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Starmer again refuses energy nationalisation – after campaigning on public ownership in leader contest

Labour leader rejects nationalised energy even as public faces soaring bills for private profit

Keir Starmer has again rejected the idea of renationalising energy companies, even though a caller to LBC pointed out that huge rises are driven by private profits – or in the case of her energy company, into the coffers of the French government.

Starmer told the woman – twice – that he’s ‘not in favour’ of nationalisation, even though he had to acknowledge that householders are under massive pressure from rising bills, seemingly to the surprise of even the right-wing show host, who saw the logic of the woman’s point:

Clip shown under fair use

And Starmer’s claim he is ‘not in favour’ of nationalisation highlights his bare-faced deception of Labour members, whom he told – in his formal campaign pledge document, no less, that he would bring back ‘common ownership’ of public services, specifically including energy – and he even put his signature to it to reinforce the con:

Starmer’s supporters -and even, laughably, Starmer himself – have tried to weasel out of accusations of dishonesty by claiming that ‘common ownership’ doesn’t mean nationalisation. They have yet to explain what else it might mean.

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    1. I’m with you, I didn’t vote for him I don’t like him, don’t trust him,I believe, he’s part of the right wing establishment in London!!!

  1. Energy prices are going up because crackpot BoJo has effectively banned any new gas projects in the UK and we are now the plaything of Putin & Co. The reason Germany has 90 days gas storage facilities (we have 7 days) is that they are used to Putin using gas as a weapon against countries reliant on him to extract concessions. Nationalising will not lead to cheaper prices or better service so what is the point? It will just become the plaything for more greedy politicians to sit on boards and advisory committees and charge massive fees and pensions.

    1. This has it arse about face. See post below. The EU & UK politicians have decided to kow tow to the US and its expensive fracked LNG and buy on the spot market at inflated prices rather than have stable prices on long term contracts from Eurasia.

      Search all you like, you will not find any credible evidence of the bullshit charge that contracts from Eurasia have not been met. Even Bloomberg confirm the Russians have fulfilled all contracts.

      You even have speculators in the West sending cheap gas they’ve acquired from Russia back down the same pipe it came from to Poland at inflated prices.

      It really beggers belief how some people can be so guillible as to psot this nonsense.

    2. It (energy Nationalisation) would at least take decisions about storage policies and levels and also energy generation away from ‘the market’ and back to accountable democratic government.

      (and although no one can “prove” it, it would also result in lower prices to end users, who, in most other countries, have noticably or significantly lower energy prices than we do here).

      1. energy prices are expensive in the UK (and really hamper industries like steel and chemicals) because it is government policy to make cheap fuels like gas as expensive as possible with costs like the ‘climate change levy’.

      2. “Without the democratic control of energy that public ownership confers, all consumers — working people, public services and industry — are in hock to profiteering and at the mercy of the big energy monopolies.” HERE

    3. The plaything of Putin………….any examples to illustrate Mr.Plain Citizen?

      1. Steve. For God’s sake. He is Russian. What more do you need? Don’t you watch the telly or read the papers. O.K how about this. There is evidence of armed Russian soldiers in their own army. It’s gone too far. Send in the aircraft carriers or a couple of SAS and Ukraine will be ours, sorry, free again under the Nazis or something.

  2. Returning former public utilities to the people is a vote winner even amongst conservative and liberal voters.The knight has been bought and paid for and has no option other than obay the orders.and continue the failed system of private utilities.

    1. The polls indicate that the electorate don’t agree with you.
      Johnson is 46 percentage points behind Keir Starmer.

      1. Wirral – The facts are there for all to see. Denying their existence won’t change that, it just makes you look silly..

      2. The polls indicate that the electorate don’t agree with you.
        Johnson is 46 percentage points behind Keir Starmer.

        Yeah, all down to the terrier-like keef and his dogged determination.

        People just can’t enough of his ebullient persona and devastating wit. Not to mention his distinguishable and refreshing candour.

        All the vox pops reports on the telly since keef became leader demonstrate that irrefutably 😏

        Right, I’m off… Got to have an operation to have my tongue separated from my cheek.

        (When you gettin your tongue surgically removed from keefs’ cheeks, wee fella?)

      3. Toffee – As I said above The facts are there for all to see.

      4. Who’s silly?

        Latest polls:

        What do the latest opinion polls say?

        The latest poll put the Conservatives on 28%, with Labour 10 points ahead on 38%.

        On who would make the best prime minister, Sir Keir was on 35% while Mr Johnson lagged behind on just 23% – his lowest approval ratings yet.

        All other polls are similar. Where do you get “46 percentage points” from?

      5. Wirrel
        The Prime Minister’s net approval rating has fallen to -42, down from -24 a week ago. This is same as the worst score we recorded for Theresa May in May 2019.

        Approve 22% (-8)
        Disapprove 64% (+10)

        15 Jan
        Replying to
        Meanwhile, Starmer’s net approval rating is +4, almost unchanged from the +3 we recorded last week. However, this is the highest % we have seen approving of the job he is doing since before last year’s local elections

        Approve 36% (+2)
        Disapprover 32% (+1)

        Do the maths

        I can’t quite place it but there is something familiar about Boris’s net approval rating results.

      6. You don’t.even live in the UK so you won’t have seen the vox pops about keef (who?) and his leadership/opposition

        They can’t find more than one person per report actually knows who he is, nevermind what he’s supposed to be. More often than not they’re not keen. The rest either don’t know, the majority don’t want to know

        Facts indeed. People are pissed off with Johnson. They are NOT supportive of smarmer.

        Them’s the facts ollies.

      7. Christ almighty.

        The APPROVAL ratings are what you measure on, you innumerate incomprehensible imbecile.

        You DO NOT take the biggest difference and use that as the example.

        People who DISAPPROVE of de piffle DO NOT NECESSARILY approve of keef.

        Only 36% APPROVE of smarmer.

        Only 22% APPROVE of de piffle

        The difference between the APPROVAL rate is 14points

        NOT 46.

        GOT THAT?


      8. Do the maths he brazenly suggests. Yet ANOTHER pearl of wisdom from the resident arse-hat.

        Takes the disapproval rating of Johnson as a given that its an approval of smarmer when it just isn’t.

        What a complete nuckfugget.

        Fantasises about being a teacher when his grammar, punctuation, numerical , but most importantly his social skills fall dismally short of the level of cro-magnon man, for complete fuck’s sake.

        Less brains than the cheapest of sausages.

      9. Which simply means that Boris will be dumped and then whoever replaces him will beat Keir, because Keir has made Labour into a vision-freezone, a dream-free zone, and a hope-free zone. Nobody thinks Keir would do anything Labour if he got in, when all he’s done as leader is harass good,decent,passionately committed socialists while persecuting Jewish anti-Zionists, which is the same thing as just persecuting Jews.

        A Labour government that doesn’t nationalise the energy sector can’t be CALLED a Labour government- not nationalising those leaves nothing else that government could do that anybody would CALL Labour.

      10. kenburch – In your opinion which of the policies in Labour’s current policy platform aren’t ‘Labour’. would you include any of the following excellent policies.

        ▪️ Fair pay agreements. “A Labour government will bring together representatives of workers and employers to negotiate pay and conditions in every sector. Collective bargaining in every sector will end the free market free-for-all that encourages undercutting, exploitation and a race to the bottom.”
        ▪️ Give all workers rights from day one in their jobs: sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave and protection against unfair dismissal.
        ▪️ Create one, single worker status, banning bogus self-employment.
        ▪️ Ban zero-hour contracts and ensure all contracts come with minimum hours and reflect normal working life, requiring notice of shift changes and pay.
        ▪️ End fire and rehire. “Labour will end the scandalous practice of fire and rehire once and for all.”
        ▪️ Introduce a new right to flexible working as the default, protections for those with caring responsibilities and a right to switch off.
        ▪️ Increase statutory sick pay and make it universal.
        ▪️ Put mental health and safety on a legal par with physical health and safety, and make sure the laws are enforced by a new, empowered watchdog.
        ▪️ Sign into law the new deal for working people within the first 100 days of coming to office.
        ▪️ Set up an integrity and ethics commission to “stamp out the Tory sleaze”.

      11. Taken from the same link that SteveH provided, here’s the true figure and it’s 9 percentage points. Very close to the 10 that I generously said and NOT the ridiculous 46 that SteveH dreamt up:

        “Starmer now holds a 9 point lead on the question of who would make the best Prime Minister.

        Johnson 21% (-6)
        Starmer 30% (-)
        None 36% (+4)
        Don’t know 13% (+2)

        Changes on 5-7 January.

        This is Starmer’s largest lead to date, beating his previous 7 point lead from early December.…”

        And “None” would make the best Prime Minister, beating Starmer by 6 points.

        (I rest my case).

      12. Wirrel – That’s the answer to a different poll question.
        Why do you claim it is not legitimate to compare the responses given to the Net Approval Rating question.

      13. Not for the first time SteveH refers to ‘the self appointed guardians of the left’, which tells you EXACTLY where HE is coming from (I mean we all know that he’s a right-wing paid fascist shill, but he’s as good as admitting it when he uses such a derogatory phrase).

        So given that you’re a right-wing supporter of the fascists who now totally control the party, what on earth were you doing posting on this site practically every day for three or four years whilst Jeremy was leader. Oh, right, you were posing as a left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporter, weren’t you?!!

      14. Allan – Is there a reason why I shouldn’t celebrate the fact that Labour have been consistently ahead in the polls for over a month.

      15. Did I say there WAS?! Obviously a fascist such as yourself will be more than happy that fascists control the LP. And needless to say, the only reason Starmer’s LP is ahead in the polls is because Johnson is regarded as a hypocrite and a liar. And if it stays that way for much longer, no doubt he will be replaced. But then again, does it really matter to the Tories and the PTB whether the Blue outfit or the Red outfit are in control! As with Blair and Co!

        Only a fascist could support someone who has been purging the left since a few months after he was elected leader, and someone who lied through his teeth so as to get elected leader in the first place.

        PS So do you get an ‘alert’ every single time someone posts a comment – ie between a hundred and two hundred times a day?! And a thousand plus times a week, and probably getting on for five thousand times a month!! Then again, about 25% of them or MORE are YOUR comments!!

      16. Allan- You can shove your ‘fascist’ nonsense where the sun don’t shine.

    2. Steve H if the electorate saw the picture of Smarmite slurping out of a beer bottle for party time then I can assure you that the hypocrisy of this would see the great pretender off..

      1. Joseph – Thankfully most of the electorate aren’t gullible enough to fall for this.

    3. Twenty-six out of seventy-seven prior to my two comments and your reply, if one can call it that! That’s a THIRD of the comments….. oh, but yur not a shill of course, are you?!

  3. The pledges will be rolled out when the MSM have decided that KS has served his purpose.
    They will come back to haunt the Party but he will have done the beckoning of the Trilateral Commission and the Establishment.
    He will then take his seat in the House of Lords, which he has publicly stated he would not abolish just tinker with.

  4. The rise in energy prices and the resulting financial impact on households in the UK and across Europe is purely down to deliberate political choices.

    Coming into the present winter period both the UK and EU gas reserve stock’s were at all time lows:

    With the move to Just in Time supply which as brought this about being only the surface problem.

    Most households try to be sensible and go for long term deals in which supply is provided at a set price over say one or two years. Problem is, suppliers across both the EU and UK energy markets have to rely on what is referred to as the ‘spot market’ as a direct result of deliberate political choices made by the EU and the UK.

    This has seen massive price rises for future – a month or two hence – supply contracts with spot market prices in October 2021 600% higher than a year previous and one 24 hour period in which UK wholesale prices rose 37%. Subsequent price rises reached over $2,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.

    This has implications beyond household energy bills with knock on effects on food prices and supply chains.

    Any competent research will demonstrate that all existing contracts for gas from Eurasia have been honoured to the letter.Its just that Europe and the UK have not been doing the sensible thing and renewing those contracts on the usual longer term basis. Preferring to gaslight citizens by blaming the Russians.

    The reality is that these political decisions are being made to satisfy US geo-political and commercial goals. Forcing compliant EU and UK politicians into decisions which deny cheap and stable gas prices from Eurasia in favour of more expensive LNG supplies from the US and its corporate lobbyists.

    LNG that is produced by fracking. A situation in which so called ‘Green’s’ in the ruling German Government prefer expensive fracked energy from the US to anything coming from Eurasia.

    Next time your struggling to pay your energy bills just remember, this is down to UK and EU politicians of all parties doing the bidding of their US handlers at the expense of their own citizens.

  5. Voted for the amicable, unifying socialist Dr Jekyll…. only to get the authoritarian, deeply factional Blairite, Mr Hyde.

    No wonder the press have privately dubbed him Sir Drinksalot. Living a lie must be stressful.

  6. Starmer’s supporters -and even, laughably, Starmer himself – have tried to weasel out of accusations of dishonesty by claiming that ‘common ownership’ doesn’t mean nationalisation. They have yet to explain what else it might mean.

    That’s right – They haven’t told us, have they? Not even our resident turd polisher and labour policy expert will give us a clue about any policy or tell us what pledge(s) keef has kept to😗🎶

    And they’re not going to. Because it’s maintain the status quo.

    As much use as cherie bliar’s beautician.

  7. No Russian gas & no Sputnik V because of threats made by Russia towards………………..Nato expansion? Russia is the bogey man needed to maintain the British; EU & American industrial military complex. BoJo is the real threat to the British people & responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths & a massive decline in the standard of living for the poorest in our society, 1st thing BoJo purchased when he was first elected mayor of London was water canon to control possible protests & recently illegally increased Britain’s supply of nuclear weapons by 40%. As the Americans showed us, nuclear weapons are designed to kill civilian populations, not armies or politicians, MSM tells us to point the finger of blame towards anyone but the real villains. the real powerful elites can remain faceless & hidden.

  8. Yes. Starmer is a lightweight who hasn’t even put any effort in to give the impression that he has some fleshed out policies, and that won’t fool people.
    Interestingly there is to be more privatisation. This time it’s the BBC. Much gnashing of teeth by the metropolitan neo-liberals. If only the dear old Beeb hadn’t spent 5 years undermining the LP when Corbyn was the leader they might have had a government that would have guaranteed their future. Here’s some of the things that were in the LP plans for the Beeb in 2019:-
    :The election of some of the BBC board members by staff and licence fee payers, and the REDUCTION OR REMOVAL OF THE GOVERNMENT’S POWERS OF APPOINTMENT.
    Complete transparency about the diversity and make-up of the BBC workforce.
    Placing the BBC on a PERMANENT STATUTORY FOOTING to end government control through charter renewal.
    (N.B. My emphasis.)
    The introduction of a digital licence fee, payable by tech giants or through ISPs, to supplement the current TV licence fee and reduce the costs for poorer households”.
    So the Beeb shot itself in the head. If you hear any of these RW Labour luvvies moaning about the prospective demise of the Beeb remind them that they and the BBC bear a heavy responsibility.

    1. Good point Goldbach We could scrap the TV license, and Govt Fund the £3.7b a year to the BBC as a Co-operative – one former license holder one vote (we have paid for the BBC) and we elect regional and National boards plus the DG and CEO.
      Oh and good point by Steve101704 re nuclear weapons – £495b wasted, could just keep 10 for now (some people are frightened) and this gives us £475b to spend on human need ie cancer treatment and support, Cost of Living Crisis, Housing need, £15ph living wage, end pay freezes etc plus we should also have a wealth tax (£69b) and a financial transaction tax (£250b) – we need socialist passion not Right Wing Zombie Labour!

  9. SteveH
    Concede on Nationalisation
    He doesn’t believe in it now
    Temporary Embarrassment and Baby Trump, two cheeks of the same arse

  10. ‘Massive anger’: 40% of grassroots Tories want Boris Johnson to quit – the guardian online headline bellows today.

    Remember this last year….

    BREAKING: For the first time, Labour voters want Starmer to resign (as do voters more generally).

    ✅ Remain leader: 31% (-2)
    ❌ Resign as leader: 36% (+1)

    [Labour voters]

    ✅ Remain leader: 37% (-1)
    ❌ Resign as leader: 41% (+3)

    , 26 Sep (+/- since Aug)

    1. Andy – Instead of desperately cherry picking yesterdays news I suggest you take a look at the latest poll.
      Johnson is 46 percentage points behind Keir Starmer.

      1. Shows you how silly and ultimately meaningless public polling is then, no?

        What has Starmer done to impress? Nothing, just sat back and watched …

      2. Andy – They were remarkably accurate on the vote share for the 19GE. It would be difficult to claim that Jeremy’s poll ratings pre the 19GE ratings (the same as Boris’s are now) weren’t reflected in the outcome

      3. Solely because Johnson is hated- it’s nothing to do with Keir having moved the party massively to the right OR his antisocialist vendetta, a vendetta only people who want Labour to be a second Tory party support. Just admit Keir’s a Tory already- that’s the only thing you can call him after what he’s done to the party, since there’s nothing to the right of the ’17 manifesto that anybody could honestly call Labour and since the actual voters were never demanding that the left wing of the party be given a kicking.

        Johnson would be 46 points behind RLB at this point, or Dianne Abbott, or John McDonnell, or any leader who wasn’t viciously antisocialist like you are.

      4. kenburch – “Solely because Johnson is hated-“

        It’s a distinct improvement on the situation in 2019 when our leader was despised by two thirds of the electorate, like Boris is now.

      5. SteveH

        These poll numbers if they continue will all weigh heavily on Starmer and Labour to sweep the board in May’s Locals … May being a long wait politically, a week being a long time in politics…

        If Starmer + Labour can’t win or do well in those real elections, not just polls, then when can they?

        I wouldn’t write Johnson off just yet either. When he was London Mayor (1st term ) his ratings were shockingly bad, only for him to turn it around to win a second term. And more recently, do you remember him as Foreign Secretary in T. May’s govt being classed as a bit of a joke. Ken Clarke laughed about his chances in the captured off-mic conversation with Malcolm Rifkind on Sky News. Yet somehow he stormed to the leadership, and then won a big majority.

      6. Andy – I’m not the one desperately trying to think up negatives, anyone would think you wanted the Tories to win.

      7. SteveH-

        You’re celebrating victory too soon. A few favourable polls doesn’t mean a thing. I remember snap polls showing Nick Clegg as more popular than Winston Churchill after the first TV leaders’ debate in the 2010 GE campaign The one in which Gordon Brown and David Cameron constantly said ” I agree with Nick”.

        Johnson has the power – he can start pulling populist levers to get the press back onside. I’d wager Murdoch approves of scrapping the BBC TV license. Covid restrictions might be lifted maybe some tax cuts. Ir’s not hard for him to win traditional supports back.

      8. Not the same problem Corbyn had at all, SteveH. I wish Corbyn DID have this problem : being PM, with a 79(?) seat majority.

        Johnson has a big parliamentary majority and unless Tory MPs lose their minds, until late 2024 in office. Think of the ‘red meat’ goodies Johnson can throw the RW base. He only has to pick a fight with the EU over Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol and the usual Tabloid mob will rally behind him.

        ‘Partygate’ won’t win Labour an election, however a big a deal it seems now. And as Matt Zarb pointed out on twitter the big polling companies are on average being asked to produce three polls a day each. The media are just playing a game with this for some reason. I don’t know exactly why? Maybe they want Johnson to throw covid caution to the wind?

  11. “Energy prices are going up because crackpot BoJo has effectively banned any new gas projects in the UK and we are now the plaything of Putin & Co. ”
    Energy prices are going to go up because they are subject, like almost everything else, to the global “market”. If energy suppliers are willing to pay more, then energy producers will take it. China is busy moving from coal to green energy (in the past 10 years they have brought on stream more wind and solar power than the US, EU and UK combined), and are replacing coal with gas on a short/medium term basis whilst more green energy facilities are produced. Then there’s the ongoing aggressive posturing by Ukraine and Poland, where pipelines cross to take Russian gas to Western Europe, and the Ukrainians, and to a n extent the Poles have been using these pipelines to what they see as their advantage. Long ago the German government realised that it would be in their interests to build the Nordstream pipeline to cut out the middlemen of Eastern Europe, and the US has been trying to scupper it ever since. It’s a complex matter but a proactive government, as in Germany, Russia or China can exert more influence on “the markets”. In the UK we seem to be wedded to the idea that, left to themselves, “the markets” will produce the best of all outcomes.
    Pangloss is here.

    1. There are NO Free Markets just vested interests who can buy and sell politicians
      Competition does not exist, there is no moral hazard or creative destruction just spivs and thieves with their snouts in the trough
      To big to fail
      Twas Brown and Obama who bailed them out
      Problem is now exponentially greater, debt can never be paid back, its called the Everything bubble

    2. Even Pangloss would be pushed to defend”the best of all possible world” if that lady was waiting for a buttock replacement on the NHS.

  12. If there was a socialist party we would take them into democratic public ownership – Right Wing Labour wouldn’t.
    We would push for an immediate £500 Winter Fuel payment for all.
    We would fight to stop overcharging for pre-payment meters which hits the poorest the hardest and for more investment in retro fitting to reduce energy bills.
    I would also like them to be regionally cooperatively owned with one householder one vote and pay a community divi which can be offset against bills to address fuel poverty, and then they are nailed down against Right Wing Tory and Right Wing Labour carpetbaggers who may try to privatise them.
    Socialists would wipe the floor with Right Wing Labour and they won’t even repeal the Tory Anti-Trade Union laws.
    Zombie Tories and Zombie Right Wing Labour!

  13. Johnson would be 46 points behind RLB at this point, or Dianne Abbott, or John McDonnell, or any leader who wasn’t viciously antisocialist like you are.

    Instead he’s only 14 points behind keef. NOT 46

    And that’s if that poll was reflected nationally. Which they never are..

    1. I’ve neglected nothing, idiot.

      Just as your 37% of non voters in the referendum do not qualify as remain voters, the people who DISAPPROVE of de piffle DO NOT automatically qualify to be approving of smarmer.

      End of discussion.

      1. Toffee – Oh dear, you’re squealing like a stuck pig.

        Who cares, but will you be backing up your silly lies with a link to some credible evidence
        Why do you do this to yourself?
        I’ll await your reply with interest.

      2. You won’t be getting a reply, save this one.

        The evidence speaks for itself.

        22% approve of de piffle

        36% approve of smarmer.

        The difference is 14 NOT 46 points, you hopeless degenerate.

        It also means 64% do NOT approve of keef.

        Those who DISAPPROVE of Johnson are NOT to be read as approving of cuboid-jead.

        It really IS THAT simple.

        You’ve been openly schooled yet again, and have had to resorted to your default ‘tory boy’** jibe because you have nothing else.

        Game over, knobend.

        **And I’m still less tory than you or keef.

      3. Toffee – It makes one wonder why this type of poll is generally refereed to as a Net Approval Poll and why they bother to collect and publish the other responses.
        You are talking bollocks and you know it.
        Why do you do this to yourself?

      4. SteveH

        More people express a hostile opinion on Johnson because he’s been in the news a bit lately lol. It’s wrong to assume the ‘don’t knows’ are positive for Starmer.

        Only 68% held a view of Starmer, whereas 86% expressed a view on Johnson.

        Starmer’s favourability ratings are still really poor all things considered, if only 36% approve and disapproves are still rising (+1) at Johnson’s lowest ebb.

      5. It makes one wonder why this type of poll is generally refereed to as a Net Approval Poll

        The clue’s in the name, you complete cretin.

        You have taken Johnson’s disapproval rating as meaning approval of cuboid head,when it plainly is NOT.

        It’s so easy a stillborn calf could understand it, whereas you are compelled to misuse and misinterpret the figures to make the greasy bequiffed one appear as some sort of superstar when joe public doesn’t even know who he is – nevermind what he stands for; demonstrated time and again by the vox pops on TV here in the UK on an at least fortnightly basis.

        Not even you are prepared to stick your neck out and name a policy he’s come up with, nor name a pledge he’s stuck to – because there isn’t one.

        Nor will you give is an instance when keefs’ actually opposed the government on a vote. Again – there isn’t one..

        But I’m talking bollocks, apparently.

        Spineless, clueless brown- nosing fantasist.

      6. Toffee – The latest polls have obviously got you worried.

        ….and yes, you are still quite obviously talking bollocks.

        “Spineless, clueless brown- nosing fantasist”
        I wonder if anyone else, apart from you, is impressed by this pathetic playground nonsense.
        Why do you keep doing this to yourself?

      7. Andy18/01/2022 AT 1:02 AM

        It’s wrong to assume the ‘don’t knows’ are positive for Starmer.

        Just as it’s equally as wrong to assume all Johnson disapprovals are approvals of boxhead.

        They’re just not. But the tory-lite apologist and enabler would have you believe otherwise.

      8. Toffee – …and yet you appear to be the only one obsessing about this nonsense you’ve dreamt up.

      9. Toffee – Where have I said that. You can’t have much confidence in your own arguments if you feel compelled to tell lies to support it.

  14. Polls, Trolls, Smolls…..The only poll that’s worth anything is the ballot box. Let’s see what happens when the May Local Elections are over and when the new Tory Leader is in place.

    Anything else is just fantasy land.


    Another energy company goes under
    Together Energy Retail who had 178,000 retail customers has gone bust.

  16. SteveH

    Regarding Corbyn’s struggles, a recent Twitter post by ‘Agree to Disagree’ sums things up nicely :

    “For years we were told we were sore losers or conspiracy theorists for saying the media fucked us and yet in little over 4 months they’ve managed to destroy one of the most popular politicians in the country and obliterate the Tories 10 point lead in the polls.”

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