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Bath Labour passes anti-Wakeford motion

Bath constituency Labour party (CLP) last night passed a motion condemning Keir Starmer’s willingness to welcome Tory defector Mark Wakeford into the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) and Wakeford’s abuse toward individuals and the party. The motion reads:

This CLP notes:

1) That Christian Wakeford has “crossed the floor”, leaving the Conservative party and joining the Labour party. He has been welcomed by the current leadership as a new Labour MP.

The below highlights the background of our new MP:

a) Manchester Young Conservatives posted a (since deleted Tweet) which claims to show his attending a house party when this was illegal under coronavirus restrictions (however the accompanying photograph is undated and unverified).
b) after his election as an MP in 2019, it has been alleged that Wakeford continued claiming public allowances for at least three roles outside the House of Commons (as Lancashire County Councillor), despite having announced “to a full council meeting” his resignation in February 2020.
c) Wakeford has made the following comments in Parliament (taken from Hansard):
i. (During a reading of the Nationality and Borders Bill)
I welcome the introduction of the new Nationality and Borders Bill. It is the cornerstone of the
Government’s new plan for immigration and delivers the most comprehensive reform in decades to fix our
broken asylum system. With this Bill, we are truly delivering on our manifesto commitment to the British
people to take back control of our borders and put in place an asylum system that works for those in
genuine need—and I do emphasis the genuine need aspect.
What we are seeing is a paradigm shift whereby the Labour party no longer represents those working-class communities. It is no longer listening to those working-class voters. Thankfully, on this side of the Chamber we do listen.

As Conservatives, we will protect those most in need and put the rights of those who respect the rules
above those of the asylum shoppers who take our country for a ride.

ii. (In a debate on e-petitions to recognise the State of Palestine and to introduce sanctions against Israel)
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply complex, and it is reckless to make over-simplifications by
suggesting that Israeli actions are disproportionate or that Israel is persecuting Palestinians, as these
petitions do
I welcome the Government’s commitment to ban boycotts against Israel, which divide our communities,
and I hope this legislation is brought forward soon so that we can provide the peace of mind that my
constituents seek

d) That WhatsApp messages to believed to be released by his erstwhile colleagues claim him messaging:
i. “Labour- a bunch of c**ts” – apparently for opposing Universal Credit cuts
ii. and when one Tory MP noted “Angela Rayner tipped to shadow … Michael Gove”, he responded “Fk
me that will be one to watch for the giggles

To our knowledge his authorship has not been denied.

2) that the Labour party is a democratic socialist party, wherein the following is in the current rulebook:

a) Constitutional Rules- Clause I.3 “The party shall bring together members and supporters who share its values to… make communities stronger through collective action and support”

b) Constitutional Rules- Clause I.4 “The Labour Party… believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve …a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few… and where we live freely together, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.”

c) Chapter 5, Clause I.1.B.i “…persons wishing to stand as a Labour candidate must have continuous membership of the Party of at least 12 months. Where not otherwise prevented, they must also be a member of a trade union affiliated to the TUC…”

d) Chapter 5, Clause II.1- “Labour candidates must meet high standards…”

e) Chapter 5, Clause II.3.A.i- “Labour MPs and MEPs are expected to meet the highest standards of probity…”

f) Chapter 5, Clause II.3.A.iv- “Every Labour MP and MEP must be a member of a trade union”

g) Appendix 9, 4- Code of Conduct: Member’s Pledge- “I pledge to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour Party in my conduct both on and offline, with members and non-members and I stand against all forms of abuse.

h) Wakeford has made it clear in a statement to Sky News that he has not changed his views, stating “I’m still a moderate and a centrist, just with a different rosette”

This CLP believes:

1) That the admittance of Christian Wakeford into the Labour party as a new Labour MP is an affront both to the rules cited above and in general to the purpose and aims of the party
2) That his acceptance is an insult to those members who strive so hard to help elect Labour candidates and improve the country from the depradations of Conservative government, particularly in the CLP of Bury South
3) That Christian Wakeford’s Parliamentary voting record is abysmal and does not align in any way whatsoever with Labour values, policy or aims. He voted in favour of the £20 Universal Credit cut, in favour of the Nationalities and Borders Bill, against measures to combat Climate Change, for a stricter asylum system, against measures to reduce tax avoidance and for measures to take away the right to protest. Nothing he has done or said sets him out as anything other than a hard right Conservative politician.

This CLP resolves:

1) That Christian Wakeford should not have been admitted as a Labour MP
2) That the CLP condems the abuse he has shown against individuals and the party as a whole
3) That his voting record is not acceptable of a representative of the Labour movement and he is not fit to be member of the Labour Party
4) That the whip immediately be withdrawn from Christian Wakeford and his party membership be rescinded
5) That the leadership should denounce his comments and voting record
6) That the Chair of the CLP write to Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner, David Evans and the members of the NEC
reiterating these resolutions and:

a) Demanding that this appalling decision to admit him to the party be reversed immediately
b) Requiring confirmation that Wakeford is a member of a union, as required by the rulebook
c) Confirming that an investigation into his behaviour has been initiated and will be conducted swiftly and a full and open report will be published on conclusion

One Bath Labour member told Skwawkbox:

We all know that British politics has been very volatile in the last 5 years, most especially here in the Labour party. We have even seen the consequences here in Bath with regional office taking control of the local party and arranging a new EC last year.

We can see how the aims of the party leadership has changed from the Corbyn years, when it was focused on a clear, policy-lead offer designed to show a party rooted in the needs of the average person. The party was committed to a range of popular ideas, such as nationalisation of energy providers, water and rail services. It proposed a modest hike in taxes on the wealthiest to ensure the NHS and other key services continued to provide for everyone.

However, since the election of Keir Starmer, this focus has shifted entirely away from convincing people that the Labour party is the vehicle for change that they need and towards a much more mild and reactive political strategy, even getting to the point where supporting government policy has been the norm throughout the pandemic. Most even find it hard to know what the policies are.

This change of approach has now culminated in accepting an actual Conservative MP from the dreadful 2019 intake who has made it clear that he hasn’t changed his appalling beliefs one iota. His voting record is that of a follower of Nigel Farage, not Keir Hardie.

We are now through the Looking Glass and a party where the previous leader, a Labour MP for almost 40 years is expelled from the parliamentary party and yet a new Tory MP is feted and welcomed as a step forward for the working class.

While it may be expedient at times to accept some political opponents into the fold for the “greater good”, taking on Christian Wakeford is completely beyond the pale and will likely do far more harm to our core vote than win over any Tories.

Another said:

I was shocked how the region-installed chair demanded I ‘talk to the motion’ as soon as I mentioned how the party was driven by policy under Corbyn. I had intended to point out how Starmer triangulates so that no one knows what his angle is other than supporting the government and wanting to take its MPs. I asked whether I was allowed to speak to my own motion, or could only say what the chair allowed.

A third added:

Only one person spoke against the motion, saying that winning over Tory voters was essential to winning power. She added that if Angela Rayner was ok with Wakeford’s comment about her, then we should also accept him and that any Tories were welcome in order to win back voters.

Further CLPs are likely to follow suit, particularly in view of Starmer’s continuing determination to keep his predecessor out of the party.

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  1. I wonder how easy it would be to get these CLPs to abandon this shitshow Labour Party and affiliate/join with a new party?

    1. If they are sticking to paying and supporting this vile debasement of a party then they either are deluded that they can change bugger all. It’s just moving deckchairs around as the titanic sinks pointless…

      Or they are right wing and love the new direction and ideology change either way doubt very much your get any traction because they are cowards or idiots! This motion only prove it putting a damn flashing signpost up put this CLP in special measures and make sure it’s controlled by regional.

      Unless this is a public mass get ourselves kicked out of the party plan…

      1. DGs off again I see! He NEVER misses an opportunity to castigate and denigrate the left, whether it’s the SCG, or left-wing members or whatever, and he’s done so on literally hundreds of occasions during the past eighteen months or so. And who but a Tory troll posing as a left-winger repeats the same derogatory stuff about the SCG etc over and over and over again so as to discredit them in the minds of readers of skwawkbox!

        But it wouldn’t occur to DG of course that these left-wing CLPs do a lot of good stuff locally campaigning against this, or campaigning for that, and helping to publicise whatever and inform the public in the area. So do us all a favour DG and fuck off back to the Mail and spout your fascist shite THERE!!

  2. Wakeford should at least accede to the requirements for someone to
    become a Labour Candidate – ie to be a Labour Party member for a
    certain minimum period and then go through Q and A sessions.

    So the minimum which should happen is as follows..

    Let him sit as an independent until he has proved himself ..which
    should take him to the next GE when he cam compete as a Labour

  3. Where’s the rest of the CLPs following suit? What about Bury South for starters?

    Best get them in before the fat slug evans autocratically puts they kybosh on any further dissent.

  4. Getting the tories out of government has to be a supreme priority, but Starmer’s approach cannot do it for us.

    He is stamping into the face of Labour a mirror-image of the tories. Such a travesty can never achieve the objectives for which the Labour Party was founded. It is designed solely to serve as a safe resort for when the ruling elite requires a change of governing party.

    Starmer became leader through swiftly broken pledges, and shows no shame in turning against both the people and the policies he had claimed to support, for his own cynical ends. Exactly like Johnson, in fact…

    As in Orwell’s Animal Farm, you look from pig to man, and man to pig, and they look the same.

    Fundamentally, both unprincipled, both tories.

  5. Wakeford’s comments show he is a coarse, nasty, money grubbing individual Therefore he will be a perfect fit for Starmer’s Labour.

  6. Not that it particularly matters as both sides of the Aisle are equally despicable Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY FILTH, but he could well take the Labour seat as a Safer Option, get voted in and then walk back with that seat on his arse!
    There is no common sense in The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, he should have been pointed to the Independents’ seats and then prove/get voted, his way into Labour. Then again what at all makes sense in British Politics Today!? A House of Commons FULL of Thatcherite Neoliberals and about 15 Democratic Socialists!
    The Question has to be Are The PEOPLE Really THAT Stupid/Asleep/Ignorant or are/were there Dark Forces Active at The last GE!? I have a feeling that it’s the Latter!

  7. I would also like to encourage fa disabled my arse granded to politely with some force go fuck himself all the way back to BNP and his daily mail shite, then fuck off again and again!!!

  8. Christian Wakeford……….what’s not to like apart from the fact that he’s a……………………..fill in the blanks yourself, but remember he’s had a personal welcome from Sir Keir Starmer to join the Labour Party..

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