Video: ‘I don’t accept that’ – here’s Keir Starmer rejecting an exaggerated accusation of antisemitism. Will he suspend himself?

In 2019, Starmer twice rejected an antisemitism claim. By his own standards, he should suspend himself

Last year, Keir Starmer appeared on the BBC’s Marr show and, with the BBC eagerly amplifying claims of antisemitism against the Labour Party and its leader, he was confronted with a claim from former Liverpool MP Louise Ellman. He twice rejected her accusation:

Video capture published by James Foster, used with permission

As Labour leader, Starmer has suspended Jeremy Corbyn for daring to point out that the level of antisemitism in Labour was tiny, even though Corbyn’s assertion was factual – and despite the EHRC report’s clear affirmation of Corbyn’s legally-protected right to say so.

Starmer went on to qualify his rejection on Marr, but Corbyn qualified his factual assertion about the low level of antisemitism in the party with clear expressions of concern about the impact of antisemitism on Jewish people and about the need to stamp it out. This was ignored in the media coverage and the party’s reaction, as was the EHRC’s clarity on his right to say what he did.

So by his own standards, mustn’t Starmer suspend himself?

Labour has banned members from discussing or voting on Corbyn’s suspension. It’s not too hard to see why.

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  1. Only the guilt proclaim they are innocent. To deny anti-semitism is in itself a further crime of anti-semitic gaslighting by denying Jewsih people’s experience – even when those people are Euan Philips & not even Jewish.
    One might expect Starmer to have a minimal grasp of Common Law & not the principles ogf the Inquisition – but given the shambolic way the CPS has behaved for years, maybe not. seems like the EHRC are down with that.

  2. I wonder in what way Ellman thought that Jeremy would be a danger to Jewish people if he became PM!

    Needless to say, it is complete and utter evil fascist B/S!

    Jewish Labour MP Quits Because Jeremy Corbyn Is A ‘Danger To The UK’

    Dame Louise Ellman resigns from Labour after more than 50 years, accusing Labour leader of presiding over “the growth of anti-Semitism” in the party.

    John Bercow……

    It is an issue and it does need to be addressed and I respect those who are very concerned about it, but I don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic. I’ve known him for the 22 years I’ve been in parliament. Even, actually, when I was a right-winger we got on pretty well. He was quite a personable individual.

    He’s been very supportive of me and I’ve never detected so much as a whiff of anti-Semitism.

    No, of course he hadn’t, and neither had any other Jewish MP. Ever!

    Or anyone else for that matter!!

    1. David Rosenberg…..

      We have several Jewish members in elected positions at ward and CLP level (I am one). Islington Council’s deputy leader is a woman of black and Jewish heritage whose grandfather was incarcerated by the Nazis in Dachau. The “Migrants’ Champion” leader in the local authority is the daughter of a Czech Jewish kindertransport refugee. Both represent wards in Islington North.

      It is inconceivable that that they would wish to continue in these positions if they believed Corbyn was an “existential threat” to Jews, as the former Daily Express leader-writer-turned-Jewish-Chronicle-editor claimed.

      1. Jonathan Cook…..

        ‘It is the equalities commission, not Labour, carrying out political interference’

        The corporate media – from the Mail to the Guardian – are continuing to mislead and misdirect on this issue, as they have been doing for the best part of five years. Neither Jewish leadership groups such as the Board of Deputies nor the corporate media have an interest in highlighting the embarrassing fact that the commission’s findings exposed their campaign against Corbyn as misinformation.

        What the report found instead were mainly breaches of party protocol and procedure: that complaints about antisemitism were not handled promptly and transparently.

    2. Howard, other than your “fascist” outburst, I agree TOTALLY č your posts here.
      You offered FACTS presented with clarity and impeccable logic.
      Why, having seen the tragic results of wanton failed attempts to appease vile operators, you argue against presenting these arguments FROM THE GET GO of the vile slurs? Great puzzle to me. Your arguments – 1️⃣ Don’t do X because what is happening will happen. Now, 2️⃣ It was sensible and unavoidable to refuse to do X, because what was happening, and continued to happen… would happen.

      STILL months later, after the mother of all TRAGIC FAILURES of your dictum of DON’T do X, Jeremy is suspended by the pursuer of Julian Assange, YET you are still triggered to 3️⃣ rave that to do X would have caused a situation worse than what has occurred ie the suspension of Jeremy. Where is the logic and assertiveness displayed in your posts above and below Howard???

      Jeremy and ALL his PLP and union “allies” should have been on the MSM rebutting the lies to the general public. There are three or four radio hosts who would have given Jeremy and “allies” a fair ENOUGH hearing.

      It is a collective exercise to persuade the whole public. The Right wing enemies of Jeremy and us, recognise that. You recognise it too or you wouldn’t reiterate your views REGULARLY and at GREATER LENGHT than even i do. Though your repetitions are often bizarrely crazed yet funny. Here on this post on the other hand, your evidence and logic are flawless. I believe firmly, this logical argument needed wide assertive expression to the general public… and still does or the lies will appear even more true.

      NONE of us are infallible deities who have some inalienable right to whisper up some mountain behind a thick fog and expect everyone to accept it as some devine command or wish.

      From your posts, you definitely have the assertive / combative qualities that are VITAL in the real world of competing arguments and interests.

      The puzzle is, why you fight against this OBVIOUS fact?

      OK, if even Jeremy refused to rebut the lies as you have here, WHY did none of his inner circle, “Left” MPs and union bigwigs, not STAND UP and STAND OUT in a SUSTAINED … emphasis
      S U S T A I N E D way presenting these straightforward OBVIOUS set of rebuttals to the lies???

      And why do you fail to see that despite knowing that lies repeated are believed, it is an explicable folly to not even attempt to provide and repeat truths in a clear, assertive and sustained way to THE GENERAL PUBLIC???

      I got an invite to an “online rally” to support Jeremy as i’m sure you did. To me it typified a problem. Instead of facing the GENERAL public, Burgon was inviting like minds … people who already agree to say how much they agree to each other. I have not heard Burgon even once on the MSM defending Jeremy. I am sure that he was full of “support” in the “online rally” SILO / BUNKER / YURT / TENT. Fat lot of good.

      I’m sorry, but that is not the attitude of a movement that can SUSTAIN an effective and meaningful government. Generals who run away are ALWAYS defeated… with a bayonet or six in the back… and that is after Jess Phillips MP has “KNIFED” them “IN THE FRONT.”

      This failure on the “Left” is yet another reason why the bandits “get away with it” over and over again.

      Our aims are sound, but we MUST change our attitudes, culture and methods. We have no viable logical alternative🌹🌹🌹

      1. Signpost pontificating his shill shit again I see…. the poster who on more than a few occasions since he first started posting on here about fourteen months ago invents stuff so that he can then critice whoever. Signpost is a complete fraud, because not only does he invent things, but like the good little fascist shill that he is, he endlessly repeats his falsehoods, what with repetition being a subtle form of brainwashing, and people are not conscious ot the fact that it is being done to them.

        So anyway, on THIS occasion, signpost the shill thought he would do a ‘patronise’ number on me. Fuck off signpost you fasist piece of shit.

      2. You are definitely beyond help Allan Howard. And definitely of ZERO help to any worthwhile politics.
        So Allan Howard Shill Hunter extraordinaire and “Strategic” Advisor who caused Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension by wanton appeasement to the Right Wing Starmer & Co…
        Toss off Allan Howard.
        You are one crazy AH fuck pot.
        Don’t even seek help. No one can help you. You are much to “smart” a tool or just a rag that cleaned all the tools of the Right Wing.

      3. Anyway, signpost, could you give an example or two of me at any point saying don’t do THIS, or don’t do THAT?

        This is just yet another example of signpost the shill dissembling falsehoods, as he HAS done on numerous occasions in relation to Jeremy Corbyn, the left membership, and his own (alleged!) CLP, and CLPs in general.

        In a post at 12.18am on the 25th of May signpost posted a comment in which he started by saying the following:

        i’m no fan of the potter woman as she did not support jeremy. she had the means and great ability but declined. anyway, she is providing lots of money to help the excellent marvellous glorious Mr Lees to pursue legal case against cummings. this is the sort of ACTION we needed and need. ROBUST ACTION. Clear robust thought. ZERO APPEASEMENT. It has never worked. It has not worked. It will never work.

        He was referring to Robin Lees, the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during lockdown and reported him to the police (and I assume the ‘potter woman’ was Margaret Hodge). Turns out it was a Big Lie that signpost invented so that after having praised Mr Lees for doing so, he could then go on to criticise and castigate Jeremy for NOT taking ‘ROBUST ACTION’ (he doesn’t actually mention Jeremy by name, but THAT of course is who he was alluding to). And when I questioned him about it (in another thread a couple of days later), he denied that he’d said that AND accused ME of making it up, and then said the following:

        Skwawkbox readers can find my accurate words. No decent nor “well balanced” person would slander as you do. You do EXACTLY as the slanderers of Jeremy did. They are not unwell in the mind. They know what they do. While they were forever crying theatrically and saying with more amateur dramatics, how frightened they were etc, you appear in need of professional help. Seek it.

        The waiting lists are very long, but phone your GP. They will call back and put you in the right direction. Be honest with them. There is no shame in finding these four years crushing. Plus I get the impression you may have been in the political battle for many decades.

        But please seek help – WHILE STILL FREE. Other phone services Mind and Sane can be helpful. Accept you need help AH, and many will try to help, even during Covid-19 Tory horrors

        Anyway, here’s a link to his initial post:

        WHO but a paid shill first invents something so that they can THEN fraudulently castigate Jeremy by comparison, and THEN deny that they said it, and then accuse the person who called out their falsehood of having invented that they’d said it AND then tell that person that they need help, and repeat it about half a dozen times in the space of a few sentences?


      4. Allan Howard Shill bore. Appeasement Tsar. Champion Weirdo AH, you are waaaaay beyond help. Several have tried to direct u to help, but you are addicted to your unique weird weirdness. I’v never encountered your peculiar behaviour before. A first for everything i suppose.

        Remarkable how an old man like u can’t accept no means no. You r some weird immature stalker despite your years. U’v failed to learn to deal with rejection. But it is a fact of life. Your White Flag Man obsessive behaviour is unattractive… pitiable.

        To give u your due, u do add a unique ish twist. ie Fanatical White Flag zealotry. You are clearly determined to spread it throughout the “Left” so we can all join you in your pathetic defeatist bog. No Thanks.
        Now piss off Allan AH tool wipe.

  3. We should not aceppt that any faith or Race should have a more exalted position in the Labour party than those who have none.What next? we might end up with bishops ruling in the other house,sort of Tory party at politics…Oh just remembered..?I

  4. Starmer has got himself into a mess over this and I hope he stops listening to people who are ultimately not interested in unity in this party, but who want to continue to wreck it! It’s time to reinstate Corbyn and start to push back with truth, evidence and reality!

    1. Is there anything to suggest that Starmer is ultimately interested in unity? I have not seen it. The only unity I see him working towards is one where there is no longer a left in the Party

  5. Should stammer suspend himself…?

    ….Indeed; by the neck would be preferable.

    1. Starmer is a hypocrite on this but playing to the crowd (MSM) who want blood in exchange for their support so Jeremy had to be flung to the lions. The big problem for Starmer and the rest of his hierarchy is what to do now? The suspension has got to be justified and the allegations followed through according to the rule book or revoked! He can hardly offer Jeremy a seat in the Lords to get him to go quietly and I can’t see Jeremy resigning from the party.
      Jeremy should challenge his suspension and evidence of ‘Stalin’ Starmers own doubts on the size of anti semitism in the party plus the masses of other evidence against a lawful suspension should make any case, in court or before the NEC, an absolute must watch car crash for the new leadership.

      1. “Jeremy should challenge his suspension”: I don’t think there’s anything in the Labour Party Rules allowing appeal against administrative suspension [which is outside the disciplinary procedure].

      2. Hi Plain Citizen. I think Jeremy Corbyn is doing just the right thing. Quietly setting up legal action which Chakrhabati is drawing up and staying quiet on all of this. Good strategy. I wouldn’t challenge anything at the moment because Comrade Stalin Starmer has got himself into a very tight corner from which I think, he has no way out except to do what the BOD want him to do and that is to throw Corbyn out of the Labour Party then, all h ell will break loose within it and the Unions will come into play. Jeremy has a tight legal case. He’s doing the right thing.

  6. Keir Starmer urges Labour to learn from Joe Biden’s ‘broad coalition’ (Guardian)-Novel idea.
    Does this mean he will involve JVL in any discussions?

    1. There was a great interview with AOC from the New York Times on the Guardian Website, where she pointed out that the Democrats did well with progressive candidates, but failed with centrists in last week’s election
      I am afraid that, with Johnson now we’ll and truly sussed, it won’t be long before the Tories go through another bout of reinvention, leaving the Uber centralists of Starmer’s New New Labour high and dry.
      I did some comparisons recently of the 2017 and 2029 elections and it’s interesting to note that the Labour vote is reverting to the pre-2017 decline – just look at Wigan where Nandy sits, where her predecessor was a typical New Labour clone and waste of space, judging from the decline showed by the figures – interesting times could be on the cards, eventually. Next May’s local government elections should prove how well things are going.

  7. The EHRC has given permission for Jeremy Corbyn to conduct his own defence? Who are these people? Freedom of Speech & Expression is a basic Human Right that must be protected in any democracy; that is why Article 10 is referenced, however I fundamentally disagree that it should have the limitations interpreted by EHRC. People have a right to be insulted & the biggest danger to Freedom of Speech is the MacPherson Principle that ensures that any complaint is racist or anti-Semitic if the complainant deems it so.
    The 3 big elephants in the room are (i) why are all complaints anonymous & secret, (ii) who are these opinionated EHRC panel members & are there any conflicts of interest & (iii) who & why was the investigation commissioned?
    Time the 4th Estate earned their crust (joke).

  8. If you can’t decide yourself you have got problems,I listened to Lammy with Andrew Marr and will say it again their brains move faster than their tongues, no compliments intended.

  9. Sir Keir Sturmbannführer should consider the truism that “Hypocrisy is not the Sin; the Sin is the Hypocrisy” and recognise that suspending Corbyn was offensive and wrong on many different levels.

    And then he should reconcile himself to decency and resign immediately.

  10. He has aged ten years since this clip. Haggard and worn down by his treachery.

  11. It seems to me that, in an interview on radio this week, the only thing Starmer is interested in is winning elections so he can get into power. He didn’t back that up by any policies he kept saying they needed to win elections. It looks as though Chakrhabiti is preparing a legal defense case for Jeremy Corbyn. When asked by the interviewer about this he said he would be having a word with her as the Labour Party needed to win elections not embroil itself in any further expensive legal cases. He fully supported Corbyn’s suspension in this interview too.

    The man is a two faced dishonest liar just pandering to the media. He doesn’t seem to realise that turning the Labour Party into Tory Party Mark 2 is not what voters actually want. I will say this again, he doesn’t have a clue about politics or about being Leader of the Opposition. I cringe every time he opens his mouth in Parliament, rubbish just comes out of it. Ed Miliband and Angela Rayner were far mroe skilled.

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