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Met Police: ‘We will not name anyone in No 10 fined for lockdown breaches

Cover-up complete: civil servant Sue Gray told to leave details of vast majority of Downing Street parties out of her report – then after it was delivered yesterday, police announce no one will be named from their investigation

The cover-up of pandemic lawbreaking by Boris Johnson and his Downing Street cronies is complete. Civil servant Sue Gray delivered the report of her investigation yesterday and Johnson spent a little while dodging Keir Starmer’s noodle-armed slaps in the Commons chamber and even getting the best of the exchanges by accusing Keir Starmer’s front bench of taking illegal drugs, without any demur from Starmer and co. But Gray had left out of her report any detail of 12 out of 15 parties Johnson and co attended while the rest of the nation suffered, and on an industrial scale died, in isolation because of Covid – because the Metropolitan Police had asked her not to report on any parties they were investigating.

And now the report is done, the same Met Police have announced that if anyone is fined for the parties they are investigating – a majority and the most serious by definition – they will not name anyone who is fined as a result, even though their action will have been held to be criminal.

Johnson and co will fork out a fine or three that they can afford without turning a hair – but no public shaming or confirmation of the scale of their contempt for the law and the people.

That, folks, is how the Establishment machine works and shamelessly so. And tragically for the nation, Keir Starmer is just as much a part of that machine as his buffoon of an opposite number.

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  1. Forget on the spot fines… They’re for those who were collared at the time and paid up promptly…These bastards conspired to keep schtum.

    Every. Man. Jack. Of. Them.

    And we only found out because someone bubbled them.

    If they did the same over a road traffic offence, the lot of them’d cop for it. And cop for it they fooking well should.

    1. One set of rule for us, one for them? “Met Police: ‘We will not name anyone in No 10 fined for lockdown breaches

      Possibly because no-one has been fined? Unlike the 18,000+ fines applied to joe-public during 2021.

      A misinformation statement from Met Police or a non-information outright lie?

  2. Perhaps, some among Starmer’s front benchers do take drugs and the Tories have proof. What would be the point in refuting the accusation them?
    Hence, it is best to say nothing, pretend no to have heard and hope that nobody pays closer attention.

  3. When the British people voted for the public schoolboy from Eton they probably didnt realise it was a return to the days of who you are not what youve done wrong.ITs getting more like Swaziland by the day..monarchy bent cops and “incentive” policing.Maybe it’s time to follow the Swazi people and get rid of the lot of them…..trouble is in Britain is that theres a lot of em who hold the reigns of power.

    1. Trouble is in Britain FPTP and the synchronised MSM protect the vested-interest status quo.

  4. Do we count ugly pills as drug offences when guzzled by South Siders. Patel probably popped a couple just to show that she has no enmity to the Headroom boys and girls and Frankenstein.

  5. The most annoying thing is how this scandal is artificially driving up support for Starmer’s empty shell of a party. The natural beneficiary in a two-party system. It’s kinda like a ‘bad coverage’ zero-sum game between the parties. Although turning that headline poll support into votes might not be quite as easy for New Labour 2.0, without members.

    I think the media are going over-the-top on this ‘partygate’ thing, the BBC have their own reasons related to the licence fee announcement, but what’s Sky’s, Ch 4’s excuse? I just turn the news off because I’m so sick of it.

    And If alcohol consumption is such a terrible thing for politicians, why has the HoC got a subsidised bar? A Labour MP Eric Joyce, was charged with assault after one boozy confrontation some years back.

    There are lots of hypocrites shouting about this ‘booze at No.10’ in both big parties in the HoC and HoL.

    1. No one’s pointed out that this illustrates just what a poor job the MSM have been doing. Why weren’t they on the case and reporting these parties at the time, not 18 months later or whatever it is? Alternatively, if they’ve been sitting on it all this time, why and on whose orders? Why now?

      If you take them to be the mouthpiece of the elites & pushing their interests, it would appear that these WEF-types want Johnson gone perhaps for not imposing vaccine passports or using hate speech towards the unvaccinated a la Macron, Trudeau, Morrison, Ardern, Biden & Blair. Just a thought…

  6. I think we can be pretty certain that Johnson’s accusation against Starmer yesterday afternoon about Jimmy Savile was premeditated – and maybe there’s some truth to it – and Johnson said it for the obvious diversionary tactic reason, but I just did a search and came across the following article in the Socialist Worker from January, 2013:

    ‘How police helped to hide abuse by Jimmy Savile’

    1. There’s also the troubling Ian Tomlinson case – the newspaper seller struck from behind with a police baton and then pushed to the floor, he died (video footage is online). Then DPP Starmer refused to prosecute officer Simon Harwood. And refused to reconsider that decision after the pathologist who conducted the postmortem was suspended for misconduct in two earlier postmortems.

      Read the shocking timeline of events and the level of Starmer’s misjudgement :

      1. Key date…

        14 October: The director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, says he is sticking by his decision despite Patel’s suspension.

    2. On Savile, the line is:

      Keir Starmer was head of the CPS when the decision was made not to prosecute Jimmy Savile but he was not the reviewing lawyer for the case.

      But many will remember Jeremy Corbyn being held vicariously responsible for every alleged incidence of antisemitism, or any online abuse of MPs. Much of which was actually from right-wingers who had no connection to the Lab party.

      As Aaron Bastani pointed out, the same people now exonerating Starmer of all Savile responsibility – when head of the CPS – were quick to try to pin everything and anything on Corbyn personally.

      1. I enjoyed watching Tory MPs rushing to Stasi Starmer’s defence.

      2. Not only MPs, but of course the MSM, too. Channel 4 news presenter Cathy Newman reacted like a close family member had just been defamed!

  7. 10, DOWING STREET, WHITEHALL, SW1 perhaps the most intensely policed & secure residence in the world but………nobody saw anything until now. The Police saw nothing, either on camera observation; civil servants saw nothing, apart from getting their booze from a nearby off license in a suitcase & all journalists became deaf, dumb & blind, until now. Everyone developed the same smug insanity; nobody can touch us because we are above the law. The Police; the Civil Servants & Journalists are all equally corrupt & as equally to blame as Bojo, our murderous PM. They will collude in a mass cover up because so many are guilty, good job they weren’t sun bathing in a public park!.

    1. If offenders are not named how will anyone know if fines were applied or simply ignored?

  8. I think it is abundantly clear that in withholding details of anyone fined for lockdown breaches the Met is letting Johnson and his guests off the hook. Johnson did not party alone – there will probably have been members of the cabinet and other MPs and public figures there along with police ( either participating or on duty or maybe both) MSM and BBC editors, commentators and journalists who were all completely silent about the goings on until the Mirror broke the story. Now the Met trying to help shut down comment about the issue too.
    We will probably never get the whole story unless Sue Gray’s report including the evidence she gathered – 300 photos and 500 emails- is put in its entirety in the public domain but this is likely to be withheld too.
    Also I wonder if any Labour MPs/ peers were present at any of these parties or indeed any other parties. Given the calibre of people in Starmer’s Labour and New Labour before it and their track record of hypocrisy and entitlement I will be amazed if some of them aren’t up to their necks in Covid Rule breaking as well.
    It is also very telling that Johnson’s comment yesterday about Labour MPs drug taking was not challenged at the time or since.
    Looks to me like the lockdown parties may only be the tip of the iceberg .

    1. Smartboy.

      No. The secrecy relates to the people involved. Lots of ‘national security’ people.

      Sir Mark Sedwill was Cabinet Secretary at the time, also National Security Adviser from 2017 to 2020. And former Director of Strategy at GCHQ, Simon Case, is the new Cabinet Secretary. Quote:

      “the UK’s top civil servant, he [Simon Case] was originally picked to lead the partygate probe until it emerged a knees-up was held in his own office during lockdown.

      These people hardly want to be named getting fined.

      1. Don’t disagree Andy. There is every chance that in addition to the people I mentioned there were security services and senior civil servants present at these illegal lockdown parties.

  9. Looks like the Met Police are not Public Servants.The Seven Principles of Public Life (aka the Nolan Principles) are Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

  10. Off-topic…

    The untalented and unfunny baddiel was on ITV news just before, going on about Whoopi Goldberg’s faux Pas regarding the.holocaust.

    His response? I’m essence it was

    “It’s about race and racism. Goldberg comes from a place where racism is ring fenced towards people of colour”

    That’s right folks…US racism is ring-fenced towards people of colour

    Really? I guess all those Klansmen and far-right skinhead whack jobs are only kidding about hating Jews, eh, davey boy?

    And he has the gall to complain about Goldberg?!!

  11. I guess when the police have finished their investigation
    and fines given – the Gray report will be unredacted ..

    As for the Savile accusation – it has been on SocialMedia
    as a “Right Wing Fake Fact” for a while apparently – hence the
    Reuters refutation.

  12. As for the Savile accusation – it has been on SocialMedia as a “Right Wing Fake Fact” for a while apparently – hence the Reuters refutation.”

    Yet another example of the Establisment looking after one of its own.

    Do many Labour members actualy believe that their party hasn’t crossed the line and now bats for the Few against the interests of the Many?

    1. Being DPP is like being a CEO, or the editor of a newspaper – you have overall responsibility for what is printed and certainly review important stuff.

      As others have said, a high-profile celebrity case like that surely must have come to his attention?

  13. The drugs accusation seemed to be batting back the same charge levied from the Labour benches so I think the ‘no pushback’ charge is some spirited anti-Starmer bashing from SW which, his gaffe, his rules, is not unsurprising. The Saville stuff seemed more akin to reaching from Johnson and, accepting limited knowledge of the nuance of the charge, would be the thing I would be challenging most aggressively if it were levelled at me.
    As for the Met, they seem to have entered a death spiral that nothing but a reformation or replacement can resolve but I hope that, in the screwed up system that relies on the members of the ruling party to determine the continuance of a PM, there are enough of them that recognise such a position is not judged by the size of a statutory fine but rather the ethical vacuum that is suggested by an individual who regards accruing such fines as a mere inconvenience rather than a unarguable case for resignation.
    I don’t attack Johnson as a means to usher in a new socialist dawn nor because there is a more competent individual that should take his place but because to tolerate his brazen lying and self-interest is to admit that the office has no moral standard.

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