Skwawkbox appeal: help Skwawkbox continue revealing what the ‘mainstream’ won’t tell you

In the past weeks and months, Skwawkbox has continued to demonstrate the need for what it does, revealing what the political powers and their media allies want to keep hidden.

This week, if the ‘mainstream’ media was the only source, people would think that the lies of left MP’s Claudia Webbe’s accuser were nothing more than a tiny tangent to an appeal hearing outcome that has scandalised legal minds – and be ignorant of the fact that black lawyers and a well-known retired judge have condemned the decision to uphold a conviction based on nothing more than the word of a woman even the appeal judge agreed had lied repeatedly.

And in the same way, the public would have little idea that Labour leader Keir Starmer and his cronies repeatedly ignored a whistleblower’s allegations that a member of a front-bench MP’s staff was criminally exploiting victims of domestic violence – or that the MP admitted pursuing and sacked the whistleblower rather than properly investigate and had accepted in tribunal, without contest, a statement from one of the victims detailing the horrific abuse she suffered. You’d know nothing about the explosive allegations about Mahmood’s own personal conduct, either.

Likewise, most people would have little idea about Keir Starmer’s war on democracy and his non-stop targeting of left-wing Jews while turning a blind eye to rampant racism, misogyny and Islamophobia – or that his promise to resign if fined for breaking lockdown rules is a scam.

The fact that the Forde inquiry, the group notionally looking into revelations of sabotage of Labour’s elections by right-wing staff indulging in racism, abuse and the diversion of party funds, involves at least one firmly anti-Corbyn figure would still be hidden, as would the fact that the Information Commissioner has ruled that Labour is in breach of its legal obligations to victims of the massive data breach the right-wing party management facilitated by outsourcing members’ sensitive information, if Skwawkbox was not here to reveal them.

And when the BBC denied the prevalence of nazi troops in Ukraine while using footage full of them was brought into the open first by this site.

Skwawkbox runs on the support of its readers who, for example, helped cover the costs of this month’s time in London to cover the Claudia Webbe appeal and the Cohen-Mahmood tribunal. The site is entirely funded by supporters who help make sure that Skwawkbox stays ad-free so the information it brings is as clear and easy to find and read as possible. But in a cost of living crisis not everyone can afford to start or keep doing so, so if you are in a position where you can afford to do so without hardship, please consider making a one-off or regular donation.

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Your support and solidarity are vital and always appreciated.