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Breaking: Sir Jeremy Farrar quits govt SAGE committee

Infectious disease expert quits, warning Covid is ‘a long way from over’

Sir Jeremy Farrar

Leading infectious disease specialist Sir Jeremy Farrar has dramatically quit the government’s ‘SAGE’ scientific advisory group.

Farrar was pushing for the Tories to implement a ‘vaccine plus’ strategy, with greater mitigation measures such as distancing, mask-wearing and continued ‘test and trace’, because of his concerns that the current measures are not preventing a stark rise in infections, hospitalisations and deaths.

By contrast, the Tories have been pursuing a policy of allowing and even encouraging infection among children in pursuit of a ‘herd immunity’ unattainable with an evolving virus without mass infections and deaths – despite rising numbers of deaths among school-age children.

Farrar has warned that the pandemic is ‘a long way from over’. Meanwhile, Tory Health Secretary Sajid Javid has talked in terms of 100,000 new infections a day being acceptable and supposedly manageable.

Approaching 200,000 people have died of the virus since the pandemic began, despite government measures to change how deaths are counted. A look at New Zealand’s negligible death rate shows how needless and avoidable the mass UK deaths have been.

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  1. “His concerns”. This is the problem, why should his concerns dictate anything? SAGE is made up of experts from different fields. With the lack of data, we rely on co computer modelling and behavioural scientists. Anyone see the to danger of that?

    1. SAGE is mostly made up of pro-pharmaceutical solutions ‘experts’ and behavioural psychologists.

      Bodies like SAGE have a large role to play in the public-private partnership between government, financial institutions, multinational corporations, global think tanks, and well funded third sector organisations, such as so called non governmental organisations (NGO’s) and large international charities. “Through a labyrinthine structure of direct funding, grant making and philanthropy, the UK State is a cohesive globalist organisation that works with selected academics, scientific institutions and mainstream media (MSM) outlets to advance a tightly controlled, predetermined narrative. This designed consensus serves the the interests and global ambitions of a tiny group of disproportionately wealthy people.

      This group of parasites, often misleadingly referred to as the “elite,” exploit all humanity for their own gain and to consolidate and enhance their power. They control the money supply and the global debt, which is a debt owed to them.”

      I don’t trust SAGE. They don’t serve me or my health.

      1. qwertboi
        The let them eat cakes
        Always think they are in control, until they aren’t
        The debt can never be paid, the interest on the debt which is close to zero cannot be paid, which part of morally and financially bankrupt do they not get
        They are in reality Zimbabwean zillionaires, pretty soon the everything bubble will burst
        Then what

      2. timfrom “Good quote, qwertboi. Where’s it from?”

        Iain Davis. He wrote a series of articles for Off-Guardian about how and why the pandemic is happening. Annoyingly, he refers to it as a scamdemic, which, I believe, demeans the cause of publicising the bad science, vested interests and dishonesty of the whole thing. Maybe just me though.

      3. Ah right, yeah, Ian Davies is good. I’ve probably read it already but didn’t consciously recognise it. I’m on the Off-G mailing list, too.

  2. What’s the problem, the Covid 19 epidemic is over isn’t it? Everyone back to work, except GPs (could they know something we don’t?) or are they self employed? We can all work from home (unless you’re manually employed aka Working Class). MSM keeps telling us get the economy moving & get back to work now! Open those schools because the medicine’s worse than the disease. Entire TV stations have been set up by employers (see GB News) to encourage people back to work). We just have to ‘put up with Covid 19’ as most of the elderly & infirm have already popped their clogs, saving pension schemes money; freeing up beds in NHS & the housing market. Who needs a good war?

  3. Maybe you should look a little more into adverse side effects from vaccines before pushing them onto children? Total deaths in UK EU & USA is 45,000 on various reporting systems and they say that’s only 1 – 10% of likely reality. Did you look into the risks for pericarditis (swollen heart muscle) in particularly young men, do you not know that data is being suppressed and distorted by vested interests? – the risk of dying from Covid for a 19 year old is one in a million 0.0001% – check out the QCovid risk calculator from Oxford University. Do you know what the risk of serious side effects from vaccine for children is? What would you call an improvement on a one in a million risk? Please do some research before adding to the pile on, This is not a left/right dichotomy.

      1. What an enjoyable site, thanks timfrom.

        Plenty lefites of the same ilk all over. ” ‘What do we want? Lockdown! When do we want it? Forever!’, or ‘Zero Covid Now!’, or ‘Jabs for All!’, or ‘1, 2, 3, 4 We Demand Masks For Ever More’ would have struck a jarring note if the Left, which has ‘cut and run’ from the greatest political battle (lockdown) of recent decades, had deigned to join the protest against freedom-restricting, job-killing lockdowns.”

        Some people don’t know a ‘useful idiot’ when they become one.

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