Video: Starmer betrays poor and Labour conference to back real-terms CUT in minimum wage

Party’s sovereign body voted for increase to £15/hr minimum wage – which Starmer promised during leadership campaign. Instead, ‘opposition leader’ says he wants a real-terms cut

Keir Starmer: sticking his tongue out at the poor

Keir Starmer has again betrayed Labour’s supposedly-sovereign conference – and the struggling millions of this country – by refusing to back the £15-an-hour minimum wage demanded by unions and desperately needed by the huge numbers of working poor people in the UK.

Instead, Starmer said he wanted a £10 an hour – and claimed that was all Labour’s conference backed:

And as the ToryFibs Twitter account pointed out, that represents a real-terms cut for millions of people who were struggling long before Establishment policies created a so-called ‘cost of living crisis’ to make the burden unbearable:

Starmer’s habitual lack of opposition to anything the Tories do morphed long ago into an active contempt both for democracy and, worse still, for the plight of the masses of people, including five million children, suffering and in despair in our country.


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  1. I think it has become apparent that Labour will not change the status quo, they are a huge disappointment

    1. Reply to Tcliverpool
      The Labour right has always been a “huge disappointment” e.g Kinnock who slyly sided with Thatcher over the miners and lost us 2 elections , Blair who for his own self aggrandisement illegally invaded Iraq and Brown an nonentity who left the party unelectable after years of right wing in fighting.
      Jeremy Corbyn was our only hope – our best chance – and look what they did to him.

    2. Whether they and their irrelevant turd polisher shills like it or not the status quo will be changed without them given the emerging crisis facts on the ground:

      – Gas prices across [Geographical] Europe [for the hard of thinking that includes the UK] have risen 500% in the past year.

      – Fertiliser prices have tripled in the same period and dwarf the spike which followed the 207/08 Great financial Crash.

      – Prices for diesel [required for road and rail freight – ie transporting food and materials for processing] and oil, along with packaging, freight, and a whole raft of other vital inputs throughout multiple production chain processes are soaring.

      Here’s the UK Farmers Union RIGHT NOW:

      “To give an idea of just how bad the situation is, the Valley Growers Association, whose members produce about 75% of Britain’s cucumber and sweet pepper crop, said 90% of farmers didn’t plant in January. Others said they would not grow with elevated gas prices.

      “There’s definitely going to be a lack of British produce in the supermarkets,” association secretary Lee Stiles said. “Whether there’s a lack of produce overall depends on where and how far away the retailers are prepared to source it from.”

      The UK could increase imports of produce, but countries worldwide are implementing protectionism measures to keep farm goods domestically to mitigate shortages due to the Ukraine conflict disrupting the global food supply.

      Like many other countries worldwide, the UK is sleepwalking into a food crisis.

      Good luck with sourcing food from outside the UK when everyone else in the world will be prioritising their own populations in this situation – not to mention the prohibitive price of transporting a reduced global food supply [as a result of these self inflicted shooting ourselves in the head prices] into the country without incurring massive financial losses at a time when inflation is soaring after four decades of wage reductions whilst profits soared.

      The party is over in more ways than one. As is the free ride.

      No one’s going to do it. Which means the UK Government and its neo-feudalist counterparts in what is nothing more than a caricature of a Labour Party, along with their fellow travelers in the Lib-Dems/SNP and Greens in will be faced with the dilemma of sticking to the neo-liberal Official Narrative religion and letting whole swathes of the population starve/freeze [with all the risks that poses] or introducing rationing or even nationalising food production.

      Given the consistent 100% record of all pips on shoulder merchant hierarchies preferring to be ‘in charge’ and wrong rather than accept objective reality my money is on the former option. Which means the only sector likely to make any money in the coming period will be rope makers.

      Reality really is a bugger ain’t it steveH

      1. in that case Dave Hansell, “reality is” Starmer & co. Laura Murray and Georgie Robertson made sexual harassment claims against one of STARMER ‘led’ SENIOR party officials.

        True to form, Starmer & gang tried to gag Laura Murray and Georgie Robertson with NDAs to hush up their serious complaints with a secret financial settlement.

        The Equality and Human Rights Commission recommended AGAINST
        Non-disclosure agreements.

        MOREOVER, Labour’s own policies are against NDAs. Jeremy and Dianne rightly CONDEMNED NDAs. I agree with them. In my opinion, NDAs block change / TRUE justice and TRUTH.

        Well done AGAIN to LAURA MURRAY and GEORGIE ROBERTSON for rejecting going quietly / backroom agreements which ALWAYS EXCLUDE us “The Many”.

        The attempt to have them stitched up and silenced is being well and truly whacked back to Starmer Evans Mandelson WMD Blair and the other parasitic gang. The dishonest lot must be exposed at every opportunity, everyday and everywhere.
        🌍🌸🏓 🌍🌸🏓🌍🌸🏓

      2. ps another scandal will be revealed SOON re one of Johnson’s Blue Tory lot David Warburton. Whip promptly suspended over serious LOTS of allegations ie:
        taking donations from Russian entities, sexual harassment AND
        drug taking… reminds me of Gove… HOWEVER, never forget BLUE Tories and SIR Starmer’s lot are ONE and the SAME

    3. Not really very surprising. Here’s a detailed & thoroughly sourced analysis of neoliberal New Labour’s previous betrayals across, Housing, Welfare, Employment, Education, Health and other public services – see link below.
      As the writer puts it…“the supposedly progressive section of the professional political class acting against the material interests of the people they were paid to represent.” Well worth a read!

  2. Just like Johnson when he’s been economical with the truth. Does Starmer not realise there’s evidence that the party backed a £15 minimum wage at Conference. Or is he relying on MSM not bothering to check it out.

  3. The trouble is that he can never give a straight answer to a straight question. Always gives the impression of being shifty.

    1. goldbach….No need to give the impression. He is decidedly shifty.

      Wouldn’t trust him with my hamster.

      1. I wouldn’t trust any of them with hamsters and bog rolls. There is a fable that has been going around about a time when the Honorable…. Help, help, they’re coming to take me away.

  4. Starmer is a 21 century politician who in my mind should abdicate from being called and not allowed to address others in that place as Rt Honourable for it is a place without honour!

  5. Starmer disgusts me and I think most other people who are aware of his duplicity hypocrisy and contempt for democracy feel the same.
    However he is well protected by the same people who set out to destroy Jeremy Corbyn – the PLP, Southside, the Tories, the BBC , the MSM the establishment and the Zionist lobby- so the majority of people don’t realise just how despicable he is and the depths to which he is willing to sink.

    1. I doubt it George Peel – if this had happened under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership his name would have been all over the report he would have been accused of tolerating sexual harassment and creating a culture where it was allowed to flourish. They might even have implied Jeremy was the harasser /sex pest concerned.
      It will take a lot more than this report to convince me the the BBC is not still in the control of those whose lies and smears about Jeremy Corbyn they were delighted to broadcast two or three times a day, every day for at least 3 years. The BBC’s input into the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation and the election of the worst Tory government ever which resulted cannot be underestimated. They carry a lot of responsibility for the mess we are in today

    2. The identitarians who believe in your right to be anything as long as it’s not working class. They’ll get you.

  6. Wait for it….Where is the Chief Turd Polisher ?

    The Chief Turd needs polishing.

    1. He’s probably on a day off but some of his colleagues will be on here soon .

  7. With the local elections impending I feel thoroughly spoilt for choice of candidates not to vote for. We might just as well come clean: we’re a one party state but with typical colonial arrogance we’ve got two of them.

    Borrowed (and adapted) from Barnaby Raine. Apologies.

  8. Starmer, and his opposite cheek Boris are finished as a type. They will continue for some time considering this is Britain however

    In a few days the EAEU will announce their new money/finance system. The days are over for neoliberalism.

    No longer will we as part of 13% be able to exploit the other 87%. It’s gonna be bumpy and unpleasant for us but any genuine leftie will know this is for the greater good.

    Forget Starmer, you’ll feel happier for it.

    1. Spot on NVLA……

      You got it. A new realignment is coming and the Trilateral scumbags will be fighting themselves for the last scraps.

      1. baz2001 – ” A new realignment is coming”
        So you keep telling us, and you may well be right but I suspect that it won’t turn out as you hope it will.

      2. On that subject, best fasten your seat belts:

        1. Schrodinger’s Gold.

        “(a) does the BoE still have all of the EU´s gold bullion… or has it been sold off or loaned out as many experts insist ?

        (b) is the BoE willing and able to immediately return the EU gold it may still have left to legitimate owners, if any ?

        (c) who are the legitimate owners of BoE-vaulted gold after decades of European reshuffling of political borders ?

        (d) would the ECJ decide gold ownership… or the British Judiciary… or the BoE ? On what basis, exactly ?

        (e) has the BoE lent, swapped, re-hypothecated, leased, leveraged or encumbered such bullion now lien with other many alleged legitimate claimees also standing in line with ´fractional un-allocated synthetic´ bullion custodies unfit-for-purpose per “Digital Derivative Pricing Schemes“ thru which no one can know who owns what where (if anything) ?”

    2. That’s it, right there! To stay alive, we’ll have to gut the soft underbelly but it will of course take time. That’s the struggle.

  9. How in gods name will the working class survive another winter with this plant “as the official Opposition party..Ten pounds an hour whilst they vote for more money \protection and goodys for themselves.and decide that the people will shoulder the burden of a virus,scam…empty shelves,out of control fuel prices and heading for a German style pre war hyper inflation.spiral were sterling will be moved around in wheelbarrows…This country cannot weather another massive downturn with the NHS,..welfare and pensions being hammered.Get any money you have out of the banks before they shutdown the ATMs under the reset thats now looking very likly now the Western world are in severe trouble with fiat currencies and shrinking gold deposits and minerals including oil and gas.You are being done by the Parliament and you know it.Rip off Britain the land of hope and no glory.

  10. Well, looky here!!

    Keefs’ shits on his promises AGAIN, and wee prick refuses to address the issue.

    But you’re a Tory if you criticise him and refuse to vote for the lying, conniving prick.

    The wisdom of the genial one remains unsurpassed.

  11. Well, people know what to expect from ALL of the 90 something Neo-Labour Party TORIES this is a clear indication of that Party’s values, zilch, they have none! Yet the Zombified MSM Sheeple will be singing that Party’s praises, even though I believe BlueKeef has already been selected as the next PM, no matter how we vote, I still get worried to see how many people are calling for BlueKeef’s departure as though that would somehow provide a UK Labour Party, if he steps down, there are 90 something more valueless pieces of shit, eagerly waiting! There will never be a UK Labour Party again, it is dead, it died 13 December 2019 or rather it was Killed Slowly over 4y3m and died 13 December 2019!

    1. nellyskelly – Your argument has the same credibility as it did when Trump tried using it.

      1. (with thanks to A.Larry – below the line comment on one of the Saker threads)

        ‘We used to make things. Now we make believe. And we can’t tell the difference.’

        An observation which succinctly defines not only how far Western culture has deteriorated but sums up those like steveH here who are incapable of recognising reality and prefer to wallow in their own delusional fantasies.

        It is people like this who are dragging us down into the abyss. Victims of their own cognitive warfare intent on imposing their delusions on everyone else regardless of the damage.

      2. Has shitoads more credibility than your one about Corbyn turning Hartlepool blue for the first time. 😉

      3. Wah hah hah hah! You’re so hilariously dull! A TRUE MSM Sheeple if ever there was one. Out of all your comments, have you actually ever replied with a credible argument or answer, nope just childish insults and innuendo! Ah, well! I suppose every court needs its Jester.

      4. This article from Strategic Culture covers a lot of relevant ground. Its section on cognitive warfare explains people like steveH to a T.

        “Cognitive warfare integrates cyber, information, education, psychological, and social engineering capabilities to achieve its ends. Social media play a central role as a force multiplier and are a powerful tool for exploiting emotions and reinforcing cognitive biases.

        Unprecedented information volume and velocity overwhelms individual cognitive capabilities and encourages “thinking fast” (reflexively and emotionally) as opposed to “thinking slow” (rationally and judiciously).

        Social media also induce social proofing, wherein the individual mimics and affirms others’ actions and beliefs to fit in, thus creating echo chambers of conformism and groupthink. Shaping perceptions is all that matters; critical opinions, inconvenient truths, facts that contradict the dominant narrative can be cancelled with a click, or by tweaking the algorithm.

        NATO uses machine learning and pattern recognition to quickly identify the locations in which social media posts, messages, and news articles originate, the topics under discussion, sentiment and linguistic identifiers, pacing of releases, links between social media accounts etc.

        Such system allows real-time monitoring and provides alerts to NATO and its social media partners, who invariably comply with its requests to remove or ‘shadow ban’ content and accounts deemed problematic.

        A polarized, cognitively disoriented population is a ripe target for a type of emotional manipulation known as thought-scripting and mind-boxing. A person’s thinking comes to congeal around increasingly set scripts. And if the script is arguable, it is unlikely to be changed through argument.

        The well-boxed brain [remind you of anyone? DH] is impervious to information that doesn’t conform to the script and defenceless against powerful falsehoods or simplifications that it has been primed to believe. The more boxed a mind, the more polarized the political environment and public dialogue. This cognitive damage makes all efforts to promote balance and compromise unattractive, in the worst cases even impossible. The totalitarian turn of Western liberal regimes and the insular mentality of Western political elites seem to confirm this sad state of affairs.

        With the ban on Russian information outlets, the exclusion and bullying of anyone who seeks to explain Russia’s position, the equivalent of ethnic cleansing of public discourse has been achieved and its cheerleaders have a mad grin on their face that doesn’t bode well.”

      5. Yep:


      6. Also, Russia has evidence re the fakery at Bucha, High Ranking, wanted, Nazi, Officers discussing shooting people without Blue Armbands and obviously Yellow Armbands and Tele con’s between the Ogre and the Coke Head discussing Media Publicity, interestingly UK also cancelled Russia’s Monday emergency council meet for Tuesday, let’s see what comes of that! I hope the Nazi Filth of Ukraine get found out and The West are shown for the Nazi Supporting Scum that they are!

      7. and these civilians in Mariupol provide a totally different testimony – that it is the Ukrainian armed forces and the Azov nazis who have carried out the war crimes:

        You really are a gullible useful idiot steveH. Pushing The Official Narrative at every opportunity despite the existence of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      8. Dave – You are the one that is publishing reams of Putin’s propaganda.

      9. Its that the best you’ve got steveH? Anything which does not fit The Official Narrative or contradicts it – including testimony from multiple civilians in situ – is a lie?

        I’ve met five year olds who can do better than that.

      10. Dave – I’ve got better things to do with my time. Besides I’m quite happy for people to watch what I’ve posted and compare them with numerous examples that you have posted from Putin’s play list and decide for themselves where the truth lies. I must admit I was quite surprised by how much you got your knickers in a twist over this 9 minutes and 19 seconds report.
        It provoked quite a response from you when I posted it on an earlier article. Perhaps people will wonder why.

      11. nellyskelly – and yet this blog seems quite happy to rely on it’s reports. What specifically did you disagree with in the analysis that I linked to.

      12. nellyskelly – What a pathetic cop out. Have you even watched it?

      13. I will never watch that shite, but I have read many comments from around the web calling it out for the pathetic shite that it is. I don’t need to watch it, it’s in the name! However, you keep watching with your blinkers on, if that is what makes you happy!

      14. And, Quelle Suprise. Who would have thought it? steveH’s video does not stand up to even basic scrutiny.

        “Here’s the problem. Bucha was declared ‘completely liberated’ of Russian troops by its mayor on Thursday, March 31.[Link below. DH] The dead lying in the streets are all wearing a white arm band, which is worn by Ukrainians to signal to Russian troops they are not backing the Ukrainian Army.

        If the city was liberated on 31 March why are the bodies still lying in place three days later? Why were they not gathered up by grieving relatives? ”

        This is in addition to the other proven propaganda fakes being fed to Western audiences:

        ” – For instance when the Russian POW torture video came out, it was Ukraine that cried “fake” until days later all western ‘authorities’ were forced to admit it was real.

        – When the ‘maternity hospital’ falseflag in Mariupol occurred, Kiev supporters blamed Russia and once again Russia was the one proven right and vindicated when the pregnant girl at the center of it herself released an interview completely refuting Ukrainnian lies, and stating that not only did Ukrainian soldiers turn the hospital into a barracks but stole the precious food from pregnant women and then shelled the hospital themselves.

        – When Ukrainie claimed Russia bombed an ‘innocent’ civilian mall, yet the very next moment the Russian MOD released detailed videos showing precisely how Ukrop forces positioned mobile artillery in the parking garage of the said ‘mall’.
        When Ukrops claimed Russia tried to blow up the Zaporizhzhia plant, yet security footage showed that as a Russian security force arrived, it was fired upon by an RPG from Ukrop positions in one of the administrative buildings of the plant.

        – When the famed American journalist was killed in Irpin right outside Kiev a month ago, and all Ukrainian supporters shouted Russia, but the entire incident was quickly swept under the rug when the journalist’s own friend/companion in an interview stated they were fired upon by Ukrop troops at a Ukrop checkpoint miles away from the nearest Russian forces.

        The less gullible sections of Western populations have seen this multiple times – from the fake story of babies pulled out incubators by Iraqi troops in Kuwait, to the non existent WMD’s in Iraq; and from the fake Zinoviev letter to the made up second Gulf of Tonkin incident used as an excuse to drag the US into Vietnam.

        Bottom line is, much, if not all of this never stands up to scrutiny. Its just another headline grabbing piece of propaganda porn in the Cognitive war taking place against whole populations.

    2. Its called evidence steveH. The basis of how accurate truth is arrived at. If you’ve got any counter evidence other than a nine minute video from a source well known for broadcasting fake news – like babies being ripped out of incubators; non existent WMD’s etc. put it up. We are all ears.

      The fact that you have not produced any credible counter evidence against that cited – from the UN, Jewish Organisations and media outlets, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Amnesty etc and have had to rely yet again on deflection by name calling tells everyone all they need to know.

      Which is you have not got a shred of evidence to substantiate your bullshit propaganda claims.

      You’ve got nothing. Zilch.

      What’s it like being the emptiest vessel on the planet? All mouth and no trousers.

      1. Dave – As I said earlier it is quite surprising how rattled you are by my few brief posts on this. The bodies have obviously been left in situ so that the crime scene can be properly documented by the team of war crime investigators. If they had been removed you would have been complaining about that as well.

      2. I wonder why they used a White Van Man to stack the “bodies” like packaged meat, with doors wide open for all to see? Surely even the Ukrainian Nazis have some degree of understanding for Dignity! Even if it was just the very simple gesture of keeping the doors closed and locked? Why use a White Van Man when there are probably dozens of Undertakers with Vans, Police Incident Vans, Ambulance Body Vans! What utter bullshit and what an absolute Zombified MSM Sheeple you are for buying it, mind you I guess this is nothing compared to buying BlueKeef!

      3. The MSM Sheeple are happy with their blinkered view of the world until, as it will, comes crashing down all around them! At least we will always have a warm and friendly, Told You So, waiting for them, when the rivers of tears come flowing! Perfect little lives, forgetting that they live on a volatile spinning ball of rock in a volatile Universe that pelts giant rocks our way and if those don’t get you the lovely Volatile Humans will! Nowhere on this planet is safe from disaster, not even Nuke Disaster! Russia and China has the hardware to hit anywhere, even San Francisco or horrid Florida! We can hardly blame them for Historic feuds to this current disaster from the West, does not leave them with much choice!

  12. Posted on Twitter 1st April by Britain Erect…

    Westminster voting intention:

    LAB: 47% (+12)
    CON: 27% (-8)
    LDEM: 6% (-3)
    GRN: 4% (-2)
    REFUK: 6% (+1)


    29 – 30 Mar
    Chgs. w/ 24 Mar

    This got the the Starmeroids going…..

  13. Posted on Twitter 1st April by Britain Erect

    Oo-er missus. 😲

    (Wonder why he hasn’t posted for a while 😙🎶)

  14. According to ch4 news toerag MP David Warburton has had the whip suspended after allegations he sexually harassed three women and was pictured with cocaine…

    Of course, it’ll all be a misunderstanding, I imagine 😙🎶

      1. I’m just wondering if keef would’ve prosecuted warburton had he still been DPP?

        …Hahaha!! Had you going there, didn’t I?

    1. Possible member of Vazs’ new party. Oh according to info from anti-mask employees at Westminster Hospital, it wasn’t a hamster it was a Gerbil.

      1. Was it a white one with a large, unnatural brown patch on its head called steve h, perchance?

  15. Thanks for the info “strategic studies and the info wars explains so much especially to me personally when I see familys torn apart by the constant bombardment of propoganda in the western world.We all suffer from propoganda even here were I am.The difference here is that its simplistic and easily discernable like the covid scam which was always more about” control “than curing a flu like virus that any expert would tell you can’t be cured.The billions upon billions wasted by the leaders of the West is coming home to roost and the situation with Russia has brought it to a head in europe and especially Britain were politicians have been helping themselves to the” cake “in a country with few natural resources and even less in gold,oil and natural gas.Most people in europe agree with the Anti Russian Virus and nothing is going to save my family in Ireland and England from the coming calamity in the West.I am told that Uncle Joe’s lost his marbles whilst isolating himself in the jungle with natives who are ill educated and backward looking.
    Read the article that Dave Hansell supplied to us here in the jungle of democratic socialism and you will understand why people like us dont follow the Western narrative or any other propoganda eastern or western in the hope that we can understand that greed and hatred as got us to were we are today as citizens of the post war western war machine.

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