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Exclusive: the messages that prove Keir Starmer WAS going to take second job

Keir Starmer’s ‘flat denial’, claiming he had already declined the job before Corbyn knew about it

Messages from 2017 prove that Keir Starmer was going to take a consultancy job with a top law firm until he was blocked from doing so by then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Starmer had ‘flatly denied’ this, claiming instead that he was in discussion with the firm but had already turned it down before Corbyn was ‘even aware of it’.

Former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns has said that Starmer and his office were ‘not smart’ to deny something when they must have known there would be ‘receipts’:

And the receipts, which are in the form of an email and text messages from Starmer’s representatives to Corbyn’s office after press reports about his new post were ‘gathering legs’, show that he was looking to take the role, but wanted to clarify ‘that it’s a limited role of a few hours a month’:

The messages prove that Starmer had certainly not ‘turned it down before Corbyn was aware of it’ and suggest that he wanted and intended to accept. Despite Starmer’s interest, as Nunns has observed, it was Corbyn who enforced Shadow Cabinet policy against second jobs.

‘Not smart’ indeed.

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    1. The polls are improving.
      Here is the front page headline story in today’s (Sat) Daily Mail (print edition)

      Now Boris Johnson pays price at the polls: Labour race ahead of the Tories by SIX points as survey reveals scale of public anger over PM’s handling of sleaze scandal
      ▪️ Shock poll sees Labour now sit six points clear in wake of the Tory sleaze scandal
      ▪️ The survey revealed scale of public anger over Johnson’s handling of the crisis
      ▪️ According to the poll, a Tory three-point lead last week is now a six-point deficit
      ▪️ The rapid turnaround ramps up pressure on the Prime Minister to get a grip

      1. I can imagine that the Tories are quite pleased. In a few weeks they’ll be saying ‘yes we bravely took a knock back because of those rotten apples but now we’re back at the top’ – because they will as there is no enthusiasm for Starmer or a Right Wing Labour Party. They need a knock back. When you have the media in your pocket or threatened by your cosh getting back is no problem.

      2. Labour, also, lost two more Councillors, yesterday.

        One defected to the Tories, in Carlisle, giving the Tories the Council.

        Another defected to the ‘new kid on the block’, The Breakthrough Party.

        Couple that with Starmer’s lies, and Labour are, still, all at sea, with not a lot to crow about.

        Next, you’ll be taking up the old Millwall song :

        ‘No one likes us
        We don’t care…etc’

        By the way, is Lisa Nandy becoming a Socialist. This is what she tweeted, the other day, in her clumsy attempt at supporting the beleaguered Israeli Ambassador :

        “Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and any attempt to silence or intimidate those we disagree with should never be tolerated.”

        I’m sure that will be of some comfort to all those Members that have been excluded for exercising that Right and will have pricked up their ears.

      3. Rupert Murdoch;s Media Empire has turned on Bojo & embraced their new sweetheart ‘Sir Keir’. All interviews are now channelled through their loving embrace as Johnson is ditched by the Neo-Liberal section of the Tory Party. It will be interesting to see what happens on Merseyside ‘Lest we forget’ his insult.

      4. SteveH
        The previous New Labour delusion lost 5 million votes and almost bankrupted the party
        When the choice is between an ersatz Tory party and the real thing the electorate switch off
        We can be nicer bastards than those fuckers over there is not a recognised USP in a GE

      5. Doug – You have a short memory, less than 2 years ago we lost 60 seats and with it a shit load of ‘short money’.
        Also don’t forget that in the 18mths leading up to the 19GE (under Corbyn’s leadership) more than 15% of the membership quit the party. In Nov19 the membership had dropped to only 430,359 fully paid up members entitled to vote in internal elections.
        July 2017 – 538,606
        November 2017 – 525,779
        June 2018 – 506,320
        November 2019 – 430,359
        January 2020 – 552,835
        August 2020 – 495,961

  1. This law firm, Mishcon De Reya operates outside of legal confines. It paid Lammy £1500 for a speech, it’s deputy chairman Anthony Julius is also chair of the Jewish Chronicle and it does work for the Israeli embassy. Also one of it’s employees went to work for the Israeli president.
    What the hell is going on?

    1. Am I the most stupidest ex Labour Party member ever? I trusted the party to not behave like the Tories. I trusted the party to be honest. Which they have failed to do so.

      After searching for an article I’d read a little while ago where it is alleged the CAA had demanded some MPs should be expelled. I finally found it on a far right wing blogg (yes I know) those MPs include Diane Abbott, Aspana Begum and Zarah Sultana. How convenient these three MPs are now being threatened with deselection.

      Am I surprised Starmer has connections with Mishcon de Reya before he became a shadow minister? Not really.

      1. I feel exactly the same. Four years ago Starmer intended to work for a legal firm that has links to the right of the Labour party, the Israeli government and the Jewish Chronicle. Starmer had only just joined the party, to me it looks like a planned infiltration. The way Starmer lied to MPs, members and voters to become leader, the ease of his insertion and the silence and lack of interest from the media. We’ve been taken.

    2. I think we all know what’s going on Lundiel. Labour under Starmer is unrecognisable as the vibrant hope filled party it was under Jeremy. It is hand in glove with outside interests – Zionists- and it is led by an individual whose only agenda is to rid the party of non Zionists and Socialists hence the close relationship with pro Israeli and right wing individuals and Organisations..

      1. I can’t. I made two comments that weren’t shown. I guess Skwawky doesn’t want to get sued. I think there is more going on even if it’s only like minded people giving each other a helping hand.

    3. Backscratching – not just the regular type that has been a feature of UK public-life since May 1979 (when a new prime cited the Prayer of St Francis but aggressively rejected its aspiration in her actions) and which gives us the lucrative Politics-Business Revolving Door – but a new hard-nosed type which the neoliberal powers-that-be are using to subject us to their new normal (repressive, authoritarian tyranny).

  2. Lammy gets 1500 quid for a speech? That’s about two quid a word. What on earth has he got to tell us?

    1. Well the biggest lie that I’ve heard/read him tell recently is that he knows the vaccine is safe, that the Queen has taken it and that you should too, especially if you’re BAME. No-one can know that the untested vaccines are safe for at least another 8 – 12 years.

      @BackofBeyond – not sure what the speech was about, but in disclosing his finances, Parallel Parliament tell us:
      “16 November 2018, received £2,500 from Mishcon De Reya LLP, Africa House, 70 Kingsway, London WC2B 6AH. Hours: 2 hrs. This is a late entry to which the rectification procedure was applied on 25 June 2019. Paragraph 16 of Chapter 4 of the 2015 Guide to the Rules refers. (Registered 11 February 2019)”

    2. Wobbly……hes telling us that hes from the bottom feeders profession I presume although I can’t be bothered to check with this bunch of parasites.

    1. Obviously it was planned
      They wanted the association with cancel Brexit
      Pesky Corbyn stopped it
      Never mind we will get him eventually….

      And they did
      Fait acompli

      Next act
      Get Bojo out, and Starmer in

      Third act
      All governments are crap…
      Except maybe ONE govt… For all… Mwaaahaaaa

  3. lundiel
    Ditto. The murkiness around Starmer and his back catalogue is appalling which the right of the party are either in agreement with or choose to ignore it. After all at least it’s not Corbyn.

  4. The similarity with the Tory Party is uncanny; not just a pulsating GREED but alongside such amateur lack of competence like leaving the evidence flapping in the first gust of wind. It’s almost as if Starmer and crew admired Johnson for getting away with it. This is a gang that will undoubtedly say YES to whichever war the US and Israel want to start.

    1. Yes of course. We can be pretty certain they will lobby to regime change Lebanon, up the anti in Syria and then attack Iran. All for greater Israel. The swine would sacrifice our boys to that end.

    2. This is a gang that will undoubtedly say YES to whichever war the US and Israel want to start.. They’re already saying yes to the war on democratic socialism and human rights for Palestinians, I suppose…

    1. Unless these ‘parties’ that councillors defect to have a strong organisation, community presence and/or a political USP (like Northern Independence Party), I’d respect the leavers far more if they just called themselves Independent Labour. Am I missing something?

      1. I agree qwertboi independent Labor would be a great name for a new socialist party and should field as many candidates as possible in future elections. Why let them take the name Labour without a fight. 🇵🇸🇨🇺

      2. Steve H Hall centrist Dad doesn’t think theres any working-class voters left to vote Labour as they are all “professional people” nowadays or so he says from the now infamous Caribbean bolt hole in the Sun 🌞..I suppose the knight has retained the name Labour for nostalgia for when the knight was just a working class lad from the leafy lanes of Oxted Surrey attending the lord snooty independent school for snobs in Reigate Surrey…We might as well grab the name of independent Labour before the official receiver does.when the writs start flying round the Lotto office like conffeti.

      3. Small problem with a new party is you press the reset button and the infiltration and capitulation starts all over again
        The left does not trust the electorate, they confuse them with the MSM and toilet papers
        So how did Labour win against the odds in 1945, clear Red water and faith in the electorate

  5. IF I was In Bozzos position with his government even loosing support in world markets and the financial institutions I would launch a much needed inquity into the Labour party and its Foreign owners and finances that make the Labour party a puppet of the Israeli government…Even the establishment dont like takeovers of their political institutions.Start with Trevor Chinn and move onto Kaplan through the Labour party and find all roads lead to Tel Aviv.

      1. Whatever but it is fairly clear that not only was Starmer involved in destroying socialism inside the Labour party,but it is becoming increasingly obvious that Starmer had personal reasons for the removal of Corbyn from the PLP and its certainly connected to the DE Reya put down rather than just politics.The sly manipulation of the leader Corbyn by our Brexit negotiator Starmer was to bring down Corbyn after the leader “said NO”to a corrupt job and alliance with a dodgy law firm.I see the Guardian has re.hashed the sleezy Knights put down by Corbyn again today…

      2. Reply to Steve H
        I think Starmer is denying Jeremy the whip for precisely the reasons I stated – not for personal reasons as Joseph O Keefe has posted and not because he thinks Jeremy is an electoral liability as you have posted. Starmer like many contributors on this site is bought and paid for and does exactly what he is told ( just like they post what they are told to post).

    1. Reply to Joseph O Keefe
      I strongly disagree that Starmer’s reason for removing Jeremy Corbyn from the PLP i.e. withdrawing the whip was in any way personal. While Starmer probably deeply resented Jeremy scuppering his chance of additional lucrative employment the only reasons for his shameful treatment of Jeremy were political. Jeremy Corbyn is a Socialist and if PM he would have implemented the Socialist policies in our manifesto. Additionally he would have recognised the rights of Palestinians to self determination and would have worked hard on the world stage for the formation of a Palestinian state. For these reasons Starmers big business and Zionist backers required that he withdraw the whip from Jeremy so he did so. This despicable action cannot be minimised by saying it was personal when clearly it was nothing of the sort. Starmer did what he was told to do plain and simple.

      1. Smartboy – Or maybe Keir just thinks that Corbyn is an electoral liability.

  6. Mishcon de Raya is a big law firm, offering advice in every legal fields. One of the many services they offer is “Wealth Structuring”. Their website talks about bespoke solutions: “They can be domestic or international solutions, deploying a combination of trusts, foundations, corporate entities and other vehicles”… (their words, Google it)

    So, here we go.

    It looks like a lawyer working for a firm facilitating tax avoidance was shadow cabinet minister in a party promising to stop tax avoidance.

    (Nothing suggests that what Mishcon de Reya does is currently *illegal*, but we can assume it is in their interest to maintain the legal status quo)

    1. He seems to have come to his senses and has fallen out with Starmer.
      Better lar than never I suppose. #ItWasaScam.

      1. pitty that there’s a much bigger scam (well, affects more people, reduces more freedoms and rights, generates more wealth for the powers-that-be (39 new ‘vaccine billionaires’ in USA and UK, this year alone)) and harms working peoples work-lives and health more, that remarkably few people seem even to suspect.

        Covid’s working much better for the billionaires and their neoliberal dystopia than Climate or even 9/11 did.

  7. Under the electoral system which exists no serious observer would hang their hat on an aggregate averaged across the country set of statistics.

    With boundary changes set to further advantage the Tory Party – it already requires far more voters to elect a Labour MP then it does a Tory one – this is the equivalent of predicting something by observing the entrails of a chicken.

    For serious grown up’s, meanwhile, a far more plausible modeling paradigm can be found here:

    1. Dave – Thanks for the link.
      However I do note that it was last updated two weeks ago which makes it rather redundant for the purposes of this discussion about the latest poll results. Maybe it will be worth revisiting once it has been updated to take into account the latest polling.

      Of course national polls can only ever seek to predict the national voter share, It is unquestionable that they were remarkably accurate at predicting the vote share for the 19GE.

      1. SteveH- Look to weekly local election results for clues, via Britain elects on twitter.

        When Labour were ‘on course’ for victory (1993-1997) they were winning every election going. Now, they can barely get anyone out, neither members to canvass nor voters to vote. There’s currently disgust with the Tories, but little enthusiasm for Starmer’s Labour. Miliband led Labour were sometimes up to 12pts ahead of Cameron’s ‘kitchen suppers’ sleaze mired Tories 2010-2015. Remember that scandal involving then Tory treasurer Peter, now Lord Cruddas? It all meant very little on election day.

        Of course, Labour could still win the next election, albeit by default; in our rotten two-party system where they’re still the main opposition. If the govt and Johnson become so unpopular people simply can’t bring themselves to vote for them Starmer could even end up in No.10, heaven forbid. Tbh, I’d prefer a hung parliament and years of political chaos over Starmer armed with a majority to do a Blair mark.2 impersonation.

      2. Steve H Hall centrist Dad….Are you a Robot?because if not you are certainly becoming one with the drivel you excrete from Fawlty Towers HQ.

      3. Joseph – Thanks for the mini rant.
        Who is this “Hall” guy that you keep obsessing about❓
        Is anything that I have written above inaccurate❓

      4. Irrelevant to the point as we are dealing with two totally different methodologies and models.

        As previously explained an aggregate across the country model has about as much relevance to reality as a horoscope because the electoral system is based on accruing sufficient votes across a sufficient number of constituencies. It’s of little consequence in electoral terms to win large majorities in a minority of constituencies compared with average or small majorities in a majority of constituencies.

        It would certainly prove educational, if such a possibility ever exists in this context, to drill down to local postcode/ Constituency and Ward level to better comprehend the model being used here as an aid to compare and contrast the two different methodologies and models and the weakness of the simplistic aggregated headline poll approach.

        Not least of which is that some even, manufactured or real, could swing it further one way or another. As a reliable guide to the specific outcome it’s about as useful as spinning a coin.

      5. The claim was ‘irrelevant to the point’ not ‘irrelevant.’

        Do you have a coherent rebuttal to the argument and the point being made or is the best you can come up with a pathetic reframing to the point of deliberate misrepresentation?

  8. ‘Keir’s snout it was a heading,
    to the trough of the bourgeois bores.
    But Jeremy he put a stop on it.
    To socialist applause.
    Yet I have a solution.
    And I think it’s pretty neat.
    Pay MPs the average workers wage,£39k.
    Will keep their feet on the street!
    Wot no gravy train?
    Altruism Rules!’

  9. The combination of disenchantment with the Conservatives resulting from the steady downward drift of relative incomes and the corruption at the heart of the party becoming more and more evident, when coupled with the headlong rush to the right by Starmer and his ilk in the Labour Party, together with the campaign of vilification of the left which has been mounted by the media, the Labour right wing and certain “pressure groups”, is extremely worrying.
    The far right will be the beneficiaries whether or not there is a hung parliament.
    Hand me my travelling shoes?

    1. goldbach – Which of the dozens of policies that were announced and/or confirmed at this year’s Conference indicated a “headlong rush to the right by Starmer”?

  10. About the next election – if the Labour lead increases –
    the Tories will kick Johnson OUT quick as a flash ..

    They know he is a phoney and a liar and intellectually lazy but they
    are happy so long as he brings the votes in ..

    Just as soon as this ceases it will be the locked door and the glass of
    whisky and the typed out letter of resignation:

    “Right Prime Minister – EITHER the letter regretfully resigning for the good of
    your new young family .. OR a challenge to your leadership on account
    of an increasing number of signatures indicating no confidence in
    your premiership. Which is it to be? The list of signatures includes ALL
    who won Red Wall seats “

  11. Reported in the Sunday Times today (14/11/21) that Starmer earned £42,000 in his second job during the Pandemic advising a gold and copper mining company in the Virgin Islands. The term political hypocrite comes to mind?

  12. A poor excuse from an incompent troll.

    On what grounds is the argument presented nonsense?

    You have no answer other than to simply hide behind empty rhetoric in the vain hope that no one, including yourself, will notice how intellectually naked you are.

    Our cat could troll better than this.

    1. Dave – You are more than welcome to come back and tell me all about it when the website you have linked to has got around to including the latest poll results.

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