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New video of seven examples exposes Starmer’s supposed ‘integrity’

A new video by grassroots group Ordinary Left provides seven examples – it could easily have been more – that shred the supposed idea of Keir Starmer’s ‘integrity’ that his supporters (along with a few left MPs who seem to have been taken hostage) have been pushing in a clearly coordinated campaign since Starmer said he would resign if fined for breaking lockdown laws, which he now calls ‘rules’.

The video looks at:

Of course, Starmer’s latest promise to resign is also a scam – he made clear he would only step down if fined, but Durham Police, the force investigating him, does not hand out fines for ‘old’ offences.

‘Integrity. Yeah right’. Watch below and make sure to share:

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  1. Starmer, is a con-merchant, dissembler, fraud, self-serving careerist EVEN b4 infesting Labour. He’s doing EXACTLY as he set out to do = pursue the wishes which he shares with Mandelson, war criminal creature WMD Blair, Hodge, Straw and the other liars. Establishment tool and industrial scale heartless hypocrite.

    That is all. ALWAYS follow the money!!!

    1. I can answer for John McTernan who seems to think the party is spoilt for choice,
      Lisa Nandy
      Rachel Reeves
      Yvette Cooper
      Wes Streeting

      1. John McTernan thinks the party is spoilt for choice of parasites. Yes.
Lisa Nandy? Parasite.
Rachel Reeves? Cruel parasite.
Yvette Cooper? Irritating repellent hypocritical parasite that despite pretending to care about women, NEVER condemned horrendous racist abuse towards Dianne Abbott.
Wes Streeting? Instead of supporting our democratically elected choice, Streeting with Hodge, Straw, Falconer, WMD Blair, Berger, Ummuna, Smeeth and their lot “worked night and day” as they boasted, to undermine TRUE Labour. They sabotaged EVERY election by-election from 2017 to 2019.

        Therefore, Streeting is a parasite.

        McTernan is right. HE’s spoilt for choice of parasites.
        ⚠️1/💯 ⚠️1/💯 ⚠️1/💯

        That lot have NOTHING good to offer. Their mission was ALWAYS to USE Labour for their own selfish revolving door purposes of the ONE PERCENT. They are succeeding with the help of the supine ever appeasing dim lot. Even Andrew Fischer described Starmer as “honourable” five or six times in as many days. Ditto, Gardner. While McDonald failed to condemn Starmer’s gross dishonesty. I’m not in the least bit surprised. Twas pretty easy to suss McDonald & Gardner YEARS ago as posted right here on

        Only Dianne Abbott 🌟🌟🌟
        gave HONEST inteligent commentary re 🪱Starmer🪱 Keith🪱 SIR.

    2. No. We all know the prospect of a Democratic Socialist candidate has been gerrymandered out, now.

      Fiddled – in other words.

      Democracy in The Labour Party has died.

      1. George – Have you taken a look at the recent rule changes. It was the Unions that voted through all Keir’s rule changes at last year’s conference.

    3. Right on cue, the rat’s back. Look over there, everybody! Let’s not talk about the topic in question, i.e. Starmer’s integrity. Let’s talk about something or someone else.

      1. PW – Isn’t the fact that ‘the left’ have nothing to offer by way of a replacement for Keir relevant in your eyes.

    4. Oh dear! Is that the very best that’s on offer? No wonder the Tories are so smug as there’s no-ne to replace them…….so sing along with the Sex Pistols “NO FUTURE! NO FUTURE!.

  2. Do miss Andrew Neill being a prominent political interrogator. As for the candidates on Labourlist, the issue is much an irrelevance as the party itself. Cooper should have stood rather than her husband back in the day but that is history.

      1. Thinking back to the 2015 leadership election, then realising that the whole exercise will be repeated again very soon with a very predictable set of second rate candidates makes the wonderful Corbyn Inerregnum all the more special.

        200,000+ former members* and upwards of 5 million members of the electorate who (maybe briefly) became active voters again at GEs 17 and 19, will look at the laboulist ‘who comes next’ list and pray to high heaven that a ‘new party’ becomes tenable.
        * and over 80,000 – 110,000 that are not ‘former members’, but intentionally ‘in arrears’ so not actually members.

      2. qwertboi – * Really, do you have any proof of that?

        We’ll find out what the true membership figures are after the NEC elections.

      3. “We’ll find out what the true membership figures are after the NEC elections.

        If you trust the corrupt self-serving “new management’, regime whichever dubious third-party operation they outsource the election to and the claimed voting figures they report.

        Me? I’m not sure that I do (seeing how they’re treating Sir Keir’s wonderful predecessor)…

      4. qwertboi – So that’s a NO then, just another thing to add to the list of things you’ve made up. It doesn’t do much for your credibility but if you want to delude yourself that everything you disagree with is fake news then that is your prerogative.

      5. @ SteveH, 11.44.
        Not ‘made up’ Stevieh, a ‘best guess’ based on ‘in arrears’ figures given to me by two CLP secretaries (last November. If the ‘in arrears’ figure of LeedsNW were replicated across 650 constituencies it would be over 120,000; if the figure of Leeds NE was used, it’d be nearer 90,000. Of course I don’t know what membership turnover is like everywhere, it’ll be lower in Drakeford’s Welsh Labour party, and might be higher or lower in NI, Scotland/West Mids/wherever. As I said, a “best guess”.

      6. qwertboi – As I said above, we’ll find out the actual number of fully paid up members when the results of the upcoming NEC elections are known.

      1. Is he not still a senior journalist on late-capitalism’s GB News, the hard-right channel that celebrates dying- capitalism’s desperate endorsement of neo-fascism (& NATO and apartheid-Israel, of course)?

      2. MMmmm, interestinThanks SteveH. I wonder what the ‘differenes’ were? Rumour has it that outside ‘the left’, a concerted attack on our freedoms and personal security by global corporatism over mis-presented and much-hyped fairly-regular flu-type resp[itory virus is a big political issue. Maybe that?

  3. And most of the guardian’s columnists, along with the increasingly bizarre, Paul Mason, condone all this stuff or dismiss it as irrelevant.

    How are people who trusted this shyster supposed to move on and ignore their raging sense of betrayal?

    There was a good article in the Telegraph, of all places, explaining why Labour have concentrated on Johnson ‘s character and ‘partygate’ and it’s because they’re not really opposing policy. They’ve got no vision or transformative agenda to offer as a ‘positive’ alternative. Appealing to voters’ hatred of Johnson and negativity, will only get you so far. That’s why the ‘beergate hypocrisy’ charge has done so much damage.
    Some Starmer defenders point to the promised windfall tax on energy companies and changes to VAT, when quizzed about lack of policies, but they are budgetary measures – for one budget – that may or may not be implemented, depending on whether Labour actually get an absolute majority(highly unlikely). They aren’t an enticing programme for govt. What is Starmer’s view on transformational democratic / constitutional change; civil liberties, what is his vision and his critique of the current state of the UK? And even their claims of offering improved managerial competence of the status quo, won’t wash. Not when he’s run Labour’s finances into the ground, destroyed morale and halved its membership, or worse.

    Next year there may be a snap election and nobody, even political nerds who follow politics, have the slightest clue what Starmer stands for, or why he’s leader. Other than the obvious : to lock the socialism out of a socialist party and purge the left.

    1. …Some Starmer defenders point to the promised windfall tax on energy companies and changes to VAT…

      Won’t even cover the costs of our belligerence in Ukraine, let alone help the poor.

      If they really wanted to help the poor, they’d stop printing money and running up debt.

      1. On the extremely hawkish Paul Mason…

        He’s like some professional gaslighter of the left , deceiving by projecting progressive leftish values on to Starmer, Reeves et al, and urging unity behind them. He’s intelligent enough to know full well they’re both creatures of the authoritarian centre-right, and that they detest the left. His aim presumably is to lock in the status quo, should Labour gain power, until the Tories resume normal service?

        He attacked Rebecca Long-Bailey online in the leadership campaign saying, “There’s no place for the misogynistic thugs of the Vatican in Labour politics.” This after an interview was dug out from before the 2019 GE ,in which Ms Long-Bailey, a Catholic, interviewed by representatives of Salford Cathedral, said that she opposes the provision of abortion up to full term in the case of disability, the position held by the Disability Rights Commission.

  4. Is Steve H trying to take over Skwawkbox?

    We start with a Skwawkbox article and – more often than not – end up deflected from that article by a Steve H inanity.

    This article and thread is a prime example. From Keir Starmer to Andrew Neil in one or two easy steps.

    Does Steve W have something to tell us. Will Skwawkbox be under new management soon? Has Steve H made a formal takeover bid?

    Or is Steve H, simply, following The Labour Party model of ‘cuckoo-in-the-nest’. A takeover without anyone noticing, until it’s too late.

    I’ve often wondered why Steve H doesn’t start his own blog, free to write articles of his choice, while taking his chance ‘in the market’. Who would pay to read them?

    Come on – a fair question – who would subscribe to read a Steve H blog, on politics – or anything else?

    1. George – Thanks for highlighting my comments but it wasn’t me who introduced Andrew Neil to this debate, I simply corrected Tim White and qwertbois’ misconceptions.

      1. No it was me who introduced Andrew Neil – another
        example of the duplicitous and lying right wing who
        does not keep his promises .

        Sorry if others feel it was deflecting the thread .. I
        am furious about it .

        I think hope is still present – who could have
        predicted the election of Corbyn during the 2015
        election campaign and some of the pathetic stunts
        of the Labour Party? People like myself recognised
        a real person who went beyond focus groups and
        such nonsense. This time I hope the left will have
        learned something – to quote the Bible:

        “Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves ..”

        and that there are many many out here who are
        awaiting our time.

  5. We’ll find out when keef publishes who funds him…

    We’ll find out when the Forde report’s published…

    We’ll find out at the local elections just how popular keef is….

    We’ll find out when the membership numbers are published….

    …And you’ll have yer eyes wiped AGAIN.

    And we”ll find out that you’ll continue to make a complete bellend of yourself.

    1. We’ll find out the true membership figures when the next set of accounts are published and see what the subs income and members donation figures are. Forget about anything the Chief Turd Polisher says, the account figures are the ones that matter, not some fictitious set of figures from the Luke Akehurst Tribute Band.

      1. baz2001 – The internal election return figures that I have posted on these pages evidencing Corbyn had lost 20% of the membership in the 2 years prior to 19GE were published by Corbyn’s team, were they fiddled?
        If you have any evidence that any of Labour’s electoral returns have been fiddled by the Labour party then you have a duty to report this to the Electoral Commission.

      2. The Chief Turd Polisher on here can go fuck himself…..

    2. Toffee – The results for this year’s Local Authority elections were a considerable improvement on the 2019 results

  6. I don’t see a labour party who can “fit” up activists,rigg a leadership election,disappear nearly 13.5millon without explanation and sub out members and ex members private info and disappear that as well will be too worried about fixing the books.and membership you baz 2001? We can have a inquest when its finished

  7. Well I don’t blame people for keeping quiet about
    Kier – I think of them as like those dissidents in
    Soviet Russia waiting for their chance…

    As for the “top list” to replace Starmer well
    absolutely no apart possibly from Gardner ,,

    Hmm – so Andrew Neil has his own Ch4 show? I’m
    sure it won’t be long .. da da.. before he publicises
    the truth about Corbyn and Russia ..
    \\\\\\ 🐷 ////

    Maybe he will also expose the lies about Corbyn
    being an antisemite too .. and the truth about
    the purge of Jewish Labour Party members and
    .. and ..
    \\\\\\ 🐷 🐷 ////
    PS I have as nicely printed list of Starmers “promises”
    which is prominently displayed on the mantelpiece. I
    never voted for him but did believe them ..

  8. He who pays the money, calls the Tune
    Unions need to nominate a candidate or else
    This corruption and mafia culture in the PLP needs wiping out once and for all
    No election before Forde report released
    Time to clean out the stables
    Red Tories, off you must f7ck

    1. Doug – Would that be the same Unions that voted through all Keir’s changes at last year’s conference?

  9. SteveH11/05/2022 AT 12:57 AM
    qwertboi – As I said above, we’ll find out the actual number of fully paid up members when the results of the upcoming NEC elections are known.

    I take it from your tone that you expect the numbers to be as high as when keef took over. and that you expect keef to have made the same sort of substantial increase in membership in his first two years or more, as Corbyn did.


    Will you still be claiming that keef is far more popular than Corbyn, both after the latest local election results, and when (NOT if) the membership shows a significant decline in numbers?


    Will you finally concede you’ve been wrong about everything since before keef took over, and withdraw back under your rock, to live out the rest of your days appreciative of the fact that we’re all sick& tired of your chronic bullshit that has repeatedly proved itself bullshit with each and every comparison and prediction you’ve made over the years on this site?

    1. Toffee – Well the polls are still consistently indicating that Labour are in the lead over the Conservatives and that Keir’s approval index is still way out in front of Boris’s. Something that Corbyn never managed to do.
      In the run up to the 19GE most of the polling organisations were predicting that the Tories were 11% in front of Labour and when the results came in they were proven to be more or less spot on, Labour’s national vote share was 11% behind the Conservatives.

      1. Do you have anything to say about this article?

        “New video of seven examples exposes Starmer’s supposed ‘integrity’”

      2. SteveH-

        You seem to be very selective about the polling.

        As stated previously, 2019 was weird year politically. We didn’t Brexit in the scheduled leave date, with Labour blaming May’s refusal to compromise, and May blaming Labour and opposition remainers.

        Both parties fell to historic polling lows as the public backlash fanned by the tabloids grew. In May’s European elections the Tories got just 8%!!!!!! and Labour got only 13%. The Tories dumped May in the summer and Johnson – the new PM claimed Labour were the roadblock to Brexit.

        Corbyn-led Labour did very well to recover to 32% by December’s election all things considered. Starmer and his new referendum pledge didn’t help that recovery at all.

        Corbyn also faced sniping from all sides and the false allegations of widespread antisemitism in the party.


        Interesting stuff posted recently by Aaron Bastani on the internal sabotage prior to the 2017 GE, Labour came very close to power in that election. Just imagine had HQ staffers concentrated on winning rather than on undermining the party leader. What happened to the Forde report?

      3. Andy – From what I know the Forde Report is expected to be published at this month’s NEC meeting.

      4. Andy – I’m struggling to see why highlighting the results from the last LA elections where Corbyn was in office was being selective. As for the EU elections, given that Labour failed to campaign and treated the EU elections as something they were embarrassed about then the outcome wasn’t a surprise.
        The polling at the time indicated that the result could have been very different if Labour hadn’t hidden away.
        It is also worth bearing in mind that if Labour had done better in the EU elections the President of the European Commissioners would now be a left wing politician. The lack of solidarity that was shown by Labour towards democratic socialists in the EU was shameful and profoundly disappointing.

      5. Just answer the fucking questions that were put to you without your usual drawling on for fucking fuck’s sake.

        I don’t care (and you weren’t asked) about polls. I care about FACTS.

        I don’t care (And AGAIN, you weren’t asked) about smarmer’s supposed lead over de piffle,

        I’m only interested in your bollocks about keef being more popular than Corbyn in terms of membership…You keep telling us he is.

        So WHEN keefs membership has plummeted are you going to go away, never to return, seeing as your deluded and hubristic spoutings are NEVER vindicated?

      6. In the extremely unlikely event I was to miss you, I’d immediately reload & readjust me sight.

        Still no answer to the question though. We all know why.

        ‘Cos keefs’ utter shite, and even those who don’t even know who he is know that much.

  10. SteveH11/05/2022 AT 4:48 PM
    Andy – I’m struggling to see why highlighting the results from the last LA elections where Corbyn was in office was being selective.

    And yet you have no problem with being selective when you falsely repeat that Corbyn “lost” 40000 members when he in fact MORE THAN DOUBLED the membership over his tenure.

    Keef has HAEMORRHAGED in excess of 150000 members if informed speculation is to be believed.

    But we must wait and see before you’re once again left spewing your ad nauseam but Corbyn bullshit.

    Face it, you’re kidding NOBODY but still you persist because you’re some sort of OCD idiot savant (but without the savant bit)

    1. Toffee – But how many of today’s members are still avid supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. There has been a large degree of churn and I suspect that the make up of the membership is quite different from what it was in Corbyn’s heyday, don’t you?
      As for the 20% of the membership that quit the party during 2018/19 well that is a matter of public record which is based on the figures that were published by Corbyn’s team. If you have any evidence that the voting returns which were published by Corbyn’s team were falsified then you should report it to the Electoral Commission.

      1. But but but… It NEVER ends ffs.

        From 150k to 500k(+) to 430k during Corbyn’s tenure is NOT a loss of membership.

        Numbers from April 4 2020 to the release date will demonstrably show that keef has lost the numbers.

        Nobody else. Just keef.

        Swallow it.

      2. Toffee – What a strange date to choose. Surely a more appropriate date to choose would be the 19GE date.

      3. Toffee – What a strange date to choose. Surely a more appropriate date to choose would be the 19GE date

        NOTHING strange about it, shit for brains.

        Was keef party leader at the 19 GE?


        He was leader from April 4 2020.

        Unless, of course, you actually WANT the membership under keef to begin 13/12/2019? When there were probably MORE members than April 4 which would mean you’d be robbing yourself of this 40000 you claim Corbyn ‘lost’ and adding them to keef’s total LOSS (Because we all know he hasn’t GAINED a single member more than the total Corbyn had at whatever date you wish to end his tenure)

        But then again, you’ve NEVER been the sharpest lightbulb in the picnic basket.

        Honestly, you abuse the term ‘fuckwit’

    2. I think Labour MPs might choose to dump Starmer regardless of whether he gets a lockdown FPN or not. Labour’s support is very soft as shown in the most recent polls.

      Starmer’s clearly a deeply uncharismatic individual, ‘Blairism without Blair’ as Owen Jones put it. By attacking Johnson’s character, he’s tried to turn politics into a personality contest – a contest he’s losing because he’s got no personality himself.

      The Locals showed little progress and even some regression, and I doubt the press will lay the foundations for a anti-Tory poll backlash like that again in the lead up. Truth is, it should have been a landslide protest vote if Labour were on course.

      It’d only take one Westminster by-election loss to put the jitters into the nervous PLP, with a snap election next year being mooted, and the red wall could provide that before a GE. Also, next year there could be a vote on Scottish independence if sturgeon follows through. Starmer and Johnson aren’t exactly popular politicians well equipped to argue the case against with any authority.

  11. Re possible or other candidates – there is not a credible unified party to lead – disband and chose your tribe.

    Re stats: the most useful spread would chart the influx following Corbyn’s election, the disillusionment that followed and proceed to show the tanking under Starmer. Those who want to use them to bolster Corbyn and denigrate Starmer (or vice Verda) can knock themselves out but however you slice and dice it, the exercise cannot gloss the fact that Labour as currently constituted will not have any meaningful say under the current electoral system.

    Re partygate and subsequent jollies with a gate suffix: how dysfunctional is the politics of this country that, through acts of commission and omission, we continue to accept the highest office of the land be occupied by someone who has lied to parliament, the monarch and been issued with an FPN? As previously noted, Starmer I could care less about – the man, his position and the party he leads have no relevance other than to suggest that we exist under a democratic system.

  12. SteveH –

    TWO comparisons are significant

    Firstly the results of 2022 are being compared with those
    of 2018 because of the 4 year electoral cycle – which
    is always considered by Curtice in his analysis.

    At that stage Corbyn was leader and at that time
    the Labour Party still favoured a “soft” Brexit which
    honoured the original Referendum.

    The results of 2022 vary according to place – but the
    general trend was for extreme disillusion with Johnson,
    resulting in deflection to Independents, Greens,
    Lib Dems .. plus disinclination to vote for ANYONE.
    There are exceptions to this – in Wales where there
    is a Left Wing Leader and team and also in some
    out-liers with exceptional local conditions.

    The second comparison is between May 2018 and
    May 2019 when Corbyn was in charge both times
    but with a sustained and mendacious attack on
    him during 2018. The main consideration however was
    a change of policies from a soft Brexit to a
    second referendum – thus disrespecting the result of
    the first Referendum. The result in December was written
    on the wall at that time and May’s replacement by Johnson
    confirmed it in my mind – I was having nightmares about
    a convincing Tory win.

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