Starmer falls even further behind the man responsible for over 100,000 needless deaths

Lethality and dishonesty abound – yet Starmer’s failure to oppose is giving Johnson and the media an easy ride

Boris Johnson has presided over the deaths of more than 100,000 UK citizens and counting – deaths that the example of New Zealand, with only 25 deaths in the whole pandemic and none since September, proves were entirely avoidable, especially in an island nation – and has combined that with the developed world’s worst economic collapse of the pandemic.

Over that he has ladled dishonesty, fake news and an array of excuses that would embarrass an addled schoolboy who hadn’t done his homework.

Yet Keir Starmer and the party under him have fallen further behind Johnson and the Tories in the public’s estimation – in spite of the friendly and even fawning assistance of much of the so-called mainstream media.

Starmer’s ’empty suit’ persona and his failure to take Johnson’s murderous handling of the pandemic head-on have given Johnson an easy ride and have made the ‘msm’s job – of covering Johnson’s backside and passing on his propaganda as news – pathetically easy.

And his ‘try not to upset little England’ approach is failing dismally, according to the latest Opinium polling:

Starmer’s appalling inadequacy does far worse than shame a once-great party. When a government is murderous and the media are corrupt and all too eager to smooth its path, such silence and weakness adds to the already-horrific death toll.

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  1. I’ve always been embarrassed to be British, what with slavery, imperialism, neoliberalism and everything – what socialist wouldn’t?
    Never as embarrassed as at the utter incompetence I see today though.
    We don’t deserve a decent government if we tolerate this one for another three years.

  2. The people think Marcus Rashford is by far THE Leader of the Opposition. Morgan and Tory backbenchers are some way behind Rashford, but ALL of them are regarded as opposition while Starmer is considered a dull waste of space and time and resources and … well everything. As predicted by most on … except SH… SIR Keith Starmer is just a bollard headed establishment tool. He has to be fed words one by one s l o w l y to parrot in a spirit crushingly torturous way⚠️⚠️⚠️

      1. Where did u hear that???

        As far as i know Marcus Rashford pays tons of taxes while Phillip Green eg asset stripped BHS, Topshop etc and paid the loot to Tina Green OFF SHORE … the then record breaking dividend of over a £BILLION soon after he gobbled up long running businesses eg. BHS – over 100 years old.

        Tax exiles eg Branson exiling for decades, asked for a gov’t bailout at start of Covid-19. Ashcroft in Belize etc etc etc. It is remarkable how SOME footballers come in for attack. You rarely hear people questioning tax affairs of the Beckham people or the Duke of Westminster, or Barclay twins or Murdochs … the list is endless but that’s how the establishment gets away with it. When last did ANY of the names above campaign for ANY urgent need as Marcus Rashford has done??? When he stops playing football well, do you think the Tories including Starmer will bail him out like the banks❓❓❓

      2. ps that was reply to reallyoldhippy. apologies only now replying.

    1. How on earth did he reach such dizzying heights is beyond me. He must have had to have sat exams, interview after interview, influenced unions etc. Someone, please tell me? Why, when he clearly loathes the working class, did he win the leadership of the Party?

  3. Dissapointing that the article neglected to mention that in the same survey Keir’s approval rating is 17 points ahead of Boris’s.

    1. SH’s Keith’s approval rating is 666 points only in your eyes davidh. IPSOS Mori has Marcus Rashord as Leader of the Opposition. NB not better leader, LEADER in the eyes of most of the public. U love polls don’t u stevedavid??? A young man SH, a footballer is the opposition to a Tory government that defies imagination in its deadly failures and greed. And STILL your Keith davidsteve is struggling against a Johnson 103,000+ Covid-19 deaths. Your Keith is an international embarrassment SH. It is obvious even to u that Keith has turned out to be even more of an obscene joke than even your “Mandy” could have imagined. Your Sir Keith Starmer is best as the Chinese anal swab u enjoyed posting. QUESTION – just between us here on – your relating the swabbing dripping with glee, is that u & your “Mandy” having a laugh at Keith’s expense??? At PMQs the impression was someone feeding Keith his words s l o w l y. That’s your Keith shallow parrot instructed not to condemn SERCO by name or any corporate bandit🛑🛑🛑

      1. windchimes – For those who wish to see the actual results of this poll and a more accurate and balanced viewpoint

        This is what Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos MORI, had to say:
        More people feel Marcus Rashford – a 23-year old footballer – is holding the government to account than are the opposition, Conservative backbenchers or indeed the media itself. He is helped by the fact that he is campaigning on a simple issue – free school meals – that neatly encapsulates the sharpened inequalities that CV19 has revealed.

  4. Sucking up to rivals, putting the boot into allies isn’t working, who’d have thought of that?

  5. I think most people don’t like two faced backstabbers and that is exactly how Starmer appears to many people including me. His choice of shadow cabinet and front bench doesn’t help him either- Loud mouthed foul mouthed hypocrites, dinosaurs clinging to the memory of the glory days of Tony Blair before Iraq Tuition fees and Privatisation destroyed his reputation forever, made him an international pariah (among civilised countries anyway) and lost us millions of votes every election up to 2017.
    Because of this we have a lot of ground to make up. Jeremy nearly did it in 2017 because his decency and genuine care for people shone through but Starmer lacks Jeremy’s human touch and with him as leader we are facing another Tory victory in 2023 despite their incompetence which has caused the loss of so many lives.

    1. (Smartboy) Agree with all that. The supreme irony really tis hat Starmer (who I’ve nicknamed Magnolia Macbeth) is going to fail precisely because he’s aped the people he’s supposed to be opposing, and cultivated the catchphrase: ‘We support the government.’ What a fool. The fact that he’s been so easily able to get away with his lurch to the right and to purge the Labour Party of socialists is quite frightening. It’s meant the end of the Labour Party as a benign force (or any kind of force) in UK politics, and featherbedded a would-be fascist government responsible for the slaughter of it’s own people and the dismantling of the economy, not to say the ‘union’. The latter is the only good thing: Scotland is going to be well clear of Tory England, and Northern Ireland will follow in due course. I truly hate Johnson, more than any other politician (ever), and would never vote Tory. However, in a run-off between him and Starmer if I had a gun to my head and had to vote for one or the other, put it this way, it would not be for Starmer. With Johnson what you see is what you get. Not so with Starmer.

    2. ‘Incompetence’ is far too kind a word. I’d suggest ‘criminal collective psychopathy, characterised by wanton serial killings / foreseeable and avoidable bloodbaths of vulnerable, elderly people’.

      1. Reply to Wirral in it together
        It is undeniable that most of the deaths are among elderly or vulnerable people who are supported by the state by means of pensions, nursing home fees etc. They also use the NHS far more than young or non- vulnerable people. Therefore it is very possible, given the Tories position on Eugenics and hatred of the welfare state, that these people were deliberately thrown to the wolves during this pandemic . Nothing the Tories do would surprise me.

    3. Reply to Noel Stevenson 12
      Noel Do you remember the reason people gave for not voting in general elections prior to Jeremy being elected leader in 2015?They said ” why vote? what’s the point, they are all the same”
      Jeremy Corbyn changed all that – Under his leadership Labour grew into a party for social justice at home and abroad. Now we are back to square one – you can’t tell the difference any more. Starmer and the PLP have completely bought into Blair’s philosophy – power at any price without care about any person or principle that has to be abandoned.
      What I think will happen at the next election is that Tory supporters will continue to vote Tory, disaffected Labour supporters ( and there are many of us) won’t vote at all and neither will people with no political affiliations because they will again justifiably say “they are all the same” . So I think we can expect a real Tory government (and not a Tory government calling itself Labour) until the end of the decade.

      1. Smartboy – “Jeremy Corbyn changed all that
        I agree the 19GE was a record breaking election, JC changed things big time. He really did cut through the apathy and got the vote out The working class got off their arses and voted Tory.
        For the first time ever more of the working class (C2DE) voted Tory than voted for Labour.

      2. (Smartboy) Agree with nearly all that too. Except that in Scotland we will definitely vote, and that will definitely be (even more than before) for the SNP. By the end of the decade, whether Johnson (or whoever takes over when the men in grey suits come for him) likes it or not. The majority and the mandate will be overwhelming. That’s my hope and my belief.

      3. Reply to Noel Stevenson
        Yes Noel Unless we can win in Scotland Labour will never be in government. The appalling Murphy and Dugdale , right wingers and both totally useless lost the party support a lot of support there and people naturally turned to the SNP whose leaders showed real statemanship during the referendum. Also Scottish MPs like Ian Blackford shine week in week out in Westminster.
        I too can see Scottish independence on the horizon which will be the final nail in Labour’s coffin and although I have mixed feelings about it I can’t find it in my heart to blame our Scottish brothers and sisters.

    4. Yeah its hard to overstate what Smartboy says. Labours problem with Starmer is no longer about what he does or doesn’t do. He could suddenly start to do everything right but it will never wash away the reputation, deep seated sense that he is cowardly two faced backstabber. You don’t have to be corbyn fan to see that. There are few things the British people hate more than a backstabber or a traitor (Boris won the Brexit election using this knowledge). Starmers politics are pretty irrelevent now, people won’t trust him. This is something the Tories get right (and something Corbyn also tried to emulate) – they never turn on their own , they always have each others backs. Sacking a former leader, especially a kind and popular one from their party who promoted keir to front bench is about as disgusting and back stabbing as you can get. Every voter can see that. Starmer is finished and so is labour while he remains in charge.

  6. My comment would be that,not worth a comment other than to say the PLP like the msm have his number marked.Wait for the election and see the “Threat to national security” wheeled out.This time its not a made up lie about Corbyn,but the truth Sir Keir Starmer is a Threat to the country in that he supports and is funded by a foreign government in Isreal. The Torys will make much of this in the coming General election and that is why the knives are out for the cuckoo in the nest of the Labour party…Zionism will soon be unwanted dirty word associated with the Labour party and foreign government.

    1. I suspect the Tories will stay well clear of any talk about party funding. They have far bigger issues with their own funding.

  7. JewishNews.TimesofIsrael reporting that Baroness Faulkner, new Chair of EHRC, definitely saying that Ihra ”extremely poorly worded” and ”legally unactionable”. Admission is made now, why? What to make of the behaviour of all the principals 2019/2020? The weaponisation, the payments, the purges which are ongoing … All on the basis of fluff.

  8. If Corbyn had still been Labour leader he probably would have been following settled medical science and using his considerable platform to question the behaviour of the influential drug companies (and their captured western governments) and their failure to promote and allow the use of highly-effective remedies such as Hydrochloroquine, Ivormectin and Vitamins D and C. Instead, Big Pharma has been prepared to outlaw the first two, branding them “unsafe”, despite Hydrochloroquine’s certification by the FDA 65 years ago.

    The result? Millions of vulnerable lives have been sacrificed over the past year. Only above the law, out of control fascists and their devotees would follow such a murderous course of action. Hydrochloroquine has been freely available across Africa for decades, where national death totals are down in single figures, apart from South Africa where the profit seekers have a firm grip. In this recently released captivating video, sacked US doctor Simone Gold explains the situation far better than most of the commentators ever could:

    1. Wirral In It Together – You should perhaps have done a little research before posting this video?
      A key conservative doctors’ group pushing misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines faces growing fire from medical experts about its woeful scientific grounding, while its leader, Dr Simone Gold, was charged early this week for taking part in the 6 January attack on the Capitol.
      The development comes as the US faces warnings its pandemic death toll could hit 500,000 next month, in part because conspiracy theories and baseless skepticism – especially from rightwing groups – have hampered efforts to tackle it.
      Gold, who founded America’s Frontline Doctors last spring with help from the Tea Party Patriots organization, was arrested on Monday in Beverly Hills, where she lives, and faces charges of entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct.

      1. Meanwhile. In the real world…

        1.The Capitol ‘invaders’ were invited in, waved through by Capitol police
        2. Don’t flourish the on message, HSBC-laundered-money-controlled Guardian as ‘research’ or a trustworthy source of factual news
        3. Sort your moribunded faculties out
        4. Er…
        5. …that’s it.

      2. Wirral In It Together – There are plenty of other sources to choose from.
        A 56-minute video in which a doctor claims to tell “the truth about CV19 vaccine” contains various misleading claims, including that vaccines will make people test positive for COVID-19, thereby artificially increasing the number of new cases; that the disease was renamed as part of a cover-up; and that there are proven effective treatments for COVID-19 that the media is ignoring. There are numerous other claims in the video that are outside the scope of this fact check.
        The video features a speech by Dr Simone Gold at an event called “The Stand,” which describes itself as a series of “Open Air Mass Healing & Miracle Services.” Gold is the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (here), an organisation that has previously been criticised for sharing misinformation (USA Today: here and here, AP: here, BBC, Politifact: here). The American Academy of Family Physicians has described the organisation’s claims as “outrageous” and said that it was “in no way affiliated with this group” (here).
        America’s Frontline Doctors and Simone Gold did not respond to Reuters’ requests for comment.

    2. SteveH, I always associate myself with the unbridled truth and factual content as I perceive it. It’s for this reason that I swerve the non-credible, malign resources you point me to. The fact that somebody of a very different political persuasion happens to visit and promote the same truths as me is purely coincidental.

      I don’t begrudge or attack that person. I welcome the good fortune that our well-researched beliefs on the matter happen to coincide, then move on. That’s what mature debate is about. Your stunted name-calling is very much an unwanted relic of a broken, redundant, hard right Labour past.

      My advice to you would be to look up, out and beyond at the real world, the one that’s unfolding beyond the end of your nose. Thanks.

      1. Wirral In It Together – Oh FGS get over yourself.
        It’s a bit rich of you to try and portray your obvious gulibility as an asset. You’re just another of those pretend lefties who has fallen under the spell of US RW rhetoric.

      2. Wirral In It Together – The only person you are impressing is yourself. You’re the one who has embarrassed yourself by falling hook, line and sinker for this nonsense you are proselytising.

  9. At minute 41 in the video she claims that BAME people are being used as guinea pigs by being prioritised for the vaccine (which she calls the experimental compound) – she completely ignores the increased severity of CV19 among BAME victims (or so the UK media tells us)
    Whether BAME people are or are not at greater risk is crucial to whether prioritising them for vaccination is:
    a. despicable racist experimentation like the Nazis carried out.
    b. sincere best practice trying to make amends in some small way for past racism.

    I’m going to watch the rest of it, then I’m going to look at who the video host – REVIVAL.COM is – because the name makes me think of christian fundamentalists – who have a habit of distorting science.

    1. Thank you so much for watching it. That’s great! 👍 According to Dr Gold, whom I believe, even if she’s the US equivalent to a Tory, the Covid19 vaccine is being pushed to BAME, would-be recipients – many of whom were her close doctor and nurse colleagues before she was given the bum’s rush by her profit-obsessed “Medical Director” – under the not very scientific legend “Access your racial justice here by taking this vaccine”, or words to that effect. So… customary, hideous conduct by profit-seeking Big Pharma vaccine makers, several of whom have been fined $billions over the last two decades for repeated dishonest, antitrust, unethical, criminal conduct. So unless we believe the vaccine makers have our health and wellbeing to the forefront and not mountains of filthy lucre, let’s get some accuracy here, and not muddy the water. Thanks.

      1. WIIT, big pharma should ALL have been commandeered and put on the same cost-plus ‘war footing’ on day one – where they put in maximum effort and their profits are a substantial fixed percentage higher than an average year and reflect the extra effort. Possibly even three or four times average annual profit, it doesn’t matter – just no extortion or profiteering. The inventors of vaccines should heve been forced to make all information available to every nation and company with the resources to make it, for a generous extra return reflecting effort and results – NOT THE HIGHEST PRICE THAT CAN BE EXTRACTED FROM A DYING MAN.
        They’d all have been guaranteed good returns for the duration.
        In other words, remove competition from the equation by explaining to them they WILL end up in close to the same relative positions they started in – and they have to play nice together if they want to thrive.
        None of my above comments excuse any one of the rip off merchants exploiting crisis and death for profit, and we absolutely must punish them.

        In WWII the Allies created something close to a socialist command economy.
        Unearthing “Mates’ Rates” corruption in WWII would have got Churchill deservedy lynched – but look what the Tories just did.
        Fucked up the war on Covid & needlessly killed 100,000 to enrich their besties.

        WE NEED ANOTHER NUREMBERG – not a general election.

        I’m surprised you’d take the word of fundamentalist christians on this – those dickheads WANT the world to end in Armageddon so they can go to heaven in the rapture and unbelievers can go to hell – that’s why they support Zionist Israel ffs.
        Because they’re morons.
        “She’s not one of them” you say? How do you know? She’s telling those fucktards to use all the classic propaganda techniques on any of the rest of us daft enough to listen uncritically.
        Big pharma being corrupt doesn’t make the science wrong or the retarded godbotherers right.

    2. WIIT, yep, guessed as much, REVIVAL.COM are a bunch of retarded religious zealot types – fucking godbotherers, damn them to an eternity of absolutely nothing 🙂
      The (sacked) doctor-priest-lawyer Gold’s true colours showed early on when she insisted masks should be optional, and more later when among other things like demanding nobody should have the right to exclude un-vaccinated employees, school students or bus/train passengers, she demanded that airlines must not be allowed to “discriminate” against the unvaccinated –
      in other words,
      “We the infected demand the freedom to continue to spread CV19 globally as a human right.”

      I’m not qualified to comment on her hydroxychloroquine argument except to say that the vast majority of medical opinion seems to be against her.
      Not unaware or undecided – AGAINST her.
      I accept there are questions on vaccine safety but I chose to accept the minor risk that the vast medical majority may be wrong.
      I volunteered for trials, wasn’t accepted but had my first AstraZeneca jab on Thursday and OF COURSE I’ll have the follow-up if and when it’s offered – because I’m a socialist and it’s the right thing to do.

      I acknowledge that for younger people the arguments can be different – but while the vaccine’s effects on fertility may as yet be unknown, as the lawyer-doctor-preacher states, so are the full effects of the virus.

      I would certainly have accepted in the first weeks of pandemic that life should go on as normal for all but the vulnerable and retired – that our self-isolation should be assisted/enabled until the pressure of CV on the NHS was known – and that restrictions should only be eased slowly from then in line with ongoing NHS capacity.
      AS OPPOSED TO doing it precisely the wrong way around like the fuckwitted Tories they are.
      The treasure and lives lost would have been a hundredth of what the bloated half-arsed pantomime horse Johnson/Cumminge’s “plan” has cost us.

      On the other hand the pressure to develop vaccines would have been massively less, and who knows – we might have only delayed it a year or two.

  10. You whould think 100,000 UK deaths whould be something for the cult of new Labour 2.0 to capitalise on demonstrating how incompetent Bozo really is.

    Starmer’s and the cults ineptitude and cowardice won’t allow their own massive ego’s to actually do their dam JOBS FFS!!!

    Silence is what you get most out of Starmer, occasional eruption of arrogance and stupidity like with Schools oh boy when he messes up it’s spectacular. Then they wonder why the public can see through there lies and won’t trust them?

    If you change the who ethos of the party from socialist to Tory lite you annoy both camps and make yourselves seam stupid. Yes I know his hero Blair pulled this crap off but I am ashamed to say this he had enought personality to get away with it. You do NOT Starmer!

    We desperately need a socialist alternative to get behind if Labour is going to walk away from it’s membership. They need something to believe in and there is nothing left in this cult for them!

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