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Nichols congratulates Tory-Labour defector – days after saying any defector should resign and face by-election

More centrist hypocrisy

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols has tweeted her delight at the defection from to Labour of (now former) Tory MP Christian Wakeford, after the Labour party posted its welcome:

But only ten days ago, Nichols responded to the idea of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn starting a new party – which was in any case only a story briefed to media allies by the Labour right in an attempt to justify permanently expelling Corbyn – by huffing that any MP who switched party should call a by-election to see whether voters wanted to retain them:

Young Labour nailed the issue of why welcoming Wakeford at any level is far worse than any suggestion of Corbyn starting a party – Wakeford played a full and enthusiastic role in helping the Tories make life miserable for millions and attack our human rights:

Nichols, of course, is the same MP who proudly tweeted a picture of herself holding an anti-Gypsy Labour leaflet – then went on to try to defend Neil Coyle when he was accused of antisemitism for wanting to expel Labour’s left-wing Jews – and tweeted a smiling selfie with a Tory MP while attending a corporate-paid England football match.

Ten days to completely switch opinion according to what suits the party’s two-faced leader at any given moment. If anything was needed to sum up the dire state of Labour under the Starmer-Mandelson regime, this would fit the bill nicely.

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    1. Pfft!

      nichols is far too slow off the mark to demonstrate her hypocrisy. Takes her ten days. Takes the wee fella ten minutes (Or less).

    2. Classic George Peel. How do you know they’re not one and the same person ?

  1. Even though the seat was tight in 2019, with Labour a close second. I’d wager if a by-election were to be held Labour would struggle to win it under Starmer.

    Look at Labour’s real elections results, not just v.recent flattering polling built on ‘partygate’.Where has Labour been able to motivate and get its vote out under Starmer? His record is dreadful in locals and weekly by-election tests – zero enthusiasm for this bland Tory-lite offering.

    1. Andy – The latest polls tell another story
      19 Jan 2022
      Exclusive: ‘Red wall’ voters turn against Tories, poll suggests
      Gary Gibbon Political Editor
      Labour is in the lead by 11 points in “red wall” seats, according to an exclusive poll commissioned by Channel 4 News………
      The poll, which was conducted by J.L. Partners, puts support for the Labour Party at 48% in these areas and the Conservative Party at 37%…….
      ………The figures suggest if an election took place now the Tories would lose all but three of their red wall seats, with just Dudley North, Bassetlaw and Great Grimsby staying Conservative.

      1. According to BBC R4 PM Christian Wakeford, decided to cross the floor after he was threatened last night by the Tory Whips that if he didn’t toe the party line he wouldn’t have a seat at the next GE

      2. He should feel at home in the LP then.

        Threatening members is now the raison d’etre of the LP.

        Interesting he, unlike the real members, gets a free pass from Mr Heep here.

      3. Davw – What free pass would that be.
        I reported the breaking news that Christian Wakefield had defected from the Tories to Labour
        I’ve drawn attention to the latest Ch4 poll that shows Labour 11 points ahead of the Tories in the Red Wall seats
        and I’ve also drawn attention to him being under threat from the Tory Whips prior to him crossing the floor
        Where is the free pass

      4. “Exclusive: ‘Red wall’ voters turn against Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, poll suggests”
        That looks more like it!

      5. nellyskelly – Really, I thought that quoting the material that I was linking to gave a far clearer picture.

      6. That’s the whole point Uriah. What you did not say on this occasion about this event.

        Compare and contrast this deliberately studied neutral stance post with any example from any posting of yours on Skwawkbox stories involving attacks on Labour members by the hierarchy, undermining of Labour values, deliberate sabotage of elections, gerrymandering of selections et al.

        Your blatant sycophantic bias is now the biggest neon sign on the planet.

  2. Waiting for John Redwood and Jacob Rees-Mogg to defect.

    The Westminster attitude : Vote Red, Blue, we’re all the same now… and the jokes on you lot , pleb suckers!

  3. According to Guido Fawkes, in 2020 Christian Wakeford co-sponsored and voted for a private members bill that would “enable the recall of Members of the House of Commons who voluntarily change their political party affiliation; and for connected purposes.”

  4. Nichols is a pro Starmer right winger so her comments should surprise nobody – being a despicable hypocrite goes with the territory.

  5. The LP’s door slammed shut and padlocked on Corbyn.

    But the key is under the mat for any dodgy Kipper-flirting right-winger…

  6. Charlotte’s a Right Charlie! Another Right Wing Labour Lightweight hoisted by their own petard!

  7. So that’s the cunning plan.

    Wait for all the Tories elected in the ‘red wall’ seats to switch to the other Tory brand and form a Red Tory government without the bother of an election or consideration of the vast majority of non Tory (blue, red, yellow and, increasingly, green) voters in the country.

    Having said that the machinations taking place in the Original Tory party right now seem to be ignoring the upcoming local elections. The school of thought exists that a contest might wait until after May to enable any significant Original Tory Party losses in those elections to be blamed on the previous leadership.

    That’s assuming, of course that any losses favour the Red Tory Brand of the Starmer Junta. Its just as conceivable that voters sick of the lack of choice – you can have any flavour of cola you want but water is off limits – opt for independent party’s of varying hues?

    In which case we could see the Westminster bubble party’s engaged in a three way swapping of the deckchairs Derby in which all three party leaders face a contest?

    Johnson elected as new Lib-Dem leader
    Starmer wins the Tory Leadership
    and whoever presently leads the Lib-Dems takes over the Red Tory’ Labour Party.

    Oh! and the queen dies and Blair takes over as President of a New Republic reporting directly to Klaus Schwab at the WEF.

    Welcome to Numptyland!

    1. Let’s face it . With a Trilateral Commission servant pushing his masters’ Neoliberal corporatism and Neocon foreign policy agenda. Backed up with a domestic authoritarianism, that would make former Tory leader Michael Howard blush.

      There RW SoBs should feel right at home.

  8. Owen Jones – who is taking flak from the usual unprincipled centrist bunch – nails it with this tweet:

    ‘I get it! For some of you, politics is a football match, not about transformative change, and a raging Tory who has voted for appalling things swapping seats for career reasons is unambiguously a good thing. I guess some of us see things differently!’

    Jones is probably the nearest thing there is to a principled left-wing voice in the entire MSM ecosystem.

    1. “Jones is probably the nearest thing there is to a principled left-wing voice in the entire MSM ecosystem.”
      In other words there aren’t any. Jones was complicit in the demonisation of the LP under Corbyn and gave credence to the “antisemitism” narrative.

      1. I don’t know if I’d go that far Goldbach but there is a lot of truth in what you say about Owen Jones. He let us down very badly when he turned on Jeremy in the run up to the 2017 election. He later changed his tune and apparently began supporting Jeremy and his Socialist principles again but the harm was done by then and I have never trusted him since.
        As I recall Owen Jones also went out canvassing with Wes Streeting and appeared on TV with him which I find hard to reconcile with Owen’s professed Socialism so as I said there is a lot of truth in what you say – he is at best an unreliable fair weather friend.

      2. goldbach-

        I don’t disagree with you. But would you agree, that if Jones had called it out as ‘manufactured scandal’ based on very little evidence of AS. He’d have been sacked by the guardian? What good would that have done? To be fair to Jones he wasn’t anywhere near as bad as his guardian colleagues. When the whole media establishment is gaslighting the country. Standing up and saying, “this is nonsense’ is career ending.

        Even Corbyn didn’t defend himself, he failed to stand up for unfairly treated left-wing allies like Chris Williamson. I was really disappointed with Corbyn and his team – the invisible Seumas Milne et al, not pushing back hard and allowing these RW PLP morons free hits in the media.

      3. Smartboy

        It looked pretty bleak in the polls when Jones very briefly lost his belief in Corbyn’s chances. The polling turnaround in the 2017 campaign was staggering.

        As far as purity tests go now, I think the left should forgive Jones. There are far more iffy players out there who claim to be on the left, like for eg, Starmer fan Paul Mason, and Momentum. Both Mason and Momentum are urging members ‘stay and fight’ ,when they know full well it’s pointless under this leadership.

      4. Reply to Andy
        It is not a matter of the Left forgiving Owen Jones Andy it is a question of what Owen Jones is – is he a Socialist or just someone who turns with the tide.
        Regarding your comments about Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn did the best any human being could be expected to do in the circumstances. He was under attack daily from the PLP who couldn’t think of anything bad enough to say about him, he had to contend with a hostile NEC, Southside staffers from the top down worked against him, the MSM duly reported and embellished every smear and lie that came from the party ( and elsewhere) the BBC ( the National broadcaster) disgracefully put up fake photos of him while the S*n and the Mail put a fake video of him on line. The establishment put forward ex Intelligence Chief John Scarlett ( of dodgy dossier fame) to warn us against him and the so called Labour Grandees were queueing up to defame him. Because of his position on Palestine the Zionist lobby were the most vociferous of all with the Chief Rabbi later boasting about how their tactics succeeded.
        Regarding Chris Williams, I am sick and tired of posters on this site trying to undermine Jeremy by wrongly claiming he pushed Chris under the bus. He did nothing of the sort and in fact sought to defend Chris who like himself was up against it albeit to a lesser extent.
        As I have posted on this site in the past Andy its easy to sit back removed by time and place from the horrific abuse Jeremy Corbyn had to take every day for 4 years and say he should have done this or he should have done that differently or better. How many of us would have survived it at all – not many I would suggest. The fact that Jeremy did so and is still standing is a tribute to his strength and tenacity.

      5. Andy
        Jones and Mason certainly sold out and may be looking for a way back, very much like a lot of Red Wall voters
        Who am I to judge
        Reminds me of the Chicken Fucker joke

      6. Can we stop referring to the Chief Rabbi and instead refer to the Hate Preacher
        As for Welby, you cannot be a Christian if you support those responsible for Foodbanks and starving children in this country

      7. “would you agree, that if Jones had called it out as ‘manufactured scandal’ based on very little evidence of AS. He’d have been sacked “.
        It wouldn’t have got that far. If Jones had written the truth it would not have been published. After all, the Comments section of the Grauniad is edited by Freedland.
        I think that Jones should have told Freedland that he didn’t agree with the views expressed on the matter in the section but accepted that Freedland had the authority to decide what was printed and what wasn’t. Therefore he (Jones) would write about other matters.
        As for Corbyn – he was on a hiding to nothing. Hyenas all around, many of whom professed to be loyal supporters, and he had no actual power to decide what happened regarding those complained about. That rested with Matthews, McNichol etc.

      8. Smartboy

        I agree,Corbyn was suffering vicious PLP and press bullying. But given that you have two choices; either to soak up the punishment (as Corbyn did), or fightback. No one can bully you unless you let them. And in the membership he had a loyal army.

        After the failed putsch ‘crap coup’ – the 2016 leadership challenge, there were no consequences for the RW PLP plotters. Mandatory reselection, or better Open selection, should have been rammed through, even to howls of PLP and press protest. He never leveraged his ‘membership derived’ power, to aid the left in getting party control and that’s why Labour are now screwed.

      9. Goldbach, Smartboy and Jack T, between them, are just about spot on here. Even McDonnell ( I never trusted him) was a total let down, when it came to the attacks on Corbyn and the AS bullshit. As to Mason, he has never really ever presented anything that might be termed cogent, principled, or coherent.

      10. Reply to Andy
        You say in your post that you know that Jeremy suffered PLP and press bullying. If that had been all he might have been able to fight back better but he was up against a concerted hate and vilification campaign orchestrated by the Labour Right, the Establishment, the official state broadcaster (BBC) and Zionist lobbyists. As I said earlier it is easy to find fault when you are away from it all and have never been on the receiving end of non stop wall to wall viciousness that Jeremy had to contend with every day , week in week out for 4 years. He proved himself to be, not the weak individual ( another lie) he was said to be but a strong fearless man who was not for sale.
        The Labour Party is “screwed” not because of Jeremy but because it sold out to the highest bidder and has neither policy nor principle to offer the electorate.

      11. Andy, you are spouting right-wing fascist black propaganda! Repeated on this site by the resident shills literally hundreds and hundreds of times during the course of the past three/four years, and what you are in effect doing is fraudulently blaming Jeremy himself for his own downfall.

        But perhaps you could remind me what happened when the LP/Corbyn condemned the Panorama hatchet job. Or what happened when Jeremy defended his record on dealing with A/S in the party (when he was leader) the day the EHRC published its so-called report. Oh, that’s right, he was suspended, and then three weeks later was in effect thrown out of the Labour Party.

        And just look how the Mail – and the MSM in general – ‘responded’ when Jeremy denied that there was an anti-semitism crisis in the party at the end of April, 2016:

        ‘Labour in crisis over ‘anti-semitic’ scandal: MPs demand Corbyn gets his ‘head out of the sand’ after Red Ken is SUSPENDED for claiming Hitler backed moving the Jews to Israel…’

        Jeremy Corbyn tonight denied Labour was facing an anti-Semitism crisis despite being forced to suspend his old friend Ken Livingstone for claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’.

        Senior Labour MPs tonight expressed horror at the attempt to play down the explosive row, which has rocked the party just a week before crucial elections.

        Former minister Ian Austin told MailOnline: ‘Just seven days from polling day and instead of knocking on doors like the rest of us, Ken Livingstone is treating us to his weird views on Adolf Hitler and his offensive views on Jewish people.

        ‘The media are talking about nothing else, the party is having to suspend people on almost a daily basis and Jeremy thinks there’s no problem?’

        When your enemies own and/or control the media and, as such, the narrative, AND give a voice to the Blairites in the party disseminating the A/S black op smear campaign, then there is not a chance in hell that you can refute the claims without being attacked and vilified and falsely condemned.

        The reality is that Jeremy was in a no-win situation, so please stop spouting falsehoods to try and discredit him in the eyes of readers of this blog.

        NB And needless to say, the Mail – who repeated it THREE times in the above article (and once more in an article that followed on from it directly underneath) – was lying through its Nazi teeth about Ken Livingstone having said that Hitler was a Zionist, as with most of the rest of the MSM – and the Jewish newspapers – who did likewise.

      12. If Corbyn had dealt with the anti-Semitism accusations more effectively right from the start and had stuck to his repeated promises to democratise the party then we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    2. Andy, you won’t get many, if any, here having any regard for Owen Jones. He by his own admission has a close relationship with the Zionists who were instrumental in smearing Jeremy Corbyn and destroying the best chance we have had for decades of having a Socialist government. Jones is a creep.

    3. Now that is genuinely thigh slapping and carpet bitingly sodding hilarious.

      The misogynist Owen Jones, aged 37 and a half, lecturing about tribal politics.

      Excuse me. I’m in desperate need of a bucket.

    4. Smartboy

      Yep. All you stated is true about his opponents and the treatment he endured, horrible, vile and vicious in ways those not experiencing it can’t imagine, nor would they believe if told. To the sections of the press and parts of the PLP he was Charles Manson.

      I admit it would have taken bravery, but all he needed to do was democratically empower CLPs. The membership would have done the rest. If these PLP careerists had been removed democratically in primaries or using Open selection, they and their vile press friends wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

      1. Andy, could you remind me what happened when the LP announced that it was planning to take disciplinary action against Margaret Hodge for calling Jeremy a ‘fucking anti-semite’.

        Here’s a clue:

        Fury as Corbyn aide says veteran Jewish Labour MP will be disciplined for accusing party leader of being ‘racist’

        Yes, all hell broke loose with mountain-loads of faux condemnation and outrage’

      2. Reply to Andy
        Jeremy is brave – the fact that he is still standing is evidence of that- but you say that if the members of the PLP had been removed by Open Selection they and the MSM wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on. They never did have a leg to stand on but that didn’t stop them. Jeremy Corbyn an antiracist , a lifelong campaigner for peace and justice was condemned by the PLP and MSM etc as an antisemite, a spy, a threat to national security, a Marxist, Stalinist, Trotskyite, weak, unpatriotic etc etc etc. The uproar there would have been if he had enabled the removal of even the most vicious members of the PLP as PPCs would have been something else. In the end however it was the electorate who “deselected” them either because they believed their lies and smears and as a result didn’t want a Corbyn led government or because they realised just how nasty disloyal and untruthful Jeremy’s detractors were and they didn’t want to be represented by such vile individuals.

  9. Another abject performance from Starmer earlier. David Davis did more damage to the Dangerous Clown than Starmer ever could.

  10. Christian Wakefield
    Looks like an identikit Red Tory
    Something that has been cultured in Blairs wank sock
    Honest John leader of the Labour party is quoted as saying ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’ ‘like lambs to the slaughter’
    Which is a breath of fresh air in the current climate

    1. Unfortunately Nichols is very much part of the problem of the Labour party and most importantly the majority of the PLP are smarmerites and psychopaths which is very much the identification of the Conservative right wing flag flyer wakeford who as leader of Lancashire county council and leader of pendle council (witchunt country)who terrorised the gypsys and Irish travellers and the nearby Asian Burnley.He should fit like a glove into the Labour party alarmingly.This Toryboy is not a follower but a dangerous individual unlike the usual flotsam that defects to libs or Labour.he will leave a legacy that can’t be ignored.

    2. Something that has been cultured in Blairs wank sock

      😄 Stop it Dougal…you’ll make that john mcternan jealous…

      1. Toffee
        He could have escaped from a LaboraTORY in Sunderland
        Sorry I meant LavaTORY

  11. This is evidence – were it ever needed – that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer (like Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, before him) is no danger to the parasites known as ‘the elite’.

    Tories defecting to Labour. This used to happen all the time. Alan Howarth, Shaun Woodward, 3rd Baron David Hacking, an 83-year-old barrister who spent decades sitting in parliament as a Conservative peer before defecting to Labour. Christian Wakeford, of course, had only a 402 majority on a turnout of nearly 67% at GE19 and knew his re-election as MP for Bury South was highly unlikely.

    Keir Starmer does not talk Truth to Power. He tells them whatever they want to hear.

  12. Ms Left Wing Jewdas Nichols is not alone in a string of SO CALLED Anti Zionist Young Jews who led Jeremy Corbyn down a Rosy Path! He is and probably will be to the end a fool for trusting in the good nature of People and for one example Nichols proves that quite profoundly. Remember “and then they raised a beetroot….” takes on a whole different meaning with Nichols’ Right Wing spread so Brightly and Loudly! Wicked Woman!

  13. The issue for me is that it should not be possible for an MP to cross the floor without so much as a squeak from the electorate who put them in the house to start with. I’m untroubled by the notion of someone once diametrically opposed to an organisation having a Damocene conversion but cannot avoid sensing a whiff of cynicism when this facilitates the continuation of employment. Starmer might have welcomed the person concerned into the party but to then elevate them to the status of Labour MP for the seat, without a byelection or indeed allowing that constiuency to determine who their Labour candidate might be – and I think Wakeford might expect to be considered (and either chosen or not) but to inherit this position is undemocratic. The optics of Wakeford as trophy should not have trumped a respect for democratic process.

    1. For the most The Electorate appears to be more interested in the latest iPhone/GalaxyS, there are only a very small handful of us in touch with/keeping tabs on Politics, the rest are still totally and utterly Zombified MSM Sheeple, gulping up the MSM and Fluffing themselves up with more and more Materialist Commercial Fluff, to avoid seeing the Hungry Children, Homeless People, ie How many Homeless People died of Covid December 2021? Remember when that used to be one of our most important statistics, The Homeless, do we even know how many people are Homeless, I am sure there will be some obscured data on it, what about food poverty, foodbanks, hungry children!? Never mind that go and get the Latest iPhone to replace your 6 Month old one! It is frightening what The PEOPLE have become, worse is they are all on the edge themselves but all that fluff, means they only wake up when they hit the bottom with the rest of us “Undeserving Poor”!

      1. There is much of bread and circuses in your words, young padwan!

    2. Would JC have ordered a by-election and allowed the CLP to choose their candidate
      Methinks he would
      We need not only Clear Red Water but a sea change in standards, starting with quality and motives of those who put themselves forward
      No one from Eton should be allowed anywhere near our democracy, wtf do they teach them at that school

      1. I wouldn’t be as exclusionary: it should be a possibility that someone from Erin could be PM, not a pre-requisite of the job.

      2. ,wtf do they teach them at that school

        Thought it was common knowledge, meself.

        Sexual & physical abuse of minors/juniors. Pathological hatred of the poor. Extreme nepotism. How to warm lavatory seats etc etc.

  14. Wakeford…Metaphorically speaking, A political asylum seeker that many wouldn’t be arsed to watch drown.

    The rope he’s been thrown by keef is missing a noose on the end of it.

    Come the next election, somewhere a genuine labour candidate in a safe/eminently winnable constituency is gonna be coerced onto biting the bullet in order to accommodate the politically and morally promiscuous apostate.

  15. In the pictures that have emerge of their meeting Starmer is beaming at the odious Wakeford, like he’s the second coming.

    “A kindred spirit at last!! I got one, welcome my dear friend, welcome!”

    Starmer only ever looks happy and comfortable in the company of men in military fatigues and god awful Tories.

  16. Those Ex-Labour socialists who are now politically homeless should check out the new Breakthrough Party who are a Democratic Socialist Party, they have a website and do Q&A evenings, I attended one and they are good, mainly young people who want a socialist society.
    If we don’t have a socialist party to vote for in the next GE as I say it will be which Neo-Liberal Capitalist colour wallpaper do you prefer?
    Blue, Pink, Yellow or Green?
    Have a lovely true story to share from my union history.
    A black slave who was based in the South in the US civil war era freed himself by posting himself in a box to the North.
    He did a speaking tour of the UK which apparently attracted thousands.
    To prove his point when he spoke in Leeds after the meeting he posted himself to Bradford.
    Wonder if the Left missed a trick, perhaps we should have posted Jeremy Corbyn in a box to 10, Downing Street?

    1. Bazza
      There is no GE victory for Temporary Embarrassment unless the unions fund it, if they can be persuaded to support a Socialist party then its game on

      1. Doug yes I agree and a new Socialist Party would have a better chance if it had a union/s behind it.
        And why should Right Wing Labour have a monopoly of union funding for crumbs in return?

      2. Bazza
        It could also be game over
        If the Labour party did not exist then someone would invent it, our representatives on earth
        Unions know they need a political party to win power and change conditions for their members and society
        The internal report showed the Labour party has been captured and poisoned by Red Tories, it is no longer viable
        So why throw good money after bad

  17. It would appear that Stasi Starmer’s New Labour Party is the ‘natural’ home for disillusioned Tories.

  18. This turnaround is even quicker than that of Nia Griffith who voted against Trident replacement on 18 July 2016. In October of that year, she was appointed shadow defence secretary and soon became one of Trident’s strongest advocates in the PLP.

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