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Feeble Starmer lets Johnson off resignation hook – because ‘unity’

Keir Starmer – laughably termed the ‘leader’ of the ‘opposition’ – has decided to let Boris Johnson off the hook for partying as Johnson’s policies sentenced hundreds of thousands to a lonely death and has given the Russian invasion of Ukraine as his excuse.

According to press reports, Starmer has withdrawn his call, so slow to arrive in the first place, for Johnson to resign because the UK has to be ‘united’ against Russian president Vladimir Putin – as if such pie-in-the-sky unity wouldn’t be just as achievable/unrealistic under some other Tory monster.

Starmer also gave a similar excuse for supporting Johnson and running from any real criticism during the pandemic, ignoring the massive toll of needless deaths, the intentional slaughter of our elderly and the deliberate infection of our children and young people, because it was ‘not the time’ and the nation needed unity – then only finally made his feeble call for Johnson’s resignation once he saw which way the wind of public opinion was blowing over ‘partygate‘.

Both main parties are ‘led’ by the worst possible people at the worst possible time, with a massive cost in lives and health and likely worse to come – and nobody within reach of power is remotely fit to run a bath, let alone a country.

This is the dire situation into which the collaboration of extremist Tories and so-called ‘moderates’ has pushed the UK.

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    1. Brothers in arms!!! You couldn’t make it up!!! What an excuse for a would be leader!!! I’m sick of his pandering to the “RIGHT WING”!!! No “FCKIN BACKBONE”!!! Give him a rifle and fck him of to the war he along with Johnson created through their connections with Russian Oligarchs’!! Allegedly!!!

      1. In reality it will be Tory MPs who decide when Johnson goes at a time of their choosing.

  1. Worse still – Starmer let Johnson off the fact that the Tories
    were so busy enjoying the friendship of the UK Oligarchs
    that they let their Russian mates getaway with
    murder/attempted murder.

    After the Salisbury Poisonings – McDonald and Corbyn had
    proposed a whole raft of financial sanctions – but these were
    boo-ed by the Tories and had no support from the Labour MP.

    Not only that but Corbyn also wanted to push the investigation
    by OPCW of the Russians and inspection of their facilities – but
    this was treated with complete ignorance by the Labour MPs.

    1. Starmer is no better than and no different from Boris Johnson. Both are unscrupulous liars, unfit to lead their parties or form a government.
      Starmer won’t criticise Johnson because people who live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones

      1. How far is Salisbury from Porton Down chemical research centre or am I just joining up the wrong dots?

    2. Holby, I take it you’re saying that the Skripals and the cop were poisoned, right? In other words, you believe that two people who had come into contact with a nerve agent several hours earlier, became incapacitated in the very same moment. The chances of THAT happening of course are absolute zero and, as such, they were acting, and the whole episode was staged. As for DS Nick Bailey – the brave, courageous cop who WASN’T on the scene shortly after the Skripals supposedly became incapacitated! – well, as I’ sure you know, HE went to Sergei Skripals house that evening with a couple of colleagues to check the place to see if there was anyone at the property who had become ill, *BUT*, neither he or his two colleagues thought to take the cat and the guinea pigs away with them. Needless to say, if it was all for real, of COURSE they would have done.

      There are NUMEROUS inconsistencies and anomalies in the official narrative, and I’d be more than happy to post several more if you’re still not convinced. Oh, but wasn’t it wonderful that all three of them survived and lived happily ever after…… Just like in a fairy tale! Oh, and then there was the bottle of unopened Novichok perfume still in the charity bin that was emptied every day THREE months later!!

      1. “…became incapacitated in the very same moment. ..”

        But they WEREN’T capacitated at exactly there same moment!

        That was when they were SEEN .. which was when the last of them collapsed – and it was noticed something was wrong ..

        Also what you are saying is that everyone in the medical establishment
        who saw them was in on a fraud ..

        As for the bottle off perfume – we do not know who was precisely
        involved in the poisoning – it was likely that there was more than one cell. In the case of the polonium it took years to work out exactly what happened and it turned out in the end that there were several attempts
        on the murdered mans life – one if which ended in the death of a
        perpetrator through incompetence. Doubtless we will find out what exactly happened in some years time.

        Why are you so keen on defending the Russians? Obviously it is
        important that justice be done – but the Russian Govt is ultra right wing
        and ultra capitalist where thieving by a small group has taken the place of western style markets. If Putin was ever a socialist he is certainly
        not one now.

        The result of this thievery was laundered through the London markets
        and some was creamed off to bribe the Tory Party – in one case to obtain a peerage!

        Corbyn wasn’t fooled – he had Putin bang to rights from the very start
        in 2001 when Blair and his mates were schmoozing up to him. Chechnya had exactly the same treatment as Ukraine is but was pretty
        much ignored and Corbyn was pointing it out.

      2. Oh, pleeease Holby, do me a favour ffs! If one or the other of them had suddenly become stricken before they themselves did, then they would of course have phoned 999 for an ambulance you tosser!!

        I can only assume yur yet ANOTHER paid shill posing on here as a left-winger, OR one of the secondary personas of one of the paid shills!

        As for the ‘perfume bottle’, yeah, of course Holby, a charity bin would be the ideal place to discard it, wouldn’t it! But I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t address how the fuck it supposedly remained in the bin for three months, given that the bin was emptied every day! OR what I said about Nick Bailey and his two colleagues not taking the pets away (and arranging for them to be checked over and looked after) when they went to the house! I wonder why!!

        And when you come out with complete and utter B/S propaganda bollox about ‘defending Russians’, then I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that yur a fucking fascist shill

      3. HFMw asked Allan Howard “Why are you so keen on defending the Russians?”

        It’s not about defending the Russians. It’s about un-dissembling a false account of the event. Howard’s point(s) confirms my worst fear – that this is a false “narrative” – exactly as many others have done with other Establishment lies like LabourAS and the ‘pandemic’ “emergency” (which a 0.40 pc IFR and a total lack of any significant ‘excess death’ (anywhere in world) show is false) .

      4. Vladimir Putin tries to kill 2 people, Skripal and Navalny, but both survive.

        Goodness me, he is no Lyndon Johnson.

        Now, when Lyndon Johnson wanted someone dead that person would be dead.

        Just a few of the people killed by Lyndon Johnson:

        President Kennedy

        Martin Luther King

        Robert Kennedy

      5. Yes, Tony, and by using Novichok again to try and kill Navalny the Russians – despite all their protestations that the Salisbury poisonings were nothing to do with them – gave the game away by doing so. How fortuitous for their accusers – and remiss of THEM, the Russians – to have done so. If only they hadn’t consented to letting him go to Germany!

        A DOUBLE whammy, eh?!!

      1. Why am I advancing the US line? It is not a zero sum game
        and the US have perpetrated their own atrocities and murder.

        Corbyn is even – handed he criticises both and in fact everyone
        who he perceives as guilty.

        It is the right wing who single out who they deem as
        villains and who the white hats. They rightly recoil in horror
        at blocks of flats hit by rockets but its turned out in one case the picture was of a block of flats in GAZA. The MSM rightly criticise
        the behaviour of Russians in Ukraine – but ignore similar
        behaviour of Israelis in Gaza.

      2. Marvellous link. There are some very strange posts here. Please remember if you are suffering from Novichoch poisoning use wet wipes till the head of Army nursing pops along. P.s latest score score from Keeiieaefv , Russia won.

    3. Holby, in your post you start by saying the following:

      ‘Worse still – Starmer let Johnson off the fact that the Tories
      were so busy enjoying the friendship of the UK Oligarchs
      that they let their Russian mates getaway with
      murder/attempted murder’

      So when was that? And how so exactly – ie how did ‘they’ let the Russians get away with murder precisely? Could you elaborate?

  2. The Blairites just cannot wait to join a National Government.
    Just like Ramsay Mac and Jimmy Thomas.
    Tony saw himself as PM but Starmer would be quite happy to be doing the job the Trilateral Commission really rate: Foreign Secretary and America’s best pal. He could retire to Miami.

  3. The unity expected of those countries against the invasion of Ukraine provided Starmer with further reason to maintain his pressure on Johnson – we have fumbled toward a position on Ukrainian refugees that is calculating and miserly in comparison to others and our imposition of sanctions has been more mindful of protecting Russian interests than seizing them. Instead, he almost gleefully binds himself ever closer to the government. Accepting that Johnson won’t resign of his own accord at any point, and that the LOTO is neither the mechanism to secure his departure nor the beneficiary, rather than simply snuggling up to the government he should have appealed to rank and file Tory MPs, noting that Johnson’s professed aim to go after Russian interests displays the same hypocrisy as his promotion of social distancing.

  4. It may be that Starmer’s desperate hope for unity will be undermined when the “generals” pull the rug from under Putin who has clearly bitten off much more than he can chew.

    1. There is a suggestion – in the Daily Star (!) that Putin has terminal cancer.
      This seems plausible for he looks ill and his speech is occasionally
      rambling. It would also appear consistent with his desperately ill-advised
      adventures in war-mongering for he wants what he sees as a legacy -of
      Ukraine as part of Russia again.

      This is completely inaccurate – for Ukraine is much much older
      than Russia and has a different culture. The Ukrainians started
      to re-discover their national identity in the 1920s apparently – and
      if there is one thing which unites a country it is being attacked
      as is the case of Ukraine.

  5. Well how polite Allan Howard – I repeat Corbyn was
    perfectly convinced of the poisoning.

    I will just take one point – that the deterioration in the Skrypals
    condition was gradual and intermittent and affected their
    mental capacity..

    Yes – there is a lot of our knowledge about the
    incident missing .. and we can only hope that there
    are no other stashes of the poison stashed away
    somewhere. It is actually possibly to argue politely
    without swear words you know!

    1. Yes, I apologise Holby, and obviously Putin thought to himself one day how it would be good to bump off that guy that they’d had in prison for a few years and then released in an exchange of agents and who had been living in England for eight years, and carry out the assassination just two days before the hundred days to go to the world cup football tournament ‘celebrations’, which Russia was hosting for the very first time, AND just over three months before the tournament kicked off.

      Yes, it all sounds perfectly plausible, and NOT something that was conjured up by his enemies.

      And it’s perfectly plausible of course that they would have a couple of agents coat Skripal’s front door handle with a deadly nerve agent in broad daylight, and just hope that it doesn’t piss down with rain before he returns home and wash it all off. But I can’t help wondering – given that the nerve agent was on the door handle – how BOTH Sergei Skripal AND his daughter came into contact with it. I suppose ONE explanation could be that when they returned home prior to then going into Salisbury town center – that his daughter said: ‘Oh daddy, can we open the front door together’, OR as they were going out again (to go into town), she said: ‘Oh daddy, can we close the front door together’. What do you think Holby?

      It is very odd though, don’t you think, that Nick Bailey and his two colleagues didn’t think to remove Skripal’s pets when they went to his house. Or that the chemical weapons experts didn’t think to go to his house until three weeks later and, as such, only THEN, discover Novichok on the front door handle. And wasn’t it incredibly fortuitous that the most senior army medical officer just happened to be walking past just shortly after the Skripals took ill.

      1. Allan – If only we were all so well versed in conspiracy theories.

      2. Oh I was wondering when you’d say THAT….. as you’ve done on numerous occasions before! So what conspiracy theories are they? Could you elaborate? Cheeers

        Don’t hold you’re breath folks!

        PS And just out of curiousity, do you regard Craig Murray as a conspiracy theorist?

      3. Allan – I really can’t be bothered, I’m quite happy to leave others to judge the veracity of your comments for themselves.

      4. Not even just one tiny likkle conspiracy theory, no? Oh, go on! Go on go on go on…..

        Anyway Holby, regards Sergei Skripal’s pets – which Nick Bailey and his two colleagues didn’t think to take with them apparently – in an article in the Sun on March 17th it said the following:

        POISONED Sergei Skripal’s cat and two guinea pigs have been taken away for tests, say sources.

        The spy’s vet contacted police immediately after hearing he had collapsed along with his daughter Yulia on March 4.

        Vet Howard Taylor, 56, said: “We phoned the police on day one to offer to help if they needed it.

        “I thought it unlikely the police would have gone to the house and not done anything.”

        NB Sergei Skripal wasn’t actually named until the next day, so THAT would have obviously been when his vet contacted the police. Funny though, isn’t it, how just over two weeks later the whole of the MSM are reporting that the two guinea pigs had died, and that the cat was in such a bad way that it had to be put to sleep. Can you explain all these inconsistencies Holby? Or you, Stevio?

      5. THAT should probably have read….. oh gowon gowon gowon….!

      6. Oh gowon gowon gowon, just ONE teeny weeny likkle conspiracy theory.
        And Craig Murray?

  6. People in glasshouses should definitely not throw stones, and Starmer lives in one huge glasshouse with all the dirty money he’s accepted to get elected.

    This is how politics works in this Country, it runs on dirty money and corruption. Do as you’re told Keith or we’ll let the public know what you’ve been up to. In the meantime Arise Sir Keith….here’s a knighthood, now be a good boy.

  7. It’s not only this country.
    American dirty-money has got half the world bought-and-paid-for.
    The short-lived S.D.P. of David Owen fame appeared to have a lot of cash to play with.
    If I remember correctly, it was launched with a program that was:
    – – – pro NATO
    – – – pro US Bases in the UK
    – – – pro UK nuclear arms
    I noticed the wretched David Owen being being wheeled out on TV the other night.
    Guess what he was saying !

  8. The BBC reported last night:
    ” The UK has said it will give an extra $100m (£74m) to Ukraine to help keep the government running amid the Russian invasion ”
    The usual pattern is that a large portion on these slush funds ends up in the pockets of the politicians that have been chosen as the preferred winners in a conflict – Thus ensuring that the successor government is well-and-truly bought-and-paid-for in support of the neo-liberal consensus.
    It happened in Serbia at the end of the Balkan war [in which the USA and UK played their predictable role of bombing infrastructure including television station in Belgrade].
    This country is not immune from dirty money.
    Check out the Register of Members’ Interests for bungs to Starm-Trooper and Watson [when he was Deputy Leader of the Party]. You don’t have to look far to see why Watson was chief back-stabber to Corbyn and chief driver of the bogus anti-Semitisam smears.

    1. johnsco1,

      Zelenskyy reputedly has a multi million dollar mansion in Miami and a billion dollar bank account waiting for him when the going gets tough.

      1. I’ve noticed in the last 24 hours people adding an extra Y to Zelensky’s name. This is yet more “we’re really ‘down’ with the Ukranians” MSM virtue-signalling. Please stop it.

        Channel 4 news has expanded on this with the news of a Russian advance on Odessa, which they are now calling Odesa. In the West it has been Odessa with TWO S-es since the dawn of time.

        Trying to be “authentic” is no excuse for pretentiousness!

  9. Starmer doesn’t have principles.
    (apart from “being a zionist – without qualification”).
    He has expediences.

  10. In 1997, 50 members of the US national security/ foreign policy establishment wrote to President Clinton and urged him not to expand NATO.

    The letter starts:

    “We, the undersigned, believe that the current U.S.led effort to expand NATO, the focus of the recent Helsinki and Paris Summits, is a policy error of historic proportions. We believe that NATO expansion will decrease allied security and unsettle European stability…”

    As I understand it, any Labour Party member could now be expelled for mentioning the existence of this letter.

  11. “One of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s first acts was to withdraw the Ukraine from the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People”.
    This is a quote from an article by Ilan Pappe, where he also talks, inter alia, about the use of photographs of Gaza being used by the MSM as though they had been taken in Ukraine.
    The full article is here:

    1. Yes I read that piece in JVL .

      .Zelensky’s representative complained
      to Israel about its lack of support for Ukraine.

      Maybe it will make Zelensky think again about his lack of support
      for the Palestinians and support of Israel’s attacks on them?

    …….Ahead of peace talks this afternoon, a spokesperson for the Russian government outlined what Vladimir Putin wants from the invasion.
    They said that Russia would “continue with the demilitarisation of Ukraine”, suggesting the country’s army would have be dissolved or reduced significantly for the Kremlin to call the war off.
    Another demand is that Crimea, which Russian took by force last decade, is recognised by Volodymyr Zelensky’s government.
    The Kremlin also wants Donetsk and Lugansk, where intense fighting has raged between Russian backed separatists and Ukrainian forces for eight years, to officially become independent states.

  13. Yes, ahead of a “peace talk” event, the Russians restate their requirements. That’s what you’d expect, but why isn’t Ukraine laying out its requirements, I wonder. Have they?

    Perhaps they’ve finally realised that neither the USA nor NATO can do very much to “protect” them (except pretend to apply non sanctions)?

    1. Not sure what the first condition means.
      If it’s the removal/destruction of the mass of weaponry that the US has been shipping into Ukraine for a few years, that would be no surprise. Neither would it be a surprise if they want to disband Azov and bring those responsible for the Odessa fire to book. It wouldn’t make sense to advocate the abolition of the Ukrainian armed forces. Maybe this condition is code for seeking neutrality for Ukraine.
      The Crimea and Donbas conditions seem like a way forward. It’s impossible to imagine those in Crimea/Donbas and those in western Ukraine living in peace given what’s gone on over the past 8 years – or even to imagine many of those in Crimea/Donbas living if they come under rule from Kyiv again.

      1. goldbach – To quote the article that I linked to above that you are commenting on.
        “They said that Russia would “continue with the demilitarisation of Ukraine”, suggesting the country’s army would have be dissolved or reduced significantly for the Kremlin to call the war off.
        I hope this helps

  14. Putin just needs to withdraw and leave the fuckers guessing what will happen if Ukraine doesn’t behave
    Priti Awful knows the non war isn’t going to last much longer

    1. ‘leave the fuckers guessing what will happen’
      i guess the russian speaking ‘citizens’ of ukraine have an idea of what to expect…

      1. Something happened to Zelensky he did move to stand down Nazi forces but they stood their ground and he caved, the rest is history
        Twas us and Yanks who trained them

  15. Allan Howard 07/03/2022 AT 7:09 PM:

    This is a very valid point, one which did not occur to me.

    Also, I heard on the radio that Navalny was treated in a military hospital.

    That may or may not be significant. However, it is worth bearing in mind that it is easier, for obvious reasons, to control the narrative coming out of a military hospital than a civilian one.

    President Kennedy’s autopsy was carried out at Bethesda Naval Hospital and James Forrestal died there too. At the time of his ‘suicide’ Forrestal was a private citizen. So why was he being treated in Bethesda Naval Hospital?

  16. Two Neo-Liberal capitalist peas in the same pod (or just two careerist clueless opportunists) and Starmer puts the Trilateral Commission ahead of working people.
    So what will happen in Ukraine, Putin may reinforce Russia’s hold on the Crimea and enable the Donbas areas to be two independent states or he will be brought down and whichever way it goes it is a seismic moment.
    I went to a good Stop The War Rally demo on Sunday and one speaker asked the crowd if anyone present expected an invasion and not one hand went up, and I think we could have all wept for instead of the sabre rattling by politicians on both sides (NATO members and Russia) with diplomacy this could have and should have been prevented.
    And the speaker reminded everyone of an older SWP slogan which seems to come back to having relevance: Neither Washington Nor Moscow.
    NATO has 30 member states and 40 partner countries, so 70 out of 187 countries in the world and perhaps the UN can word negotiate a new global security alliance with everyone on board in a spirit of self determination for countries post NATO.
    Whilst we all hope for some movement from the peace talks (to end the waste of lives on all sides) I understand some pro war citizens in Russia are using the letter ‘Z’ when perhaps the citizens of the world should be asking of the West and Russia ‘Y.’
    Yours in peace.

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