Neil trends on Twitter as he’s ‘owned’ over Corbyn and Putin. Will he now front up and cover the truth?

Right-wing broadcaster’s sarcastic response backfires. Will he now admit his error and give Corbyn’s ‘exemplary behaviour a wider currency’?

Andrew Neil’s sarcasm has backfired on him after he wrongly labelled ‘Corbynistas’ as supporters of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Neil was taken to task by the @greenrecovery21 account after claiming ‘Corbynistas [are] thoroughly discredited when it comes to Ukraine – and responded sarcastically that he would give the ‘fascinating’ claim that Corbyn was a long-time critic of Putin ‘a wider currency’ if it could be substantiated.

And of course, it was – at the very least as far back as twenty-two years ago, as people were quick to point out:

In 2000, when then-PM Blair invited Putin to visit the UK, Corbyn condemned Blair’s mistake:

In 2001, Blair again flew to Russia to meet Putin – whom Blair praised for his ‘focus on what he wants to achieve in Russia – Corbyn said:

When the Prime Minister travels to Moscow—I imagine that he is already on his way there—and meets President Putin this evening, I hope that he will convey the condemnation of millions of people around the world of the activities of the Russian army in Chechnya and of what it is doing to ordinary people there. When images of what is happening are translated into other parts of the world, many people are horrified, just as we are horrified by what happened to the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 11 September.

If we are serious about the rule of law and human rights, we must be very careful to condemn abuses of human rights, whoever commits them

And as well as several recent tweets on the topic, Corbyn also put out a video condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

The mass of responses and comments led to Neil trending on UK Twitter.

So, does he have the backbone and honour to keep his word and ‘give a wider currency’ to Corbyn’s actual record when the rest of the UK’s supposedly ‘mainstream’ media and the current Labour regime, like Neil did, are making false claims about Corbyn’s record and about the left more generally?

Only time will tell. Over to you, Mr Neil.

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  1. I would doubt very much that Andrew Neil will have be decency or integrity to admit he was wrong about Jeremy Corbyn and Putin. He is a broadcaster and journalist, part of the MSM which has persecuted and maligned Jeremy since 2015.
    This latest smear is just more of the same and it won’t do his career prospects any harm .It shows that he is willing to lie in order to undermine Jeremy and given that he is out of work right now (he walked out of his last job in Sept and hasn’t done much since ) that’s important to him and his prospective employers. Shame on you Andrew Neil

    1. Smartboy
      I’m afraid Neil is about to make a re-appearance on British TV. He’s been given a show on Channel 4 on a Sunday night.

      1. Very sorry to hear that BackofBeyond. Do you know what time it will be on so that I can make sure I avoid it?

      2. Checked out Neil’s position regarding the Channel 4 job – it seems they haven’t offered him it yet – however that nasty lie about Jeremy should do the trick and guarantee him employment with them ( that is if the BBC or the some of the rags in the MSM don’t get him under contract first)

  2. Well quite – but Neil would not recognise the truth if it
    bit him in the rear ..

    I am both disgusted and at the same time rather surprised
    at what he said because it is so easily refuted ..

    I hope he is continually reminded of this by those who
    have tweeted with the truth.

    My blood pressure is going up again!

  3. PS Jeremy’s excellent talk is followed by another on DDN
    by Peter Jukes concerning the much delayed report on
    Russian money.

  4. This isn’t the time to re-fight the Chechen war. But it is generally accepted- and, in the Us boasted- that the Chechen forces wee trained by the CIA and armed by the same US agencies that armed Al Qaeda, the Albanians in Kosovo and the headchoppers in Syria.
    The real connection between Corbyn and Putin is that Putin is getting the same treatment, from the same quarters that Jeremy got (and gets.) And the reason is the same to Putin’s offence is that he is protecting Russia from the predatory oligarchs, financed by London and Wall St and plundering the people. And that puts him in direct conflict with the ruling class which controls NATO and uses it to change regimes which act against its interests: Cuba, Libya, Venezuela… we all know the list.
    And a socialist UK would have been on that list too- the reforms and nationalisations proposed in the 1919 manifesto would have cost our own oligarchs a lot, particularly in lost profits from privatising the NHS and Care Services. And then there would be the billions lost by a public housing programme.
    As people watch the demonisation of VV Putin they should reflect on the way in which the same media, the same people, the same politicians are demonising Corbyn. Not because they believe for a minute that he is a terrorist sympathiser or an anti-semite but because he came very close, much closer than they are comfortable with, to demonstratiing that the people want and will support a programme of social justice, world peace, environmental repair and public ownership of essential services.
    I’m not saying that if Labour had won in 2019 the manifesto would have been implemented. We all know better than that, most of the PLP can be counted on by The Establishment to sabotage socialism and socialists. And they are the same people today attacking Putin, not so much for attacking Ukraine (for which they don’t care at all) but for defending the Russian people from the Khodorkovskys, Bill Browders and George Soros’s who stole their savings, jobs, healthcare and national wealth from them.

    1. There could never be a ‘Socialist UK’ because members of the Royal Family would follow Mountbatten’s example & contact ‘certain people’ to eliminate such a threat to ‘the Establishment’. Much simpler to use accusations of anti-Semitism & let the ‘attack dogs’ on MSM eliminate the problem @ source.

  5. Did Andrew Neil know that what he was saying was false? Almost certainly he did.
    Will he withdraw the comments? No chance, if he wants to land yet one more job bashing socialists and raking in ludicrous payments for doing so.

  6. The demonisation of Putin began when he opposed an invasion—that of Iraq.

    Before that, his bombing of Chechnya was not regarded as a problem at all by the likes of Blair.

    Corbyn has been a longstanding critic of Putin as anybody could easily discover if they made an effort.

    1. Do you think the demonisation started with Iraq Tony – I would submit
      that it didn’t really start until after he was elected Leader of the
      Labour Party. In fact he had hardly any time in office before
      it started. Sacha Swire in her “Diary” remarks on it and she
      doesn’t go along with his politics ..

      They tried everything till they found something which would stick –
      and eventually they found antisemitism ..

      Contrary to what was said I will welcome him on the Channel 4
      program because it gives someone a chance to challenge him.

      1. Yes, the demonisation of Putin began when he opposed the invasion of Iraq.

  7. I receive weekly updates from Adam Bienkov. Todays one is interesting reading.
    Adam claims that while Johnson was London Mayor Johnson’s appearance at the 2012 CBI’s annual get together. He encouraged Russian Oligarchs to use the London Lawyers…

    “If one Oligarch feels defamed by another Oligargh, it is London’s lawyers who apply the necessary balm to the ego,”

    “I have no shame whatever in saying to the injured spouses of the world’s billionaires: “If you want to take him to the cleaners, darling, take him to the cleaners in London.”

    As we know all Johnson’s current bluster is meaningless and it should be Johnson and his party Neil should be focusing on, not making things up as he goes along about Corbyn.

  8. Corbyn said we should go back to the political agreements made in the past when on the screen was Clinton and Yeltsin signing an agreement. What he fails to say was NATO said we will not expand NATO one inch to the east when Germany was united in 1991, NATO lied. For 30 years Russia has been telling the West that this expansion was an existential threat to Russia, they were ignored. Then in 2014 the US engineered a coup in Ukraine through V Nuland and G Pyatt which replaced a Russian leaning President with a Western leaning one which meant that NATO could be granted NATO membership which meant missiles and NATO bases in Ukraine 5 minutes flying time from Moscow and a NATO maritime base replacing the long time Russian base in Crimea. Totally unacceptable to Russia a dagger held by NATO at Russian’s capital. Top political scientist John Mearsheimer explains why he thinks the US is to blame for this crisis. here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppD_bhWODDc

    1. Harry Law,

      Watch this Jimmy Dore Show with Max Blumenthal. Very informative regarding Ukraine situation.

      “US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia”

  9. In a working class pub with great 60’s, 70’s music and we all are having a a great time and perhaps we with all our black and brown brothers and sisters around the world we should democratically rule the world.
    I think we will. x

    1. “perhaps we with all our black and brown brothers and sisters around the world we should democratically rule the world.
      I think we will. x

      Ahhh, thanks Bazza: The indivisability of socialism and Democracy: Get one, the other is included.

      I recall Tony Benn saying that when he realised this (as a 13 year old boy), he became a life-long democratic socialist.

    2. “………until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, everywhere is war”. Bob Marley.

  10. US State department Official warns President Xi will face “Serious consequences” If China helps Moscow Avoid sanctions
    “China firmly opposes all illegal unilateral sanctions, and believes that sanctions are never fundamentally effective means to solve problems,” Liu Pengyu, spokesman in the Chinese embassy in Washington, said on Thursday.
    “China, if it were to seek to evade the sanctions, or somehow dividing the sanctions, they would be vulnerable,” he said. “Any country that tries to evade these sanctions will also face the consequences of its actions. I don’t want to speculate what that would be.”
    The Masters of the Universe have spoken, in this case they themselves are breaching International law, threatening secondary sanctions on anyone breaking US sanctions, what arrogance, anyone not doing US bidding will be punished. There is only one response that any country with any self respect can say to the US. GFY.

    1. The Yanks threatening China reminds me of the scene in Blazing Saddles when the sheriff threatens to shoot the black person

      1. Lovely edifying article HFMw. Thanks.

        Don’t forget his interview (with David Hearst) of the great man on MEE

      2. Peter Obourne is no Socialist, but well worth listening to.

  11. Baz2001, Yes I saw the show, unfortunately it is not available on your link???? This episode also features Max Blumenthal and they explain how a wide range of expert political scientists from Noam Chomsky to Henry Kissinger say it is the United States who have caused this crisis, This is a must watch show…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H0rCqaGtJw It is supposed to be on you tube?????

    1. Harry Law. Not sure why the link is broken. At least you saw it. I doubt it will be that long before this channel is off the air too.

  12. Liar?……not just Bojo. Lack of honesty & integrity becomes the ‘hallmark’ of any politician (with few exceptions). Lest we forget Sir Keir (something of the knight) Starmer who has been unable to keep any of his promises made during the farcical Labour Party leadership election. So when can you tell when a politician is lying?

  13. Peter Obourne became ‘persona non gratis’ as a MSM journalist, not because he accused Bojo of lying (as does every other journalist), but because he dared speak out against the apartheid State of Israel.

    1. Reply to Steve101704
      I didn’t know this previously but have no problem believing it. The same applies in acting/ presenting and is very obvious. Certain actors/presenters who are pro Israel are never off the TV while critics of the regime ( particularly Jewish critics) never get a look in.

  14. What could Putin do
    Turn off the gas and oil
    Expose politicians in his back pocket not least Trumpton and Baby Trump
    Switch to Bitcoin
    With China crash every Western economy, when your financial system is that close to collapse it doesn’t take a lot to tip it over

  15. I knew I could find it if I stuck at it. Here is Jack Matlock.
    “Jack Foust Matlock Jr. (born October 1, 1929)[1] is an American former ambassador, career Foreign Service Officer, a teacher, a historian, and a linguist. He was a specialist in Soviet affairs during some of the most tumultuous years of the Cold War, and served as the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991.”
    … writing shortly before the invasion of Ukraine.
    No doubt our resident Fascist sympathiser will dismiss him as knowing nothing.

    1. goldbach, Thanks for the informative link to Jack Matlock, My you tube link yo the Jimmy Dore show with Max Blumenthal seems to be working, above well worth a look, you will receive information blocked in the west by MSM including the BBC.

  16. In the past, I have been chastised for posting links to long videos. OK. Being long retired, and having long chunks of time when I need to stay in does make it easier for me. However, I make no apologies for posting this link even though the interview is 2 and a half hours long. I’d never heard of Alfred De Zayas but YouTube suggested I may like to watch this video and I’m glad they did.
    I firmly expect to see someone calling him a “Putin apologist” without even looking up his CV.

  17. Forget the never ending war mongers they are financially and morally bankrupt, take Put8n at his word, once he has denazified and secured the Donbas he will withdraw
    The only other point of order is where does this leave the so called nuclear deterrent
    Up shit creek

  18. I disagree with most of what you say Doug .. denazified?
    In what sense – the power which most resembles a nazi
    regime is Russia. Shooting people fleeing a war zone were
    shot in cold blood by the Nazis in WW2. Granted Ukraine does
    not want to be ruled over by Russia – can you wander after the
    history between the countries?

    The Donbas turned to violence and then to war after the Russians
    interfered after 2014 ..and then of course bitterness and violence
    poisoned the situation – many thousands have died .

    I posit the following hypothetical situation – suppose Ireland
    eventually becomes united and one country. Northern protestants
    struggle with the new situation that they are now a minority and
    (eg) that every road sign has both English and Irish signage.
    Suppose England then starts interfering and emphasising their
    problems, actually entering the Country to stir things up. How
    would you feel in Dublin? – Angry! I realise I have given a gross
    simplification – because the main cause of anger amongst ordinary
    people in the Maidan was the corrupt society they lived in.
    This too is why Zelensky was voted in ..

    Russia is not alone in inflicting horror and bloodshed on an
    innocent population for, among many examples, the Yemen
    enters its 8th year with the US involved but that is too obvious
    and neither war is made worse or better by the existence of
    the other ..

    You ask “where does this leave the Nuclear Deterrent? ”
    well hopefully got rid of down the kharzi where it belongs!

    The so-called Nuclear deterrent and the aptly named
    MAD is a deterrent – until it is NOT. Then we will all
    be in the doo-doo ..

    It only needs one mad man – or a mistake .. Will Self succinctly
    summed it up in his R4 program on Sunday morning:

    1. “The Donbas turned to violence and then to war after the Russians
      interfered after 2014 ..and then of course bitterness and violence
      poisoned the situation – many thousands have died .”
      Areas of Ukraine including Donbas became immersed in violence and then Donbas developed into a civil war after the US interfered by staging a coup in 2014. Russian actions quickly followed.

  19. The previous leader of Ukraine was deposed after he let his
    military shoot at unarmed demonstrators ..

    The demonstrators were peacefully protesting at the
    blatant corruption within Ukraine and the riches accrued
    by greedy men. After 1992 the sharpest elbows demanded
    privatisation and in effect stole from ordinary people as
    Corbyn has said happened in Russia too. Putin (via RT?)
    called these people “hooligans” – and yes there were these
    elements too – but to say it was “all the Americans doing”
    is surely patronising the Ukrainian populace. History is not
    made by this and that leader or State – it is sometimes
    made by folks with a mind of their own.

    Ukraine leaders following Maidan did not (or could not?)
    control corruption which is why the populace chose
    Zelensky. To say he is a “puppet” is an insult to the
    Ukraine people whether or not Zelensky has succeeded
    in his original aim. This is not diverting from the discussion
    to say it reminds me of the so-called TV pundits who
    stated that the populace of the 1930s was divided into
    those who supported Nazi Germany and those who
    supported Soviet Russia .. Total BS! My parents and
    their friends were extremely cynical about the then

  20. The documentary link I have given in my previous
    post is about a Russian TV station and is very
    interesting with unexpected twists and turns.

    It concerns a “party girl” who had experience in
    running radio shows deciding to start up
    her own TV station which she and friends decided
    to call Dozhd, It was originally for promoting “pop”
    culture and they recruit a young and forward looking
    team for the job. The station opened in 2010 and it
    attracted many viewers but one or two shows
    soon annoyed Putin and they had to relaunch .. All
    the time the this was happening new TV staff
    came in andold ones left and they ended up with
    a very unorthodox andwhat are insultingly call “woke”
    set of staff. Putin than introduced a blatantly
    homophobic piece of law and they realised that half of the
    staff would be affected by it.. Their output had gradually
    become more live news based and from then on they are a target
    for the Putin regime .. and their advertising and sources of money
    dry up ..

    1. Just taking the opportunity to join this BBC comments section. Must have stumbled on Beeb’s website by accident.

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