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Breaking: ‘No ifs no buts’ Starmer isolating after his child tests positive – and after being in Commons chamber today

Keir Starmer has been forced to self-isolate today after one of his children tested positive for the coronavirus. Starmer infamously pushed the government to re-open schools, “No ifs, no buts, no equivocation” – and schools promptly became the main driver for the new ‘Delta’ third wave of the pandemic – although he subsequently tried to claim he had been advocating caution on the re-opening when cases predictably rocketed.

Starmer also spent time in the Commons chamber before finding out he might be infectious.

The UK is dying – in many cases literally – for want of an actual opposition.

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    1. And what did you make him for breakfast, Mrs Keith?

      Don’t answer. Nobody gives a shite.

      1. well stevehs davidhs shs, u all win again easily. yet u all “work night and day” even though john mcdonell said “if the whip is restored to jeremy, he will be back in a flash” to work with starmer, evans & co. he is still desperate to be “loved by them”. he is still desperate “to do everything they asked” as john mcdonnell whined with the most cringeworthy of sincere whines🥀

        it is not ill will that causes such shocking persistent cravings to be part of the establishment🥀

        yes mcdonnell and gardner feel themselves intellectually and educationally superior to jeremy. they could not be more wrong. but they all hold the general public as being much less important than the bubble they long to be a part of. and, they too sincerely hope that somehow; those to whom they handed control, will reward them with even the tiniest positions… despite the glaring facts.

        jeremy was never even allowed to officially fiddle with paper clips. but “treat them mean; keep them keen” works to keep some hoping… if even it means sacrificing their own babies. it’s a psychological illness or self destructive disposition. maybe not incurable, but our priority must be the general public… “the many not the few”. we need to feel the need to change, to begin meaningful change. all of the scg, the unions, the controllers of the “left” have not even done the first part. that’s why jeremy has remained silent🥀

        by nature and nurture by his fellow bunker group thinkers, stale as the bunker air … unrefreshed… oxygen deprived… logic starved; he’s “keeping his head down”. the tragedy is these same people have provided heaps of nice words to every desperate person everywhere. now i see there was never the slightest intention of meaningful action. they worship the types on the payroll of Pegasus – the malicious spyware outfit of the illegal and Apartheid occupiers of Palestine. we r told we can “work with them for a labour government”. does it take sixty years to change?
        pull another one

      2. windchime – You are of course entitled to your opinion.

      3. Toffee

        Keir Starmer is going back into self-isolation along with his family after one of his children tested positive for Covid-19 at lunchtime today.
        A spokesperson for Keir Starmer said: “One of Keir’s children tested positive for Covid this lunchtime. In line with the rules, Keir and his family will now be self-isolating
        “Keir was already doing daily tests and tested negative this morning. He will continue to take daily tests.”
        This will be the fourth time that the Labour leader has had to enter a period of coronavirus self-isolation during the pandemic, though he has never tested positive for the virus himself.

      4. Toffee – Not at all but I have noticed that you obsessively follow me around like a needy stray craving attention.

      1. It’s along way from being anywhere near as meaningless as the drivel that you quote from anti-vax and covid denier websites

      2. Wirrel – correction you quote pseudo science from discredited websites.

      3. Wirral – Says the guy whose posts regularly get blocked on health and safety grounds.

      4. Why would anybody want to block e.g. a post to 12 pre-Covid19 scientific controlled, fully peer reviewed studies proving that cloth and paper facemasks are ineffective against all microscopic viruses, unless they have an unstated, malicious agenda? Apart from rank stupidity, what’s your excuse SteveH…?

      5. just where do u get these toffee? Thanks +++ made me laugh out loud😂😂😂

    2. We’re all still waiting for your grovelling apology for insulting us and our intelligence over the membership numbers, over and over again.

      1. lundiel – I see no reason to apologise for accurately quoting published figures. I did supply links wherever possible

      2. No. You were well aware that you were repeating falsehoods, often supplied by Akehurst or ‘senior figures’ or unnamed spokespersons. What’s galling is the ferocious insistence with which you gave absolute credence to outdated figures and lies issued by the NEC. It was very frustrating for anyone trying to argue from a position of logic and available data along with much circumstantial evidence which suggested that Labour was hemorrhaging members, only to come up against denial, obfuscation and all the usual tricks from you. You aren’t here to debate or argue, you’re here to troll.

      3. lundiel – “What’s galling is the ferocious insistence with which you gave absolute credence to outdated figures and lies issued by the NEC”.
        I naturally assumed that if the figures that NEC members were openly publishing were incorrect then LW members of the NEC like Pidcock or Beckett would speak out. I was obviously mistaken to put any trust in the LW members of the NEC.doing their job on behalf of those they were elected or elected to represent.

      4. lundiel – Can you come up with a reason why they didn’t speak out.

      5. There is no way you can legitimately blame this on the Left, Steve.

      6. kenburch – Can you come up with a credible reason why CLP and Union reps failed to speak out.

      7. I was obviously mistaken to put any trust in the LW members of the NEC.doing their job on behalf of those they were elected or elected to represent.

        Yet you were putting your trust in the right wing members, who were also elected to do the same, and who were deliberately giving out false information.

        As Kenburch says, you can’t blame the left for your own gullibility, fool.

      8. PW – Aren’t you even a little bit disappointed that they let you down, if this proves to be the case.

      9. The NEC is a factionalised battleground of management speak as shown by excerpts from Akehurst’s blog.
        “Time, because of what members choose to focus their questions on, is disproportionately spent on attack lines about confected internal cause celebres that excite the hyper-active, have already been extensively aired on social media and are of very little interest to the mass of party members let alone Labour or potentially Labour voters (whether Keir should appear next to our national flag, the end of the Community Organising Unit, suspensions for ignoring instructions about non-competent business, Jeremy Corbyn’s disciplinary case, something that Lord Falconer has said). Rather less time is spent making positive proposals or offering constructive scrutiny that might help the party staff with their immediate and huge task of rebuilding a party traumatised by the Corbyn era and winning the bumper lot of elections that are happening in May.”
        *******The membership report revealed we now have over 512,000 members, 19% of whom have joined since the start of 2020.
        The blog is from 11th Feb 21.
        Don’t go sniping for Pidcock or Beckett, neither of whom have anything to do with membership. It clearly looks like someone was lying.

      10. SteveH, the LW members representing CLPs on the NEC were lied too. It is only when ordinary CLPs Secretaries on the left started collating figures because their CLPs were losing members that the fallacies spread by the right couldn’t possibly continue.

      11. Lundiel..whats difficult about way over two hundred thousand members left the Labour party when you can make millions disappear without any discussion or where it went. “Moneys to tight to mention” now the anthem of the shadowy misfits fiefdom Labour party..Scattergood at momentum calls for more dosh for fighting fund.John Lansman another plotter and successful one keeps his head down and mouth shut.?The knight goes into hiding after following the johnson isolation tactic and still millions of members money siphoned off or thrown away deliberately or something else?….IF the Labour party had just two hundred thousand members they wouldn’t be pannicking…How can anyone believe the nonsense of membership figures when we know what pathological liars and crooks they all are at the centre of the Labour party.No worries about apologies from Lurkio sh stevie boy 👦its not in his misfits DNA.

    3. This still proves he was indefensibly wrong in pushing to get kids back into schools months and months ago, when he knew it was too dangerous to do that. There was nobody who’d have voted Labour, but ONLY if he did that.

      1. kenburch – How can you be sure that his child caught this at school. Unlike most children Keir’s kids have attended school throughout the pandemic.

    4. Just came to this page/thread, and I see that out of the 33 comments posted so far, you’ve posted fifteen of them Mr H. Just another day at the office then!

      Oh, right, and you just happened to post the first comment for the umteenth time, and did so within five minutes of the notification being emailed to subscribers. But yur not a full-time paid shill of course!

      So what time are you due to clock off later tonight?

      1. Allan – Just responding to my ‘fans’. Are you going to treat us all to another 4,000+ word essay.

  1. Starmer keeps trying time and time again to tell the public what they already know- the PM is a serial liar! It left the SNP Leader to ask the questions that the Labour leader should have asked about what Cummins revealed on the BBC interview.

    1. Starmer is in no position, after the campaign promises he made when seeking the leadership to accuse anyone-let alone a fellow trilaterist- of telling lies. He is a serial liar and a traitor.

      1. bevin – When did he do that, could you please post a link.

  2. Whether Starmer himself tested negative or positive this morning is irrelevant (other than for him). The fact that his child was one of the huge numbers testing positive daily is testament to the folly of a strategy based on “the economy”. A huge number of children are currently off school, in isolation. They’re all doing the hokey-cokey – in – out – in – out, and the education system is shaken all about. Just give a little thought to the teachers having to keep tabs on who’s been there for which lessons in order to know what each individual child needs to do to “catch up”.
    Both Johnson and Starmer need to acknowledge that they don’t have a clue about education and apologise for their ignorance.

  3. Last year, we all know, Starmer had a right old up-and-downer with Rebecca Long-Bailey, the then Shadow Education Secretary.

    He wanted them back at school, ‘No ifs, no buts etc…’ She didn’t agree with him.

    A couple of weeks later, she was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet, and, spitefully, he tried to brand her as – antisemitic.

    Instead, to me, it branded the man. No charisma, no leadership qualities, no political philosophy. A liar.

    As a man and a human being, I wish him and his family nothing but best wishes and I hope nothing serious develops, from this enforced isolation.

    As leader of The Labour Party, I wish he would resign, immediately.

    1. And it’s all been nothing but damage ever since. There is literally nothing in Starmer’s tenure as leader that anyone who doesn’t want the Labour Party destroyed could actually cite as an achievement.

      Starmer cares about nothing at all besides kicking socialists out of what is supposed to be the socialist party. There’s been no benefit to Labour in the polls from any of that- and if there hasn’t been yet, there is never going to be. Nothing that could possibly happen between now and the next GE could come anywhere close to vindicating Keir’s “strategy”.

      Labour needs something else- Not a return to Corbyn himself as leader- and it would actually be cruel to ask the man to stand again after all the relentless, unjustified abuse he was subjected to- it needs the policies associated with his era, and it needs to get the supporters back- Labour will die out as a party if it drives this generation away from politics in the way that Starmer is now doing- and it can only get this generation back if it stops treating socialist activists and young and not-so-young idealists and dreamers as the enemy.

      It needs a leader from the next generation- Zara Sultana would be the ideal candidate- who is capable of fighting back when she and her supporters are smeared and attacked- someone who can get the young activists working in effective and well-organised electoral and beween-elections work- not only working to get Labour candidates elected, and on replacing discredited and reactionary long-time Labour MPs when their presence does the party and the country nothing but damage, but also on the work that must be done between elections to build a viable, long-term socialist movement and the sense of political and social community needed to sustain that movement.

      Nothing Keir is doing has any chance of meeting those objectives- and we can already assume that none of what he is doing has any chance of winning over voters who are to Labour’s right. Any successor the PLP would prefer- especially the doomed-to-defeat-at-any-GE Yvette Cooper- would also do nothing but damage to the party at the polls.

    An expected Commons statement at lunchtime failed to materialise, but a few hours later the Department for Health and Social Care issued a press release saying a 3% rise will be paid, backdated to April when the increase was due.
    It will be paid to staff including nurses, paramedics, consultants, dentists and salaried GPs.
    Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “NHS staff are rightly receiving a pay rise this year despite the wider public sector pay pause, in recognition of their extraordinary efforts.

    1. SteveH, what a pitiful increase. To a newly qualify nurse the gross increase means less than £750 increase a year. For hospital nursing assistant the gross increase is about £600. The gross increase for an experience nurse is less than £1000
      Take taxes and NI contributions and we are talking of increases for an experience nurse of less than £14 per week. For a nurse assistant less than £10 per week increase.
      Surely, nobody with a bit of integrity can defend that after the wonderful job the NHS staff have done for over a year. Risking their lives for the general public benefit a 3% increase is enough after years of freeze.
      Their salaries haven’t kept inline with inflation, in real terms their salaries have less acquisitive power than before 2008.

  5. The Palace of Westminster has issued the following statement: “It is with deep sorrow that His Majesty The sic Leader of the opposition announces the slow death of his beloved opportunist career, His Trajedy passes away with each appearance at the opposition bench while his cohorts fear for their existence.

      1. SteveH
        1 months reserves for the financially illiterate Temporary Embarrassment, the man is a sick joke
        Now pound for pound how does he compare to JC

    1. What’s happened to the £13m ?…That’s what I’d like to know. Half of that was what I donated to them…..

      1. A man in a scruffy blue suit and shirt hanging out was seen running from HQ and carrying two large suitcases and flagging down a taxi for Heathrow airport.Said taxi driver was paid by the inebriated individual from suitcases who stumbled from the taxi claiming he was going into isolation in Tel Aviv.?

    2. I wish a few other members of think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission would isolate themselves too

    3. Chris Mooney, we cannot tell. Starmer is invisible as leader of the opposition, he has not presence.
      Do I trust his word? I don’t, Starmer is most likely in hiding after the new purge of left members within the Party and trying to elicit the sympathy of the establishment.

  6. What votes are coming up?

    Usually he goes into self-isolation right before controversial votes.

    1. Andy – None that I know of, there’s only one day left before their summer break.

    2. None. His intention is simply to legitimate the covid pandemic lie. He probably pretends to have taken a vaccine or two too.

  7. Is this true?

    ‘Good ‘evans’ is trying to blame Jeremy Corbyn, for the missing £13.5 million?

    Surely, even he wouldn’t be so crass? Let’s see if any of the MSM pick it up.

      1. Yes, I realise all that, lundiel. I’ve seen the accounts and what have you, but now Damo’s come out with a story, on Twitter, saying Evans is trying to lay the blame for the missing millions at JC’s door.

        I’m trying to find the source of that story. Any ideas?

    1. A chairman of a large city listed company and buddy of Lord Ashcroft said to me whilst he was guzzling down glasses of heated rice wine that it is always mindful to have a patsy to sign the checks when enrichment lands in your lap..The company not long after that meeting we had declared a “profits warning in the Daily mail only 3weeks after the mail tipster recommends investment in …….services group.After the SFO raided HQ taking and removing computers,files and main server a junior director was jailed after he was convicted at Croydon crown court for fraud,false acounting and embezzlement…..The chairman still enjoys guzzling rice wine across from the Carlton club and I hear he will soon be expecting a knighthood for services rendered to the business community.At that time many years ago the lunch cost over three hundred pounds for the two of us and I didnt pay a penny.Starmer has eaten and drank with these predators for many years in the city and is part of the problem.By the way the patsy was a overpaid” innocent “and I watched his wife leave the court in tears after he was convicted and sentenced.ITs rare the SFO ever get a conviction,but I know and they knew the man was just a fall guy and whos only crime was nievity in believing that is well paid salary and benefits was a reflection of his worth.Lawyers I efing hate the bastards and especially ones with titles.

    2. I may have been over-tired and affected by the prospect of another warm night without the benefit of air-conditioning, except open windows, when I raised this question, last night.

      Having slept soundly, I, now, realise Damo may have been – and in all likelihood – was posting ‘ironically’.

      That’s one of the problems, with the Labour Party, these days, you can never be sure. Anythings possible.

  8. Varifiable lie: Akehurst’s blog. “The six and a half hours of the NEC meeting included large sections where the time of people of good will who are trying to make Labour electable was wasted in order for people who don’t want Keir to succeed to undermine him with a litany of negativity.
    “The membership report revealed we now have over 512,000 members, 19% of whom have joined since the start of 2020.”

    1. lundiel – If it is a verifiable lie then you must know what the membership was in Feb21. Could you provide a link to your verifiable membership figures.

      1. I did, read the blog. Akehurst says the membership report revealed “we now have over 512,000 members, 19% of whom have joined since the start of 2020.” That meeting was on the 11th Feb, he wrote his blog on 13th Feb. He claims that 97000 new members joined since early 2020. It appears to be a load of lies

    2. lundiel – This figure is in line with the Feb20 NEC report which gives a figure of 510k rather than the 512k given above. Do you have any figures to back up your claims it is inaccurate.

      1. We have empty coffers and a whole bunch of questions, an isolating knight, dodgy Dave Evans, a raft of lies and ‘a tsunami of resignations’ in early 2020
        Not to mention that Jeremy Corbyn fought two elections and still managed to run a surplus with (allegedly) the same number or less members than Starmer.
        Time for you to man up and answer some questions instead of constantly asking them.

      2. Plus admissions that the predicted bounce to membership after Corbyn was deposed never happened.

      3. We’ve know the party’s been morally bankrupt for some time. Now it’s financially bankrupt as well.

  9. Call the SFO.. Something is starting to smell at fawlty HQ and its not just the bedraggled appearance of the scruffy feller squinting in the blue suit and shirt hanging out?..Fear smells!

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