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‘Skwawkbox goes where the silence is’ – anti-apartheid activist and former political prisoner’s testimonial

Mogamat Reederwan Craayenstein is a hero of the South African anti-apartheid struggle, a former political prisoner who now lives in the UK and continues his fight against racism and discrimination everywhere. He very kindly sent the following, unsolicited testimonial after reading this site’s coverage of the Tories’ attacks on refugees and of the Labour party’s right-wing regime and its attacks on women MPs of colour:

Skwawkbox is an important beacon on a hill. The role of independent media in times of war, fragile and failing states is indispensable for democratic accountability, given that the Tories do not appear to have respect for the law and the Official Opposition is too afraid to oppose.

Please contribute to Skwawkbox. It goes where the silence is.

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Thank you for your solidarity!

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