was commenting on old articles, I simply responded to your comments.
        What’s your problem, surely you wouldn’t have published a comment if you didn’t want others to read and/or respond to what you’d written?

      6. Tony – Thanks for your concern but I’m quite content with my lot.
        We are sat on our porch looking out over the Caribbean Ocean whilst I type this (it’s about 28° here).
        We are going to go for a walk on the beach soon, have a swim in the ocean at sunset and then we’ll walk back up to the house to prepare dinner with fresh produce from our land and the ocean on our doorstep before dining and settling down to a lazy evening watching a film.
        I’m quite happy with my lifestyle, how about you?

      7. Tony – I came across this article (about you?), it was quite an interesting read.

        Here is the opening paragraph.
        Tony Greenstein is a thoroughly nasty piece of work. He’s a communist activist who supports numerous terrorist and totalitarian murderers. He regularly denounces Zionists as perpetrators of the Holocaust. He has libelled me many times. He doxxed an Israel activist, Jason Silver, and the Coroner accepted that this was a factor in Jason’s suicide in February 2018.

        It does beg the question, are your numerous unfounded accusations really just a cover for your own failings?

      8. Jesus, you’re such a complete and utter phony it’s a joke. AND you obviously think readers are too stupid to see through your little fascist shill games. If you were just correcting Tony, you would NOT of course have just said: ‘Tony – Really?’, and then, in your NEXT ‘reply’ to Tony, refer to his obvious mistake as ‘your strange reference to SteveW…’, which is NOT pointing out to him that he mistakenly put SteveW, as you now claim. But you just lurve playing your little fascist shill games, don’t you, first saying ONE thing, and then maintaining and pretending that you were saying something else. No doubt THAT is one of the reasons you got the job – ie because it just comes naturally to you to lie and deceive.

        You really ARE the ultimate creep.

      9. Allan – Unlike you I don’t constantly make assumptions about what people are ‘really’ thinking.
        It is rather ironic that your desperate attempts to start a row are so typical of troll behaviour. Maybe this revelation explains why you are a self proclaimed expert on trolls, shills and nazis.
        You need to get a grip of your obsessions and chill out.

      10. Looks like I owe you a big apology Steve. I mean if – as you said in your 10.09pm post in reply to Tony – you and your wife (I assume that’s what you meant when you said ‘we’) are sat on your porch looking out over the Caribbean Ocean and are going out for a walk on the beach soon to have a swim in the ocean at sunset etc, then THAT is incontrovertible proof that you are indeed in the Caribbean, and I’m really sorry for ever doubting you. And it is of course just purely coincidental that you were about to go out for a walk and a swim when Tony posted his comment in which he says: ‘Doesn’t SteveH have a life outside these comments?’, and you kindly took the time to post back and give him a detailed itinerary of your plans for the evening, before embarking on your walk etc.

        Anyway, my apologies once again, and have a lovely lazy evening..

      11. Allan – Thank you for your gracious and sincere apology. It takes courage to admit that you have fucked up.

    2. Now people are suggesting that we chip in to support fucking lawyers. Is this the metaverse people are talking about? I never saw that Hollywood thing about coloured pills. Was there a martial arts bird in it or a square jawed hero bloke who saves USA from the rest of the world?

  12. “Ms Webbe had her appeal against conviction for harassment upheld”
    … surely you mean:
    “Ms Webbe had her appeal against conviction for harassment REJECTED”.
    Made the same point on JVL re-post of your article.

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