Tomorrow on Skwawk Talk on Socialist Telly at 7.30pm: professor’s ‘mind-blowing’ revelations of the effects of poverty on children

In a Socialist Telly first, live questions will be taken from the channel’s Twitter feed

Tory policies have inflicted such hardship and hunger on millions – one in three – of the UK’s children that the UN’s special rapporteur Philip Alston condemned them as a ‘disaster for the poor’ and the UN’s humanitarian agency for children, UNICEF, has been forced to feed UK children for the first time in the organisation’s history.

Tomorrow night’s Skwawk Talk on Left Media TV (Socialist Telly) will feature what Liverpool Labour MP Ian Byrne has described as a ‘mind-blowing’ presentation by professor of paediatric health Ian Sinha on how that poverty and hunger impact poor children’s development and life prospects – even down to a cellular level:

Byrne, who has seen the presentation and will also participate to talk about his ‘Right to Food’ campaign – and in a new step for Socialist Telly, both will take questions that viewers can submit to the Socialist Telly Twitter feed.

Millions of children in the UK are living in poverty and will face a bleak Christmas, so don’t miss the chance on Monday evening to find out more about what they face and how to help them. Tune in live to Socialist Telly on Twitter or the SKWAWKBOX Facebook page – make sure to follow the accounts on all platforms and share this article to raise awareness.

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  1. Oh no, the poor are poor because they are genetically inferior according to the eugenicist Tories. They’,ve organised the sytem around that theory for decades, with gramar schools, discriminatry selection for university places etc (a posh accent helps at the interview and a ‘good’post code and posh school) . Theresa May said she wanted a ‘fairer’ society where attainment and opportunity are based on merit. She couldn’t see that merit comes easier to those with fewer economic obstacles in their path.

  2. I heard Ethiopia is sending food
    There’s even a song

    FEE – eed the
    BRI – it kids
    LET them know it’s
    mas ti – ime

  3. Just as an aside – doesn’t just about everything in the human body happen “at a cellular level?”
    Don’t mean “at a genetic level” do you, Skwawk?

  4. Yes and no David. It is quite complex. Genetics has moved from the early understandings. A new area of research is called Epigenetics’. Try to explain. The gene as it were is rather like a house. All different seizes shapes . It is what goes into the houses you know furniture colours rooms ect that alters the how the house is seen. So Depression malnutrition environment Attitudes emotions feelings even politics will alter how the gene is expressed. A very readable book by DR Bruce Lipton called THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEVE is a very good read. Explains much better than I can. There are other scientist’s who also can articulate this research as well.
    cheers Ian Kemp

    1. I associate the phrase with Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil movie where she says darkly something like “The virus bonded with my body at a cellular level.” Like there was another way.
      I’d noticed people repeating the phrase with no apparent context long before I ever saw the movie or learned it was based on a video game.
      From then on I’d just assumed it was gamer culture 😉

  5. No need for austerity. People pay 17-20% VAT on any transaction but the City of London pays none. A fraction of a %VAT on each transaction would generate billions for the exchequer. A New Year’s Revolution.

  6. Do they do free school meals at Eton, Harrow, Winchester et al?

    I don’t see how it’s in the public interest that they’re given charitable staus when they do nowt but promote and perpetuate grotesque inequality

    Sure, they churn out enough inbred imbeciles who are then shoehorned into westminster and other taxpayer funded salaries; the rest not ‘clever’ enough are crammed into directorships of (formerly nationalised, now ‘owned’ by ‘pater’) companies, or the bbc.

    Whatever’s left after them is obviously royalty.

    Get them paying what they’ve got away with for far too long. get the revenue raised from them to pay for free school meals.

    1. At least they recognise a need. If they did nothing you’d slag them off. If they act you slag them off. You’re right, talk is cheap and silence is golden. Heed your own advice.

      1. Rashford & Hamilton multi-millionaires……….BLM good PR that costs nothing. They are part of the problem!

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