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Six Tory MPs want to defect to Labour. The fact they’d be welcomed is the heart of the problem

Interchangeable empty suits: Keir Starmer’s Labour and the Tories

According to the Sunday Times this morning, at least half a dozen Tory MPs are looking to defect from the Conservatives to Labour, as Boris Johnson’s tenure implodes still further after the Tories were shredded by the LibDems in Devon and collapsed enough to let Labour limp across the line in Wakefield in last week’s by-elections.

And – as has already been demonstrated by Keir Starmer not just accepting Tory defector Christian Wakeford but giving him a seat on the front bench – if they do jump ship they will be welcomed with open arms by the Labour regime, despite the horror of many Labour members.

Like Wakeford, these are MPs who will have gleefully voted, since they entered the Commons as Conservative MPs, for every Tory measure that has blighted the lives of millions and will have ended the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who desperately need a real Labour government – one that despises the conscious cruelty and heartlessness of the Tories and their willingness to enrich billionaires while impoverishing millions of us, including more than four million children suffering poverty that will scar them forever. And those MPs, like their colleagues, will have scoffed and jeered at anyone who tried to object on behalf of their victims.

If they do try to ‘cross the floor’, a real Labour party would drive them away with sticks, not welcome them with open arms. To embrace them is a blatant insult to the millions who have suffered and the huge numbers who have died needlessly because of intentional Tory actions and at best gross negligence, not to mention the victims of the Tories’ state-level and personal racism and bigotry.

That those MPs will be embraced shows how disgracefully far Starmer and his faction are from the lives, needs, hopes and concerns of the millions they were elected to represent – and how desperately, tragically unrepresented we, the many, are on the parliamentary benches, where only a handful of MPs remember who put them there and why.

In Starmer’s diseased universe, they really are ‘all the same’. If they weren’t, no Tory MP would ever be allowed to swap rosettes and tie colours, at least to red.

And the people, so sick of groaning under Tory oppression and cruelty as the large and growing support for strikes shows, would have someone to fight for them in Parliament instead of feeding from the same trough as the Tories but with a different-coloured spoon.

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    1. Toffee, unfortunately does all that matters to Starmer increasing the number of Labour’s MPs. The right of the PLP figures that under the present electoral FPTP with a realistic choice of either Tory or Labour, an incumbent Labour will keep the seat even if no difference from a Tory.
      British politics are at such level of disrepute that if doesn’t matter for the most part which Party people vote for anymore. Tory? Labour?= Fat cats jumping on the gravy train, it doesn’t really matter.
      We need a political alternative and the LibDems aren’t a suitable one. We need the Trade Unions to stop financing the Labour Party and support a new Political Party.

      1. Pardon me, Maria.

        The operation to have my tongue surgically detached from my cheek has been postponed for the forseeable future 😜

    2. You can find an archived copy (no paywall) of the full story that was published in today’s Sunday Times here
      There were similar stories published by the Telegraph in January of this year about the possible defection of 5 Tory MPs

      1. So….Would it be a win for keef?

        Would YOU welcome them?

        (Does the pope shit in the woods?)

  1. Well as the LP no longer support the working people of this country or how they can organise themselves – they should be a good fit

    1. In the 19GE for the first time ever more of the working class vote (by a massive 15% margin) went to the Tories than went to Labour. Its coming to something when the Tories can legitimately claim to be the party of the working class.

      1. Toffee – The polls are consistently indicating otherwise

      2. Yes, I had to deal with a lot of ‘those’ working class voters 2015 to 2019 and they were NOT UK Labour Voters. More like EDL come Neo-Labour Party TORIES their motivation to vote TORY was based on one thing and one thing only, Racism! However you would be proud with them under the same banner as you considdering how much you love AZOV Nazis, I guess.

      3. nellyskelly – That wasn’t the reason that the voters gave for abandoning Labour in the Beast of Bolsover;s constituency

      4. mellyskelly – I have, it was a soft interview that revealed nothing new.

      5. Perhaps you should watch it again, you might quit pasting pointless poll every 5 seconds!
        Then again your comprehension deficiency gets in the way, maybe ask another competent adult to watch it with you.

      6. Toffee – The polls are consistently indicating otherwise

        Again – WTAF has THAT to do with the rags claiming to be the party of the working class(es) and smarmerism having NO claim to do so?

      7. Toffee – Did you not notice the flight of the working class vote from Labour to the Tories. In the 19GE15% more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour.

      8. You have to think back to when Blair and Murdoch launched their campaigne “The Sun supports Blair” and Campbell and Mandelson the The Sun in Lambskin aka guardian campain to drag the “working class” and teacher type wannabe “Socialists” deep into Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY territory and they succeeded.
        As for the “red wall” all those MPs who lost seats were Anti-Corbyn Neo-Labour Party TORIES except 3 who as far as I am concerned did not lose their seats they were so blatantly robbed, Laura P, Laura S and Dennis! Dennis their sick twisted Cherry on top and the two Lauras were two of the biggest threats, to the Old World Order, as leader of the Opposition Party in the near future. It is so blatantly obvious that Uncle Sam, Mossad and MI5/6 made their moves on the only 3 popular and Corbynist MPs in the Red Wall the rest of them did their damage at every given MSM opportunity. Probably retired now in a nice new beach front property, chin chinning Corbyn every morning.
        Anyway the so called red wall working class most certainly were no Comrades, they were Racist, Misogynist and downright Ignorant, coming to think of it so were the Zionist Get-Corbyn mob!

      9. Oh Boy! You simply don’t get it do you! Nevermind stick your closed little mind in your closed little box, wrapped in you narrow and impartial propagandist MSM.

      10. nellyskelly – You’re the one who is incapable of accepting the facts and has SFA to offer as a credible alternative.

      11. Really? You’re still not with it, but as a pure TORY, you’ll never get with it! You wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped your chops!

      12. nellyskelly – Given that we’ve established that you having nothing to offer, do your comments serve any purpose?

      13. Given that you have nothing but ignorance, billionaire owned MSM, MS Polls, fake left articles and a lot of BlueKeef arse licking do you serve any purpose whatsoever?

      14. The polls are consistently indicating otherwise

        The elections aren’t.

  2. The whole bastard lot of the toerags could cross the floor and no bugger’d know the difference.

    Unless of course, our genial resident ballache can give us all the benefit of his boundless sagacity and infinite wisdom.

  3. The self interested Tory MPs concerned are seriously deluded if they think their seats are more secure in Starmers hands than in Johnson’s. Both leaders are liars and big time losers but at least some Tory MPs have the sense to see this and are again trying to send Johnson packing.
    Not so with Starmers Labour MPs- they just sit there paying him homage while our supporters and voters across the board are being alienated – the latest being our brothers and sisters in the Trade Union movement- the activists are disappearing like snow of a ditch and the party is facing financial ruin.
    If we stick with Starmer and the Tories manage to get rid of Johnson and someone else leads them into the next election they are likely to win it because as I posted earlier not only can Starmer not attract the votes of disillusioned Tories, much more importantly, he can’t attract the votes of disillusioned Labour voters. He is the Tory’s greatest asset.

  4. Smarmer thinks gaining one toerag vote is worth losing a dozen labour votes.

      1. ………….and yet here you are again confirming that you do.

      2. SteveH26/06/2022 AT 1:52 PM
        ………….and yet here you are again confirming that you do.

        AGAIN – WTAF has THAT to do with keef’s hubris, and HIS utterance of that load of bollocks?

        Get with the programme and lay off the crack pipe, soft shite.

      3. Toffee – I see you’ve had to resort to profanities again. FFS grow up

      1. That’s JC’s opinion, the poll I’ve quoted represents the views of 100s of exLabour voters.

      2. Of course it is, because the times, the bbc, the guardian, the telegraph etc told you so!
        Everything he said came with a mention of a reference. That probably went over your little head.

      3. Professor Sir John Curtice doesn’t agree with you.

      4. Toffee – Labour is winning back the votes that Jeremy lost

        It REALLY isn’t

        Let’s take Wakefield – Seeing as it’s one keef actually *ahem* ‘WON’.

        13,166 votes from a turnout of 27,000 and 47.9% vote share is NOT ‘winning back votes’ .

        It is a DECREASE from even the 17,900 votes that creagh got in ’19, you clown.

        Christ on a stick! – How the absolute fuck did you ever get by when you’re so demonstrably and cluelessly SHITE with numbers?!

        I know four year olds with a better grasp of simple arithmetic than you. And you claim to have been heasdhunted to teach in three schools? Just fuck off, Walter..

      5. How many straws, wee fella…Can you count them for me?

      6. Toffee – You’re the one clutching then in your sweaty fist, are you scared to let go so you can count them for yourself.

  5. When The Neo-Labour Party TORIES won GE 2019, it was back to TORY business as normal and the New-Labour Party Parastes took back full control. First job destroy the UK Labour Party and that they did very well, The UK Labour Party is DEAD!
    The 10/15 Socialists dangling on the outside of the dead skin of the UK Labour Party, like baubles are purely for decorative purposes, to help them sell their Snake Oil Neo-Labour Party TORY under the flashing Neon Neoliberal TORY Corporate Hijacked logo ‘LABOUR’.
    The trouble with TORY Snake Oil promises under the LABOUR banner is that people expect Labour, but the get TORY!
    The UK Labour Party vs Conservative Party TORIES = BIG DIFFERENCE, it simply would not happen!
    The Neo-Labour Party TORIES vs Conservative Party TORIES = ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE, they would be welcomed with open arms and can hit the ground running.

    1. nellyskelly – We are still waiting for the pretend lefties to come up with a credible alternative.

      1. “Pretend Lefties”? As opposed to you Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES? Pfffft!
        I already answered that question. You will wait as long as it takes for The Left to reform, regroup and start a new party. Until then Jeremy Corbyn is adamant that he will entertain you as a UK Labour Party MP, with the whip restored. Fighting for Equality and Justice for The PEOPLE vs The Conservative Party TORIES and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        Who knows he and the other 10 may just phalanx your buts out the bsck door still, the Lady hasn’t sung yet.

      2. nellyskelly – Will anybody still be listening when you finally get past the planning to have a plan stage.

      3. I am not planning anything, I doubt they are, there is a lot more to consider here than your narrow field MSM mainline into your head.
        You really did not pay attention 2015 to 2020. Too busy screeching about Brexit, Remain or one of the many flavours of GetCorbyn. No wonder you are so confused.

      4. nellyskelly “I am not planning anything,”

        Surely that’s the point. Not only do you have SFA to offer by way of a credible alternative you don’t even have any plans to offer anything in the future. You are a political vacuum.

      5. Nope, you’re still deaf, blind and dumb! Go and put your head back in the box. Learn some from 2015 to 2020! We have!

      6. nellyskelly – You’re the one who has confessed that you have no credible alternative to offer either now or in the future.

      7. Last time now, okay! You simply won’t/can’t ever get it. Leave it alone you don’t understand, you never will, you’re not of us!

      8. nellyskelly – Is that a promise and I’m thankful for small mercies.

  6. The 10/15 Socialists dangling on the outside of the dead skin of the UK Labour Party, like baubles are purely for decorative purposes, to help them sell their Snake Oil


    In the same way the ‘rags simply cannot be racist because they have the likes of javid, patel, zawahi & kwarteng, the labour party is on the left because they (Only just) allow the likes of Abbot, Butler and Byrne to wear a red rosette. (And there’s DEFINITELY NO RACISM in the labour party- unless it’s the ‘rampant antisemitism’ that keef’s determined to stamp out 😕 )

    Those toerags cross the floor and keef’ll find a way to get shut of the irritation & inconvenience of those rotten lefties. They’ll be no loss to him. Begum can go first – take your pick of the other five.

  7. SteveH26/06/2022 AT 2:17 PM
    Toffee – I see you’ve had to resort to profanities again. FFS grow up

    You don’t even see the problem with your own bullshit, do you, soft shite?

    Profanities?…FFS? NO contradiction there, eh? Imbecile.

    I’ll grow up when irredeemably clueless RETARDS like yourself finally learn how to count…And learn to desist from lying through their teeth.

  8. SteveH26/06/2022 AT 1:57 PM
    nellyskelly – That wasn’t the reason that the voters gave for abandoning Labour in the Beast of Bolsover;s constituency

    Wasn’t it? 🤔

    Bolsover? Denis Skinner’s former constituency? 🤔

    The seat Denis held with his socialist views for FORTY-NINE YEARS? 🤔

    Denis Skinner – the LEAVE advocate in a predominately LEAVE constituency, where the referendum result was almost 71% LEAVE? 🤔

    Nah, they didn’t like Corbynist, socialist leavers around there, did they? Nah, they wanted keef to keep us in the EU

    Try AGAIN, moron.

      1. Here are some observations from the voters in Bolsover

        Should read: ‘Here are the observations from some (carefully selected) voters in Bolsover’

        Let’s take a sample from that ‘article’, shall we?

        Lifelong Bolsover resident and mother-of-six Mandy McKenna, 36, said people stopped trusting in Labour.

        …”No-one round here has any faith in Jeremy Corbyn.”

        “I think people voted more tactically than from actually wanting to vote for the Conservatives. My family have voted Labour all my life.”

        So, NOBODY trusted or had faith in Corbyn?!

        But apparently they voted tactically, they didn’t WANT to vote for the conservatives – and they had voted labour all her life – which includes 2017, when the leader was?

        Yes – That’s right. No compunctions or qualms about Voting Corbyn when the policy was to respect the referendum result

        But, back to the ‘article’….

        Former miner Alan Gascoyne, now the charity secretary, said: “We’re all in here slitting our wrists.

        “Most of us would rather chop our hands off than put a cross in a box for a Tory. We never thought we would see this day.”

        “I’ve had a few arguments with people,” he said. “Basically, there are two things that keep getting mentioned. Labour party is seen as having stalled Brexit. When Theresa May got that deal, we should have supported it and got out.

        “I suspect that, even though Dennis Skinner voted for Brexit, he has been tarred with that brush.

        The provenly anti-Corbyn, pro-europhilic bbc, almost giving the impression of impartiality….And they were doing fairly well – until they just HAD to finish off with:

        “And the other thing is Jeremy Corbyn. People don’t like him. It feels as if the Labour leadership are London-based and have forgotten about these solid Labour areas. And people think, ‘Well, we’ll show them’.”

        Ho-hum. Of course, you and your 70% know better….

      2. Toffee – You ‘re the one who has been compelled to write an essay of excuses

    1. Toffee – The problem appears to be that they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Corbyn

  9. It seems to me that there are two possibilities here.
    1. A number of Tory MPs, in constituencies taken from the LP at the last election, think that their best chance of continuing on the gravy train is to jump into a different carriage. After all the decor would be no different.
    2. The ST is inventing a story as part of a manoeuvre to ditch Johnson.
    Can’t see that there’s any relevance in putting on the old “It was Corbyn wot dunnit.” record.
    It’s cracked. Mind you ………………

    1. The New Labour Party TORIES invaded, infested and devoured the UK Labour Party.
      Could this possibly the the invasion, Infestation and devouring of the now Neo-Labour Party TORIES by the Conservative Party TORIES?
      Perhaps the Old World Order are not satisfied at how far right BlueKeef has dragged the Pseudo Opposition and needs to reign it back in to be a bit more inline with The Conservative Party TORIES? Tee hee hee hee!

  10. Yes, really this must be observed as one helluva warning as to the sorry state of legacy media and, more so, the Labour Party.

  11. You’ll notice wee fella has consistently failed to answer as to whether these toerag Apostates would be welcomed by him.

    We all know why he’s reticent. He, more than anyone else in history, suffers from acute political daltonism but tries his damnedest to not make it so obvious (And fails miserably at THAT, too).

    He’s not much good at anything is the wee fella.

    1. Toffee – Why do you care, you haven’t supported the Labour party for decades

      1. Because I DETEST cunts like you, and all you stand for.

      2. Still won’t answer the question.

        Therefore it can ONLY mean you’ll welcome those rags with open arms, just like keef would.

      3. Toffee – The simple answer is I don’t know yet, unlike you I prefer to wait until I know what I’m talking about before passing judgement.

      4. You DONT KNOW whether you’d WELCOME SIX TOERAGS into the so-called labour party?

        Of course, EVERYONE was made well aware of your (ahem) disgust when wankford was allowed in, weren’t they? 😙🎶

        This thread proves it.

        Not ONE criticism of keef for accepting a toerag onto the fold…. But, as a matter of course, the obligatory but Corbyn shite

        Toerag enabling, foreign-based lowlife.

        That’s YOU as well as murdoch.

        Go on, sod off, tory

      5. Toffee – I am quite happy to stand by the comments that I made on the article that you linked to but I’m struggling to see the point you are trying to make, do you have one?

  12. I remember when Tory defectors defected to the Libfibs, or Ukip. Now, apart from Rees-Mogg et al, they would fit in just nicely with New New Labour, times change.

  13. Is this the Red Wall MPs swopping sides? I could imagine they think they’re gonna lose in a GE. The problem there is, there would need to be a GE … and everything is pointing to this being Boris’ next trick – that there’s not going to be another election whilst he makes sure we are ‘at war’ in ‘Europe’ for the next decade.

  14. In 2007, the Sunday Times reported that there would be big gains for the BNP in that year’s local elections. I think there was talk of ‘hundreds’.

    It was nonsense based on three local by-elections where the BNP vote was high. But the Sunday Times failed to notice that the BNP had a high level of support there for some time. Their vote was flatlining or even falling slightly in those places.

    And so the big gains that the Sunday Times confidently predicted did not happen.

  15. When there is so little difference between the 3 major political parties it should not be a surprise when MPs are also interchangable …………..don’t you agree SteveH?

      1. Then NAME a difference between smarmerism and conservatism.

  16. No matter who you vote for, the same fuckers get in
    JC proved the electorate were screaming out for clear Red Water
    The need is even greater now
    What i have not got a Scooby Doo about is why JC, Unions and Members are still supporting these Cockwombles

    1. Doug – and yet disappointedly only 2½yrs later all that enthusiasm had withered away because of Labour’s complete failure to build on the progress they had made at the 17GE.

      1. Two Cheeks
        Doing his Steve Bannon impersonation again
        What are you people scared of

  17. And further remaining true to form, here’s the wee fella voicing his displeasure about wankford’s apostasy in this thread…complete with opinion poll bullshit instead of addressing the topic.

    Nope. Nothing there about how disgusted you are wee fella.

    Which bu ‘occam’s razor’ determines you can only be ENTHRALLED that smarmerist labour is welcoming toerags to the fold.

    Filthy, horridable, unmistakable toerag that you are. 😒

  18. I won’t bother asking what this latest ‘new relevance’ is. It’s bollocks and o don’t need to read your links.

    You don’t post ANYTHING relevant you toerag enabler.

    And unluckily for you, it’s been demonstrated that you WELCOME toerags to your labour party by your point blank refusal to even question it.

    You’ve failed to convince ANYBODY on here to vote keef. And you’ll NEVER succeed in doing so.

    Therefore, you’d be better off pissing off to the daily heil comments section to win over a few toerags for your toerag party and it’s toerag leader.

    Off you pop. Toerag. 🖕

    1. Toffee – Your self imposed ignorance is your problem, not mine.
      I do however find it perplexing that you dedicate so much of your time and effort pontificating about something you proudly declare that you know nothing about and that you have no intention of informing yourself about.

      1. Almost a cut and paste of other replies you’ve made to me….Got nothing new have you, toerag?

        But you might soon have a few new toerag MPs in your smarmerist toerag party. By then it’ll be how great keef os to have convinced them to join‘ because Corbyn’….

        …Wouldn’t have let them anywhere near the gaff.

        A so-called labour voter/member…Welcoming toerag MPs.

        For shame.

        …If you did shame.

      2. Toffee -Why would I bother wasting my time thinking up anything new to say to some one who is proud of being ignorant?

  19. Oh, and come back when youat least develop the ability to count before professing I proudly declare o know nothing about…

    Until then, sod off and try to won over a few daily heil bigots to your party. I’m sure they’ll be made welcome, too.


      1. Please, DO carry on squirming.

        Toerag….One who welcomes toerags into his toerag party.

        That is all that needs to be said.

      2. Says the bored tory 😏

        Carry on, plums. This IS fun.

  20. The sentimental and delusional evocation of ‘a real Labour party’ in the original article really needs to be challenged. We need to be shot of the dominance of both parties.

  21. Though Corbynite cowards flinch while Mandelson cheers
    We’ll keep the red and blue flag flying here…

    Revised anthem lines?

  22. Blu Keef – Marvel’s latest supervillain – he bores his enemies into submission?

  23. I don’t know if SteveH is a troll or not, but he’s certainly limited to one chord and takes up an inordinate amount of air on this forum. I don’t contribute often but I do dip in to read comments and it’s a distraction when so often the arguements revolve around what he’s said.

    Let him keep bigging up Sir and heaping every Labour ill on Corbyn, but can’t you folk just ignore him? Don’t rise to the bait, don’t waste time indulging him, because that’s what he wants.

    Rant over.

    1. Stan – I too find the childish personal attacks a little tedious. I’m quite happy to be ignored,

    2. Spot on Stan…..

      Little boys should be seen and not heard. And the Chief Turd Polisher is a little boy. Just ignore the paid for shill. Time is precious and not to be wasted on deflection merchants.

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