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RMT, ASLEF and GMB strikers march in solidarity in Tooting Saturday noon

Hospital cleaners and hostesses on strike for better pay and conditions were joined on their picket lines on 23 June by striking train and tube drivers from sister unions RMT and ASLEF – and members of the three unions and their supporters will march together in solidarity on Tooting town centre from noon on Saturday 25 June, as RMT members around the country continue their strike action.

The hospital workers, who are employed by Mitie at St Georges Hospital, are taking industrial action with support of their union, GMB. The three unions are organising a joint demonstration tomorrow at 12noon outside the hospital, followed by a march to Tooting town centre.

GMB Regional Organiser Helen O’Connor said:

GMB Southern Region’s NHS workers were delighted to receive support and solidarity from rail and tube strikers on their picket line on Thursday. All of these workers are striking to protect their jobs and conditions so they are all in the same boat.

GMB remains disappointed that St Georges NHS Trust refuse to enter talks to settle this dispute, so unfortunately further industrial action is likely.

We expect the march on Tooting to be well attended and we want the public to know just how badly these vital hospital workers are being treated.

We continue to call on St Georges NHS to settle this dispute by bringing this contract back in-house and ensure that these vital workers get the same pay, terms and conditions enjoyed by other NHS colleagues within the hospital.

For more details on the demonstration, contact Helen O’Connor on 07506 711574.

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  1. Worker supporting worker, human connecting with human. This terrifies them.

    That is why when they make political choices and reactions about situations and responses (e.g. the ‘banking crisis’ and austerity), they say “WE are all in it Together”.

    Understand that and you sense why independent thought, socialism and even mild, gentle, moderate Jeremy Corbyn petrifies them and must be neutered.

  2. Good to see solidarity amongst the unions and its clearly a case of the working class getting together to recognise the age old “struggle” is back against the one percent who cant even give the crumbs off the table.nowadays.The fightbacks are coming from the people.

  3. “cant even give the crumbs off the table.nowadays” too right Joseph, they have to save those to make their sausages.
    The harder they fight the uglier their beast becomes. The Old World Order needs to step aside, a Fairer World Order is rising. As we rise and accumulate internationally, lifting the standard from the fallen, their foundations will crumble.
    Once more and more people are forced into circumstances where they simply can’t afford ‘their’ capitalist, materialist tat of Convenience and Manufactured Consent, things will speed up.
    There is nothing more dangerous than the ‘man’ with nothing left to lose, and they are doing a smashing job at creating just that.

    1. nellyskelly agree “There is nothing more dangerous than the ‘man’ with nothing left to lose” only that in the UK, we are still a bit far from the “nothing left to lose”
      What is crucial in order to achieve victory, what will decided the end result is how much pain the TU/Socialist can inflict on the capitalist class and how much pain we are abled/prepared to endure to get our goals, because make not mistake the capitalist will fight back with all the institutions of the State at their disposal.
      Thus, excellent organisation of the strikes by ensuring coordination and compliance of the workers in the sector in keeping pickets line, persuading workers on others sectors no to cross the pickets line and financial solidarity by all of us donating to the strike funds as much as we can is crucial.
      The RMT, ASLEF and GMB need to be able to resist for months if necessary. At a factory in North Spain workers went on strike for over 8 months and they want, because of the solidarity of the whole community that ensured that striking workers were able to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. I hope that you can translate the article into English.
      Please Skwawkbox can you please ensure that in every article you publish is the link to donate to the strike fund of the RMT, ASLEF, GMB? and encourage your readers to donate as much as we can afford? Even £5 would help.

      1. Sorry spelling mistake read “won” instead of “want”. Victory is possible if we are prepare to inflict pain and as importantly to endure pain.
        Those of us that witnessed our fathers taking industrial actions and winning them while Franco was still in power understand this very well.

  4. Two Cheeks
    PWC will announce candidate to stand against JC
    Does JC win his seat and then step back into what is left of the Labour party
    As most have to admit, the movement is so corrupted by Red Tories it would only take a Socialist party with JC as its figurehead to push them off the cliff
    Win Win Methinks

  5. The only problem is moving away from the labour party despite everything is extremely difficult the higher up you go and the longer you are innit…I am sure that jeremy Corbyn has the guts to do it but age does make a difference and I wouldnt blame him if hes had enough because we all finaly realise that theres not a lot of time left when you are in your seventys and you want to see more than just a bunch of parasites in your own party that hate your guts for being a socialist..
    Jeremy has the Key to unlock the door for a second socialist revival and god help those who get in our way because socialism is needed more than ever before.and its needed now……!

    1. I am one day older than Jeremy & take issue with ‘little time left as I’m in my ’70s’. I believe that only the good die young & I have every intention of growing even older disgracefully for some time yet. There’s still work to do & Jeremy knows it but to paraphrase Martin Luther King, he may not see a Socialist government in his lifetime, but there again Capitalism is in crisis & if the stars are in alignment?
      Western Neo-Liberal Capitalism has no leaders & MSM journalism is held in contempt. Time to get up, Stand up! You say you want a revolution………..?

    2. Joseph,

      Socialist Governments now in Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico in Central and South America. And a Left Alliance in France deprived Macron of his Parliamentary majority. So yeah, the Establishment will do everything possible to keep Socialism out of UK politics. So expect Starmer to continue making sure there is no Socialism left in the Labour Party.

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