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Starmer’s mooted offer to resign if fined is PR con. Durham Police don’t issue them

Labour insiders say Starmer is trying to fool public – Cummings broke law but wasn’t fined either

Keir Starmer is holding a press conference at 4pm at which he is expected to say he will step down if fined by Durham Police for the lockdown ‘beergate’ scandal.

According to Labour insiders, this a con and nothing more than a PR stunt to try to divert the huge pressure Starmer has faced since last week’s further revelations about the scandal.

Because it seems that Durham Police don’t issue Covid fines – then-Tory aide Dominic Cummings was found to have broken lockdown laws during his notorious Barnard Castle trip, but was not fined even then.

Which makes Starmer’s offer to resign if fined just a big weasel dodge to fool the public and buy him breathing space.

Any offer to resign must be based on being found to have broken the ‘rules’, as Starmer now calls them, to have any meaning – not on the specific of being fined for breaking the law.

Update: Starmer’s press office comments have proven Skwawkbox’s exclusive is correct. Read more here.

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  1. After all the outrageous indignation Starmer lavished on the Tories over Partygate, with Rayners going as far as calling the PM criminal, we can trust the Tories to pursue Starmer and Rayners if they are found by Durham Police to have broken the rules.
    Is going to be tough going for both, if they are found out because I have not doubt a petition will start asking for Starmers and Rayners to resign and could easily reach over 250K signatures.
    Hence, they will be put into a position that either they jump of wait to be pushed. Plenty of ambitious careerist on the right of the Labour Party that will jump at the opportunity of becoming the leader and Deputy leader.

  2. Mmmm – having Starmer resign doesn’t help Johnson much. as Rees-Mogg’s placatory comments suggest (basically, let’s call the whole thing off). The utility of both men (Johnson to get Brexit done, Starmer to not be Corbyn) seems to have atrophied and neither party cannot be enthused by the local election results and this convoluted tale, which has taken up such a disproportionate amount of time in the midst of the cost of living crisis, could be put to bed with the removal of the two leaders. Naturally Davey will be insufferable as a consequence but he too is only one covert photo away from his own demise.

  3. I cant see any police force investigating the ex leader of the DPP properly whos dirty deals were legendary outside the labour party that is
    .Hes a establishment plant “and all of this whilst being fun to watch him duck dive and isolate is just a distraction from getting rid of the labour party who are a large part of the problem not the solution.You cannot restore a rotted peice of wood infested with parasites no matter how much treatment you give the piece of wood.,you can only burn it or it spreads…..They are deranged.

  4. There is no chance of either Rayner or Starmer or any other Right member of the PLP practicing what they preach. Their smugness, self satisfaction and permanent residence on the high moral ground mean that they won’t resign even though they referred to breaches of the covid rules as ” criminal” behaviour when the Tories were doing it
    Starmers Labour are notorious for their double standards – Jess Phillips who calls herself a defender of womens right sticking up for sex pest Brendan Cox and letting him off the hook, so called anti racist Stella Creasy publishing a disgusting racist cartoon because she claimed she didn’t realise a cartoon belittling black people was racist and leading Zionist Margaret Hodge’s antisemitism which she demonstrated by trivialising the holocaust with her comments about suitcases when Labour instigated the disciplinary process against.
    Even if Starmer and Rayner brazen it out this time ( as they are more than likely to do) does anybody really think the Durham gathering was the only one of its kind held during lockdown. I very much doubt it and expect more revelations of lockdown breaches and more squirming and lying in response to them in the days and weeks ahead

    1. “……imagine being a policeman”……… the most heavily policed address in the world; watching Boris & chums breaking the law & doing……nothing, until 2 years later when we can look at some videos. Puts Jimmy Saville into perspective.

  5. Starmer simply had to make the issue one of lying to Parliament and then co-operated and been truthful as each allegation about himself came to light. Instead he wanted to hitch a ride on the sanctimony express, eliding where needed, just to burnish the notion of impeccable behaviour. Ironically, his reputation would been enhanced if he had trod a line suggesting he had feet of clay but was not a serial liar like Johnson (and the readership here will be champing at the bit to dispel that distinction but, for better or worse, these things are not decided here but elsewhere).

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