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Streeting ‘manoeuvre’ backfires as he apologises to Shadow Cab for BACKING rail strikes on Question Time

Diseased nature of Labour regime under Starmer and the right couldn’t be clearer

U-turn: Wes Streeting has apologised to colleagues in the Labour party for backing rail strikers – to the derision of workers

Wes Streeting’s apparent attempt to position himself as a left leadership challenger has backfired after he was forced to apologise to Keir Starmer and the Shadow Cabinet for backing rail strikers on the BBC’s Question Time programme last week. Streeting told viewers that if he was in their position he would be on strike, crossing Keir Starmer – who has refused to back workers striking to protect their pay, terms and conditions:

In response to the news of Streeting’s humiliation today, the RMT union – which has been giving a masterclass in how to run a union’s social media – pointed out that last week journalist Owen Jones said Streeting,, whose friends in the media have been touting him as the next party leader for weeks, had been on manoeuvres to position himself for a leadership bid. Jones responded to confirm his assessment:

It seems the manoeuvre left egg on Streeting’s face in a big way – and fooled next to nobody to begin with, which is hardly surprising when as Shadow Health Secretary he is on record as taking a large amount of money from a donor with huge private health interests.

Skwawkbox view:

Skwawkbox stands in unequivocal and unapologetic solidarity with striking workers – and from TV ‘vox pops’ and responses to Tory attempts to attack strikers on social media, it seems much of the public agrees. More strikes, not fewer, are needed to topple the corrupt system that Keir Starmer seems committed to upholding, if the accelerating asset-stripping and the rush to fascism and exploitation in this country are ever to be reversed. The diseased nature of Labour under the Starmer regime could not be clearer.

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  1. So an MP on £82,000, large expense account, taxpayer-subsidised meals, and taxpayer subsidised bars, probably a second taxpayer-funded home, with taxpayer funded furniture and energy bills, and a whole host of donations (for what reason??), doesn’t back ordinary working folk wanting to have reasonable pay rise, a secure job, and a meaningful pension. Why am I not surprised?

  2. I know some people think New New Labour are doing nothing to help rail workers, not true. They’re standing on the silelines tut tutting.

  3. Ere , weasly….Any more of your faux-lefty Tom Tit, and keef might do something not so uninspiring.

    …Nah, I’m kidding meself, aren’t I? 😒

    As for Jones… A phoney – calling out another phoney who everyone knows is a phoney. 🤨

    And yes, Jonah, we know he’s gay, like you. 🙄

    1. Reply to Toffee
      I remember seeing Owen Jones on TV campaigning with and for Wes Streeting even though Streeting was openly anti Corbyn/ Anti Socialist and after he had verbally abused and physically intimidated Diane Abbott a middle aged black socialist woman in poor health. Their sexual orientation is a matter of total indifference to me but they were clearly on friendly terms
      My old nan used to say that you can judge a person by the company they keep and I have never been able to get past the sight of Owen Jones chatting and smiling with this repulsive Blairite bully.

  4. Streeting … Another repulsive, right-wing, self-serving arse-hole creeper.
    As a left-winger, it’s quite reassuring to be convinced (yet again) that I’m on the right side of history.
    … and – as for Owen Jones – we all sussed him as an utter fraud a long time ago.

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